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Top 10 Best Carbon Fiber Shoe Inserts in 2024 Reviews

Carbon Fiber Shoe Insert

Shoe inserts are essentially non-prescription supports for the feet that are made to be used inside your shoes. These inserts are very helpful in different foot ailments including leg pains as well as flat arches. They have been specially designed not only to offer comfort but also to cushion the feet and also support the arches. Going for any shoe inserts will not help but with the carbon fiber inserts, you will never go wrong with your comfort needs. Having the best carbon fiber shoe inserts will allow you to engage in different sporting activities with no worries at all. Regardless of the period of time that you will have your shoes on, you will never feel any discomfort.

The market has so much to offer with regard to carbon fiber shoe inserts. This, therefore, means that you need to have the right information at hand to make sure that you never purchase products you did not intend to. Since the gathering of this information will obviously be daunting, we decided to take up that role. We, therefore, compiled the list below of the best carbon fiber shoe inserts that you will ever find in the market. It also comes along with a brief guide on the tips you need to consider when choosing these inserts.

List of 10 Best Carbon Fiber Shoe Inserts in 2024

#10. iFitna Semi-Rigid Insoles, High Elasticity

#1. ESTCARBON Carbon Fiber Insoles

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We begin the review with this pair of insoles that have been made with lightweight carbon fiber. It is however a strong and very durable shoe insert that you will fall in love with. It has been recommended for people suffering from plantar fasciitis, fallen arch, and other issues. In comparison to other thicker insoles, this one is light. This way, it will not occupy much space in the shoe.

This shoe insole has been made from leather fabrics and is also perforated to guarantee a proper flow of air. In this regard, you can rest assured that the insole will keep your feet cool and comfortable by sucking the sweat. Other than the comfort it offers, you will learn that it fits different shoes from boat shoes to high heels.

  • Carbon fiber support
  • The insoles are extremely thin
  • Great comfort all day long
  • Made with genuine leather fabric

#9. Rx Sorbo Ultra Orthotic Insoles for Men

Rx Sorbo Ultra Orthotic Insoles for Men

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These are more than mere insoles in the fact that they allow you to enjoy unmatched arch support. They feature a composite carbon fiber and molded heel cups. Even better, the insoles pride themselves on the fact that they offer shock protection and light enough for comfort. They have also been designed with a moisture-wicking top layer that will help in keeping your feet dry and prevent odors.

As opposed to the cheap plastic inserts, you will appreciate that the bottom part of these insoles will never become hard or flatten with time. They have actually been designed to absorb impacts and shocks and retain the best foot support. Other than being unisex, you will also appreciate that the insoles have been recommended for all occasions.

  • These are more than just insoles
  • They have the best shock absorption
  • These inserts will be ideal for all occasions
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

#8. Carbon Semi-Rigid Fiber Inserts, Size 9

Carbon Semi-Rigid Fiber Inserts, Size 9

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These carbon inserts are ideal for acute as well as chronic injuries in order to reduce forefoot stress. They also minimize the motion range whether you are walking or running. With these shoe inserts, you will shift from the rigid to the semi-rigid inserts for the best comfort. The good thing about the inserts is that they are light but extremely strong in comparison with other inserts.

These are the inserts that are preferred by players since they allow athletes to play by offering the required support to injured feet. They have also been recommended by most physicians for patients having different foot injuries. This, therefore, means that patients will be able to wear their common shoes even after surgical procedures.

  • Used for acute and chronic injuries
  • Light but extremely strong
  • Offers support to your injured feet
  • Fits the left or right shoe perfectly

#7. SEAPOOL Carbon Fiber Insoles for Men

SEAPOOL Carbon Fiber Insoles for Men

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This is yet another pair of carbon fiber sneakers that you will want to purchase. They offer superior support very effectively when preventing any sprains. If you are looking to enhance your foot performance and relieve foot fatigue, these are the insoles to buy. With their effective pressure absorption, the insoles will protect the knee and the arch.

Being made with lightweight memory foam, they will easily absorb sweat and also remove moisture. They are very breathable that makes your feet remain very dry and fresh all day long. The best part about these insoles is that they have been made with natural and environment-friendly materials. These men’s insoles are available in sizes 8 to 11.

  • Made with lightweight memory foam
  • An anti-skid design for the best support
  • Comes with clear cutting lines at the back
  • Naturally safe and environmentally friendly

#6. Atlas Biomechanics Carbon Stabilizer Shoe Insole

Atlas Biomechanics Carbon Stabilizer Shoe Insole

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On the sixth position according to this review is this pair of insoles that has been made of rigid carbon plate. They have been recommended for treating stress fractures, turf toes, forefoot arthritis as well as foot fracture. The other great benefit of this insole is that it limits the motion of the metatarsal joints to keep your feet safe and comfortable.

Another unique aspect about these insoles is that they have been made with 2mm thick and medical-grade carbon. This, therefore, means that with these insoles, it will be possible to wear your shoes very comfortably even after surgical procedures. You never have to worry yourself about the limited budget since these insoles come at a relatively affordable price.

  • Limits motion at your metatarsal joints
  • Made with carbon grade carbon
  • Ideal for treating forefoot arthritis
  • Comes as a pair

#5. Noene Atlas Shoe Carbon Insole

Noene Atlas Shoe Carbon Insole

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One of the features that you will appreciate about this insole is the fact that it comes in different sizes for you to choose from. It is also an ergonomic and pre-shaped sole that will offer the best comfort to anyone when wearing their shoes. You will also appreciate that this shoe insert will be very easy to clean with some mild soap.

Another amazing feature about this shoe insert is that it has been designed for all types of sports shoes. They will therefore be a proper replacement for original insoles. With these Noene insoles, they will effectively absorb as much sweat as possible. Additionally, they offer the best shock absorption to keep you very comfortable amid sporting activities.

  • An ergonomic and flexible design
  • Designed for all sports shoes
  • They effectively absorb shocks and vibrations
  • A composite foam base

#4. VKTRY Insoles for Women, Injury Protection and Recovery

VKTRY Insoles for Women, Injury Protection and Recovery

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One of the things that this insole for shoes prides itself on is the fact that it helps athletes win. They have actually been made to help athletes who are looking to improve their performance. With their improved explosiveness as well as the unsurpassed support, shock absorption and stability will be guaranteed. Regardless of whether you are an elite or upcoming athlete, this insole will surely serve you well.

What will give you the confidence to buy these insoles is that they have proven injury protection as well as injury recovery. If you are therefore suffering from plantar fasciitis, these insoles will definitely serve you well. The other good thing about these insoles is that customer satisfaction is a guarantee and for this reason, you should buy confidently.

  • They help athletes win
  • Proven injury protection
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Several size options available

#3. RTP Carbon Fiber Shoe Insert

RTP Carbon Fiber Shoe Insert

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This insole is sold singly as opposed to being sold as a pair. This, therefore, renders it useful for the right or left foot. To make this possible, you only need to turn the insole over to fit the foot that you so intend. It has been recommended for acute injuries that require more rigidity including the turf toe. Most athletes are often started with this insole from this brand.

The other feature that you will appreciate about this insole is that it has a wide range of applications. It can be used by experts, high school students, recreational athletes, and others. Having been made i9n the USA, you should complete confidence to buy. The materials used have a good stiffness level that will make sure that they last for a long time.

  • Made in the USA
  • A combination of light weight and durability
  • Ideal across different people
  • Several styles available

#2. Superfeet Carbon Hockey Insoles

Superfeet Carbon Hockey Insoles

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This is another product that has been made in the United States using the best quality materials. What makes this pair of insoles worth buying is the fact that they have great shock absorption. With this, you are going to have tight turns, crisp stops as well as quick starts. The shoe insoles are responsive and will therefore offer you the best support.

If you are looking for long-lasting comfort, these insoles are going to give you that functionality. These shoe inserts have been recommended for skating and cycling as well without compromising comfort at all. By minimizing friction, these insoles will eliminate hot spots as well as blisters. Arriving in different sizes, you will be able to choose your right fit.

  • Perfect shock absorption
  • Heel-toe profile
  • Minimizes hot spots and blisters
  • Quick starts and crisp stops

#1. ESTCARBON Carbon Fiber Insoles

ESTCARBON Carbon Fiber Insoles

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This is an insole that uses a carbon fiber footplate that offers extra support by offering extra stiffness to your shoes. Among the benefits that you are set to enjoy from carbon fiber include lower weight, high durability as well as low thermal expansion to list a few. Owing to all these properties, the carbon fiber insole finds so many applications in the military, motorsports, and other fields.

Its rigid and flat design will limit the foot motion and offer pressure relief on the metatarsals. It is therefore ideal for eliminating and also treating conditions like acute turf toe among other related conditions. Among the applications of these inserts include use in hiking boots, basketball shoes, and others. What should give you the confidence to buy these inserts is the fact that it has been recommended by doctors.

  • Available in different sizes
  • Keeps your feet stable amid recovery
  • Adds rigidity to the footwear
  • They are recommended by doctors

Things to Consider When Choosing Carbon Fiber Shoe Inserts

Fit: The main aim of purchasing shoe inserts will be to make the feet feel very comfortable when walking or running. In this regard, it is good to choose market products that offer the best fit. What this simply means is getting a carbon fiber shoe insert with your perfect size. Luckily, these inserts come in different size options allowing you to choose your preferred size.

Cushioning: Other than the fit, you will also want a shoe insert that keeps you comfortable. This is going to be determined by the cushioning of the shoe insert. It ought to have a shock absorption technology that resists impacts. Additionally, the shoe insert has to be breathable enough to make sure that air flows freely to minimize sweating that can affect your comfort.

Durability: Just like any other product, you would not want to buy something that will only serve you for a short period of time. This, therefore, means investing in products that can actually stand the test of time. By default, this narrows down to the build quality of the insert. Make sure therefore that the carbon fiber used has the best grade to stand the heavy usage on a daily basis.


This brings us to the end of this review and we hope that the information in this review has helped you make informed decisions. The main aim of making this review is to help buyers know the best market products to make sure that they only spend money on quality products. This is the reason why have included the criteria used in coming up with this list. Provided that you keenly follow the information in this review, it should be very easy to make the right choices. Foot comfort and support will never be wrong with any of the above carbon fiber insoles.

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