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Top 10 Best Heated Eye Masks in 2024 Reviews

Heated Eye Masks

Heated eye masks offer warm compression, which provides some relief from redness, dryness, and irritation. Additionally, heated eye masks are also great for dealing with dermatitis, blepharitis, bacterial infections, and allergies. Again, they are made using the best quality of material, which provides a great softness on the eye area.

So why the warm heated eye masks and not cold? The heated eye masks aid in boosting the blood circulation, relaxing the eyes, preventing tears from evaporating, and thins the glands to enhance the drainage.

Finding the heated eye masks demands that you consider different things including material, adjustable temperature, power source, safety, heating elements, and cost.

List of 10 Best Heated Eye Masks in 2024

#10. Creatrill X-Large Heated Eye Mask

10. Creatrill X-Large Heated Eye Mask

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For the best relieve of sinus pain pressure, blepharitis, sties, tired puffy eyes, ad dark circles, this is a perfect heated eye mask that you will find great for and efficient. The high-quality eye mask has been designed from a premium black micro-plush; hence offers a great feel on the eye area. Because of this, the unit will greatly enhance blood circulation and relieve eye stress. That said, it has up to three temperature settings to choose from depending on what will suit you. The unit also has fast heating elements for a great feeling.

Other than this, it features a broader heating coverage design, which covers a wide area for effective face massage. It is a very convenient unit that is portable for use anywhere anytime. It comes with a power bank and a USB adapter for a quick recharge. The unit offers a longer runtime when fully charges, which implies that you can rely on it for top-notch services.

  • Premium black micro-plush material
  • Three temperature settings
  • Broader heating coverage
  • Power bank and USB adapter
  • Wide application

#9. Love Rain Heated Eye Mask 3D

9. Love Rain Heated Eye Mask 3D

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With up to four levels of temperature control, you can now choose your favorite temperature depending on your needs. The temperature range operates from 40-degrees C to 50-degrees C. Due to the high effectiveness, it is a great unit that you can use for enhancing sleep, treating eye fatigue, dry eye, black circles, and insomnia among others. It is a highly durable eye mask that has been constructed from cotton fabric plus Lycra fabric. In addition to this, it also features infrared heating cores that enhance the heating of the eye masks.

It is a reusable unit that you can remove and clean when needed. The unit has a timer control that ranges from 15-minutes to 30-minutes. The good news is that the unit is recommended for both men and women; hence a pick you never want to miss.

  • Four levels of temperature control
  • Removable and cleanable
  • Cotton fabric and Lycra fabric
  • USB timer system
  • Broader coverage

#8. Hiverst Heated Eye Compress Mask

8. Rooftree Heated Eye Compress Mask

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The quality of the material is one essential factor that you need to think about before ordering the purchase. Here is a highly durable unit that has been designed using the best fluffy materials. This implies that it is safe, soft, and durable for that smooth feeling. It is also washable and cleanable unit that you can rely on for long-term use. The comfy eye mask aids in relieving fatigue and boosting the blood circulation for a better feeling.

To add more, it also has a temperature control that ranges from 95-degrees F to 122-degrees F. The unit is USB operated, which means that it doesn’t use a battery to operate. This environmentally-friendly eye mask also has a wider coverage for an effective massage.

  • 95-degrees F to 122-degrees F adjustable temperature
  • Fluffy materials
  • Convenient USB charging
  • Temperature and time control
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#7. Esonmus Heated Eye Mask

7. Esonmus Heated Eye Mask

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Do you need a perfect heated eye mask that will serve you longer and efficiently? This is a nice selection that is reusable and washable; hence guarantees long-term performances. Second, to this, the unit has been designed from 100% cotton material, which gives a soft and comfy feeling on the face. It has an adjustable headband so that it perfectly fits all head sizes. More interestingly, it also has time and temperature control, which means that you can adjust the temperature to suit your needs. The temperature is adjustable from 100 to 130-degrees F.

It is a portable unit that you can use anywhere needed. It is also USB powered whereas some come with a power bank. The unit is great for getting a cold massage, relieving eye stress, and tired eyes.

  • Temperature and time control
  • USB powered and power bank
  • Reusable and washable
  • 100% cotton material built
  • Cooling gel bag

#6. Tsemy USB Steam Eye Mask

6. Tsemy USB Steam Eye Mask

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What is your budget for getting a heated eye mask? Here is a cost-effective unit that will suit your budget. Even though it is affordable, the unit is highly durable and effective. This is because it has been designed using quality 100% mulberry silk on all sides. This implies that it is a soft and skin-friendly unit. It is also breathable and absorbent for that nice feeling. With the broader design, the unit offers a wide eye area coverage. It is recommended for improving blood circulation, dealing with eye puffiness, and fatigue.

Furthermore, it also features a wide range of colors to choose from. You can easily adjust the temperature from 95-degrees F to 122-degrees F. It comes with a convenient USB charging unit that will keep it powered.

  • 100% quality mulberry silk material
  • Convenient USB charging
  • Four heating modes
  • Temperature and timing adjustable
  • Reusable and washable
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#5. Mengya USB Heated Eye Mask

5. Mengya USB Heated Eye Mask

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Are you looking for the ultimate eye mask with a convenient interface design? This is a pick that has been specifically designed to guarantee excellent performances. It has a USB interface design with a 6.2ft USB cable, which makes it very flexible. Secondly, it is also safe and efficient with carbon fiber heating elements that make it great for all users.

More interestingly, it also has a timer and temperature control system with an easily accessible ON/OFF switch. This allows you to adjust the temperature from low, medium, and high. The unit operates by boosting the blood circulation as it relaxes the muscles to do away with inflammation and fatigue relief.

  • USB interface design
  • Carbon fiber heating elements
  • Timing and temperature control
  • 2ft USB cable
  • Three levels of temperature adjustment

#4. FlyingColors Graphene Heated Eye Masks Graphene

4. FlyingColors Graphene Heated Eye Masks Graphene

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For both men and women, this is an exceptional unit that features an adjustable headband; hence fits all head sizes. The three-belt elastic headband is very comfy for long hours of wear. Apart from this, it also uses graphene heating technology with a far-infrared system that will greatly enhance the blood circulation and do away with dry eye and puffy eyes. You can also adjust the temperature of the unit from 10-degrees C to 50-degrees C; hence will suit your eye massage needs.

The unit comes with a carrying bag, which means that it is convenient to store. With the temperature-time control, you can easily adjust the temperature to suit your needs. It has been designed using the best quality of natural silk material thus, mild on the skin.

  • 10-50-degrees C adjustable temperature
  • Natural silk material
  • Adjustable three-belt headband
  • Carrying bag
  • Graphene heating technology
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#3. ARRIS Electric USB Heated Eye Mask

3. ARRIS Electric USB Heated Eye Mask

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ARRIS Electric USB Heated Eye Mask is a comfy unit that has a broader coverage design; hence perfectly boost the efficiency of the eye mask. It covers a wider area, which means that it will serve you better and boost blood circulation and relieves fatigue and puffiness of the eye. Furthermore, it is easy and convenient to use thanks to the USB adapter and power bank included. It comes in different colors to choose from.

Crafted from soft and durable materials, it provides a smooth feeling on the face. Other than this, it has five-level temperature control and a timer setting for easy control. Lastly, it also has a built-in thermal protection module so that it doesn’t overheat.

  • 5-level temperature control
  • Easy and convenient use
  • Broader coverage design
  • Built-in thermal protection
  • Far-infrared heating elements

#2. Aroma Season Moist Heated Eye Mask

2. Aroma Season Moist Heated Eye Mask

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When you need the best relieve from conditions like dry eye syndrome, blepharitis, and MGD, this is a unit that you need to give a try. The eye mask will perfectly relax your tired eyes for a great relief after long-day work. This also promotes good sleep. It has efficient heating elements that heat and touches the eye-lips plus directly unclog the glands. It is made from the best quality of material, which bring about prolonged use and soft feeling on the eye area. With the adjustable headband, the unit offers a perfect fit for all users.

Additionally, it also has three levels of temperature adjustment. You, therefore, need to adjust the temperature to suit your demands. It is powered by a USB system and power bank. Again, it features gray and blue colors.

  • 3-class heat temperature
  • Broader coverage design
  • Cotton with natural flax seeds
  • PC USB port
  • Adjustable temperature system

#1. Graphene Times Heated Eye Mask

1. Graphene Times Heated Eye Mask

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This is another reliable and convenient heated eye mask you will need for excellent eye massage therapy. It uses graphene heating elements that you will find excellent for relieving eye fatigue, puffy eyes, and tired eyes. The unit uses a hot pressing cutting technology, which provides a great experience. Moreover, it is also soft and elastic thus, offers a smooth feeling on the skin. The heated eye mask also has adjustable power modes that allow you to adjust the temperature from 100-degrees F to 113-degrees F.

It is a USB powered eye mask that will stay powered for long and delivers excellent performances. It also has a broader coverage so it offers wide coverage. You can adjust the unit to offer a custom head fit thanks to the adjustable headband. The 3D eye mask is one of the affordable options you will find great for your eye massage needs.

  • Adjustable power modes
  • 100 to 113-degrees F temperature range
  • USB powered system
  • Soft and elastic strap
  • Hot pressing cutting technology

Things to Consider When Choosing Heated Eye Masks

Material: You need to begin by considering the quality of material that makes up the unit. The eye mask needs to be highly durable and soft. For such a pick, get a mask that has been designed using soft cotton and Lycra material. Such a pick offers a comfier feeling on the skin.

Adjustable Temperature: Depending on the model, heated eye masks work at different temperatures. Some of these units work at 5-temperature levels while some work at 3-temperature levels. For better performances, find a unit that allows for easy temperature. For instance, a unit with a 95-degrees to 122-degrees F adjustable range will perfectly suit you accordingly. You, therefore, need to get a pick that will suit your needs.

Heating Elements: The massage therapy of the heated eye masks depends on the type of heated elements. You should find a unit that uses far-infrared heating elements to provides an excellent massage. You can also consider units with carbon fiber heating elements as they deliver great massage therapy.

Also, check for other things like the design, cost, power sources, portability, and warranty.


Getting a cool eye mask for quick relief from fatigue, dry eye, puffiness, and dark circles, investing in the best heated eye mask is vital. We have selected you some of the top-rated heated eye masks that you will find great for your face. Apart from this, the units have been made using soft and quality material, which offers a comfy and soft. Other than this, they are also efficient thanks to the powerful heating system. With this, they provide that great feeling to leave the eyes relaxed and smooth. They are USB powered units with power banks that will keep them powered for great massage; hence the ultimate units that you never want to miss.

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