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Top 10 Best Stocking Donners in 2024 Reviews

Stocking Donner

It can be a really daunting task to put on hosiery if you aren’t in any way incapacitated. However, it even is tougher for individuals suffering from various medical conditions. Thanks to the stocking donners since they aid those with flexibility issues regain independence. Categories that we are addressing here are the elderly, handicapped, disabled, children, those with minimal hand function, reduced strength, reduced tolerance for stooping and bending over, and those with immobility constraints.

There are no limitations to using them with compression pairs. Advancements in technology have seen these donners compatible with other medical support aids. We have done in-depth research and put together this buyer’s guide to help anyone in need of the best stocking donner to make the right purchasing decision.

List of 10 Best Stocking Donners in 2024

#10. JOMI COMPRESSION Stocking Donners


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JOMI offers greater comfort, convenience, and ease when taking off your socks and stockings. Its construction is sturdy enough to ensure that it serves you diligently for long and can pass it on to someone else in need of it. The manufacturer was tact enough to craft it using rust and corrosion-free material for durability and longevity. You need not worry when storing the stocking donner.

JOMI recommends that you use high-quality rubber gloves to achieve excellent grip and ensure that you don’t stretch, bend or strain. For ease of stocking wearing, use a little amount of baby powder to apply on your legs. They easily slide up.

  • Sturdy metallic construction
  • Great ergonomics
  • Easily adjustable

#9. JOBST 110910 Stocking Donner

JOBST 110910 Stocking Donner

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You all know that your dryer can lose or rough up your compression socks. They are irreparable and costly to replace. Jobst stocking donner comes in to rescue the situation. It is highly affordable and made from high-grade steel material. For this reason, forget about corrosion, rust, and their effects. The donners have two non-slip pads that are gentle on your hands and offer a great grip as you adjust the hosiery. On matters of quality, we can say that upon purchase, you get more value for money.

  • Made in the USA
  • Shorter handles
  • Heel slot is rounded
  • Steel frames

 #8. Bluestone Stocking Donners

Bluestone Stocking Donners

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You will highly appreciate the donner’s height. At 13.75 inches, children, the elderly, and incapacitated can easily use it without aggravating their medical conditions. The height is reasonable to counter the chances of injuries through bending, straining, and stooping. We can’t gamble on quality and durability when purchasing such equipment. This one is made from high-grade rubber-coated metal for accentuated longevity and strength. It will be in use frequently, in fact, daily so it doesn’t have to be weak and crappy.

Forget the worries of having to assemble this product after purchase. It comes ready to use from the box. The single construction is a way of enhancing safety from injuries and chocking on small parts and hardware.

  • No assembly
  • 75 inches tall for comfortable use
  • Made from rubber-coated metal
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#7. Sammons Preston Stocking Donner

Sammons Preston Stocking Donner

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Sammons’s offerings with regards to compression socks and donners is superb. This donner gives the handicapped and elderly easier time donning their stockings, socks, and hosieries which maintaining their health. Handles are covered with high-quality foam material for enhanced comfort and extra grip for secure sock wearing. The surface doesn’t snag. We attribute this exemplary feature to the baked epoxy finish which results in incomparable smoothness.

The stocking donner teaches the user to be independent once more and do more self-care alone. It as well enhances flexibility in the aged and incapacitated. Frames are made from high-grade steel for sturdiness, durability, and longevity.

  • Steel frames
  • Wide foot insert
  • Baked epoxy finish
  • Foam covered handles

 #6. Maddak SP Ableware Sock Donners

Maddak SP Ableware Sock Donners

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If you are looking to achieve compression, you can bag yourself this Maddak stocking donner that works well for pantyhose and regular stockings. Count on them for incomparable strength because of the steel frames that come with high-quality plastic coatings which are smoother for comfort and easier use. It boasts versatility.

Courtesy of its double model design, you can use it to wear your pantyhose, stockings, socks, compression stockings, and knee-highs. You need not bend, stretch, stoop, or strain. It has a single model as well but does a single sock at a time. The donners feature helpers with no handles to allow someone else put stockings or socks on the user.

  • 2-in-1 construction- double and single model
  • Steel frames with plastic coatings
  • Versatile application

 #5. Mediven MDV90000 Big Butler

Mediven MDV90000 Big Butler

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Mediven is a reputable health company and besides the manufacture of drugs, it also deals in health equipment like stocking donners. Finding compression wear for plus size chaps can be hectic and futile. What next after landing good-quality stuff that will aid in supporting your feet? Get this larger butler specifically for your size. It offers more comfort, convenience, and ease of use.

The handles are 18 inches tall making it easier to use. Calf openings are 6 inches wide making it an ideal choice for persons with broader legs. It boosts stability during use because of its sturdy construction. However, it doesn’t come for cheap when you compare it with large butlers in its category. So, brace yourself with some more bucks to secure this comfy donner.

  • High-end product
  • For larger chaps only
  • Calf openings at 6-inch width
  • 18-inch handles

#4. STOCKEEZ All in One Sockee Sock Aid Helper

STOCKEEZ All in One Sockee Sock Aid Helper


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Stockeez has been manufacturing mobility aid products for the handicapped and elderly for a long time now. So far, so good. These all in one helper are the best when it comes to donning socks and stockings without pain and straining. It comes with anchoring. This is via the adjustable hook that you can use on your chair. The handle dock is multi-functional making it an all-rounder for disabled and aged individuals. It guarantees stability when putting on stockings without causing any injuries. Ergonomics are well on point with the comfy handles for greater grip.

The handle is for inserting in the sock for easier and quicker wearing. An accompanying shoe horn is for attaching to the handle for trouble-free shoe wearing. It comes in a sleek yet compact and sporty design which makes it easily portable and stress-free to store. It is also lightweight to avoid being burdensome and aggravating your health condition. The good news is that this brand is among the few with warranty and return policy offerings. The warranty lasts 30 days from the day of purchase and if you are dissatisfied with the product, you can ask for a full non-questionable refund or replacement.

  • Multifunctional handle
  • Anchoring hook
  • Shoehorn
  • 30 days warranty
  • 100% return policy

 #3. Truform Regular Size Stocking Donner

Truform Regular Size Stocking Donner

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Regular in this case is based on the foo width which is 4 inches wide and anyone who is advised to wear a small, medium, large, or extra-large stocking can use it with ease. Recovery periods can be slower if you don’t have the right aiding and support equipment.

This one boasts excellent quality and is a go-for item. For Truform brand stockings it can also fit sizes double extra-large and triple extra-large. Frames are extremely lightweight yet very sturdy and made from wire material and a protective coating to avoid damaging delicate hosiery and stocking.

  • Wire frames with a protective coating
  • Compatible with a wide range of Truform stockings
  • 4 inches wide calf opening
  • Made in the USA
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#2. Vive Sock Aid Donner

Vive Sock Aid Donner

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Pulling up socks if you are incapacitated, elderly, or recovering from a surgery can be traumatizing. This sock aid comes with contours that are latex-free and from high-grade plastic shell to ensure that it comfortably slides over your heel and feet to pull up stockings with ease. Handles have high-quality grip foam for a comfy yet secure grip each time you need the helper. The foam is only 3cm and isn’t bulky to cause fatigue to your fingers and palms.

The cuff is slip-resistant and wide enough to ensure the sock remains on the soak assist and doesn’t slide off. Assist cords measure 33 inches making them easily adjustable. Use the button adjustors to achieve your desired length. Vive boosts your purchasing confidence by offering a 60-day guarantee on this product.

  • 60 days guarantee
  • 33-inch adjustable cord
  • Slip-resistant cuffs
  • Handles with 3cm foam padding for extra grip
  • Contours from Latex-free plastic shell

#1. JOBST Stocking Donner

JOBST Stocking Donner

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Steel is the main material used in manufacturing stocking donner frames and this one from JOBST isn’t any different. The result is a sturdier and corrosion-free donner which guarantees greater stability, durability, and longevity.

Grip handles come coated with foam for a firm and secure hold that is comfortable. Wearing medical socks becomes quicker and easier. It is compatible with persons with small to medium-size calves and has a maximum calf width of 16 inches.

  • Calf width of 16 inches
  • Foam coated grip handles
  • Steel frames

Things to Consider When Choosing Stocking Donners

Below are a few pointers and factors to have in mind when selecting the best stocking donner that will quicken and aid your recovery process without aggravating the situation.

Assembly: Not everyone is a pro at putting stuff together. Especially for the elderly, children, invalids, or convalescents who have no caregivers, they need a stocking donner that has already been pre-assembled and can be used right from the box.

Material: Here, we consider the frames structure and choice of material that manufacturers use. In our guide, all the options are made from steel. Steel is the commonest material used to make these sock aids because it is sturdier, lighter, and corrosion-resistant.

Height: Stocking donners come in various heights. Some are adjustable while others aren’t. You will need to consider the height of the intended user and that when they are in a sitting position to ensure you select a piece of equipment that will not add salt to their injuries.

Person to Use: The ability of the intended user is a major consideration when purchasing a stocking donner. There are those meant for children and specific persons while others come versatile and can use with either children, the elderly, injured, or disabled.

Anchorage: We have one product that has an anchorage mechanism to ensure that it boosts your confidence as you wear your compression therapy. These anchorage systems are in the form of hooks or straps that you attach to your chair for easy use.

Weight: No one who is recommended for compression therapy needs a piece of heavy equipment that will put a toll on their backs during movement. These donners need to be lightweight to ensure that they aren’t burdensome to transport or use.

Ergonomics: Our major target is the handles. Different manufacturers take different styles and designs in this case. Some handles are plain while others are coated with foam material to enhance grip and offer more comfort while wearing the compression socks.

Measurements: This is in terms of the length, height, and calf width. You should get a prescription from a therapist who will recommend the right size of a stocking donner to purchase. They come in small, regular, and large sizes. Some sizes are compatible with stockings of various sizes. However, you need to confirm from the manufacturer to avoid destroying your hosieries and stockings.

Model: The model is with regard to design and construction. Some brands offer double designs while others offer single designs. Others come as a 2-in-1 combination. The double section can be used to put on your stockings on both legs at the same time while the single structure simply takes one sock or stocking at a time.


Life is dynamic and some internal or external factors can compromise our health. That doesn’t mean that we can’t get help. People with mobility issues need to feel confident that they can be independent and do some self-care by themselves. Thanks to companies like JOBS, Mediven, Stockeez, and many others that are at the forefront of creating helpful compression technologies that have proven beneficial to millions of people. Our buyer’s guide contains the factors to consider when buying stocking donners and the 10 best stocking donners in 2024 that you can invest in. we accompany each product with features to give you a breezy time when deciding which one to purchase. Comb our website to see what more products to put in your cart this year.

Happy Shopping

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