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Top 10 Best Electronic Dog Doors in 2024 Reviews

Electronic Dog Door

Working as your canine friend’s doorman is no longer a thing with electric dog doors in the market. The handy products of technology will help your pet in or out of the house without your intervention and still keep unwanted animals away. The key is to find an electronic dog door with unparalleled security features, exceptional functionality, and other desirable attributes. But this can be a problem without a guide.

The following top 10 best electronic dog doors in 2024 are our recommendations of the best value for your money. To help you choose better, we’ve added a bonus section with the things to keep in mind while searching for your befitting option. What’s more, we’ve highlighted each product’s outstanding features that’ll make or break your decision to purchase it. Meanwhile, read on for the review.

List of 10 Best Electronic Dog Doors in 2024

#10. PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor (Small to Large Pets)

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor (Small to Large Pets)

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The PetSafe smart electronic dog door gives you peace of mind with its robust construction, DIY installation, and excellent functionality. It comes with a SmartKey sensor that you need to add to your pet’s collar for restricted access; no strange dogs can have access without the SmartKey sensor. Plus, the door is compatible with up to 5 SmartKeys.

The pet accessway quickly and firmly installs on your interior or exterior door. Use the included installation instructions and tools for more convenience. You can program the door into locked, automatic, and unlocked modes to achieve your desired movement restrictions on your pet. The door will suit dogs and cats alike.

  • Color: white
  • You can adjust the sensor’s range up to 3 feet
  • It gets power from four D-cell batteries
  • The lightweight SmartKey sensor is waterproof
  • Size: 8.6″ by 3.25″ by 27.1″

#9. SureFlap Microchip Electronic Dog Door

SureFlap Microchip Electronic Dog Door

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The SureFlap dog door works for cats and small dogs. It’s an award-winning option with three trophies as a cat-friendly electronic pet door option (International Cat Care). You can have it installed on your doors, walls, or glass. It uses RFID to communicate with your pet’s microchip to deny access to stray animals.

If you own more pets, you can easily program the door to work for all of them using only a single button. The door gets its power from powerful batteries that can last up to a twelve-month depending on how it’s used. Get updates when the battery runs low on power using the door’s built-in indicator. It comes with a three-year warranty.

  • It uses 4 C-cell batteries
  • It’s programmable for up to 32 pets
  • Door opening size: 7 by 6.69 inches (W by H)
  • It features a night mode to lock the pet inside the house at night
  • Color: brown

#8. Cat Mate Elite Pet Door

Cat Mate Elite Pet Door

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Let your dog choose freely when it’s time to go playing or bathing with a Cat Mate electronic pet door. The innovative door utilizes the latest advancements in RFID technology to give restricted access to your pets. To use it, your dog needs a microchip or Cat Mate Elite ID. When they get in range with the door, it will flap open to give smooth access and close after the pet is in.

You can set the door into different modes — including the “lock only” and “locked” modes — to help you with better security for your dog/cat. With the built-in LCD screen, you can always view the door’s functioning mode, time since last use, pet’s location (in or out), and other attributes. The screen shows the status of up to three pets.

  • Programmable for up to 9 pets
  • It uses 4 AA batteries
  • The timer function lets you lock the pet inside at night and perform more actions
  • It features a battery status indicator
  • The flap is fully weather-resistant

#7. Endura Flap Pet Door

Endura Flap Pet Door

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If you want something that’s going to help you keep your energy expenditures as low as possible, you can’t go wrong with this one from Endura. It’s built-in a double-layer design with top-grade insulation properties. The polyolefin polymer flap is strong enough to resist winds up to 50 mph and low temperatures of as low as -40°F.

The door installs on your interior/exterior doors, glass, or wall. Its locks firmly using the included magnets that hold onto the aluminum frame. Your dogs won’t cease to enjoy their new freedom with this secure door. What’s more, it comes with a 15-year warranty to protect you against damages.

  • Weight: 6.75 pounds
  • Frame: top-quality aluminum
  • It’s available in many sizes
  • Suitable for puppies and cats
  • Best for doors with thickness: 1.5″ to 1.75.”

#6. PERFECT PET Dog Door


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The PERFECT PET dog door uses an air pocket to maximize energy efficiency; thus, reduce the hole left in your wallet by trivial dog doors during extreme weather seasons. It also saves your physical energy using the automatic opening/closing mechanism. With its extra-large size, it allows users with small and large dogs alike, not to mention cats.

When your dog has entered through the door, it will remain shut to keep other intruders away. The dog door installs on your interior or exterior door, but there are other versions from the same manufacturer that installs on your wall or glass. What’s better, the installation process is quick and intuitive.

  • Door flap size: 9.75 by 17 inches
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • The airspace between the two flaps is 3 inches thick
  • The flap. is made of a double-layered vinyl
  • For: small and large dogs

#5. PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

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Here’s yet another electronic dog door from the trusted PetSafe brand. It’s larger and more weatherproof than the previous one (#10). Utilize the door’s selective entry and exit programs to ensure that only your pets get access. It uses the SmartKey sensor to identify your pets. Simply hang the sensor on your pet’s collar, install the door, and wait for the magic!

The door uses radio frequencies to lock and unlock. Like with the previous recommendation, this new version’s door sensor can also work with up to 5 SmartKey sensors. Use it for both dogs and cats of various sizes. Also, use the included installation instructions to have the door installed safely and firmly.

  • Flap size: 11″ X 16″.
  • It uses removable batteries (one included)
  • Both the frame and flap are made of durable plastic
  • There are LED indicators that show the battery status
  • Color: white

#4. Endura Flap Pet Door

Endura Flap Pet Door

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Guarantee your dog unrestricted outdoor access with this energy-saving pet door from Endura. Unlike the one at #7 above, this new production is meant for more energy efficiency with a double flap design. The award-winning flap dog door makes use of weather-retardant materials that also keep your home safe from UV rays.

The door installs on your interior and exterior doors, concrete, or glass walls. Its metal frame and polyolefin polymer flap won’t degrade at exposure to extreme temperatures. Ensure that you measure your pet appropriately as described in the door’s user manual (included in the package). Along with the intuitive installation instructions, using the door will be a cinch.

  • It blocks winds up to 50 mph
  • Size: 6 by 11 inches
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • It works in temperatures as low as -40°F
  • The magnets on the flap are powerful enough to keep the door shut strongly to prevent intruders

#3. Namsan Pet Screen Door

Namsan Pet Screen Door

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You get this screen dog door at a steal, courtesy of its low price on Amazon. Luckily, you don’t sacrifice any good features to the price. The dog door installs on your glass wall/door/window. It opens and locks automatically, but you can further lock it securely using the included blue slide locks to keep your pets inside.

You get to install this dog door quite fast and easily. You have all the installation instructions (4-step process), and the process is also quick. Be confident of a long period’s service with the ABS plastic and metal materials. The materials will protect your home from UV rays and extreme weather conditions, too.

  • Frame material: stainless steel
  • Door flap size: 12 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 650 grams
  • The door flap is exchangeable
  • Color: black

#2. Ideal Pet Products Electronic Dog Door

Ideal Pet Products Electronic Dog Door

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Purchase this pet door and enjoy automatic door operation by a powerful radiofrequency. The door comes in the company of a unique RFID fob that you add to your pet’s collar for identification; no other dog with a different RFID can enter the premises. It utilizes an all-plastic construction that works great for weather resistance and functionality in the long run.

You can install this one on your interior or exterior door without the help of a specialist, only the instructions and a bit of effort and time.

  • The unbreakable flap’s size: 7 by 9 inches
  • It installs on doors 1.25 to 1.75 inches thick
  • Weight: 3.9 pounds
  • It uses a rechargeable battery
  • Power indicators on the door will update you on the battery status

#1. High Tech Pet Power Electronic Pet Door

High Tech Pet Power Electronic Pet Door

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You can own no better than the durable High Tech electronic pet door. It uses a lightweight and adjustable ultrasonic collar that you attach to your dog’s neck. Instead of opening, the door’s translucent shutter slides upwards (vertically) to sink into your door/wall and give full access to your dog.

Utilize the door’s four-way access control feature to set in-only, out-only, closed, full-access, and locked door modes. You can also set various activation distances depending on your desire. Moreover, it’s possible to set different inside and outside activation distances independently. Here are more features to go by.

  • It’s powered via an AC outlet, but with a battery (B12V-1.3) for backup
  • Door panel size: 12.25 by 16 inches
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • The door panel is made of resin
  • It comes with two rechargeable backup batteries
  • Installation instructions included

Things to Consider When Choosing Electronic Dog Doors

Size: It’s imperative that you pay attention to the opening’s size relative to your dog’s and the place where you need to install it. Consider measuring your dog before getting the right size that allows its smooth entry and exit. If you’re dealing with puppies, measure their breed’s largest dog so that you don’t bother about replacements when they get old in the next few months.

Installation: The dog accessway’s point and ease of installation are important features to check before deciding on the best option. Mostly, these doors will either install on your wall or the door. But whichever the option, you need to know how demanding the installation process can be. If it needs simple DIY installation skills, you don’t need to spend on a specialist, and that’s an advantage to your wallet. Otherwise, you should know and prepare appropriately for the other installation process.

Material: Most of these doors come in plastic or metal materials. While metals tend to last longer than plastics, they can’t provide as aesthetically pleasing options as plastics. Likewise, they can come at relatively higher prices. So if you’re dealing with pups, you’re better off with a plastic electronic dog door. However, heavy and more destructive dogs need hard-to-break metals. Please remember to go through customer reviews, too.

Sensor: There’s a wide selection of sensors that function differently for these doors. Your choice of one of them will rely on quite a few parameters that include their cost and accuracy, among others. On the popular side, there are microchip-enabled, magnetic, RFID, and ultrasonic sensors. Microchips are relatively expensive but quite satisfactory in their functionality. Magnetic sensors, on the other hand, are cost-effective but will give access to virtually any dog with a magnetic sensor.

Energy Efficiency: Whether installed on your door or wall, dog doors are air inlets with a significant impact on your home’s energy expenditure. The openings will always let in cold/warm air each time the poop enters/exits the house. Consequently, your home’s temperature will drastically change and cause you to spend more on energy in a bid to restore normalcy. A good tip towards eluding this is to look for features that give the small door a perfect seal.


You can depend on our best choices above for your dog’s entrance and exit into your home or the kennel. Use our buying guide as a pointer towards the appropriate dog door choice that excellently serves your pet’s special needs. Meanwhile, it’s your time to go shopping — happy shopping!

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