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Top 10 Best Subwoofers for Car in 2022 Reviews

Subwoofer for Car

When you need to listen to your playlist while driving, you should invest in the best subwoofer for car. The subwoofers for cars have been designed to provide quality sound system thanks to the high peak power output and RMS powers. In addition to this, the units have different variable sizes so that you select the ideal pick that will fit the car. Other than this, the subwoofers are also a breeze to install as they provide you with all parts.

With the variable sizes and models of the subwoofer for cars, it is necessary to check out the key features. Some of these features to think about include the size, power output, material, design, and more.

List of 10 Best Subwoofers for Car in 2022

#10. Alpine Sealed Subwoofer

Alpine Sealed Subwoofer

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For a great booming sound in the car, here is a perfect subwoofer you need to get for the car. The 10-inches woofer is elementary and easier to install in the car. Besides this, it is a very powerful unit with up to 12000W max power; hence boost great sound quality. The unit is carefully built using heavy-duty premium material for increased longevity. It also has a power rating of 250W that brings. The tube enclosure subwoofer type has a booming sound quality you never want in your car.

The subwoofer has 4 ohms and with connection ports included, it connects easily with the car stereos system. Lastly, it is also a cost-effective unit that you should consider.

  • 1200W maximum power output
  • 10-inches subwoofer size
  • 250W power rating
  • Tube enclosure type
  • Sleek compact design
  • Delivers quality sound system
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Affect for the price

#9. BOOS Audio System Subwoofer

BOOS Audio System Subwoofer

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For smaller spaces in the car, you got this quality powerful subwoofer to try out. The subwoofer has a low profile design thus compact to fit every space. Additionally, it also has a powerful output of 1200W so that it enhances the sound quality. More interestingly, the built-in amplifier greatly amplifies the sound to give an amazing performance. Other than this it also features a variable bass boost that you can easily adjust from low to high levels. Additionally, it also has a pulse width modulated system with a precise control system.

Moreover, the sleek compact unit perfectly suits it for most cars. The installation process of the subwoofer is a breeze thus a great option that you should consider. Lastly, despite the quality and elegant design, it is a cost-effective pick.

  • Built-in amplifier
  • 1200W maximum power output
  • High levels input
  • Low levels input
  • Variable low-pass filters
  • It takes the least space possible
  • Easy to install
  • Delivers quality sound

#8. Pioneers Subwoofer

Pioneers Subwoofer

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Here is a classy elegant subwoofer that is great for use in cars thanks to the sleek compact design. The subwoofer has a frequency response of 20 to 200 Hz, which makes it excellent for all cars producing an amazing sound quality. Other than this, it is a very powerful unit that handles up to 150W RMS pus handles a peak power of 600W.

It is an easy to install a unit that has a size of 8-inches to fit even smaller cars. Also, it has a dual 2-ohm voice coil making it a perfect pick that will suit you accordingly. More interestingly, it has a mica-injected resin cone so that you can easily mount the unit.

  • 600W peak power
  • 150W RMS maximum power
  • 8-inches shallow subwoofer
  • Double 2-ohm voice coils
  • Mica injected resin cone
  • It is easy and quick to install
  • Suitable for small cars
  • Perfect for free-air application

#7. BELVA Subwoofer for car

BELVA Subwoofer for car

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The maximum power output of the subwoofer is a vital consideration for all buyers. This is an amazing car subwoofer with up to 1000W maximum power, making it a great buy. Second, to this, the unit has a polypropylene cone that is lightweight yet stronger enough to offer accurate low and mid notes. The installation process of the subwoofer is elementary as it comes with all parts in the pack. The dual 10-inches subwoofer has an enclosure design fir better efficiency plus brings about enhanced bass sound.

The product also comes with a monoblock and a built-in amplifier for enhancing the sound quality of the unit. It has up to 500W RMS power and with the all-in-one design, it perfectly fits all types of vehicles.

  • 1000W power output
  • Polypropylene cone
  • 500W RMS power
  • All-in-one complete subwoofer
  • Dual 10 enclosure subwoofer
  • Gives more base output
  • Elementary to install
  • Provides mid and low notes

#6. Sound Storm Laboratories Subwoofer

Sound Storm Laboratories Subwoofer

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Sound Storm 600W Subwoofer for car is another fantastic unit that has been specifically designed to suit your car. The subwoofer has a size of 8-inches, which ensures that you can install it even in smaller spaces. Moreover, it features a built-in amplifier that offers an enhanced switching speed for quality performances. To add more, the unit has low-level inputs so that it connects with compatible devices. The system also has a variable bass boost that improves the quality of bass.

It is a powerful efficient subwoofer for a car with up to 600W maximum power. The low profile of the subwoofer makes it elementary to install in different parts of the car. It has a rugged construction that greatly extends the lifespan.

  • Variable low-pass filter
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Variable bass boost
  • High-level inputs
  • Low-level inputs
  • 3-years warranty
  • Produces amazing sound
  • Provides higher switching frequencies
  • Easy to connect
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#5. Alphasonik AS12DF Subwoofer for car

Alphasonik AS12DF Subwoofer for car

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Do you need a large subwoofer you can install in the car? This is a fantastic selection with a size of 12-inches thus suitable for use in most cars. Besides this, the subwoofer has 500W RMS power and peak power of up to 1500W. Due to this, the unit gives exceptional sound quality that will rock your playlist. It has been carefully built using the best quality of material guaranteeing a longer life.

To add more, the thin flat enclosed design also means that it takes smaller spaces when installing. All parts are in the pack so that you get to install the subwoofer in minutes. It is a budget-friendly unit that you can’t afford to miss.

  • 1500W peak power
  • 500W RMS power
  • 12-inches single flat subwoofer
  • Air-tight sealed enclosure
  • Simpler to install
  • Have a higher sensitivity level
  • Guarantees longer life

#4. Rockville Subwoofer for Car

Rockville Subwoofer for Car

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Are you interested in purchasing the ultimate subwoofer that will boom the sound in your car? This amazing subwoofer is all you need to listen to your playlist. It is a complete subwoofer that you can install under the seat to save space in the car. Besides this, the unit is very powerful with up to 600W peak power and 150W RMS power. Because of this, the unit offers exceptional sound quality that suits you better.

Despite the high power output, it has a sleek smaller design that makes it perfect for installing even in smaller spaces. It comes with all cables needed for the connection plus it has a size of 8-inches so that you connect to listen to your playlist songs.

  • 8-inches slim design
  • Built-in subsonic filter
  • 150W RMS power
  • 600W peak power
  • 100% copper RCA cable
  • Connects easily with other devices
  • Provides quality bass
  • Withstands extreme temperatures

#3. Kenwood Subwoofer for Cars

Kenwood Subwoofer for Cars

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Kenwood compact enclosed subwoofer is a fine selection of subwoofer that will suit every car. The unit has a smaller compact design that makes it excellent for both smaller and bigger cars. Despite the smaller design, the subwoofer delivers a quality amazing sound system that you need in every car. The small unit has a maximum power of 150W plus 75W RMS power; hence a fine pick to try out.

What is more, the unit has an aluminum enclosure system that greatly boosts the quality of sound. Due to the durable built, it is a fine pick that guarantees a longer lifespan. It also comes with a wired control remote that makes it a breeze to control the settings for maximum sound quality.

  • Aluminum enclosure material
  • Sub-built-in amplifier
  • 150W maximum power
  • 75W RMS power
  • A wired remote control system
  • It is budget-friendly
  • It is highly durable
  • The sound quality is amazing

#2. Rockville Subwoofer for Cars

Rockville Subwoofer for Cars

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Fitted with an AGU gold plated heat-resistance fuse, this subwoofer is an exceptional unit that you never want to miss. Due to this, it resists higher heat input for longer life. Other than this, the subwoofer is very powerful thanks to the high power output of 1200W plus 300W RMS power. The product is relatively larger with a size of 12-inches and with the super slim design, it easily fits even smaller spaces. That said, it is elementary and quick to install the subwoofer under the seat for great sound quality.

Again, it easily connects with all compatible units thanks to the RCA outputs. You can, therefore, easily connect to the car stereo system for a quality sound system.

  • Vented core motor magnet structure
  • Gold plated heat resistant fuse holder
  • Soft abrasion proof insulation jacket
  • 3D acrylic molded
  • 1200W peak power
  • It is powerful and efficient
  • Easier to install
  • Guarantees longer life

#1. MTX Audio Terminator Subwoofer

MTX Audio Terminator Subwoofer

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One consideration you should look out before making the order is the size of the subwoofer. For folks looking for a larger subwoofer, this dual unit has a size of 12-inches, making it suitable for large cars. In addition to this, it is carefully designed using the best quality of 5/8-inches MDF material for a longer lifespan. It houses two powerful terminator subwoofers and with the vented enclosure design, the unit guarantees better sound quality.

More interestingly, it has a frequency response of 10 Hz to 150 Hz so that it enhances the sound quality. The subwoofer is a breeze to install in the car in minutes. With the variable sizes available, you should go for the ultimate unit that suits your car.

  • 5/8-inches MDF wood construction
  • Two 12-inches terminator subwoofer
  • Embroidered terminator logo
  • 150Hz maximum frequency
  • Sealed enclosure design
  • It is highly durable
  • Provides quality sound
  • It is a breeze to install

Subwoofers for Cars Buying Guide

  • Power Output: All subwoofers have variable power output, which is why you need to find the right unit that will suit your sound demands. Some of these subwoofers have power outputs of up to 1500 peak power and 750 RMS power output. For some, they have a maximum power output of 150W and 75W RMS power. You, therefore, need to choose the ideal subwoofer that will enhance the quality of sound needed. For superior sound quality, get a unit that has higher power output.
  • Size: You also have to get the right subwoofer size that will fit the car since they come in variable sizes. For the bigger cars with more spaces, you may consider units that are relatively larger. For instance, get 10-inches to 12-inches subwoofers for larger cars. On the other hand, for smaller cars, get subwoofers with smaller sizes.
  • Construction: Also, check for the quality of the material that has been used in building the unit. For a longer life, consider units designed using quality MFD wood or aluminum material. Such a pick will serve longer just as expected.


For the car owners looking forward to buying the ultimate subwoofer for cars, these are the picks that you need to try out. These subwoofers are very powerful and deliver amazing sound quality. Due to this, they will fully rock the sound quality in the car. In addition to this, they are in variable sizes to choose the ideal size that suits you better. Again, they have been built using the best quality of material for longer lifespan; hence the ultimate selection to consider. Lastly, they are also budget-friendly units that suit you better.



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