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Top 10 Best Palm Sanders in 2020 Reviews

Palm Sander

Whether you’re an occasional craftsman or seasoned woodworker, investing in palm sander will be a better idea. They are ideal palm sanders for wood-preparing and woodwork finishing. As a hobbyist or professional woodworker, you can still use palm sanders for many projects. In all honesty, these tools are a better option for smaller-scale jobs that demands a more understated sanding. The most common palm sanders have 2-amp motor, sealed switches, and perpetually greased ball bearings to minimalize the tool’s maintenance.

However, finding the right palm sanders is so overwhelming since there are a variety of sanders out there. To help you acquire the right tool for your current task. Here are some models of palm sanders for you. Start by purchasing your better from the list below.

List of 10 Best Palm Sanders in 2020

#10. WEN 6304 Orbital Palm Sander

WEN 6304 Orbital Palm Sander

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The palm Sander from WEN uses a 2-amp motor to deliver sanding operation at 15,000 OPM. It comes with fan-assisted slots situated on its underside of the bottom that helps in collecting unwanted sawdust. On the other hand, it also incorporates the vacuum adapter that allows you to attach the dust collection unit to it easily. Besides, the 3lbs lightweight design also plays a vital role in ensuring that your palm is not that tired during operation.

What’s more, this unit also boasts about its four-sharp corners, which protrudes its anterior body. Unlike other sanders, you can use 1/4-Sheet Sander from WEN to access those hard-to-reach tight edges and corners. And more pleasingly, the incorporated hook-and-loop bottom has two clamps for both regular sandpaper and hook-and-loop.

  • Its 2-amp motor delivers 15,000 OPM
  • Hook-and-loop clamp base pad that allows for quick sandpaper installation and removal
  • Dust collection port alongside the incorporated dust bag assist in minimizing loose sawdust
  • 80-Grit Sandpaper
  • Ergonomic hand-grip for maximum comfort & control
  • Fan-assisted dust openings for maintaining a neat working by collecting unwanted sawdust
  • Has protruding edges & compact size allowing for convenience sanding of tight corners
  • Lightweight design for minimum fatigue during operation
  • Weighs 3 pounds

#9. Makita BO4556 Finishing Palm Sander

Makita BO4556 Finishing Palm Sander

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Makita’s Finishing palm Sander combines smooth, fast performance with ease-of-use features and rubberized contoured palm grip. The Makita BO4556 is a perfect option for finish carpenters and woodworkers who are in search of classic tool or best-in-class sander. Along with that, its 2 AMP motor can deliver 14,000 OPM allowing for smooth and fast-finishing sanding. It is a precision-made ball bearing structure that significantly reduces noise and vibration.  And more pleasingly, it is characterized by ease-of-use and comfort features that include ergonomically designed palm grip. This rubberized grip that fits well with even easy control and low pressure.

What’s more, the rubber sealed switch increases durability while still preventing dust contamination. Also, it features a paper clamps design that enhances efficient and fast paper installation. The incorporated dust collection will help in providing a neat work environment. On the other hand, the dust bag ensures faster disposal with its extra-wide mouth.

  • Easy-to-use and large paper clamps for efficient and fast paper installation
  • Rubberized, contoured palm grip construction for improved user control and comfort
  • Precision engineered all-ball-bearing design for reduced noise and vibration
  • Conveniently situated ON/OFF switch for convenient one-handed operation
  • Rubber sealed switch precludes dust contamination for tool’s longevity
  • Efficient dust collection unit for a neat work environment
  • Weighs 2.43 pounds
  • Has 2 Amp motor for ultimate performance

#8. PORTER-CABLE 1/4 Sheet (380) Palm Sander

PORTER-CABLE 1/4 Sheet (380) Palm Sander

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This palm sander from PORTER-CABLE is characterized by 2.0 Amp motor that operates at rating 13,500 opm. More impressively, this palm delivers a superior finish. In addition, it comes with dual-plane, low-vibration, and counter-balanced design, thus reducing user fatigue.

What’s more, it offers dust ingestion protection with its dust-sealed switch for extended switch life. This tool has sealed 100 percent ball-bearing design. Ideally, it is mostly used for smooth & fine finishing prior to coatings. The package includes a sander, a paper punch, and an operating manual. This sander weighs 2.3 pounds. Also, it comes with 1/4 Sheet.

  • Offer longer switch life
  • Characterized by 2.0 Amp motor operates at 13,500 opm
  • Delivers a superior finish
  • Dual plane, low-vibration, the counter-balanced design minimizes user fatigue
  • Dust-Sealed switch safeguard against dust ingestion to increase the lifespan of your switch life
  • Weighs 2.3 pounds

#7. Valianto 6-inches Air Random Orbital Professional Palm Sander

Valianto 6-inches Air Random Orbital Professional Palm Sander

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If you are in search of dual-action yet professional palm sander, then Valianto has a special offer for you. This dual-action palm sander is perfect for furniture, auto body, metal, wood, products. It is widely used for cutting, sanding, waxing, polishing and grinding, etc.

Valianto’s Dual Action Palm Sander, low height, lightweight, and precision balanced motor works smoothly for better control and greater comfort, reduce vibration, deliver excellent performance. It adopts a double rotation grinding technique that helps in making the polishing smooth and more uniform. It has an inbuilt regulator for easy handling and speed control. This can support one-hand operation and hence reducing operators’ fatigue while providing better performance.

  • Adopts double rotation polishing technique
  • Air Pressure: 90 PSI
  • High Efficiency and controllable speed
  • Operate at 12,000 revolutions in a minute
  • Precision balanced motor for smooth operation
  • Inbuilt regulator for easy handling and speed control

#6. PORTER-CABLE 382 5-Inch Random Orbit Palm Sander

PORTER-CABLE 382 5-Inch Random Orbit Palm Sander

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Providing ultimate sanding speed and smooth finishes require you to acquire random orbit sander from PORTER-CABLE. It features a precise finishing system for maintaining pad speeds while reducing gouging during start-up. Moreover, this palm sander is not only featuring dual plane counter and balanced fan for reducing user fatigue but also a dust-sealed switch for dust ingestion protection for sealed 100 percent ball bearing and longer switch life.

What’s more, it’s compatible with loop paper and 8-hole 5-inches hook-and-loop sandpaper. Porter-Cable’s 382 5-inch palm sander is great for surface preparation before staining or painting or getting rid of old coats of finish, and smoothing seams wherever materials meet

  • It is lightweight and compact making it ideal for professional and DIY applications
  • Characterized by a 1.9-amp motor that delivers 12,000 OPM
  • Dual-plane counterbalanced fan for minimizing user fatigue in case of extended run time
  • Three-month money-back guarantee
  • Accepts 8-hole 5-inch hook-and-loop sandpaper
  • Designed with 100% ball bearing
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Provides longer switch life
  • Provides maximum sanding rate for smooth finishes

#5. Ingersoll Rand 300G 6-inches Air Random Orbit Palm Sander

Ingersoll Rand 300G 6-inches Air Random Orbit Palm Sander

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Ingersoll Rand presents the best-in-class palm sander that ensures top-class performance, quality, durability, and reliability. This palm sander from Ingersoll Rand is a low-vibration, vacuum-ready model. It is sturdy, yet lightweight. It delivers an ultra-high-quality finish and connects to portable or central vacuum systems.

The 300G palm sander extracts particles and dust through the superb pad, keeping foreign material away to safeguard the motor. This palm sander is perfect for preparing wood and metal surfaces for finishing and painting. Included with the palm sander is characterized by a 360-degree spin vacuum adapter, which offers a greater movement range without tangled cords and hoses.

  • Composite design and Contoured grip
  • Vacuum-Ready Design
  • Diffused rear exhaust
  • Sturdy Yet Lightweight Construction
  • Ergonomic Design with 3/16-Inch Orbit Pad
  • The sander weighs 1.9 pounds and measures 7.5-inches long

#4. BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Compact Palm Sander

BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 Mouse Detail Compact Palm Sander

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The Black & Decker BDEMS600 is Mouse Detail Palm Sander. It is characterized by a 3-position palm grip that makes it ease of use and for better control in multiple applications. Such a great grip is suitable for sanding surfaces. The precision grip offers extreme maneuverability while handle grip lets you access ultra-tight spaces.

It also features a dust collection that offers high performance alongside micro-filtration for maintaining a clean workspace. Apart from that, there is a transparent dust canister for help in notifying when it’s full. Its ergonomic design & compact size allows you to reach tight spaces while maximizing user control.

  • The package includes sanding pad and finger attachment
  • Easily fits in a hard-to-reach area or tight spaces
  • Offer ultimate control 3-position grip
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs
  • Has 1.2 amp motor to remove material
  • Ease of use in various applications
  • Makes 14,000 orbits in a minute

#3. DEWALT DCW210B 20V MAX Palm Sander

DEWALT DCW210B 20V MAX Palm Sander

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This random orbital sander from DEWALT will deliver you with the runtime and power required to get a variety of projects. 20V XR brushless 5-inches characterize it. What’s more, the incorporated variable-speed dial delivers optimum speed control ranging between 8000–12000 OPM to get the project done. In addition, one-handed locking powerful dust bag that securely attaches to the palm sander to help in dust Collection. You can also directly attach the sander to the DWV012 or DWV010 dust collectors.

More importantly, the incorporated rubber over-mold grip offers comfortable sanding. It comes from a dust port design. It also features hook-and-loop with 8-hole and sanding pad for easy, quick paper changing.

  • Variable speed for various speed application
  • Brushless motor delivers long run time
  • Weighs 2.55 pounds
  • Rubber over-mold grip for more comfortable sanding
  • Replaceable 8-port hook-and-loop scraping pad for easy, quick paper changing

#2. Milwaukee Electric Tools M18 Palm Sander

Milwaukee Electric Tools M18 Palm Sander

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This orbit palm sander from Milwaukee electric tools. It is characterized by a variable speed of 7, 000-12, 000 OPM, 3/32-inches orbit diameter, and 5-inches sanding pad for rapid adjustment of the hook-and-loop sanding pad. The m18™ 5-inches palm sander supply corded output power of 12, 000 max OPM. The 7, 000-12, 000 variable speed dial allows the user more control over the output of the tool to match the orbit speed for the application.

The tool is equipped with a powerful motor that allows for more material removal per battery charge. In addition, this orbit sander runs on redlithium™ battery technology generates about run-time in a 35-minutes at 3.0Ah battery pack. This battery is sold separately.

  • It meets customer requirement
  • Equipped with a powerful motor that
  • Easy to use
  • It has 3/32-inches orbit diameter
  • Item weighs 2.7 pounds
  • Variable speed dial: 7, 000-12, 000 max OPM
  • Has 5-inches sanding pad

#1. Bosch ROS65VC-6 120-V 6-Inch Palm Sander

Bosch ROS65VC-6 120-V 6-Inch Palm Sander

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The Bosch ROS65VC-6 is a powerful random orbit sander for removing stock and provide maximum user control. This sander is not only characterized by a pad-dampening braking system that helps in diminishing swirl marks but also a vibration control suspension unit for exceptional user comfort. More pleasingly, cabinet makers and finish carpenters will appreciate the well-blended and smooth surface finish. Apart from this, this palm sander accepts either 5-inches or 6-inches sanding pads. Also, it features variable-speed capabilities. The sander is equipped with a microcellular backing pad that ensures a fine and smooth finish on both contoured and flat surfaces. Its rear-handle features many gripping areas due to its soft-grip design to relieve the user from hand fatigue.

On the other hand, the front handle can be easily detachable for close quarters. Apart from the sander, the package includes some other essentials like a removable front handle, sanding pad, dust canister, pad wrench, sanding pad, vacuum hose adapter, and sanding disc.

  • Soft and Comfort a Grip for minimizing hand fatigue
  • The pad-dampening braking system for reducing Swirl Marks
  • Vibration Control to reduce vibration for maximum comfort and superior handling
  • Has two-dust collection units dirt-free job site.
  • Kit includes tubular dust canister, detachable front handle, vacuum hose adapter, and soft backing pad
  • Motor power: 3.3 amp
  • Variable-speed for control

Things to Consider When Choosing

Ergonomics: Lastly, ergonomics is also a significant aspect that every buyer needs to take into consideration when picking the superb orbital palm sander for your job. Most of them are characterized by a dual body style, which entails that you can get hold of them either at the top or even on the waist. Such a stylish design gives the potential to alternate your grip style to reduce hand fatigue. Moreover, orbital palm sander also comes with rubber over-molds that will provide not only less vibration but also a more comfortable grip. The orbital palm tends to vibrate very much, therefore the right sanders in this classification offering support and padding for the hand to lessen user fatigue. Consider textured grips if you want to enjoy total control over your operation or even sanding experience.

Ease of Replacing Paper: You don’t have to spend a lot of time while trying to replace the depleted sandpaper as this situation will interfere with the time allocated to finish the specific project. So, it is wise to opt for palm sander that does not give a hard time while trying to replace its sandpaper. The ideal one should not require any tool to replace its paper; instead, it should have a mechanism or lever for doing so.

Dust Collection: This aspect is so crucial, particularly for those who are allergic to sawdust. You don’t want to purchase something that lacks the dust collector during sanding or even when working on varnished and painted surfaces because if you inhale dust particles, you might end risking your health. So, the sander of your choice should feature a dust collection system to keeping your workspace neat, clean, and minimize the risk of inhaling fine-textured dust.

Sanding Performance: The tool you choose should be that one with a super-powerful motor to maximize sanding performance. The more powerful the motor, the more the sanding experience. However, the tool you choose should also meet or match the requirements of the specific job. The too powerful machine can damage the surface, and that the reason why palm sander comes in handy with minimum vibration & smooth operation to prevent hand discomfort and numbness.


Whether you are smoothening your work-piece for varnishing, staining, or painting or want to renovate an old surface by getting rid of worn-out or old paint, you require palm sander. By considering attributes like the motor power, ergonomic, dust collector system, and ease of replacing the sandpaper, getting the right palm sander is must be easier. And to make you identify the right one, the above palm sander reviews provide some comprehensive recommendations to make sure that what you is what you deserve for your better sanding experience.




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