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Top 10 Best Long Desks in 2024 Reviews / Buying guide

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Long desks are sought after in an ever-crescive pattern, nowadays. Such desks come with convenient workspaces, storage cabinets, space-saving sizes, and many other handy attributes. Gamers, engineers, graphic designers, and other professionals need long desks for their day-to-day office or home-based operations. Having one at home for studying will also do no harm as the desks have a wide range of uses. Due to the upsurge in their demand, manufacturers have retaliated by producing more of these desks, and this brings a problem during shopping.

Luckily enough for you, the top 10 best long desks in 2024 are reviewed in this article. I’ve combed through the market on your behalf, and the result is this list of the most cost-effective, beautiful, feature-packed, and strongest long desks you can ever find. This review is a buyers’ guide that aims at equipping you with knowledge on how to further choose a desk that will fit your needs among the ten, and beyond. Without further ado, here we go, pals.

List of 10 Best Long Desks in 2024

#10. Tribesigns Two-Piece Long Desk

10. Tribesigns Two-Piece Long Desk

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This is a pair of elegantly designed, strong, multifunctional long desks. The pair can be distributed to form a two-person workstation, display tables, a corner desk, or a computer desk that incorporates a monitor riser, and more. The tops of both desks won’t scratch, are wear-resistant, and are waterproof. This means that they’re super easy to clean.

When used as a computer desk with a monitor riser (by a single user), the pair reduces fatigue to nil. This means you can now work for long hours without a strain on your muscles. The pair can also be set to fit in the corner for two users (to replace an L-shaped desk). This reduces the costs of buying an extra corner desk. You don’t have to struggle or strain while setting the pair up. No skills are needed, and all the DIY installation instructions are included.

  • Can bear a maximum weight of 200 lbs
  • The MDF board is 0.59 inches thick
  • The tables are two, with one being taller
  • Straightforward assembling instructions included
  • The X-shaped rose copper metal frame adds to its stability

#9. The ZIOCCEH Long Desk

9. The ZIOCCEH Long Desk

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The ZIOCCEH checks all the boxes with regard to its diversity in functionality. It can be used as a gaming, study, office, or computer desk. If you need it, you must make sure that you have some items to store under the surface, given the strong, open bookshelf design. Its scratch-proof tabletop is also water and dirt-proof, thereby making it easy to clean. Assembly isn’t a problem, too, with all the necessary tools and instructions included.

This desk’s high capacity allows you to keep all your books, PC, and other tools, without having to store others elsewhere. The metal frame design means the system is sturdy and not getting bad any soon. The metal used for its stands is powder-coated to ensure that it lasts long without rusting and or losing its lustrous finish. The ZIOCCEH will as well perfectly fit your home or office décor without worry. Its price is low.

  • Consists of an MDF board and sturdy metal frame
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs
  • The leg pads are adjustable
  • Easy installation with tools included
  • Measures 55 x 23.6 x 29.92 inches (L × W × H)
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#8. CubiCubi Long Office Desk

8. CubiCubi Long Office Desk

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As you save, you’ll get this strong, vintage-styled, multipurpose long desk to help you complete your tasks in style. Its wooden board uses a perfect combination of black and espresso colors to suit your office or home setup — so beautiful. Despite support from the four metal legs, there are two additional metal bars to help with further stability. It suits such uses as studying, typing, writing, keeping your printer/photocopier, and more.

After the purchase, you’ll need to install the desk in a process that needs DIY skills alone. The manufacturer promises all customers a full 24 months warranty and a cool lifetime customer service. CubiCubi’s frame is made of metal, with each junction having a triangular fit. Triangular junctions add to the general stability of the frame by making the table’s junctions stiff. Every metal on the table is powder-coated to prevent rust and scratch.

  • Table size: 63″ (length) by 23.6″ (width) by 29.5″ (height)
  • Each leg is strong and big (size: 1.6″ × 1.6″)
  • There’s an iron hook for hanging your backpack/headphones
  • Materials: particleboard and metal
  • Strong but soft board top

#7. VINEXT 55″ Industrial Long Desk

7. VINEXT 55" Industrial Long Desk

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The 55-inch size gives you a hint of how much you can do on this table. A thick wood that features natural grains displays the tabletop’s beauty in a rustic brown color, leave alone delivering strength with its thickness. All assembling tools, including screws, screwdrivers, and an easy-to-navigate installation guide are included in the package.

The desk’s tabletop is both water- and scratch-proof. It’s has a height of 29.7,” which is suitable for studying, meeting, eating, writing, and various other home and office activities. The height also allows for sufficient legroom. Besides being simple, the installation process of this table is also time-saving. You’ll spend at most 10 minutes doing it.

  • The frame is made of a textured sand-black metal
  • The table weighs 33 lbs
  • Tabletop material: P2-grade MDF
  • Beautiful tabletop design
  • Sturdy and large

#6. The Bush Furniture Long, Multipurpose Desk

6. The Bush Furniture Long, Multipurpose Desk

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If you can afford to part with some pretty penny for stellar quality and extra features, here’s your type. The Method 72W from Kathy Ireland Furniture offers all you need for a diversity of both home and office tasks. For example, you can use it to write, study, type, and other tasks. I love the generosity of its tabletop that you can also use to store your equipment and documents. The tabletop is also laminated to resist water and dirt for easy cleaning.

The desk’s base is made of a metal that gives it everlasting strength. The metal base has a beautiful titanium finish. At the base, the Method 72W has an ample space for your feet to rest. A six-year manufacturer’s warranty comes with the package. Remember to choose from a wide variety of colors.

  • Complies with all ANSI/BIFMA quality standards
  • The tabletop laminate is thermally fused
  • Gives space for a keyboard tray
  • The metal base is strong
  • 100% original wood board
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#5. VIVO Black Long Multipurpose Desk

5. VIVO Black Long Multipurpose Desk

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This is a rare adjustable multipurpose long desk with three cable management holes and more. It’s adjustable, and the adjustment isn’t manual but electric — you just touch an icon to switch to a sitting/standing mode. The adjustability will help you manage your health by giving a plethora of sitting and standing position options.

While assembling the desk, you won’t have a hard time with all the tools and guide included in your package. The wide working surface (the MDF board) measures 63.1 by 31.5 by 0.75 inches. You can see how the board surface is also large from the size. As large as it is, no water or dirt is adhesive to the board’s surface. Take a look at some other features in the next section, too.

  • Supports up to 176 lbs
  • Electrically adjusted
  • The adjustable height range is 28.7 to 48.5 inches
  • The frame is made of a strong iron frame
  • Has a cable management board

#4. Sogesfurniture 55 inches Long Office Desk

4. Sogesfurniture 55 inches Long Office Desk

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Are you a gamer, tech-savvy, or any other office desk user? Here’s a table that returns to you more than the value you invested. It saves both your cash and efforts while helping you work smart with its recommended height and size. The desk is made of natural particle wood and comes in six natural color paints — the choice is yours. I love the adjustability of the legs of this desk. They can be adjusted to fit uneven surfaces.

Plenty of legroom is available under the desk for a healthy posture. The package will come unassembled, but you’ll have to assemble it using the included tools and installation manual. This desk from  Sogesfurniture also features a beautiful design and modern painting that fits all office and home setups. It’s certified by the BIFMA to show that the quality has been tested.

  • The desk weighs 20.5 kilograms
  • Load capacity: 300 lbs
  • Adjustable legs for uneven surfaces
  • Thick steel metal frame
  • Size: 55.1″ Length * 23.6″ Width * 29.5″ Height
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#3. The Waleaf Office Desk

3. The Waleaf Office Desk

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With accessibility to all your working tools and more, this Weleaf Vitesse desk is meant to give you maximum convenience for maximum delivery. The desk includes many things that include a convenient cup holder, a headphone hook, and a large mouse pad. Its tabletop is corrosion-resistant, waterproof, and scratch-proof. The design is in a higher class.

If your workspace features multiple cables, the Weleaf will help you manage them with its double wire holes. If you have headphones, simply hang them on the installed hooks. With all the installation tools included, tightening the basic screws to erect this office attraction center will be both fun and straightforward.

  • Desktop material: Carbon fiber
  • Desk’s maximum capacity: 260 lbs
  • Dimensions: 55.1 Length × 23.6″ Width × 28.5″ Height
  • Desk weight: 60 lbs
  • Strong metal legs

#2. DlandHome 63 inches X-Large Long Desk

2. DlandHome 63 inches X-Large Long Desk

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Customers love the DlandHome desk for its price, open-concept design, and myriad other attributes. There won’t be wear, tear, and rot (from infiltration) due to the laminate used for DlandHome’s tabletop finish. If you know what an F1-grade wood is, you also know that none surpasses its quality. It’s the one used to make this desk’s top board. The desk’s adjustable feet help you find the list convenient working height.

An elegant appearance promotes this desk’s suitability to your home or office. The E1 grade environmental wood assures you of no formaldehyde release. This means that you’re safe. The fact that this desk uses a 1.2 mm thicker inner wall means that the frame is sturdy and steady. Here are more features to go through.

  • Capacity: 300 lbs maximum
  • SGS-certified
  • Double-screw installation
  • Frame material: thick steel
  • The desk weighs 22 kilograms
  • Measurements (in inches): 63 (Length) by 23.6 (Width) by 29.5 (Height)

#1. Mr. IRONSTONE Long, Multipurpose Office Desk

1. Mr. IRONSTONE Long, Multipurpose Office Desk

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This desk from Mr. IRONSTONE is unparalleled. It’s the best long desk in 2024! The first impression is in its r-shaped design. Despite being beautiful, it’s engineered to strongly support all your gears. Hook and cup holders are also added to the desk. The manufacturer cares about the neat storage of all the items you need in your workstation.

You probably need to manage cables while at the workstation. There are three cable management holes to help you with that. Also, I like the fact that this desk can be used for many purposes. Gamers can bb use the table to win, while tech-savvies also get the best out of themselves with these tables. Its laminated tabletop allows no water and dirt to give you an easy cleaning task. The good news is that everyone can use it without worry. The price is greatly low.

  • MDF PVC laminated tabletop
  • Easy assembly with tools included
  • It has adjustable feet
  • Metal Frame legs add to its stability
  • The item weighs 57 lbs
  • Desktop measurements: 63 inches length and 32 inches in width

Things to Consider When Choosing Long Desks

Size: Although this point seems obvious, erring is highly possible. Remember that a small mistake with the size can disappoint you greatly. You must double-check how accurate you are with the size of the long desk you need, relative to the size of space in your office or home. As you do the measurements, remember to leave some space for your chair. Feel free to ask a nearby carpenter to do the measurements for you at a negligible cost.

Material: You certainly won’t buy a long desk without considering the material it’s made of. Perhaps you prefer glass for its beauty, plastic for its lightweight, steel for its huge weight capacity, or wood for its neutrality to heat. No problem. All I want you to know is that there are many materials out there, and your choice will depend on the nature of the activity you want to use the desk for, alongside other factors.

Functionality: So how many things do you intend to use the desk for? Keep the answer to yourself and take this advice: that you have to focus only on what’s important to you. If your workspace comprises many cables, you’ll look for a desk that has a pretty cable management system to help you look neat. Also, be sure to go by desks with storage compartments if you have papers to store. There are also adjustable desks that won’t have you straining while you should be enjoying work.

Price: You not only want to spend on desks but also other things, do you? That’s why you have a budget for desks. In fact, if you can save, the better. My list has a cost-effective yet durable and feature-packed desk. You have myriads of options, even with the smallest budget. Don’t hesitate.

Shape: Attributes like shape will come into play when you’re trying to manage space or look neat in your workspace. A good example is when you only have space in the corner, in which case you’ll need an L-shaped desk. You may also have space in other positions of the room, but want to look beautiful and neat. My list has a variety of desi shapes to shop for.

Other Important Attributes: The style, weight capacity, color, and height are features not to forget about, too. You may also have others. Just make sure that all the features you desire to have check all boxes before settling on one desk.


After reading this, I hope you’re fully accoutred with sufficient knowledge on how to get the best long desk in 2024 and beyond. Choosing the right long desk for the task ahead of you will certainly increase your productivity and success. And, sharing such gem information with friends and relatives means being generous and loving. Don’t hesitate to do that — best of luck, pals!

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