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Top 10 Best Toy Workbenches in 2021 Reviews | Tool Bench

Toy Workbench

Growing and developing the kid’s skill is necessary. To ensure that the kid learns more about the field of interest, consider finding a toy workbench that will provide tools and accessories needed. These units are meant for different skills like construction, motors, and woodworking thus get what the kid is interested in. Apart from this, the units are built using durable sturdy materials for a longer lifespan.

For a perfect toy workbench, you should carefully look for features like construction, the number of tools, storage shelves, and price among others.

List of 10 Best Toy Workbenches in 2021

#10. TOP BRIGHT Tool Toy Workbench

TOP BRIGHT Tool Toy Workbench

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For kids aged 3 years and above, here is a fantastic toy workbench that you can get as a gift preset. The unit is great for both girls and boys thus an exceptional selection to consider. Besides this, it is a highly durable unit built using quality solid wood material for a longer lifespan. Due to this, it is sturdier and stable. The 2-in-1 workbench provides ample storage capacity thanks to the large U-shaped groove that reduces the chances of losing smaller tools. In addition to this, it also comes with a detachable plastic storage shelf.

The top folds easily when not in use thus a pick that you can conveniently store. To add more, it is a very beneficial unit that offers education plus development purposes for the kid. The set provides the kid with some essential tools including a hammer, saw, and wooden ruler for gaining real experience.

  • Solid wood construction
  • Long U-shaped groove
  • Detachable plastic storage
  • Foldable top design
  • Sturdy and stable toddler’s workbench

Reasons to Buy

  • Provides real experience
  • A great memorial gift for kids
  • It shapes the kid’s skills

#9. Little Tikes Construct Smart Workbench

Little Tikes Construct Smart Workbench

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Here is a unique toy workbench that has been designed to aid in boosting the kid’s skill as he grows. The toy workbench will build and creative skills by knowing more about cars. The kid gets to assemble up to three different vehicles that provide great skills for the baby. Besides this, the set comes with nine variable tools that include screwdrivers, hammer, drill, and tape measures among others needed for the tasks. The workbench has a longer lifespan thanks to the rugged durable construction thus supports all the working tasks. Also, it is very spacious to provide ample space for all the working tasks needed.

That said, the unit also has an underneath storage shelf that you can use for keeping smaller tools for easy access. The top of the workbench easily folds compactly making it simpler to store even in smaller spaces. It is a sleek lightweight unit that kids that get to carry for reliable services.

  • 40+ accessories
  • Sturdy durable construction
  • Underneath storage shelf
  • Wireless technology system
  • Unique foldable top

Reasons to Buy

  • Provides more skills about vehicles
  • Offers ample space for working
  • Convenient to store and transport

#8. IBaseToy Toy Tool Workbench

IBaseToy Toy Tool Workbench

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When you need the kid to have some skills about construction, here is a complete construction toy workbench that you should consider. The workbench comes with 91 construction tools that will equip the kid with skills needed. Besides this, you can use the workbench to teach the kid the names plus functions of every construction tool included. That said, it comes with some tools that include toy hammer, wrench, and screwdrivers among others.

Due to the rugged durable built, it is very sturdy and stable for use on all grounds. This also ensures that it supports the weight of the tools. The workbench has a sleek compact design that suits it for storing in smaller spaces thus a great selection to consider getting for the kid.

  • Complete kid-sized workbench
  • Sturdy durable built
  • 91 construction tools
  • Large bottom storage shelf
  • Sleek compact portable design

Reasons to Buy

  • Provides kids with better skill
  • Comes with myriad tools
  • It is cost-effective

#7. ToyVelt 68 Pieces Kids’ Toy Workbench

ToyVelt 68 Pieces Kids’ Toy Workbench

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The number of tools included in the workbench is one factor to consider. This is a complete workbench that comes with up to 12 play tools; hence gives the kid all the necessary tools to get started. The workbench comes with construction tools so that the kid gets to understand what every tool does. With this, he/she will gain better skills in construction. The workbench is fitted with an underneath storage shelf plus two side additional storage capacities thus you can keep the tools safe to avoid loss.

That said, the workbench is designed from non-toxic premium quality plastic material that extends the lifespan and keeps it safe for kids to use. Other than this, it is a highly versatile toy workbench meant for the education center, workbench pouching, and pretend play among others.

  • Lightweight portable design
  • Wide application
  • Non-toxic premium plastic materials
  • 68 construction pieces
  • Multi-storage shelves

Reasons to Buy

  • An affordable workbench
  • It is safe and highly durable
  • Great for most activities

#6. EverEarth Toddler Workbench Toy

EverEarth Toddler Workbench Toy

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Do you need an affordable surprise gift for him/her? EverEarth Toddler Workbench Toy is a budget-friendly complete toy that most kids will like as a gift preset. The unit has five tools that include a pretend saw, toy hammer, and flat head screwdriver among others. Apart from this, the workbench is built using premium solid wood material for a longer lifespan and a great look. To avoid unnecessary loss of tools, it has a bottom storage shelf for keeping the smaller items. Again, it has a sleek compact design so the kid can play when kneeling or sitting. The smaller design also implies that it is convenient to store.

Additionally, the toy workbench has a smooth safe finish that suits it for playing with no injuries. Despite being a top-rated unit, it is a budget-friendly unit that you should get for the kid.

  • 5 tools and bench
  • Compact sleek design
  • Eco-friendly durable wood built
  • Non-toxic and BPH-free
  • Bottom storage shelf

Reasons to Buy

  • It is very safe for the kids
  • Guarantees years of use
  • The price is budget-friendly
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#5. Liberty Imports Tool Toy Workbench

Liberty Imports Tool Toy Workbench

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Depending on what skills you wish the kid to learn, you should always get him/her the right tool workbench. This is a perfect unit that is designed to equip the kid with construction skills as it comes with various construction tools. The kid will, therefore, get to learn and under the function of every tool. In addition to this, kids can also use it for playing. The workbench is carefully using quality non-toxic material that gives a longer lifespan; hence a special pick you don’t want to miss. Due to this, it is safe for the kid to use.

It is a smaller compact unit that you can use in different places. You can also easily transport for convenient use.

  • Fun and educational workbench
  • Non-toxic premium material
  • Sturdy and stable built
  • Multi construction tools
  • Sleek compact design

Reasons to Buy

  • It suits playing and learning
  • A perfect gift choice
  • Easily portable unit

#4. Step2 Real Projects Toy Workshop

Step2 Real Projects Toy Workshop

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Featuring a pretend battery-powered drill, the kid will gain real experience on how to handle most activities. It is a complete toy workbench that is built to serve longer using durable premium plastic material that is non-toxic. Besides this, it has a built-in vice plus a storage drawer that will keep the tools safe from loss. What is more, it also provides the kid with both dura foam and blueprints wood projects.

Due to the smaller sleek design, the workbench is compact and smaller for easy storage and portability. It is also very sturdy and stable to accommodate the weight of the tools. With the elegant unique design, it is a fantastic toy workbench all kids will like.

  • Durable non-toxic plastic material
  • An adjustable angle finder
  • Durafoam and blueprint wood projects
  • 65-accessory set
  • Two storage shelves

Reasons to Buy

  • A fantastic gift option
  • It equips the kid with woodworking skills
  • Built to last and very safe

#3. Melissa & Doug Wooden Toy Workbench

Melissa & Doug Wooden Toy Workbench

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Here is another top-rated workbench that you should consider getting for the kid. The workbench has been built using solid wood material, which makes it safe and durable; hence kids can work with no worry of getting injured. Besides this, it also has a large storage shelf that will reduce the chances of losing the tools. It is a sturdy and stable unit that kids can use for long and accommodates the weight of the items.

It is fitted with different woodworking tools that suit the kid’s playing and education needs. You can, therefore, teach the kid the names and functions of each tool.

  • Solid wood construction
  • Larger bottom storage shelf
  • A great gift option
  • Sleek compact design
  • Multi woodworking tools

Reasons to Buy

  • It is highly durable
  • Ideal for play and education
  • It is very safe for the kids

#2. ToyVelt 68 Pieces Toy Workbench

ToyVelt 68 Pieces Toy Workbench

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When you wish to enhance the skills of your toddler about motors and coordination ability, here is the complete set of toy workbench that you should try out. The unit has different tools that are meant for the kid to learn more about the names plus function of every tool. Other than this, it is built using durable sturdy material that increases the lifespan plus keeps it stable on all surfaces.

Additionally, it is a lightweight compact workbench that you can conveniently carry and store. With a total of 68 tools included, the kid will gain more skills for real-life experience. Lastly, it is a cost-effective workbench that you should try out.

  • All-in-one inclusive toolset
  • Lightweight compact design
  • 68 tools workbench
  • Sturdy durable construction
  • Perfect gift choice

Reasons to Buy

  • Suits 3-10-years kids
  • You can easily carry and store
  • Great for motor and coordination skills

#1. Black + Decker Power Tool Toy Workbench

Black + Decker Power Tool Toy Workbench

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For kids aged 3+ years, Black + Decker Power Tool Toy Workbench is a complete toolset that will suit them better. The toy workshop has a longer lifespan since it is built using quality durable material thus will grow with the kid. Besides this, the workbench has been fitted with a working flashlight for clarity under low lights. It is a sturdy unit with three underneath storage shelves. Because of this, the chances of losing the smaller items it limited.

Also, it is great for equipping the kid with motor skills, safety lessons, and imaginative play. The non-toxic unit is very safe; hence a great selection to try out.

  • 75 tools and accessories
  • Powerful working flashlight
  • Wide application
  • Sleek lightweight unit
  • Larger storage shelf

Reasons to Buy

  • It will grow with the kid
  • Provides better motor skills
  • It is sturdy and safe for long-term use

Toy Workbenches Buying Guide

  • Construction: This is a very important factor that you should double-check before buying. For both the safety of the kid and the durability of the unit, consider a pick that is built using non-toxic premium material. For instance, go for a toy workbench made using solid wood material or non-toxic plastic for longer life. It also needs to be stable and sturdier to accommodate the weight of the tools.
  • Number of Tools: Another essential consideration is the total number of tools included. The workbenches never come with the same numbers of tools and accessories and, therefore, get a pick that provides more tools. You may consider units with up to 75 tools instead of units with five tools.
  • Storage Space: Also, ensure that the toy workbench is fitted with storage shelves for keeping smaller tools. The unit should come with at least one larger shelf that is easily accessible for getting the tools when needed. With such a unit, the chance of losing the tools is limited. 


For all the best toy workbenches for kids, these are some favorite units that you should check out. The units are designed using quality durable materials so that they withstand long-term use. In addition to this, they are meant for different tasks; hence consider a unit that will suit the kid accordingly.

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