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Top 10 Best Bell Kits in 2020 Reviews | Educational Bell Kits

Educational Bell Kit

Creating music is one of the most pleasant joys of life. It not only helps you to increase your focus ability but also develops a new set of skills for you. If you are just beginning to learn music, you might get confused about how and where to start? There are several musical instruments available in the market.

As you are a beginner, we will suggest you start your music journey with the best bell kits. It is easy to learn, and you will adapt this instrument quickly in your daily routine. At first, we won’t suggest you buy the cheapest bell kit. Your decision to buy a cheap instrument will surely backfire in the future Because the cheap instruments won’t have proper intonation, and you will find it very hard to set your tune.

Before Buying, do your research correctly and read our complete buying guide for Top 10 Best Bell kits in 2020. We have analyzed all the data from different trusted resources and prepared this guide.

List of 10 Best Bell kits reviews

#10. Vic Firth Bell Kits

Vic Firth Bell Kits

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Vic Firth is one of the well-known and trusted brands that is producing a variety of music accessories over the years. From their variety of instruments, we would suggest you buy The Vic Firth V8806 percussion set. This one is a perfect outfit for the person who travels a lot. This bell kit has 32 different notes to play.

This has extended range bells that are mounted on a neoprene bar. The best thing about the neoprene bar is it does not have any maintenance. The bar also has metal cross support and ABS endplates.

It comes with a strong pad stand, which is having 1-inch chrome tubing with nylon bushings. For better support, it has a broad tripod base. With this percussion set, you will get a traveler bag with retractable handles. The bag has two-wheel for easy portability. The package of Vic Firth Bell Kits includes detachable music rack, birch-shaft mallets, tunable practice pad, and sticks.

  • Total 32 different notes
  • Metal cross supports for bells
  • Abs endplates bar
  • Sturdy Wide stand
  • Easy to portable
  • Traveler bag With a wheel

#9. Eastar Percussion Bell Kit

Eastar Percussion Bell Kit

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As a parent, you would love to see your child in a high school band or orchestra. Seeing them playing at the concert will surely make you feel proud. If your child has an interest in learning music at an early age. As a beginner, we will suggest You buy him this Uttiny bell kit. One of the best bell kit sets for beginners.

Eastar bell kit has an accurate range of a total of 32 different notes. These notes are placed on high-quality aluminum bars, which is having a wood base. For the perfect tune, it has a diatonic scale from F5 to C8. This will give you the best music experience ever.

The whole kit is fully detachable. You can easily separate each part of the kit and keep them in a carrying bag which comes with the package. It also has an adjustable triangular stand made of durable and robust metal with an 8-inch practice pad. In this bell kit, you will get one pair of Bell Mallets and one pair of Drum sticks.

  • Fully adjustable stand
  • Made with high-quality aluminum
  • Stand with anti-skid foot support
  • Tripod structure
  • Has Practice pad
  • Portable carrying bag
  • Easy to assemble

#8. Intemenos Metal Bell Kit

 Intemenos Metal Bell Kit

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Intemenos metal bell kit has a perfect solution for those who are looking for a single kit for adults as well as teens. The stand that comes with the Intemenos bell kit can be adjusted at 25.2 inches level. For an adult, this stand has a maximum height of 52 inches. For more stability, it has a center screw that holds the instrument securely. You can even tilt the position of bel kit according to your needs.

It has 30 keys made with 4mm thick metal. These keys are lying on soft rubber support for better sound. It comes with the book (note) holder, which is adjusted to the bar. You can easily rotate and stretch this note holder.

The metal bell kit is easily foldable and comes with a carrying bag. You can easily fit all the accessories into the bag.

  • 0.16 Inches thick keys
  • Stable rubber support for each key
  • Adjustable Note Holder
  • Three legs stand for stability
  • Pair of mallets
  • Carrying bag

#7. Rakumi Bell Kit

Rakumi Bell Kit

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Rakumi Bell kit is best for the children who are willing to get educated in the field of creating music. This bell kit is not so costly so that you can use it roughly. This bell kit does not have a stand, so it is preferred to use for children only.

The instrument is made of simple tapping, having 30 different notes. It has a wooden base and a 5 mm thick aluminum bar that produces melodious music. The bar is 22.6 inches wide and weighs only 4.61 pounds.

This bell kit is very easy to assemble as it does not has many accessories like other sets. You just need to put your percussion in a bag and ready to go. It comes with a holding bag, which makes it convenient for you to carry it anywhere.

  • 5 mm Thick aluminum bar
  • Strong wood base
  • Diatonic and semitone scale
  • Easy assemble design
  • Light-weighted
  • Widened bar design
  • Storage bag

#6. Gearlux Bell Kit

Gearlux Bell Kit

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Different bell kit set comes with a diverse range of notes. This Gearlux bell kit has a total of 32 notes ranging from F to C. These keys are made of aluminum and can be used in different genres of music like pop, Jazz, etc.

It has an adjustable sturdy metal stand that can be used for the bell as well as a drum pad. It comes with 8 inches tunable drum pad. With these, you will get one pair of drumstick and one pair of bell mallets.

For better protection, You will get a high-quality deluxe nylon bag with a backpack style for best portability. The bag is big enough to carry all the accessories in it. It has adjustable straps you can carry this in one hand also. This bell kit is best to carry in your college.

  • Flexible Noteholder
  • 8-inch practice pad
  • Deluxe nylon bag
  • Strong Metal stand
  • Mallets and drumsticks
  • Best for marching bands

#5. Ammoon Bell Kit

Ammoon Bell Kit

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Ammoon has one of the most compact and easily portable designs in the bell kit set. Its exquisite design is easy to learn. It has a total of 30 notes, and these keys are placed on a 5 mm thick aluminum bar. The frame of this bar is made with quality wood.

It has two mallets, which makes clear resonance for a better tune. The bell kit is very easy to fold. There is a carrying bag that comes with a package for easy storage. It has a Diatonic scale from G to C and a semitone scale from G to A.

  • Wood frame
  • Aluminum bar
  • 30 key tone
  • Easy to fold
  • Better carrying bag
  • 2 Mallets sticks

#4. Giantex Bell Kit

Giantex Bell Kit

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For preschoolers and toddlers, music can be a great activity in their growth year. It will increase their creativity and attentiveness. Giantex bell kit is a great musical instrument for toddlers and teenagers. With so many functionalities, you can even gift this bell kit to their teacher.

This has a movable and adjustable stand. You can adjust the height of stand up to 38 inches. The stand is strong, but light in weight easy to carry. At the bottom of the stand, it has a triangular stand that has anti-skid pads for more stability. This Percussion set has aluminum plates having 30 notes. The notes are divided into two rows.

With this bell kit, you will get a music stand and 8 inches practice pads with a carrying bag. The bell kit is fully portable.

  • 23-38 inches adjustable height stand
  • Bottom triangular structure
  • Two bell mallets
  • Wooden drum sticks
  • Made with Protected material
  • Can be used without the stand

#3. CB Bell Kit

CB Bell Kit

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One of the most compact and sustainable designs ever made is by brand CB. The CB percussion 6854 bel kit is tiny in size yet produces quality sound. The mallets that come with the kit are double-sided. Both produce a different sound. If you are a part of your high-school band, then this kit very easy to carry. The compact design of this kit makes it easy for you.

The CB 6854 bell kit has a total of 25 notes, which are mounted on aluminum bars having durable side frames. This kit has a briefcase type carrying case that is made with hard material. This bell kit does not have any stand and practice pad.

  • Clear 25 notes
  • Sturdy hard case
  • Easily portable
  • Two colored bells
  • Pair of bell mallets
  • 23-inch wide bar
  • Weighted only 9.65 pound

#2. Mendini Bell Kit

Mendini Bell Kit

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Made with superior components, the Mendini bell kit is perfect for beginners who aims to become an ideal percussionist. Without any expertise, you can easily assemble this bell kit. It is a fast and easy task, even for beginners. This 2.5-octave bell kit has a total of 30 notes ranging from G5-C8 with pitch rate of A-442HZ.

The outer frame of this is made with strong aluminum, which is powder-coated. Powder coating increases the life of the frame. For mounting, it has a metal stand with a tripod at the bottom. For practice, it comes with 8 inches tunable pad.

The best thing about this bell kit is that it comes with its own customize carrying bag. It is more durable and has reinforced handles with large storage space. You can easily carry this anywhere with this nylon bag.

  • Has note holder stand
  • Powder-coated frame
  • Removable bells
  • Has a practice pad
  • Customize backpack bag
  • 30 different notes

#1. Pearl Bell Kit

Pearl Bell Kit

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There is a lot of bell kit available in the market. Each instrument has its own features, and accordingly, its price varies. If you are looking for a budget-friendly and high-quality percussion set, then this Pearl OK910C educational kit is perfect for you. It is made with a superior quality product.

PK910C bell kit is equipped with 32 precisely tuned aluminum bars with great sustainability. The bar has a plastic frame which is more durable compared to other material. This bell kit has a note holder attached to a bar, which makes it easy for the user to learn to tune.

Pearl Bell kit has a 4 arm umbrella style stand, which is fully adjustable. This educational kit contains an 8-inch tunable pad and a pair of drum sticks for practice purposes. Other then this, it has a music rack with one year warranty and phenolic bell mallets with birch shaft.

For better portability, this kit contains a customize PKBC91 bag with a retractable handle.

  • Umbrella style stand
  • Rolling carrying bag
  • Better practice pad
  • A note holder
  • 2.5-octave range bells
  • Heavy-duty nylon backpack

Factors to Consider When Buying a Bell kit

  • Quality of material: In a large competitive market, the one thing that narrows down your search for a product is its material quality. While buying a percussion bell kit set, you need to check the material quality of bars, frames, stand, sticks, and carrying bag. The bar is mainly made with aluminum or metal. And the side frame is made of plastic or wood. Choose the best combination that gives the perfect sound quality. The stand that comes with the set must be more stable and made with long-lasting metal. It should have adjustable features. Every set comes with a set of bell sticks or drumsticks. These sticks help you to produce pleasant music. You always carry your set in a carrying bag. The material of the bag should be more durable and made with high-quality fabrics.
  • Design: When buying your first bell kit, you must research the design of the set. A few of the kit is easy to assemble and foldable. While others have long stand and hard to fold. According to your uses, you must go for the design that fits you perfectly. You can have a set withstand or even without the stand. If you are gifting this set to a preschooler, then you must go for the set without stand. For a kid, the stand is of no use. All you need is a compact design.
  • Tuning: Tuning is one of the critical aspects of every musical instrument. The percussion set is not easy to tune like other instruments. So before buying the set, you need to check the tuning of bells. This has a different range of notes like a diatonic scale range from G to A, and a semitone scale range from G to c.
  • Musical range: For different instruments, it has its own range of notes. When buying a percussion set, you need to choose your range wisely. The musical range depends on the uses of your device as if you are going to use it in an orchestra or a band or just to have some fun at home.


In summary, If you are a beginner and thinking of buying the best bell kits, you need to consider all the factors we discussed in this guide. Probably if you have a high interest in music and planning to make music as your daily routine, then Choose the best and budgets friendly instrument. Read all the features carefully because, at the end of the day, you are investing in your skills.

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