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Top 10 Best Audio Mixers in 2023 Reviews | Compact Mixer


Also known as audio recording or mixing console, the audio mixer can be defined as a multipurpose piece of set that can be utilized in many different settings. From music recording studios and television to live concerts and gigs, investing in a premium-quality audio mixer delivers top-class audio for film, music, podcasts, and TV.

An audio mixing console identifies audio signals and merges them to form a new acoustic. Surprisingly, as technology advances and all types of devices are launched to the music broadcasting and production realm, it’s beneficial to look into your options wisely if you’re in pursuit of audio mixer.

List of Top Best Audio Mixers in 2023

#10. Depusheng Bluetooth USB 8 Channel Audio Mixer

Depusheng Bluetooth USB 8 Channel Audio Mixer

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Depusheng audio mixer is well-known for its professional performance. It comes with inbuilt Bluetooth technology, USB socket, digital effector, and single-channel 3-segment equalization. If you like Stereo/Mono Channel Input, this mixer has a lot to offer since it supports Wireless/Wired/Capacitive Microphone Input, premium-quality Microphone Amplifier, and +48V Phantom Power.

In like manner, the model features LCD Screen Operation that displays all system settings of existing operational modes, easy-to-follow inclinations, and status in a transparent way. Depusheng audio mixer features an air-shaped cooling system design, which acts as a heat dissipation port for dissipating heat quickly, offering a strong assurance of reliable and stable operation. More interestingly, this mixer is intelligently compatible with some electronic devices that incorporate an audio input interface.

  • Fits Bluetooth function
  • LCD Screen operation
  • Scientific Air-shaped Cooling System port
  • USB plug and play
  • portable and Lightweight
  • Each mono equipped with 3-band equalization
  • Weighs 10.35 pounds
  • Music modes: 6 kinds
  • Mono/Stereo Channel Input

#9. Depusheng HT4 Professional USB Jack Portable 4-Channel Audio Mixer

Depusheng HT4 Professional USB Jack Portable 4-Channel Audio Mixer

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Yet another audio mixer from Depusheng, The HT4 professional features USB playback, inbuilt wireless Bluetooth, and K-song anchor with the excellent performance. The Depusheng mixer adopts aesthetic and practical properties, and it features 3-stage balance adjustment, more professional adjustment, inbuilt reverberation effect, 4-channel audio input, damping fader use, and better sound quality.

What’s more, it comes with easy to operate, fashionable, and all-metal design, which allows direct U disk insertion into use directly. With the external sound source, this audio mixer produces high-quality and heavenly sound. Surprisingly, this mixer has 3 Paragraph Equilibrium that includes reverberation effect independent bass adjustment and more beautiful voices.

  • Inbuilt reverberation effect
  • Pro 3-stage balanced adjustment
  • Has 3 Paragraph Equilibrium
  • Built-in Bluetooth function for supporting wireless docking
  • Weighs 5.04 pounds
  • 4-channel audio input

#8. XTUGA A4 4-Channels Bluetooth USB Audio Mixer

XTUGA A4 4-Channels Bluetooth USB Audio Mixer

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XTUGA is a potent manufacturer of electronic audio and high-end microphone products. It manufactures and designs and all categories of professional and high-quality user audio products. Its reliable performance, excellent value, and quality make XTUGA famous in the industry of electronic. Therefore, XTUGA now presents A4 mixing console with 4Channels, monitor path and effects processor couples with one-stereo tape channel, and two-mono channels.

Additionally, this mixer not only includes AUX-bus main-channel output, inbuilt professional reverb, One AUX backtrack, and output but also 2-bus electronic for balanced display.

Besides, it has high bass and input gain adjustment, inbuilt +48V phantom power, MP3 broadcast, HD headset output, and computer-based sound card function. When it comes to connection, this mixer has a phone type plug and XLR plug that can be connected to use an instrument or microphones the way you want. It includes stereo input jack for connecting line-level instruments like audio equipment and electronic keyboards. Also, include RCA pin type and phone type jack.

  • Inbuilt +48V phantom power
  • 4-channel mixing console alongside one stereo tape channel & two-mono channels
  • Support MP3 playback
  • USB bus-powered Bluetooth technical support

#7. Mackie, 1202VLZ4 12 Mixer – Unpowered

Mackie, 1202VLZ4 12 Mixer - Unpowered

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A legend in compact mixing console design, durability, and performance, Mackie 1202VLZ4 is the innovative mixer series. The new VLZ4 is characterized by cockpit-inspired controls, a glossy black powder-coat varnish. Vibrant high-contrast knobs enhance the Mackie 12 mixers usability in low-light settings, ergonomic, a radical taper that offers all the perceptible control you need while maintaining the mixer track.

Moreover, Mackie VLZ4 mixer features nearly enduring grime-resistant rotary sealed, and steel covered-around chassis pots make it a solid investment. Furthermore, the 12-channel is what makes Mackie low-noise design/signature high-headroom. It also includes an upgraded RF rejection that is ideal for broadcast applications.

  • Mic preamps: 4 boutique-quality
  • Upgraded RF rejection
  • Phantom power suitable for condenser mics
  • Line inputs: 12 high-headroom
  • Gain range: Ultra-wide 60dB
  • Dynamic range: 128.5 dB
  • Line Input handling: +22 dBu
  • Extended frequency response

#6. ammoon 120S-USB 48V Phantom Power 12 Channel Digital Audio Mixer

ammoon 120S-USB 48V Phantom Power 12 Channel Digital Audio Mixer

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The revolutionary ammoon 120S-USB is a powerhouse 12 Channel audio mixer that is coupled with 48V Phantom Power. It also works as DJ Stage Karaoke music recording. In general, the eight-channels have the line and XLR inputs. Each channel features peak indicator, gain, channel fader knobs, Aux, and effect. Luckily, it is also made of durable metal for long-lasting durability.

Also worth stating is the LCD and interface for USB MP3 input integrated module for control and its Headset monitoring, stereo instrument output jacks, and recording. Ultimately, the package includes the mixer itself, power adapter, and user manual.

  • Has 48V Phantom Power
  • Item weighs 11.73Lb
  • Has eight channels with Line and XLR inputs
  • Interface for USB MP3 input
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#5. AMX7333-Professional 8-Channel Audio Mixer from Audio2000’S

AMX7333-Professional 8-Channel Audio Mixer from Audio2000’S

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The Audio2000’S AMX7333 mixing console is a user-friendly, Bluetooth enabled, with DSP sound effects and 8-channel. The configuration of AMX7333 includes all the necessary mixer features. The competence of allowing the user to establish computer connections via an inbuilt USB interface is what enables AMX7333 to harmonize this audio mixing console with a computer for recording or for performing the tune replaying applications.

The integrated USB device player can as well support Waive file format and MP3 format. Surprisingly, this audio mixer also includes inbuilt 24 bit/32bit ad-da for converting DSP sound-effects processor.

  • Main Output Recordable Right to USB unit MP3 Format
  • Built-in USB Interface
  • Each channel has Peak LED Indicators
  • Eight-channel audio mixing console alongside built-in USB interface
  • PAN, AUX1 and AUX2 Controls on each Channel
  • Inbuilt USB Device Player for Supporting Wave File Format & MP3 Format
  • Inbuilt 24bit/32-bit ad-da for converting DSP sound-effects processor
  • Each channel has PFL and MUTE Control Buttons
  • Dual-LED screen for USB and DSP Interface
  • 7-Band Stereo-Graphic Equalizer
  • Two AUX Outputs
  • Rugged Steel Chassis
  • Microphone & Stereo Line Inputs
  • High-Accuracy Level Indicator.
  • Sealed Rotary-Control Knobs for Resist Grime and Dust

#4. Alto Professional ZMX112FX 8-Channel Compact audio Mixing console with Effects

Alto Professional ZMX112FX 8-Channel Compact audio Mixing console with Effects

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The ZMX122FX packages numerous features into a compacted space, but the no-compromise approach is overlooked where the clarity of your mixing features is concerned. This compact mixing console brings the quality standard to your performances. In all honesty, Alto Pro ZMX122FX features premium-grade mixing features alongside a go-anywhere attitude.

With Professional Mixing Features, Alto Professional ZMX122F is two-bus, eight-channel mixing console with the crucial EQ, input, and outputs for all & any lives shows. In addition to that, it also features a three-band EQ, two-aux sends per channel, and 4 XLR inputs. This audio mixer is excellent enough to enable Plug-in keyboards, drum machines, microphones, CD players, or audio or MP3 from a DVD machine.

  • Built-in FX
  • Brilliant LED indicators for level and peak output
  • Offers 16 effects
  • Versatile Outputs and Inputs
  • Superior Sound Quality High headroom circuitry

#3. Yamaha Mg10Xu 10-Input Audio Mixing console With Effects

Yamaha Mg10Xu 10-Input Audio Mixing console With Effects

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Currently, in its third epitome, Yamaha Mg10Xu Series exemplifies this search of design superiority and integrates some of the equivalent technologies developed for usage in high-end specialized consoles, including powerful digital processing, studio-quality preamps, and reliable, rugged design.

With an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, this mixer boasts a compact and extensive lineup of other mixing consoles. There’s nothing more worthwhile than dependable equalization when you want to manage your nuanced tone. This series benefits from Yamaha’s unmatched experience in engineering pro audio gear, including 3-band equalizers on any mono-channel for precise sound control. Pleasingly enough, it has a High-pass filter that can help you in eliminating undesirable low-frequency noise, for a cleaner, a smoother mix.

  • Powder-coated metal chassis
  • EQ & High-pass Filters
  • Premium Quality Sound Op-amp
  • 1-Knob Compressors
  • Inbuilt SPX Digital Effects
  • Has 10 Channel mixer alongside USB

#2. Mackie PROFX12V2 B Box 12-channel audio mixer

Mackie PROFX12V2 B Box 12-channel audio mixer

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Mackie ProFXv2 mixing console provide an inclusive live sound solution alongside a broad range of brands, each providing unmatched sonic performance. Mackie also features Vita preamps that are designed explicitly for ReadyFX effects engine and live sound. Additionally, the featured Vita preamps are almost noiseless, including a discrete Class-A façade end design, bias current optimization, and dual feedback stabilization for unparalleled low-noise performance.

The newly innovated ReadyFX effects engine adopts floating-point DSP, and explicitly engineered for thorough processing of high-grade audio. This leads to effects that can be used to elevate recitation and inspire audiences. It also includes an inbuilt USB interface that can enhance music playback or recording your mix during the show.

  • Vita mic preamps with 6-low-noise
  • Venue 70-volt systems
  • ReadyFX Effects Engine
  • USB Recording / Playback
  • Aux output for display mixes
  • Vita Mic Preamps
  • 7-band graphic EQ
  • No-Compromise Live Mixing Toolkit
  • Weighs 9 pounds

#1. BEHRINGER, 12 XENYX 3-pin XLR 1202FX Black audio mixer

BEHRINGER, 12 XENYX 3-pin XLR 1202FX Black audio mixer

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The compacted XENYX 1202FX audio mixing console allows you to smoothly process premium-quality sound, appreciations to its ultra-musical ‘British’ channel EQs and four-onboard studio-grade Mic Preamps. Besides, this mixer has 24-Bit, double engine FX processor alongside 100 awesome presets comprising of various multi-effects, reverb, flanger, chorus, delay, and pitch shifter– and the BEHRINGER 1202FX becomes an amazingly versatile mixing console for any live performance.

What’s more, this audio mixer has Channel EQ that line with the same circuitry and thus imbuing with detailed musical character and incredible warmth. Even when applied abundantly, these equalizers unveil superb audio quality and sweet forgiveness, as well.

  • Has 3-band British EQ
  • Studio-quality stereo FX processor
  • Premium ultra-low noise
  • Inbuilt RCA Tape/CD Inputs
  • Has +48 V phantom power
  • Comes with 24-Bit, double engine FX processor

How to choose the best audio mixer

  • I/O and Channels: The mixer with many mic inputs is considered the best, for it can help in supplying phantom power for condenser mics. On the other hand, the mixer of your choice should incorporate stereo channels for accommodating stereo instruments like keyboard and more. It should also have enough direct inputs for connecting basses or guitars directly to it.
  • EQ Capabilities: In general, studio recording demands finer sound’s tweaking to sweeten your mix. In the same manner, parametric equalizers for multiband may be required to get the level of audio quality you want. Conversely, for control over bass and simpler live-sound mixing, high and mid frequencies are needed.
  • Application: Most of the time, the audio mixing console is used to play live, record, or both? Ideally, if you are planning to make the use of it exclusively for recording, the best quality mic preamp and the aptitude to establish external processor connections are important factors. The best mixer for live-sound should be highly compatible with the existing acoustic system and provides plenty of connectivity and audio processing to governor your entire band.
  • Buses and Signal Routing:These properties may be more significant as far as recording is concerned. For that reason, special-purpose mixes like feeds to external effects mixes, monitors, recording gear, and headphones; you will require more signal paths and routing flexibility.


By now, you ought to have gotten pretty good information on the significant attributes to seek when considering an audio mixer. Equipped with that idea, you’re now well equipped to identify a live sound mixing console or recording mixer to match your music band and needs.

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