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Top 10 Best Car Touch Screens in 2024 Reviews

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We live in the future of technology, and your car’s dashboard shouldn’t remain trapped in the past. An upgrade to a car touchscreen stereo will mean good to your car’s looks, as well as your convenience and safety while driving. But, with a horde of stuff to learn in technology, you need expert advice and recommendations to manage the shopping process. We are that expert, and our advice is right inside this review of the top 10 best car touchscreen in 2024.

Every product we recommend here has gone through our meticulous testing criteria and met all the sundry qualities of an unbeatable car touchscreen stereo. We’ve also added a buying guide that highlights the key points you should keep in mind while shopping for your best car touchscreen. So without being an engineer, you can easily use our guide to land a top-notch car touchscreen stereo. Here’s the guide.

List of 10 Best Car Touch Screens in 2024

#10. Camecho Car Touchscreen Stereo

Camecho Car Touchscreen Stereo

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Camecho brings you a modern, feature-packed car audio interface at a highly affordable price. With the phone link feature, you get to interact with your Android and iPhone apps like music, maps, phone, messages, and many others. With the addition of voice control and Bluetooth calling options, you get to drive safer than you thought.

Among the input options, you have with this touchscreen stereo are the USB, Bluetooth, AUX, and SD. Camecho adopts the USB 2.0 interface, which has broad compatibility and can quickly charge your phone. It also comes with a rear camera and its input function. The steering wheel function lets you switch between functions easily, adding to the convenience of using Camecho.

  • The SD card port supports up to 64 GB
  • It uses a 9-inch screen
  • It features an FM radio function
  • Installation size: 180 by 51 by 118 mm
  • Rear camera: MP5

#9. aboutBit Bluetooth Car Stereo

aboutBit Bluetooth Car Stereo

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If you have a single DIN space for installing a touchscreen stereo in your car, you have every reason to use aboutBit to fill the space. It has the Android and iPhone mirror link function that allows you to view navigation details from your phone via the stereo screen. The stereo’s screen uses a capacitive touchscreen that has more sensitivity and better looks. You have an MP5 player, FM radio, and other functions to enjoy.

While it doesn’t come with one, this stereo supports both rear and front cameras for seamless parking and safety. You need the stereo’s HD LCD screen for clear views. Combined with the large screen size, all operations will be straightforward — no more extended periods of your eyes off the road. Play and control music while making clear calls using the included powerful Bluetooth function.

  • It supports Android 9.0/iPhone 8+ and above
  • The 7-inch screen supports 1920 by 1080P videos
  • It comes with a built-in microphone for seamless call-making experiences
  • Uses the modern Bluetooth 5.0
  • It comes with a wireless remote control device for your passengers

#8. Jensen CAR68 Touch Screen Car Stereo

Jensen CAR68 Touch Screen Car Stereo

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Upgrade your car’s dashboard while mitigating driver distraction using the high-grade Jensen car touchscreen stereo. Jensen uses a 6.8-inch capacitive touchscreen to help you achieve seamless controls. It comes with multiple input options (Bluetooth, USB/SD, and AUX) to meet your unique standards. The USB port fast-charges your phone with a maximum output of 1.5A.

The stereo also provides compatibility with Android Auto and Apple Carplay, which helps you access your smartphone’s features on a large screen. You’re free to stream music and male calls using the supportive platform. The stereo comes with a full year’s warranty, which guarantees its touted quality and durability. Here are more features.

  • It supports the Gesture GUI function
  • Size: double DIN
  • Screen size: 6.8 inches
  • It comes with the voice control feature
  • The stereo endorses the use of a rearview camera
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#7. The Leadfan Car Stereo

The Leadfan Car Stereo

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On a low budget? Leadfan got your back! The modern stereo brings you seamless controls and multiple input options, not to mention durability and proven top-notch functionality. The FM radio function comes with various memory stations for your enjoyment. Use the steering wheel control feature to reduce disruptions while driving. Also, make use of the Android/Apple mirror links to seamlessly access most of your phone’s apps via the giant screen.

Among the input options you have with Leadfan are AUX-in, TF card, USB, and Bluetooth. The USB function can fast-charge your phone. Use the Bluetooth function for multiple activities like wireless music streaming and hands-free calls. You also have a wireless remote controller to offer your passengers a chance to control the music. The system supports up to a 32-GB TF card.

  • Touchscreen type: capacitive
  • Installation size: double-DIN (7.01 × 3.94 × 2.56 inches)
  • It has a 7-inch screen
  • It features seven different backlight colors
  • The built-in amplifier has an output of 60 watts

#6. Hieha Double Din Car Stereo

Hieha Double Din Car Stereo

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Here’s another wallet saver with as many features as a high-tech stereo. It supports both Bluetooth and Mirror Tech features to get you at the helm of enjoyment and convenience. Use it with your smartphone for the GPS navigation function. The stereo’s screen will display all the navigation functions as they are on your phone. You can easily sync the stereo with your phone using the USB, AUX input, Bluetooth, and other inputs.

This is a double-DIN unit that’s compatible with myriads of cars for installation. So, don’t hesitate to add it to your shopping list. The stereo will ship with a large-view rear camera at no extra cost. Its Bluetooth function lets you make calls, stream audio, and enjoy voice navigation features. Don’t hesitate to use the included user manual that guides you through installation and other simple fixes.

  • It supports 1920 × 1080 phone pixels and below
  • Display: 7-inch capacitive screen
  • It comes with a wireless remote controller
  • Rear camera view: 170°
  • Supports Android 10.1 (and below) and most iPhone types
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#5. Kenwood DMX4707S Car Stereo

Kenwood DMX4707S Car Stereo

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Crystal clear display, sensitive touchscreen interface, high compatibility, and the best sound performance are some of the features that set the Kenwood Car stereo apart from the rest. Its compatibility with Apple Carplay and Android Auto will let you operate your smartphone’s features on the large screen. Doing this minimizes disruption while giving you an experience everyone desires to have.

The stereo supports safe parking using its rear camera that comes with additional parking guidelines. Its Bluetooth function will let you make calls and stream audio as you need. It uses a capacitive screen with LED backlighting and high resolution. If you need a function that supports CDs, this stereo isn’t made for them.

  • Total pixels: 1,152,000
  • It comes with the SiriusXM Radio
  • The display screen is 6.8 inches
  • It works with iOS 12 and below as well as Android 7+
  • It comes with a user manual

#4. The SJOYBRING Car Stereo

The SJOYBRING Car Stereo

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Easily make phone calls, navigate maps, watch your favorite videos (of course while not driving), play music, and do more on this stereo from your Android or Apple phone without a hitch with this touchscreen stereo from SJOYBRING. It offers powerful compatibility with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. The stereo comes with a backup camera, which features the night vision system while giving a large angle of view.

It has a video output feature that lets you connect and share the stereo display system to yet another screen for viewing. Use the Bluetooth input to steam audio, make phone calls, and do more. Other input options for you include the AUX input, SD, and USB (which you can also use to charge the phone).

  • The waterproof rear camera has a view of 170°
  • It comes with steering wheel controls and a radio function
  • You can choose between the seven color options
  • It comes with a voice and remote controls
  • Screen: 7 inches
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#3. The MINYE Car Stereo

The MINYE Car Stereo

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MINYE is a state-of-the-art multimedia system that you need to add to your car for modern looks and HD sounds. Among the input options you have are a USB port, TF slot, Bluetooth wireless connection, and an AUX port. Use the Bluetooth wireless connectivity for music live streaming and hands-free calls. With steering wheel controls, you’ll find it a cinch to control the stereo without even taking your eyes off the road.

MINYE also gives you access to real-time weather information and news via its built-in radio function. As if that’s not enough, the platform also supports HD videos, and the sounds it produces are balanced. There are seven background colors to choose from. Last but not least, the stereo allows you to sync it with your smartphone via the included USB port to easily use apps like Maps, Messages, Phone, Music, Video, and more.

  • It comes with a rearview camera
  • Display size: 7 inches
  • Installation size: double DIN
  • It supports the voice control feature
  • It comes with a remote controller

#2. P.L.Z MP-800 Car Touchscreen

P.L.Z MP-800 Car Touchscreen

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Keep boredom and disruption at bay while driving using the MP-800 stereo from P.L.Z. It syncs with your phone to give you hands-free calls, large-screen controls, easy navigation, and other perks. P.L.Z uses a Philips AM/FM radio (always the best in the market) to help keep you updated with the latest news, real-time traffic updates, and weather forecast information.

A weatherproof rear camera ships with this car touchscreen stereo. It helps you achieve safer parking. Always use the included USB port to sync your smartphone with the stereo system. You can use the port to charge your device, too. The AV input also allows you to connect multiple devices, like an MP3 player, your smartphone, and others. Enjoy music with more details using the ID3 tag, which displays all the in-play music’s statistics.

  • It comes with a built-in preset EQ
  • The stereo supports 1920 x 1080P
  • It comes with a remote control
  • The touchscreen is a 7-inch capacitive type, which is the most coveted
  • Rear camera view: 170°

#1. The BOSS BV9358B Car Touchscreen Stereo

The BOSS BV9358B Car Touchscreen Stereo

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The best car touchscreen stereo has a whole load of input options for you. It accepts Bluetooth, AUX, SD cards, CDs, DVDs, and the rear camera. Take advantage of the system’s state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology to stream music, make controls, and receive hands-free calls. The AM/FM radio function will keep you up-to-date with all the essential news and data you need for safe travel. Boss is a recognized brand with an excellent reputation that’s worth commendation.

The BV9358B stereo outputs videos so that you can share what’s playing with your kids in the backseat. Its USB and TF card slots accept external devices with a storage capacity of up ton32 GB. The USB port also allows for seamless charging. Use the ID3 tag to get a better music-playing experience. It comes with a 3-year online dealer warranty on all Amazon purchases. If you want to get the original stereo from Amazon, use our link to make it seamless.

  • Screen size: 6.2 inches
  • Power: 80 watts x 4 Max
  • It comes with a wireless remote controller
  • It uses a capacitive touchscreen
  • The USB port has a charging output of 1A
  • It’s steering wheel control enabled

Things to Consider When Choosing Car Touch Screens

Does It Fit Your Car?: The question of whether or not the car touchscreen stereo you want to buy installs perfectly on the space available in your car is of great significance. If it doesn’t fit, it’s a wasted purchase, and that’s not what you want. The crux of the matter here is that stereos come as either single or double DIN. Single touchscreen stereo systems are rare nowadays, with most cars offering space for the double. It’s essential to learn that double DIN units are more feature-packed than their single counterparts. Plus, double DIN spaces give room for the installation of single DINs, provided you have the right frame.

Inputs: So what’s your desired input? Does the touchscreen stereo in your car support it?

There are numerous input options, but standard ones include AUX, Bluetooth, USD, SD card, WiFi, and a little more others. Your choice shall rely on what you desire. Nevertheless, manufacturers offer stereos with more than one input option, which is a great deal for every car owner. Before you spend a dime on any choice, it helps ensure that all the input options function correctly, bearing in mind that deceptive marketing is common.

The Touchscreen: Not all touchscreens function under the same principle. There are basically four ways by which a touch of the finger gets translated into input by the touchscreen device — but car stereos only adopt either the resistive or capacitive touchscreens. Resistive touchscreens function more like buttons. Pressing them triggers the sensor directly, which makes them slower but more cost-effective than capacitive touchscreens. On the other hand, capacitive touchscreens register input using the tiny electric value of your fingers. They’re usually more sensitive, look better, and even feel better.

Brand: You can’t ignore the value that comes with big-name brands. They offer consistent top-quality products to maintain their reputation. Such brands may include Boss and Kenwood, among others, but you won’t bypass smaller ones that provide good quality, too. We were keen on our choice of brands while making this list, and all the brands that found a spot on the list above are either popular for high quality or upcoming with unparalleled quality.

External Compatibility: A car touchscreen stereo system that supports external devices, like the backup camera, while providing compatibility to such functions as the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is fantastic. For example, using the latter (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay) for a large touchscreen display to control stuff is a boost to alleviating accidents. Support for the backup camera is another addition to convenience during parking.


It doesn’t matter the one you choose from our list — all the touchscreen car stereos recommended here have the right quality you need to take your car’s entertainment to the next level. Use the buying guide to customize your choices to your needs. Also, don’t forget to share the review with friends if you find it useful. Meanwhile, do have a happy shopping experience, pals.

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