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Top 10 Best Paella Pans in 2022 Reviews

Paella Pan

Paella food has become popular not only as Spanish cuisine and gastronomy but also as a delicious dish in various regions of the western hemisphere, including the U.S. Paella dish has gained its fame due to its ease of culinary and versatility. The only approach to properly prepare this flavorful dish is by use of a special paella pan. A paella pan refers to a special type of frying pan, which is designed with two or four small handles on its circumference that allows for easy lifting the paella filled frying pan on and out of the stove. And more increasingly, they feature in different depths and diameters, based on the quantity and style of paella you intend to prepare. Luckily enough, this pan features in various sizes and varieties, and some have two handles while having 4 handles on the sides. Besides that, each handle has four rivets.

Nevertheless, to enjoy the best performance of this amazing paella pan, you need to consider some key attributes. To help, we’ve compiled this buyer’s guide & some best-selling model description that draws out all the significant features of paella pans. Have a look.

List of 10 Best Paella Pans in 2022

#10. Victoria SKL-313 13-Inches Paella Frying Pan

Victoria SKL-313 13-Inches Paella Frying Pan

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There is something worth not mention especially about the essence and tradition of a perfect cast iron Paella. Why not take such a skillet for the better? This cast-iron paella pan features just enough ‘smart’ improvement to make it even more functional while still retaining its tradition. And to elaborate more, this Victoria SKL-313 handles are more beautiful, quite frankly, more ergonomic, bigger and curved too. This handles to assist you in getting a better grip on everything you are handling hot paella pan, whether in the stove grill, oven, or campfire.

Along with that, the 13-inch paella pan is manufactured with commercial-grade iron casting for durability and excellent heat retention. More impressively, it’s ready-to-use seasoning with its pure non-GMO flax seasoned seed oil coating.

  • Manufactured with commercial-grade iron casting for durability
  • Wider Helper Handles
  • Contoured Pour-Spouts
  • Longer, more ergonomic Bowed Handle for Leverage
  • Bigger Hanging Holes
  • Lifetime Warranty for durability assurance
  • Superior Heat Retention
  • Pre-seasoned with pure Non-GMO Flaxseed Oil
  • Double-loop grips for easy handling

#9. Cuisinart ASP-38CR Non-Stick Paella Pan

Cuisinart ASP-38CR Non-Stick Paella Pan

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Cuisinart ASP-38CR is a world-class 15-inches Non-Stick Paella Pan. It is the classic and beautiful paella frying pan. More increasingly, it is characterized by traditional design with the dimpled interior for & flared sides that are great caramelized paella crust. Its convenient non-stick cover and interior aid in perfecting any recipe! On top of that, its steel construction provides uniform and quick heating.

What’s more, it has a super-durable non-stick culinary surface for easy cleaning and lasting food release. The dimples pattern is used in designing the pan interior to promote moisture retention and uniform heating. Moreover, its oven safe to approximately 400 F while its glass lid is oven safe to about 350 F. And pleasingly enough, it perfectly cooks in the oven and on the stovetop.

  • Super-durable non-stick culinary surface for long-term food release & convenient cleaning
  • Steel construction offer uniform and quick and heating
  • Cook on the stovetop or in oven
  • Ergonomically designed steel handles
  • Lifetime Warranty cover
  • Weighs 7 pounds

#8. Lodge CRS15 15-inch Carbon Steel, Pre-Seasoned Paella Pans

Lodge CRS15 15-inch Carbon Steel, Pre-Seasoned Paella Pans

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Next on the list is a carbon steel paella pan from Lodge. Now Lodge has made pre-seasoned carbon steel paella pans. With its 12-gauge carbon steel, these paella pans are cruelly tough and absorb high heat for searing and browning. It maintains extremely high and very low temperatures, making Pre-Seasoned Paella Pans a highly versatile and effective cooking piece. This convenient release of oil varnish improves with use.

The Lodge CRS15 is an ideal option for cooking for more than one person or large group. It’s also superb for Paellas. Paella is usually prepared outdoor over a hot camping wood fire where the food’s flavor is infused with open-air smoke.

  • Seasoned with pure natural vegetable oil
  • Unsurpassed even heating and heat retention with its 12-gauge carbon steel
  • Use over a campfire, on the stove, in the oven, or on the grill.
  • Takes great heat for unsurpassed searing/ browning
  • Brutally tough for years of cooking
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#7. Garcima PN-20 20-Inch Paella Pan

Garcima PN-20 20-Inch Paella Pan

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Garcima PN-20 is a double thick steel paella pan that is specially made for heavy use, for example, in a commercial kitchen or a restaurant. In addition, its extra-thick metal inhibits warping and is great for use, especially over an open/camping fire. Also, it is manufactured with carbon steel, which is perfect for paella preparation as it conducts heat evenly and quickly.

What’s more, the pan features not only a pounded dimpled bottom but also the handles that are constructed of steel & painted black. When it comes to maintaining your pan, this plan requires you to rub its interior with vegetable oil after washing to prevent rust.

  • Constructed of solid steel with superb craftsmanship
  • Double thickness eatery grade pans
  • Size: about 14 servings
  • Not dishwasher safe, hand wash only
  • Weighs 4.41 pounds

#6. Matfer Bourgeat 062052 Paella Pan, Black Steel

Matfer Bourgeat 062052 Paella Pan, Black Steel

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This Matfer Bourgeat 062052 is a black steel paella pan with a diameter of 15-3/4-inches. With the two handles and curved sides, this paella pan from Matfer Bourgeat has a shallow but wide cooking surface engineered to sauté vegetables and meats before adding rice. Matfer Bourgeat 062052 requires seasoning for prolonged life and non-stick use. Once seasoned, it will not scratch, peel or chip off when used together with metallic kitchen flatware like spatulas, forks, and knives.

Matfer Bourgeat 062052 is constructed with black steel alongside two handles. These handles can tolerate high heat. This pan has a hammered bottom surface for better heat distribution. This allows your dish to cook uniformly to perfection all the time. It’s suitable for preparing exquisite eggs, seafood, rice, and gratin dishes.

  • Constructed with black steel alongside two handles
  • Has curved sides alongside high heat tolerance handles
  • Has hammered bottom surface for better heat distribution
  • Measures 2-1/16″ in height & 15-3/4″ in diameter
  • Has terrific size for serving 6-8 people
  • Has a shallow but wide cooking surface
  • Can Be Seasoned
  • Weight is 6-Ounce
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#5. Mabel Home Paella Pan with extra accessories

Mabel Home Paella Pan with extra accessories

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If you are thinking of purchasing a paella pan with some additional accessories for convenience, then you need Mabel Home to have exactly what you want. And to start with, this paella pan from Mabel Home is uniquely known for its 18-inch coated Steel Paella Pan, Stand unit on Wheels, and 15.75-inch Gas Burner.

And more increasingly, the burner is connected to a regular propane tank. It is characterized by 2-rings of flame that are controlled independently. Unlike other paella pans, this one offers precision, convenience, and ease in cooking. Apart from that, this pan is not only great for cooking paella but also other dishes outdoors. The kit can serve 14 people.

  • The package includes a Stand unit on Wheels, 46 cm Steel coated Pan and 40 cm Gas Burner in diameter
  • Offers precision convenience and ease in cooking
  • Burner connects to regular propane tank (though not included)
  • Weighs 21.6 pounds
  • Pair rings of flame that controlled independently
  • The package measures 34.6 by 19.7 by 7.9 inches
  • Detachable armored steel legs to ensure easy storage

#4. Garcima Ibiza Outdoor Paella Pan Set

Garcima Ibiza Outdoor Paella Pan Set

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The Ibiza Set from Garcima is your all-in-1 paella Kit with a carbon steel pan of 28-inches in diameter, the reinforced legs, and a burner that can be easily assembled. The paella pan is durable, a good conductor of heat, and very safe for grills, stovetops, or ovens. However, some maintenance is required after washing. Equally important, the 24-Inch burner is compatible with 22-inches pans & a smaller paella pan.

Besides that, the burner is characterized by three concentric yet hot rings of flame that are controlled independently using a separate knob. It’s is CE Certified. The other component is a robust tripod with an armored brace for 30 Inches Garcima burners tall.

  • The burner is CE Certified
  • The burner is characterized by three concentric yet hot rings of flame
  • Come with a robust tripod with an armored brace
  • Carbon steel pan diameter: 28-inches
  • Weighs 33.9 pounds
  • Its 24-Inch burner is compatible with 22-inches pans & smaller
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#3. Le Creuset L2064-3467 Cast-Iron Paella Pan

Le Creuset L2064-3467 Cast-Iron Paella Pan

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Le Creuset L2064-3467 is a 3 1/4-Quart cast-iron pan crucial for cooking rice, vegetables, and meats once. It plays a good role in preparing, socarrat a good paella dish. This pan is shallow with a wide bottom surface for preparing toasted rice layer. Other than that, the paella pan from Le Creuset is characterized by cast iron with super heat-retention that helps in the formation of this crust. Its interior is made of heat-retaining matte black enamel.

Pleasingly enough, the large, wide bottom surface area helps in keeping your delicious layer shallow, allowing excess vapor to vaporize to form socarrat. It perfectly works on the outdoor grill or stovetop. Finally, its interior is long-lasting, colorful with enamel that withstands cracking and chipping.

  • Long-lasting matte black coating finish needs no seasoning
  • Weighs 5 pounds
  • Measures 17.7 by 14.9 by 2.5 inches
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Has superior heat retention & uniform heat distribution 

#2. Mauviel 5277.35 Stainless M’Elite Paella pan

Mauviel 5277.35 Stainless M'Elite Paella pan

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M’Elite Paella pan brings a fantastic balance between innovation and tradition. M’Elite Paella pan from Mauviel is the ideal pan for food preparation & serving. It is characterized by 2.6 mm thickness, 18/10 Stainless steel alongside non-drip edge for high performance. And more importantly, its exterior surface is perfectly hammered and polished while its Stainless steel handles tend to remain cool and fixed using steel rivets.

What’s more, it controls uniform heat distribution with its superior heat conductivity. Its cooking surfaces are great for use in the oven, on halogen stovetops, gas, and induction, electric. It has a 2.6 mm thickness for high performance.

  • Weighs 4.1 pounds
  • Weighs 15.6 x 13.8 x 2 inches
  • Handles stay cool with its cast stainless steel construction
  • The hammered and polished exterior surface
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Has 2.6 mm thickness for high performance

#1. La Ideal Paella Pan, polished steel

La Ideal Paella Pan, polished steel

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Coming at number 1 is Paella Pan from La Ideal. Firstly, it has a polished steel construction. Four red handles characterize it, each handle contains four rivets. The other fantastic aspect is its ergonomically designed corrosion-free steel handles that are contoured to ensure a riveted and secure grip for durability and strength. In addition, these paella pans are incredibly robust, simple, and high-quality.

Along with that, this paella pan can allow you to add veggies, just rice, red meat, and seafood. Its dual, lightweight handle design allows for easy maneuverability from the fire to the dining table. It comes in gift friendly packaging great for any event such as a party, wedding, birthday gift, picnic, or housewarming.

  • Made with polished steel
  • Portions number: 85
  • Weighs 4.41 pounds
  • The package measures 11.8 by 39.4 by 11.8 inches
  • It is uniquely characterized by four handles
  • Each handle contains four rivets
  • Its diameter measures 100 cm

Things to Consider When Choosing Paella Pans

Materials: The material of your choice will influence the durability and quality of your paella pan. In general terms, different models are manufactured with different materials as well. The most common material for making paella pan are carbon steel, aluminum, and cast-iron. Steel is well known for its resistant properties, which make it better for making paella pan. Conversely, Stainless steel is advanced version steel, but it still features all properties of traditional steel but with stain-resistant properties for added durability. Then again, Aluminum paella skillets are most remarkable for induction ovens and stoves.

Nonstick Coating: Today, paella pans are constructed of non-stick coating on its interior surface to prevent paella from getting stuck to the surface. There are some other models with non-stick coating on both interior & outer surface. These models are superb for easy cleaning and proficient level service.

Type of Cooking Facility: The cooking facility you have requires you to select proper pan for cooking your paella. When selecting your better option, ask yourself some questions regarding the type of cooking facility that you will be using to cook paella. Could it be placed directly over the camping or open fire, in an oven, or on the stove? There are so many but different ovens and stovetops that will all influence the way your cookware absorbs conduct and distribute heat. For outdoor applications, ensure the paella pan of your choice is perfect for charcoal, barbecue, or firewood. In the case of induction stoves, for instance, it’s crucial to make the use of a vitro-ceramic pan, which will uniformly cook this dish without burning it.

Size: The paella pan of your choice should be large enough to serve your guests and family with meals. You should also check its cooking surface because it also determines the size of the pan. If you’re having a big family to feed, then opt for a paella pan with a large cooking surface or otherwise purchase two pans of different sizes.


In brief, the above compilation of the best paella pans will help both professional Spanish chefs and newbie in Spanish culinary to prepare rich, spicy paella for your guest and family in the same way as that of a qualified chef. With incredible quality, this pan should be your ideal option. Besides, all the listed paella pan are perfectly created with the aid of the proper specifications, which can play a better role in making this spicy paella the world-class dish.



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