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Top 10 Best Electric Space Heaters in 2024 Reviews

Electric space heaters are a great secondary source of warmth, especially during winter months and cold seasons. Unlike the central heating system, space heaters are compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport from one place to another. Moreover, they save a lot of energy and this translates to lower utility bills. Electric Space Heaters delivers even heat distribution within your room to keep us warm during those chilly days.

The market is full of different Electric space heaters of various capacities, and as a result, it becomes challenging to find the right one. To help you, we have done some research and come up with the top 10 best Electric Space Heaters reviews in 2024.

List of 10 Best Electric Space Heaters in 2024

Top 10 Best Electric Space Heaters Review

Below is a compiled list of high-quality products that you can select from. The products will give you value for your cash and feature different prices to ensure that you will find one that will work with your budget. You will also find the Product Details and Pro&Con section in this article to help you make an informed decision when selecting a product that will suit your needs.

#10. Aireplus 1500W Space Heater with 24 Hrs Timer

Aireplus 1500W Space Heater with 24 Hrs Timer

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For reliable and efficient room heating, Aireplus space heater will assure you of quality service. It features three heating options including 1500w, 900w 600w, and ECO mode with a temperature setting that ranges from 40F to 95F and has ±1F temperature adjustment. Moreover, it features 24 hours on/off timer and remote control, ensuring convenient usage for all your needs. This Space Heater comes with an elegant control panel that has soft-touch buttons for comfortable operations.

Ideally, this Space Heater works without noise for your full night and baby sleep. Furthermore, it has a smart ECO mode that will keep your ideal settings which saves you your energy bills.

Product Details:

  • Multi heating modes
  • Fashion looking and easy operation
  • Quiet and comfortable heating
  • Big and clear display
  • Temperature settings range 40-95f
  • Has 24 hours on/off timer

#9. TRUSTECH 1500W Electric Space Heater – Wall Mount Heater

TRUSTECH 1500W Electric Space Heater

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With this powerful 1500W Space Heater, you can now get an ideal warmth that is needed in the room. The Electric comes with wall-mounted tools and a standing base where both of them are easy to install. The heater can cover an average-sized room that is up to 500 sq.ft large. In addition to that, it has a built-in quartz tube and turbo fan that provides embracing heat for the whole room more evenly and quickly.

The room heater has a smart timer function and a Power-Off timer in case you forget to turn off the Space Heater during the night, and this will minimize the power waste. Another thing, the room heater is equipped with overheat protection, and thus it will keep you and your family safe all the time.

Product Details:

  • Quick & balanced heating
  • Comes with wall-mounted tools and standing base
  • Cover big rooms as large as 500 sq.ft
  • Energy-saving modes and adjustable thermostats
  • Controlled by remote control and led indicate screen
  • Equipped with overheat protection
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#8. TRUSTECH 1500W Electric Space Heater – Infrared Heater

TRUSTECH 1500W Electric Space Heater

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TRUSTECH  is surely a trusted and well-known company for producing high quality products. This Electric Space Heater is made with three heating settings and will warm up your room in seconds. Ideally, the electric heater features a 12 hours timer that can be set to turn on and off. In addition to that, the heater has a programmable thermostat that can be set to a certain degree and then shut off the heater.

When the electric heater is overheated, it will automatically shut off. Also, the tip-over shut off feature will prevent the possibility of fire, making it safe for you and your family. You can adjust the temperatures remotely using a remote when you are watching TV on your sofa.

Product Details:

  • Designed with three heat settings
  • Remote control and 12-hour timer
  • Tip-over shut off feature
  • Electric heater has a led display screen
  • Save you up to 300w of energy
  • Low noise design

#7. Unique Heat 1500-Watt Space Heater with Quiet Fan

Unique Heat 1500-Watt Space Heater with Quiet Fan

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The Unique Heat Portable Infrared space heater offers great value for the money. Unlike other conventional heaters, this Space Heater will raise the room temperature, warming you and other objects directly. It will provide burn resistant and safe warmth without any risk and has an auto tip-over sensor which will turn the heater off whenever it accidentally tip over. What’s more, the heater is extremely quiet, making it ideal for offices and bedrooms.

The portable heater is equipped with 3 temperature setting scales that include Celsius, Fahrenheit, and 1-20. It also comes with a review manual that helps you on how to use this product. Space Heater can heat a room of up to 800 square feet and features a heat output of up to 5200 BTU.

Product Details:

  • Has 3 temperature setting scales
  • Covers up to 800 square feet
  • Safe and quiet to use
  • Lifetime air filter
  • Wheels for easy moving
  • Has heat output of 5200 BTU

#6. ASTERION 1500W Electric Space Heater with LED

ASTERION 1500W Electric Space Heater with LED

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When you want even circulation of warm in your room, this powerful1500W Electric Space Heater is one to try out. It is equipped with an ECO function that significantly helps to minimize your energy bills. Moreover, this portable space heater is equipped with 1500W, 1000W, 600W, Freeze, and Fan modes and an LED display. The unit measures 8.74 inches x 7.67 inches x 21.69 inches and only weighs 4.18 Ib. thus you can carry it to any place you need.

This indoor ceramic heater usually provides wide-angle heating, and you can put it in your living room, your office desk, or beside your body. In addition to that, the heater is equipped with tip-over protection and overheat protection and will shut off automatically. Lastly, this portable heater is both CA65 and ETL Certified.

Product Details:

  • 6 heat settings with led display
  • Oscillating and 24 hours timer function
  • 360° tip-over protection
  • Adjustable thermostat and energy saving
  • ETL and CA65 certified
  • Portable for you carry
  • Made from flame-resistant material
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#5. TRUSTECH 1500W Electric Space Heater, Auto Shut

TRUSTECH 1500W Electric Space Heater, Auto Shut

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This hassle-free portable Electric Space Heater would add warmth to your cold winter nights. It is a fast-heating ceramic heater with hot and warm wind sections to satisfy your needs. The Space Heater is equipped with a remote control that has a sensitive response and comes with ultra-long sensing distance. Moreover, it comes with automatic shut off; hence, you will never worry about forgetting to turn down the power.

The heater has a 120° Oscillating function to warm large areas allowing you to utilize it in offices and home. Moreover, it has three power modes to allow the heater to blow warm air at different speeds.

Product Details:

  • 120° degree widely spread warmth
  • Set the temperature from 50 to 95 degrees f
  • Ideal for office & indoor use
  • Timer function from 1-12 hours
  • Fast heating and temperature control
  • Overheat and auto shut off protection

#4. BAYKA 1500W Portable Space Heater

BAYKA 1500W Electric Space Heater

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With a rating of 1500 w, Bayka portable space heater can quickly produce the needed amount of heat. It features an adjustable thermostat and 6 user-friendly settings that will meet your needs all year round. The heater will keep the room at stable temperatures according to the setting while providing you with personalized comfort. The Space Heater has safety features, and if it accidentally falls, the heater will automatically cut off.

What’s more, this space heater has a 70-degree oscillation function that allows wind to blow in different directions making it to heat up the ambient environment. For easy mobility, the heater comes with a handle and 1.8-meter cord to expand the placement range. Above all, the Space Heater works will low 50dB noise level that meets market standards.

Product Details:

  • User-friendly Setting and Adjustable Thermostat
  • Portable Space Heater with Handle
  • 70-degree oscillation function
  • ETL verified Space Heater
  • Surface is made of ABS material
  • Works Quiet about 50db to meets market standards

#3. VIPEX 1500W Electric Heater – Portable Small Space Heater

VIPEX 1500W Electric Space Heater

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Every room space heater needs to be durable and safe for reliable services. This is the case with VIPEX 1500W Electric Space Heater. It will evenly and quickly warm an entire room and will maintain a consistent temperature. In addition to that, the space heater is equipped with automatic anti-fall protection and overheat protection, and that will shut off in case of an accidental fall of the space heater. Moreover, the product is portable and lightweight, allowing you to move it from one place to another.

Another thing, this Heater has eight hours timer with auto-shutoff and remote control that enables you to control and maintain steady, comfortable temperatures. Moreover, it has wide-angle coverage for wider coverage of warm.

Product Details:

  • Fast, efficient heating for warm
  • Overheat protection and auto anti-fall protection
  • The heater is lightweight and portable
  • Has wide-angle oscillation
  • 8-hour timer with auto-shutoff

#2. Dr Infrared Heater 1500-Watt Portable Space Heater

Dr Infrared Heater 1500-Watt Portable Space Heater

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Dr Infrared Heater is a great Space Heater if you want to warm up quickly your large room. Ideally, this Space Heater comes with a 72-inch long electric cord; thus, you can place it anywhere in the room. Besides that, it is an energy-saving model with Low and high features and uses 12.5 Amps of Power. The space heater has an automatic shut-off timer that allows you to set up to 12 hours and will automatically shut off whenever the set hours reach.

This heater features an Electronic Thermostat that ranges from 50 degrees to 86 degrees for wide heating area coverage. What’s more, it does not produce a lot of noise, making it ideal for offices and bedrooms.

Product Details:

  • High-pressure low noise blower
  • Efficient dual heating technology
  • 50 to 86 degrees thermostat range
  • Electric cord 72 inches long
  • 12hr automatic shut-off timer
  • Tip-over and overheat protection
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#1. Lasko Ceramic Space Heater

Lasko Electric Space Heaters

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When looking for the ideal Space Heater you can utilize at home or in the office; then you need to try out this device. It features three quiet settings that include low heat, high heat, and fan only. Moreover, if features an Adjustable Thermostat and 11 different temperature settings that enable you to find a comfortable setting. For easy carry from one place to another, this heater has a convenient carry handle, and you can easily move it to the bedroom, kitchen, or even under the desk.

The heater has a heating coverage of 300 Sq. ft. Also, it has built-in safety features such as overheat protection that ensures that the product does not overheat even when it is utilized for a long time.

Product Details:

  • 3 quiet settings
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Built-in safety features
  • 300 sq. Ft heating coverage
  • 11 different temperature settings

Our Advice On How to Buy the Best Electric Space Heater

For the best Electric Space Heater, you are advised to look out for the following factors.

Brand: Which is your favorite brand when it comes to Electric Space Heaters? Some folks prefer buying from certain brands due to the quality or affordability. Besides this, one may be recommended by friends to purchase from a brand. When you have no preference for any given brand, you need to get online and check on the top-rated and best-ranked sellers on Amazon. Such brands with positive reviews and higher ratings are recommended by most online shoppers; hence a perfect place to order the Electric Space Heaters.

Price: Away from the brand, you also need to check the price of the units. Are they too costly or affordable within the budget range? Some of these products are relatively costly because of their unique and high-quality features. Besides this, some with the same features come at relatively affordable prices. Despite the different costs, make sure to buy what fits within your budget.

Rating and Feedback: In the process of getting more information on the Electric Space Heater to buy online, never fail to check for the various feedback and rating of the units. You will need to get what different customers who have bought the Electric Space Heater say about the efficiency and durability. Still, the rating of the product also determines the performance.

Information of Product: What kind of information is available about the product? How has the Electric Space Heater improved compared to the previous model? You need to find reliable information on the product you need to buy before making the order. Such information is available on the Electric Space Heater’s website plus sellers’ sites like Amazon. By learning on more information about the product aids you to pick from different models and brands.

The Functionality of Product: Why do you need the product? How many of these products do you require? When looking at the functionality of the product, make sure to ask yourself some questions that will aid you to get reliable knowledge of how the product functions. Through this, you get to make a better decision on the ideal Electric Space Heater to buy. Go for the best Electric Space Heater that will handle the tasks within the shortest time possible and increases productivity.

Electric Space Heater Buying Guide

To buy the best Electric Space Heater, you will need to look for different things, which comprise functionality, durability, and much more. Ensure that you get to know what are the unique features of the products and why does it stand out among others.

To add more, you should consider the ideal price that will suit your budget. Buying from the best brand on the market implies that you find the ultimate option required. For the cost of the product, buy what you can afford with the best features for top-notch functionality.

Still, you need to know how the Electric Space Heater has evolved from the previous models. Go for the ideal piece that has evolved with the latest features to offer better functionality. Also, the unit must be ergonomic for simple and easy operation.

Safety: This is one of the critical factors that you should consider when purchasing an electric space heater. Household who owns pets and children should take note on this point. When children are playing or running, pets may tip-over the electric heater. Nevertheless, heaters with auto-off button features will turn of the electric heater off when it falls over.

Thermostat: Electric Space Heaters usually come with adjustable thermostats to enable you to set your desired temperature. Most of them come with 3 modes including low, high, and fan. Nevertheless, some come only equipped with 2 modes while others do not have other features. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase a heater that has adjustable thermostats to meet your room warming needs.

Additions: There is some electric space heater that comes with advanced features such as remote control operation, sleep timer, cooling option for the summertime, and more. Consider a heater that comes with additional features for convenience.

Cost: There are many electric space heaters being sold by many sellers. You need to look for one that will suit your need and comes at an affordable price. Do not be in a hurry to purchase the first one that you see. Go through multiple options and choose one that will work well for you.

The Benefits of Having Electric Space Heater

The products offer different benefits to the users, which makes them ideal investments for most users. Here are the various benefits of buying the units.

Ease of Use

The products are ergonomically designed, which implies that you can comfortably hold and use them. This brings about amazing functionality and reliability. Still, they have lightweight designs that you can easily operate for top-notch use.

Save Your Time

Still, these products are a great way of handling the tasks within a shorter time. They are efficient units that will take the least time to finish the tasks. Due to this, you will spend less time handling the tasks. Through this, you get to boost the productivity level for a better outcome.

Increased Productivity

More interestingly, these products are highly efficient and reliable to boost productivity levels. They are great for delivering the tasks within the shortest time to ensure that you gain higher production. You will spend less time getting more output and thus will offer amazing services.


To add more, these products are very safe and efficient. Due to the ergonomic designs and built-in safety features, you will find them ideal for all your tasks. The Electric Space Heaters are designed with safety in mind to ensure that you operate safely with no chances of injuries. Due to this, you will find them the ultimate options for your daily chores.

Electric Space Heater FAQ

Q: Why Should You Choose the Electric Space Heater?

Picking on the best Electric Space Heater provides different benefits to the users. You will need them for handling the operations within the shortest time possible. Besides this, the Electric Space Heaters are very safe and convenient to aid in increasing the productivity level.


With the above selections of the electric space heaters, you will now keep your room warm during the cold season. They are powerful room heaters with an Adjustable thermostat to give efficient room heating, and you can adjust to achieve required room temperatures. Besides that, they come with overheat protection and auto-shutoff features. We hope that this list will help you in making a valuable decision for yourself.



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