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Top 10 Best Digital Light Timers in 2024 Reviews | Outlet Timers

Digital Light Timers

Digital Light Timers are great devices for managing your home and saving energy. They work well by automatically turning the lights as well as electronics without you having to monitor it. You just need to set the timer, and you can go your way.  Digital Light Timers will help to cut electricity costs while they will make your life easier than it is.

There are numerous options available in the market, and you need to be careful not to get something that will fail you. To assist you to avoid such cases, we have done some research and come up with the top 10 best Digital Light Timers in 2024 to help you make an informed decision.

List of 10 Best Digital Light Timers in 2024 Reviews

#10. Brightown Heavy Duty Digital Programmable 7 Day Smart Outlet Timer

10. Brightown Heavy Duty Digital Programmable 7 Day Smart Outlet Timer

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Have this programmable Outlet timer that makes life easier than before. It will make your everyday routines easier by programming on and off timers for things such as cell phone chargers, kitchen appliances, fans, lights, aquariums, your heater, and other electronics. You can customize your own settings or select one of the pre-set combinations. Ideally, this Smart Outlet Timer will protect your home, and you can activate the Vacation Mode function for it to randomize your lights.

This automatic Outlet timer will save you money on electricity while it will assist in preserving the life of your devices. The product is UL listed and has been thoroughly tested for safety and quality. Lastly, the product runs silently, smoothly than most mechanical water timers.

  • Customizable multiuse timer
  • Simple set and go programming
  • Eight on/off programs
  • Comes in 2 packs
  • Runs smoothly and silently
  • Save energy and money
  • UL listed, ROHS certificate holder

#9. NEARPOW Outlet Timer

9. NEARPOW Outlet Timer

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Efficiency is achieved with this Outlet Timer and will enable you to have a simple time in your house. It is a -prong timer outlet that allows you to control different appliances independently at the same time. Ideally, this Outlet Timer offers 18 individual schedules and will turn on or off electronics automatically. Moreover, the one-week programmable timer switch provides up to 15 choices for seven days setting. It allows flexible time setting for second, minute, hour ad week directly.

It is easy to understand and apply and will meet all your needs. This multifunctional Outlet Timer will show AM/PM conveniently and will make your home look like you live in even whenever you are away. The product is backed by a 12-month replacement refund and 30 days’ money back.

  • Two independently-controlled outlets
  • Up to 18 on/off programs
  • Heavy-duty electrical timer switch
  • Allows convenient and flexible time setting
  • child lock function protecting saved programs
  • 12-month replacement refund

#8. TOGOAL TE02 Digital Electrical Switch Light Timer Plug, 2 Packs

8. TOGOAL TE02 Digital Electrical Switch Light Timer Plug, 2 Packs

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Here is another ON/OFF light switch with the programmable function. It features up to 18 different on/off programs in seven days period where each program you set will repeat ones every week. The Timer Plug will save energy and will turn on and off automatically to an appliance such as humidifiers, Christmas lights, lamps, and other electrical devices. Moreover, it is going to protect your phone other devices from overcharge.

This Light Timer Plug features a random option for your lights to go off or on at varying times when you are away from home, helping you to mystify burglars. What’s more, it is effortless to operate and usually comes with a 2.95 inches large LCD display. Above all, it is included with a backup battery that allows the unit to retain the set programs even when there is a power outage.

  • 18 different ON/OFF programs
  • Energy Saving Timer Plug
  • 2.95″ large LCD display
  • Useful Security Precaution
  • Protects your phone from overcharge
  • Built-in battery backup
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#7. DEWENWILS Indoor Programmable Lamp Timer

7. DEWENWILS Indoor Programmable Lamp Timer

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If you are searching for a classic timer, then you need to try out this Programmable Lamp Timer by DEWENWILS. It will save you more time, money, and energy by scheduling your lamps, indoor lights, electronics, small appliances, and other seasonal lighting by turning them on or off at your desired time. You just need to set one of the daily repeat settings, and it is convenient and easy to use. The Lamp Timer is included with a Backup battery that will save your timer settings when it is temporally disconnected from an outlet or when there is a power outage.

Furthermore, the Lamp Timer has a slim bar design and will fit any space without impacting other plugs. It has a bigger digitals screen that allows you to read the timer display easily.

  • Bigger digital screen
  • Save time, money and energy
  • Slim bar design to fits in the space
  • Easy to program
  • Compatible with CFL and LED light sources
  • UL listed and comes in 2 packs

#6. TOPGREENER TGT02 Electrical Outlets Plug-in Timer

6. TOPGREENER TGT02 Electrical Outlets Plug-in Timer

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This fantastic electrical outlet timer works best for you if you are searching for versatile outlet power. They are the backbone of all your garden lighting, floor lamps, and televisions, coffee makers, holiday lighting, and internet routers to limit gaming. It features an easy-to-read, clear LCD digital display that makes it easy to operate, and it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. What’s more, this plugin timer has up to 18 unique on/off settings per day and has full one-week digital programming.

This Plugin Timer has a dual Vacation mode functions with random mode and anti-theft mode. It is simple to set the programs, and you can use the RCL function to add or delete the programs.

  • 18 unique on/off program settings
  • Plug-in digital timers
  • Easy-to-read LCD digital display
  • Full 7-day digital programming
  • Heavy-duty build for indoor and outdoor use
  • Built-in backup battery
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#5. myTouchSmart Preset Programs Indoor Digital Timer

5. myTouchSmart Preset Programs Indoor Digital Timer

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myTouchSmart 26892 will give you an easy way to automate your lights. It is equipped with one polarized outlet. It will deliver simple automation for your lamps¸ indoor lights, electronics, small appliances, and another seasonal lighting, turning them on and off at your desired time. They are simple to set up, and you just need to set your current time or set custom on or off time that will suit your schedule.

The Digital Timer features a large digital display, polarized outlet, and blue LED indicator lights that show active programs. The product is compatible with Halogen, Incandescent, CFL, and LED bulbs and likewise works with CFL bulbs and dimmable LED bulbs.

  • Customizable countdown feature
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Save time, energy and money
  • Blue LED indicators display active programs
  • Easy-to-set digital timer
  • Backup battery to save timer settings

#4. FosPower Timers ETL Listed Digital Outlet Timer

4. FosPower Timers ETL Listed Digital Outlet Timer

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The FosPower Timers is by far the best digital outlet timer that is simple to set up and convenient to use. It will give you total control over how and when your fixtures and lights turn on and off. The digital outlet timer has multiple weekly and daily pre-programmed time settings, a random setting, and full-time customization to keep your home safe and efficient. The Outlet Timer features 10 set programs to control your fixtures and lights and will easily save you money and time.

The outlet timer allows you to control two different devices simultaneously and will work well with decorations, lights, lamps, and other 125v electronics. Another thing, the digital outlet timer will keep your home from potential burglars; thus, your home will be safe when you are away.

  • Convenient and fully customizable outlet timer
  • 10 individual programs
  • Control up to two fixtures
  • Seven day programmable light timer
  • Keep your home safe and efficient
  • Limited lifetime warranty
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#3. NEARPOW Multifunctional Infinite Timer Outlet

3. NEARPOW Multifunctional Infinite Timer Outlet

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Are you looking for a good timer that will work for you for a long time? NEARPOW Multifunctional Infinite Timer outlet is there for you. This multifunctional and energy-saving timer features Power-off protection, Child lock function, and will save you money and electricity bills. It comes with easy to read large LCD display that allows you to set the clock setting and timing per day easily.

This device is applicable in many areas such as Christmas tree lights, fans, lamps, turning sprinkler irrigation, charging, and other electrical devices by turning them on or off. The manufactures offer a 12-month replacement refund and 30 days money back in case of any defect of the product.

  • Multifunctional save money and energy
  • Easy-to-read super large LCD
  • Count down and turn on/off
  • Power-off protection
  • Child lock function
  • 12-month replacement refund

#2. Woods 50007WD 24-Hour Indoor Automating Digital Timer

2. Woods 50007WD 24-Hour Indoor Automating Digital Timer

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Another well-designed model from Woods, this Digital Timer, is loaded with features, and it is going to automate your home. The Digital Timer will save you more energy and money by automating your lighting and décor by turning them on or off. With its simple set four-button programming, it will automatically turn holiday lights, fans, lamps, and other electrical devices on and off at the set time.

The product has a neutral white color that blends seamlessly with wall décor. Moreover, it comes with a backup battery that helps to retain the preset programs even when there is a power outbreak. Above all, the product is UL listed, and there is no need to worry about safety.

  • Save energy and money
  • Has 2 on/off settings per day
  • Neutral white color blends with walls
  • Slim design and doesn’t block other outlets
  • Simple-set four-button programming

#1. BN-LINK Heavy Duty 7 Day UL Listed Digital Programmable Timer

1. BN-LINK Heavy Duty 7 Day UL Listed Digital Programmable Timer

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BN-LINK Digital Programmable Timer is incredibly easy to use plug-in timer that is designed to be used with indoor appliances. It features 8 on/off programs, and the Outlets can be controlled simultaneously while the setting can be as short as one minute. In addition to that, this Programmable Timer allows you to set your own individual days, or you select convenient pre-set combination days.

With this Programmable Timer, you will never turn on and of your lights manually again. You can use it to automate hydroponic gardens encouraging the productive growth of the plants while adding convenience. The timer is UL listed, making it safe and reliable.

  • Versatile and customizable
  • Safe and reliable
  • 8 on/off programs
  • Long-lasting backup battery
  • The timer is UL listed
  • Save costs on electricity

Things to Consider When Choosing Digital Light Timers

User-friendliness: It is imperative to look for a device that is easy to set up. A lot of outlet timers out there have more to offer when it comes to simple operation. Therefore, if you are interested in a quality smart outlet timer, ensure that it is made with user-friendliness in mind.

Type: There are many types of outlet timers, and the most well-known are digital, mechanical, and photocells type. Mechanical outlet timers usually operate using precision clockwork, and they are the basic models to do simple programming. When it comes to modern types, they offer more programming options, and they are simple to set up. Lastly, photocell timers are perfect for outdoor use because they feature a light sensor for sunlight.

Design: Look for an Outlet Timer that is slim and compact and must be prepared for harsh conditions. You need to look at the construction materials as well as safety measures for you to get a reliable product.


As you have engaged yourself with this piece, it will be now easy to get something that can benefit you all though. These Digital Light Timers are highly functional, and you can rely on them. They will help you to conserve energy all though and will are made to be highly accurate, so you will be satisfied as you leave your home. The best thing about this Programmable Timer is that they are easy to use and are applicable to many electrical appliances. Therefore, choose one of the Digital Light Timers from the list based on your home needs.

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