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Top 10 Best Electric Fireplace Stoves in 2020 Reviews | Guide

Electric Fireplace Stoves

Electric fireplace stoves basically imitate the real wood while burning on your stove at home. All that you need to do is plug them into the nearby electrical outlet for them to work. Owing to their freestanding design, they can be easily placed in whichever location of the house that you want. Other than adding ambiance to your living spaces, you will appreciate that these stoves become handy during the cold winter season. Most of them are also very economical in energy usage which means that your electricity bills will never hike. For this reason, you and your family members will have a cost-effective way of keeping warm amid winter.

Even though the electric fireplace stoves have been around for a while, people still find it a bit hard to choose the best of these stoves. One of the reasons why this is the case is simply that there are so many models of these options available in the market for sale. To choose the best, therefore, you will need to make sure that you have the tips on how to go about choosing the best electric fireplace stove. We have saved you all that hassle by compiling a list of the best electric fireplace stoves together with a brief buying guide. By the end of this review, you should easily find your right pick without too many struggles. Let us get started!

List of 10 Best Electric Fireplace Stoves in 2020

10. GDY Electric Fireplace Stove

GDY Electric Fireplace Stove

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One of the things that you will realize about this fireplace stove is that it comes with two heat settings. This way, you will be able to adjust its gears and select the temperature that properly suits you with no instances of overheating. Even better, the electric stove comes with an overheat protection feature to guarantee your safety.

It also prides itself on an elegant and freestanding design in order to complement your room’s décor. The stove has several applications including your home, garage as well as workplace. With its heat function, the electric stove is going to have a good visual appearance keeping the fire rolling all year long.

  • It comes with 2 heat settings
  • Features an overheat protection feature
  • An elegant freestanding design
  • A perfect room décor

9. KINGSO Electric Fireplace Heater, 1400W

 KINGSO Electric Fireplace Heater, 1400W

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This electric fireplace has passed the CSA certification which is one of the reasons why you need to buy it. When the temperatures go too high, you will learn that its overheat protection feature shuts it off automatically. Additionally, this heater makes use of noiseless heating elements meaning that your peace will not be distracted especially when studying.

Other than its fast-heating design, you will appreciate that this heater is temperature adjustable using just a knob. The maximum heating area that can be attained by this heater is 400 square inches. What makes it worth investing in is the fact that your room will be supplied with heat in as short as 2 minutes. It also comes in a lightweight design meaning that it will be very easy to carry along.

  • Safe with a noiseless design
  • It is suitable for multiple applications
  • A fast-heating effect
  • LED energy-saving design

8. Kismile 3D Electric Fireplace Stove, Adjustable Brightness

Kismile 3D Electric Fireplace Stove, Adjustable Brightness

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The designer of this electric fireplace made it using materials that would keep it strong. It also comes in a lightweight design meaning that you can carry it conveniently to whichever place that you like. With its 2 heating modes, it will definitely meet your day-to-day heating demands. All the buttons are on this fireplace and there is completely no remote control.

The thermostat control is going to make your room temperature easily adjustable. You will also like the fact that the stove is effective and economical when it comes to heating. It actually heats up very fast and can heat a maximum space of up to 400 square feet. What makes it worth buying is the fact that it comes in a user-friendly design.

  • Made in a portable and lightweight design
  • Effective and economical heating
  • Multiple functions with a thermostat control
  • It has a user-friendly design

7. ROVSUN 20″ Electric Fireplace Stove, CSA Approved

ROVSUN 20 Electric Fireplace Stove, CSA Approved

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You can easily adjust the temperature of this fireplace from 68 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit in order to meet your individual needs. With a rating of 4800 BTU, this heater will heat a maximum area of 400 square feet. It will therefore offer a well-distributed heat without necessarily affecting air humidity. Your skin will therefore breathe the comfortable and warm air.

Another amazing feature about the stove is that it has a gorgeous and realistic flame. Its vintage design also gives it a very beautiful visual impact making it perfect for all indoor spaces. You can use this electric stove for your living room, bedroom, and conference rooms as well. It also comes with an adjustable thermostat and an automatic overheat protection feature for your safety.

  • It is temperature adjustable
  • Comes with a realistic flame
  • Safe and energy-saving design
  • The stove has been CSA-approved

6. TURBRO Suburbs Electric Fireplace, 1400W

TURBRO Suburbs Electric Fireplace, 1400W

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This electric stove comes with an elegant vintage door that allows you to easily see its control panel. You will also be able to adjust the settings and thermostat using the remote control without necessarily opening the door. The good thing about infrared heat is that it starts heating up your room just instantly and does not produce ash or smoke.

There are three brightness levels for this stove meaning that you will enjoy a customized flame effect. Additionally, the stove comes with a customizable timer to make sure that your room never gets too hot. After a certain period of time, therefore, the stove will automatically shut off. With the overheat protection feature and the fact that it is CSA-approved, you can be sure of your safety.

  • Easy to adjust the flame
  • Comes with an overheat protection feature
  • The lamp is very easy to use
  • Features a customizable timer
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5. HOMCOM Freestanding Fireplace Heater, Red

HOMCOM Freestanding Fireplace Heater, Red

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One of the aspects that you will appreciate about this electric fireplace is the vintage design that proves to be a good decor idea. This fireplace will therefore project warmth both in its design as well as its function. You can use this freestanding fireplace with its heat function or use it independently. Given that the brightness can be easily adjusted, you will be able to make the customization according to your needs.

This is a very powerful heater that has the ability to warm a space of up to 215 square feet. Even better, it comes with adjustable heat settings meaning that you will just be in control. Additionally, safety has been guaranteed now that it shuts off automatically in case of overheating. The best thing is that this electric fireplace comes at a pocket-friendly price.

  • Adjustable heat settings
  • An ideal source of ambiance
  • Protected from overheating
  • Features a vintage glass door

4. Xbeauty Electric Fireplace Stove (23 Inch)

Xbeauty Electric Fireplace Stove (23 Inch)

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With its elegant and unique design, this stove will bring some elegance to your space. The materials used by the designer are going to keep the product very strong and lower the weight for stability reasons. What this therefore means is that the fireplace stove is portable and any adult will be able to move with it very easily.

The other interesting thing about this heater is that it comes with a bright and real flame effect that is based on the latest technology. You will be able to enjoy the visual experience as well as warmth at home with no disturbance at all. The maximum heating range for this fireplace stove is 400 square feet that makes it ideal for most people.

  • This is a beautiful infrared heater
  • A bright and real flame effect
  • Safe & efficient power
  • Offers a warm and comfortable experience

3. TURBRO Suburbs Electric Fireplace Stove, 1400W

TURBRO Suburbs Electric Fireplace Stove, 1400W

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There will be no better feeling as compared to relaxing by your fireplace during the cold winter evenings. This will be the best time to sip a cup of hot coffee. With this electric stove, you will enjoy a heat output of up to 4777 BTU to keep you warm. You will also be able to come up with a very charming fireside environment that has no smoke mess like that of real fire.

The other feature to appreciate about this electric fireplace is that it is very safe to touch. This is because the heating element is at the bottom meaning that the stove body is always cool. Regardless of how long it has been running, you should feel very safe to touch it. Additionally, the stove is pretty easy to use since you will use a switch to turn on its heating element.

  • Gives you a relaxing effect at the fireplace
  • You will be in control of the flame
  • Comes with an overheat protection feature
  • Safe to touch and easy to use

2. Ameriwood Home Electric Fireplace, 1794096COM

Ameriwood Home Electric Fireplace, 1794096COM

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Two adults are recommended to assemble this electric fireplace. It has been made of laminated MDF as well as particleboard. With its weathered brown finish, it is going to add some rustic appeal to your entertainment space of the living room. What you will like about this electric fireplace is its ability to heat a maximum space of 400 square feet.

The TV console has been equipped with several storage spaces. You will therefore have a space for your DVDs, cable box as well as video game systems. This console also comes with a 23inch fireplace insert and remote control. It will therefore be very easy to create the best room temperature. Cleaning it will be a breeze since all you need will be a damp cloth.

  • Heats up to 400 square feet of spaces
  • Brings a rustic appeal at home
  • Equipped with several storage spaces
  • Pre-programmed frequencies

1. Duraflame Infrared Electric Fireplace (Black)

Duraflame Infrared Electric Fireplace (Black)

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The 5200 BTU heater will offer supplemental zone heating for spaces with a size of up to 1000 square feet. It, therefore, proves to be a very economical heating solution. The other thing that you will like about this stove is the 3D flame effect featuring realistic flames. Additionally, you will be able to adjust the brightness, color, and speed settings.

The infrared heat will greatly help in maintaining the natural air humidity. This will therefore result in very comfortable heat without necessarily drying out the room. For safety reasons, you will learn that the stove comes with an overheat protection feature. It will therefore shut down automatically in case it gets overheated.

  • This is a 5200 BTU heater
  • Comes with a 3D flame effect
  • Features an overheat protection feature
  • Adjustable and digital thermostat

Buying Guide

  • Size: When looking for an electric fireplace stove, you need to consider the one that will be good for your room. In simple terms, make sure that you keep in mind the size of your electric fireplace stove. Other than the size of your room, make sure that you clearly understand the ventilation capacity of the room as well. This is because such features can have an impact on the heating results of the fireplace stove.
  • Capacity of the heater: You will also want to consider the heating limit of the heater as well as its heating capacity. The wattage of the heater is what is going to determine its heating capacity. Normally, this will vary from one user to the other. However, on normal occasions, 10 watts will have the capacity to heat several square feet of space. For instance, 100 watts will be enough for a 100 square feet space.
  • Energy efficiency: No one wants to get hiked energy bills. It is for this reason why you will want to settle for an energy-efficient heater. An energy-efficient heater will basically mean one that will consume little power but give the best heating results. It is a good idea to choose a stove that comes with a programmable timer and adjustable thermostats to control its power usage.


One of the advantages of possessing an electric fireplace stove is that they are very energy-efficient. Additionally, given that these stoves are smoke-free, you will appreciate that they become even more exciting. Other than keeping you warm, they add a perfect look to any room. For anybody who is allergic to the dust particles from charred wood as well as smoke, the electric fireplace stoves will be the way to go. Above, we have already compiled a list of the leading brands of electric fireplace stoves. We have also gone a step ahead to briefly highlight key factors that you need to consider when buying these products. What now remains is for you to go through the compilation and choose the best stove according to your needs. All the best!

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