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Top 10 Best Watch Cases in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Best watch cases in 2020

Best watch cases work great at storing, organizing, and displaying watches. With an elegant watch case, you can even use it as a decorative accent in your home or office. The market for these products is rapidly growing due to the demand. Today, the market is overflowing with all kinds of watch cases, making it super hard to find the right model to buy.

Luckily, we’re here to help! With our experiences in the industry, and our researching resources we were able to find top best watch cases you can buy and also prepared a buying guide for you. We’re hoping, at the end of this article, you will be able to find the right piece to buy ideal for your needs.

List of 10 Best Watch Cases in 2020

#10. HAWK & GABLE Watch Box Organizer w/Lock

HAWK & GABLE Watch Box Organizer w/Lock

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On this end, we have the HAWK & GABLE Watch Box Organizer that comes as an elegantly designed 12-slot watch case. It features unique premium jewelry and watches display design with the ability to fit small and large watches. It’s a unit you will love to have in your house. The 12 slots, in this case, are deep full as it’s built to store, protect, and also display your precious watches, even the bulkiest.

Another thing, this watch case organizer can also hold your luxury watches and other accessories such as ties, chains, tie clips, cufflinks, and more. Its high-quality construction features medium-density fiberboard that keeps it very sturdy yet lightweight. It does also come with a top-quality finish giving it that premium look. Best of all, there is a durable lock that you can use to keep your preciouses safe.

  • Sturdy medium-density fiberboard
  • Gorgeous felt and plush velvety
  • Luxurious high quality finish
  • Perfect gift for any occasion
  • High clearance glass display
  • Anti-rust craftsmanship

#9. BEWISHOME SSH02C Watch Box Organizer w/Valet Drawer

BEWISHOME SSH02C Watch Box Organizer w/Valet Drawer

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If you’re searching for a top-notch, highly durable, and classic looking watch case, then here is an ideal option for you, BEWISHOME SSH02C Watch Box Organizer. The customers of this watch are quite satisfied with the high-quality, textures carbon fiber cover employed on it. They also praised the well-done seams and a refined interior. All these tell you that this is a well-built watch box, study and too super elegant.

And you know what, we also found that the box uses a high-quality see-through glass top allowing you to use it as a display case too. It’s black, and sleek design can match almost every dresser perfectly. And that’s not all; the unit has 12 sections where you can place your precious watches. The holders can also be removed if you need more space for other items. The sliding valet drawer fitted here is super ideal for storing smaller accessories like chains and rings.

  • Quality textured carbon fiber
  • Well-built see-through glass
  • Top-notch smooth hinge
  • A classy, refined interior
  • High quality pillows
  • Black, sleek design
  • Well-done seams

#8. Ikee Design Deluxe Watch Display Case w/Key Lock

Ikee Design Deluxe Watch Display Case w/Key Lock

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By: Ikee Design

If you’re looking for a high-quality watch case and jewelry box combo, here is another option for you, the Ikee Design Deluxe Watch Display Case. It comes as a high-quality, well-built two-level watch case with a lightweight, lockable design. Everything on this watch organizer is put in place to ensure you get classy watch storage and display. And now, thanks to its sizeable real glass top, you can also use this box as a display for your preciouses.

Ikee Design Deluxe Watch Display Case is made from light yet sturdy wood and then covered with a top-quality leatherette. The maker uses premium PU leather that features light-weighted, tough, air-permeable, wear-resistant, and waterproof properties for classiness and durability. Besides that, it does use high-quality division boards that are evenly placed, ideal for better watch storage. The valet drawer is a bit smaller compared to the upper compartment, but you can use it for the smaller accessories.

  • Easy-care, light-weighted design
  • Exquisite, durable cushioning
  • Tough premium PU leather
  • Top-quality division boards
  • Stylish high-security lock

#7. Readaeer 10-Watch Black Leather Box Case

Readaeer 10-Watch Black Leather Box Case

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By: Readaeer

Readaeer Watch Leather Box Case is the next product on the list. It’s another high-quality watch case you can trust to keep your watches organized, safe, and displayable. It features a beautiful, high-quality matt construction that gives it that elegant, inviting look. On top of that, the covering is done using top-quality, water-and-wear resistant PU leather that allows it to stay in shape and attractive for a long time. The best part is, there is also a large, unobstructed viewing glass that will enable it to be used to displaying your precious and luxurious watches.

The Readaeer Watch Leather Box also has decorative white stitching that brings out a great look at it while also putting everything together for better durability. The lock on this watch case is designed to stay put, creating a dust-free environment for your watches. And you know what, the interior sizing is perfect that you can also use it for your other accessories, including ties, chains, and cufflinks.

  • Tastefully protector and organizer
  • Velvet liner and elegant lock
  • First-class craft
  • High quality PU leather
  • Extra-large glass lid
  • Removable pillows

#6. JS NOVA JUNS Watch Box w/Jewelry Drawer

JS NOVA JUNS Watch Box w/Jewelry Drawer

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A high-quality watch box and drawer combo are what you get when you acquire this next model, the JS NOVA JUNS watch case. It’s a 12-slot watch organizer featuring an easily sliding jewelry drawer. The whole thing is ideal for display as well as storage. Additionally, the unit features ample space between the lid and the cushions for various size watches. As a uniquely designed piece, it does come with premium quality PU leather and velvet.

The NOVA JUNS watch case construction gives and an exquisite, classic and upscale look that any man would love if presented as a gift. Another thing, the displayable glass top ensures your watches and jewelry remain well protected for dust and scratching. Additionally, the velvet pillows used here are removable to create more space for other accessories. The bottom drawer is designed to be perfect areas for keeping your essential accessories such as necklaces, earrings, neckties, cufflinks, sunglasses, and more.

  • Premium quality artificial leather
  • Exquisite velvet pillows
  • Easy-to-open design
  • Elegant appearance
  • Upscale glass lid
  • Easy to clean

#5. Glenor Co Watch Box w/Valet Drawer

Glenor Co Watch Box w/Valet Drawer

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By: Glenor Co.

Are a guy struggling to keep your precious watched well organized, easy to find, and protected? Well, we have another top-quality, beautiful luxury watch box for you, the Glenor Co Watch Box. And this time you get a double. What does that mean? Apart from getting a high-quality watch organizer and display, you also get to own Glenor Co.’s original work. The watch box was designed and Patented by Glenor Co.

It’s here to not only keep your exclusive watches organized and safe but also gracefully displayable in a most beautiful way. It has a 12-large compartment, with each featuring cushions ideal for holding the watches neatly in place. Additionally, there is a valet designed to provide more space for keeping your tie clips, pens, money, rinds, cufflinks, cards, watch tools, and more.

  • Attractive contemporary design
  • Beautiful glass window display
  • Watch holding cushions
  • Sturdy metal hinges
  • Ultimate gift idea
  • Thick solid walls

#4. NEX 6-Slot Watch Case Organizer

NEX 6-Slot Watch Case Organizer

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NEX Watch Box is yet another top-quality watch case worth your investment. It comes as a 6-slot display, organizer, and storage case designed for keeping your watches well-arranged and free from dust. From construction to the detailing, this watch case is super elegant. It comes with an elaborate design featuring a simple and compact structure, not forgetting exquisite artistry.

Besides that, the covering features PU leather brought together with high-quality craftsmanship that creates a highly durable, sturdy piece. The coupling of the soft velvet lining and the neat, straight line creates an imaginable look on this piece, making it gorgeous and attractive. As a premium quality watch case, it does make a great father’s days, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, wedding birthday or New Year gift. And for safer storage of your watches, the unit comes with a lockable design that requires a key to open.

  • Premium quality artificial leather
  • Multi-functional showcase design
  • Quality watch holding cushions
  • Exquisite, attractive design
  • Real displayable glass lid
  • Nice gift idea

#3. CASE ELEGANCE Watch Organizer w/Glass Display

CASE ELEGANCE Watch Organizer w/Glass Display

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By: VendorJump

CASE ELEGANCE is another trustable watch case maker that wants you to have the best watch storage and organizer. That’s why they are offering you their top quality solid-wood watch box with a large display glass top. The Case Elegance feature a sturdy, durable construction that ensures your precious watches are well stored and protected. It does incorporate a simple, modern design element to keep it classy and elegant. That’s not all; it uses ultra-soft watch pillows to hold small and large watches in an orderly manner.

The best part is, the coloring and the covering makes this beautifully designed piece to look elegance. It has magnets embedded in its lid. They are finely tuned to keep the cover secure and closed while also allowing easy opening. With this box storing your watches, you can be sure they will stay dust and scratch-free. Form the sharp, safe edges, all the way to its hidden rear hinges, the watch case delivers simple but classic design.

  • Heightened semi-polish espresso
  • Authentic glass top display
  • Simple yet refined design
  • Branded soft felt bottom
  • Ultra-soft watch pillows
  • Soft luxurious texture

#2. Ohuhu 12-Slot Watch Case

Ohuhu 12-Slot Watch Case

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By: Ohuhu

Ohuhu 12-slot watch box, an organizer, and display storage watch case is the next recommendation. It’s a watch designed for a variety of uses and ideal for both men and women. With it, you can now be able to keep your watches and jewelry safe and well organized in a stylish way. It comes with a solid wood construction featuring high-quality, elegant, waterproof, and wear-resistant PU leather. The design ensures you get a durable and sturdy unit ideal for use for years to come.

In another view, this box is something attractive, and now thanks to its large glass lid, you can use it as a jewelry and watch display case. The locking mechanism employed here allows the unit to stay safe and dust-free. The interior features smooth, ultra-soft velvet, and pillows are keeping the watch in position and preventing scratches. It’s a perfect watch case for both personal and business use.

  • High-grade PU leather surface
  • Removable velvet pillows
  • One-hand easy opening
  • Multi-functional use
  • Large real glass lid
  • Metal lock catch
  • Nice gift idea

#1. Cas De’Lux Watch Box Case

Cas De'Lux Watch Box Case

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By: Cas De’Lux

If you want an extra-large premium-made watch organizer case, we give you the Cas De’Lux Watch Box Organizer. Apart from being a highly-rated product with the largest capacity here, this Cas De’Lux Watch Case is also elegant and beautiful. It also features a premium PU leather surface featuring sleek contrast stitching. The construction allows it to have a classic, attractive appearance that makes it a great decorative accent.

And you know what, the model also has decorative pillow lined compartments featuring drawers designed to preserve your watches and prevent aging. And for multi-purpose applicability, the case has a no-logo, real glass top, allowing you also to use it as a displaying watch box. Additionally, the crate has a sturdy and secure lock designed to keep your preciouses safe. The general design of this piece makes it an excellent gift for any man or woman.

  • Classic, attractive appearance
  • Classic premium PU leather
  • Elegant contrast stitching
  • Beautiful framed glass lid
  • Great decorative accent
  • Sturdy & secure lock

Best watch cases Buying Guide

You might argue that buying a watch case is super easy. Yes, you will be right, but at the same time wrong. Getting the best watch case requires you to consider some features that make it perfect. And to ensure you have the most comfortable time, consider the following.

  • Construction: Durability and classy-look are the first things that you need to checkout. You need to buy something reliable, sturdy, and durable. That ensures you get protective storage that is also hard to break. Additionally, the unit needs to have a classy exterior and an elegant, soft interior. Apart from displaying your watches, the watch case should keep them away from scratches as well as dust.
  • Size and capacity: How many watches do you have? That is the question you need to ask yourself when it comes to capacity. Mostly, storage cases are from 6-slot going up. Some cases feature adjustable slots for fitting many smaller watches. Additionally, size also matters. You have to make sure the design allows it to hold the extra-large watches without any problem.
  • Functionality and versatility: While checking on the best watch case to buy, you need to think of how you plan to use it. If you need a simple storage box, then buy precisely that. However, if you need a displaying box, you got to ensure it has a glass top and proper lock. Also, if you need a watch box and a jewelry storage case, then getting a combo will be the best idea.
  • Style and design: Elegance and classy looking watch case is the ideal model you need to keep your luxury watches and accessories. You also need to ensure that the box organizer you buy has a design that fits your dressing room or closet.


There you go; everything you need to buy the best watch case in one place. Get one for yourself and have some peace of mind knowing your watches are well organized and away from scratches, aging, and dust. Good Luck!

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