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Top 10 Best Direct Drive Trainers in 2020 Reviews

Direct Drive Trainers

Interested in buying the best direct drive trainer? Here are some top-rated units categorized by motor, speed, built, and cost.

The direct drive trainers have been designed to provide a more road experience when working out. They are compatible with most bikes, which means that you don’t need to get another bike. Besides this, they have quiet powerful motors that deliver great resistance needed. Other than this, they are also built using the best quality of material for prolonged use and great stability.

To find the right direct drive trainer, you should look for key things like motor, design, construction, compatibility, and ease of control.

List of 10 Best Direct Drive Trainers in 2020

#10. JET BLACK Direct Drive Trainers

JET BLACK Direct Drive Trainers

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With up to seven resistance levels, this is a great direct drive trainer that you will find great for your training needs. You can, therefore, adjust the resistance to offer a perfect fit for your training needs. Besides this, it has a manual handlebar, which allows for easy control of the unit. It is a widely compatible trainer that you can use with 12 x 143 and 130mm x 135mm thru-axle bikes. Other than this, the unit delivers more repeatable and accurate resistance thus a selection that will enhance your training needs.

Besides this, the trainer has been fitted with Android, IOS plus smartphone training session thus a great unit that you will find convenient. It has been crafted from the highest quality of the metallic body so that it accommodates different weights and serves longer. More interestingly, the unit also has a 1200W motor that brings about better performances. It operates smoothly with no disturbance, making it a great selection for use anywhere needed. Lastly, it has an ultra-stable design for widest ground contact.

  • 1200W motor
  • Ultra-stable frame design
  • 7-resistance levels
  • Manual handlebar system
  • Wide compatibility

#9.  BKOOL Smart Air Direct Drive Trainer

BKOOL Smart Air Direct Drive Trainer

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Featuring an advanced infrared sensor system, the trainer will easily track the internal temperature so that it delivers more accurate readings of power for the whole training session. Second, to this, the trainer is very powerful thanks to the 3000W maximum power, making it perfect for different training needs. The unit is also very convenient as it will take into account both the body weight and virtual momentum when adjusting the resistance. The user-friendly is super stable and sturdy thanks to the large surface contact.

It is crafted using quality and durable steel frame thus excellent for long-term uses and supports more weight. The trainer provides a more realistic ride due to the rocking system that goes up by 6-degrees. The good thing is that the trainer features a new cooling system so that it functions quietly and efficiently. Because of this, you can use it in different spaces without causing disturbances.

  • Rocking system
  • New cooling system
  • 3000W power output
  • V-shaped legs
  • Advanced infrared sensor
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#8. Kinetic R1 Direct Drive Smart Trainer

Kinetic R1 Direct Drive Trainers

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Utilizing rock and roll technology, this is a great unit that you will find excellent for your training needs. The direct drive trainer has been fitted with rubber capped feet so that it doesn’t damage the floor. Besides this, the trainer supports different operating systems that include Windows, Mac OS, Android, and IOS. With this, you will find it very reliable and convenient. The highly durable unit has been designed from the best quality of steel frames, making it great for increased longevity and supports more weight.

In addition to this, the trainer has a more interactive electronic resistance control that will suit your training needs. Also, it supports Bluetooth and wireless connection for easy compatibility with most devices. It has a maximum resistance at 2000W and a speed of 30 mph. The trainer also provides great comfy due to the side to side frame movement.

  • 2000W maximum resistance
  • Side to side frame movement
  • App-controlled resistance
  • Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Rugged metallic built

#7. Saris H3 Direct Drive Bike Trainer

Saris H3 Direct Drive Trainer

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This is a top-rated direct drive trainer that features an internal cooling system. This brings about a more accurate reading even through the toughest sessions plus ensures that it operates quietly. Besides this, the unit has a maximum resistance of 2000W, which makes it great for improving the workout. Additionally, it has been made using the highest quality of robust aluminum material, making it lightweight yet sturdy for long-term use. This also implies that it will support more weight.

The good news is that the trainer has electromagnetic resistance that brings about measures workouts. It accurately measures the power, speed, and cadence without the need for an external sensor. To add more, it has a wider surface contact, which provides better stability and performance needed. Utilizing Bluetooth and dual ant+, the unit seamlessly connects to the indoor cycling apps.

  • 2000W maximum resistance
  • Rugged aluminum body
  • Wider surface coverage
  • Dual ant+ and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Sleek compact design

#6. Elite Stationary Bike Trainer with Riser Block

Elite Direto Smart Trainer with Riser Block

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Both the speed and power output of the trainer are considerations to look out for when making the purchase. This is a great selection of trainer that provides a maximum speed of 40km/h and maximum resistance of 2000W. That said, it is an efficient and practical trainer that has an integrated optical torque sensor, which is very accurate.

Utilizing both Bluetooth and wireless connections, you can easily control the trainer via Mac OS, Windows, IOS, and Android systems. Other than this, it is a sturdy and stable trainer that has a wider surface contact, making it excellent for all users. The powerful motor operates smoothly and quietly for great performances needed.

  • Bluetooth and wireless systems
  • 2000W maximum resistance
  • Rugged metallic built
  • Foldable compact design
  • 40km/h speed
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#5. CycleOps H2 Direct Drive Smart Trainers

CycleOps H2 Direct Drive Trainers

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Fitted with 20lbs balanced precision flywheel, the trainer brings about the top-notch quiet operation for a great experience. This means that it is an excellent selection that has been recommended for all levels of users. Moreover, the trainer connects seamlessly with all compatible devices through Bluetooth and wireless systems. The unit has been made using the best quality of material, which means that it is sturdy and stable for prolonged use. Due to the wider surface contact, it keeps you comfy when training.

It is a convenient unit that doesn’t need an external sensor thanks to the internally integrated power, cadence, and speed data. The 2000W power output brings about a great speed of up to 20 mph. Furthermore, it is a very accurate unit that is compatible with 130/135mm and 142/148mm.

  • 20lbs balanced flywheel
  • Internal integrated sensor
  • Larger and wider surface contact
  • 20 mph speed
  • 2000W maximum resistance

#4. Elite DRIVO Bike Trainer Stand

Elite DRIVO Direct Trainer

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The compatibility of the direct drive trainer is a key consideration you need to check before making the order. Here is a widely compatible unit that operates with bikes that have 142 12mm thru-axle and 130-135 x 5mm quick release. Apart from this, it is a highly durable and sturdy unit that has been crafted using the best quality of steel frames. This means that it will serve longer and accommodates different users.

That said, it is compatible with most devices thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity and wireless system. You can, therefore, control it using Android, ISO, and Mac OS among others. With the highly resistant belts and innovative pulleys, the trainer will evenly transfer the resistant for better results.

  • Innovative pulleys
  • Bluetooth and wireless connections
  • Metallic frames
  • Wide compatibility
  • Sleek foldable design

#3. Tacx Neo Smart Indoor Trainer

Tacx Neo Smart Indoor Trainer

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Tacx Neo Smart Indoor Trainer is an isotonic and isokinetic unit that brings about fixed power level and fixed speed. More interestingly, the trainer has been fitted with intuitive LED lights that will indicate when the unit is connected. It has been made using the highest quality of metallic frames to deliver top-notch performances and increased durability. It delivers a vibration sensation so that you feel as if you are riding gravel and cobble stones thus offer realistic performances.

Besides this, the unit has a compact foldable design, which implies that it is convenient to store even in smaller spaces. It is a widely compatible unit that connects with different devices including Android, IOS, Mac OS, and much more. This is because the unit uses both wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. Lastly, it is a cost-effective unit that you will find a favorite for your budget.

  • Realistic accurate trainer
  • Rugged metallic built
  • Pedal stroke analysis
  • Isotonic and isokinetic
  • Intuitive LED lights

#2. CycleOps Hammer Direct Drive Smart Trainer

CycleOps Hammer Direct Drive Trainer

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The maximum resistant power is a consideration that you should consider when looking for a perfect trainer. This is an amazing trainer with up to 2000W maximum power output, making it a favorite for most of your training needs. Second, to this, the trainer can simulate up to 20% climbing grade. Besides this, it has a precision-balanced flywheel, which provides a vibration-free quiet riding experience. Moreover, it also uses an internal cooling technology that brings about accuracy even through the hardest workouts.

To add more, it will directly connect with the resistance unit, which extends the tire life. With the Bluetooth and ant+, the unit connects seamlessly with most devices for elementary control and operation. It has been carefully designed using the highest quality of rugged metallic frames, which means that it will support more weight and last for years.

  • 2000W maximum resistance
  • Advanced direct drive technology
  • Innovative electromagnetic resistance
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ systems
  • Lifetime warranty
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#1. Tacx NEO Smart Direct Drive

Tacx NEO Smart Direct Drive

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Due to the low revolutions per minute, the direct drive trainer operates quietly, making it a great selection for use anywhere needed. Other than this, the trainer seamlessly connects with most devices including Androids, tablets, and Apple thanks to the Bluetooth and Ant+ wireless systems. That said, the trainer is highly durable since it has been built from the best quality of rugged metal; hence accommodates more weight. Other than this, it has a foldable compact design, which makes it convenient to store when not in use.

Fitted with the powerful motor, it is a convenient trainer that delivers great speed and high torque needed to enhance your training needs. Moreover, it is also compatible with most bikes thus a unit that will serve most users.

  • Powerful built-in motor
  • Rugged metallic frames
  • Bluetooth and wireless connections
  • Foldable compact design
  • Wide compatibility

Direct Drive Trainers Buyer’s Guide

  • Maximum Resistance Power: You need to begin by looking for the maximum power output of the trainer you need to buy. These units have different power outputs; hence you need to consider a selection that will suit you. Some have higher resistance power of up to 3000W whereas some have 1500W to 2000W. To intensify your workouts, consider units with higher resistance power output.
  • Construction: Also, you should consider a trainer that will serve longer and accommodate body weight. You, therefore, need to find a trainer that has been carefully crafted from heavy-duty material to serve longer. The frames should be made from a lightweight aluminum alloy so that it lasts longer and provides a lightweight for portability. The feet of the trainer should be capped with rubber to avoid floor damage.
  • Connectivity: For easy control of the trainer, consider a unit that is compatible with most devices. It should support wireless and Bluetooth connections so that it can connect with Androids, ISO, Mac OS, and tablets among others. With such a unit, you can conveniently control all the settings.


Finding the right direct drive trainer for your workouts is necessary. This is why we have picked out on the favorite direct drive trainers that you will find excellent for your needs. They are highly durable rugged trainers that you can use for most workouts. Besides this, they have been fitted with powerful motors that bring about great resistance levels. Moreover, they are also easy to use and widely compatible with most bikes. The units also connect wirelessly with most devices for easy control. Why miss out on these direct drive trainers? Get started with any of these today to maximize your workouts.

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