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Top 10 Best Softbox Lighting Kits in 2024 Reviews

Softbox Lighting Kit

Professional photographers have taken image precision and color sharpness detailing to be their yardstick. And quality lighting plays a major role in achieving it all. It’s evident that photography can be defined by the photographer’s skills, camera specification, and of course, good quality of light. In photography, the role of these factors stills holds. You still require exceptional photography skills and a powerful camera to achieve unsurpassed shots. Also, we can go with mentioning softbox lighting kits for better imaging. And they feature in different varieties and types based on user expectations and needs.

However, choosing the right softbox lighting kit is so challenging, but luckily enough, we have outlined some of the robust models for you. Take a look!

List of  10 Best Softbox Lighting Kits in 2024

#10. LITEBOX Dual Continuous 1100W Softbox Lighting Kit

10. LITEBOX Dual Continuous 1100W Softbox Lighting Kit

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Check out this softbox lighting kit by LITEBOX. Firstly, this kit features premium materials hence able to outperform ordinary lighting kit setups. Secondly, it comes with a wrinkle-resistant fabric that is not only lightweight but also durable. Thirdly, it includes a quick start guide. This makes setting up the kit very easy and quick. The gear also has a USA 12-foot power cord with an OFF/ON switch.

With a 5500K Daylight color output, this softbox lighting kit is ideal for photoshoots, product photography, YouTube video filming, etc. Lastly, the package contains softbox umbrellas, a tripod stand, studio bulbs, diffuser panels, and a carry bag for storage.

  • 2 Octagon Softbox Umbrellas
  • Two sturdy Tripod light stands
  • A carrying bag
  • 2 HD 105W studio bulbs
  • 2 Diffuser panels
  • Weighs 9.39 pounds

#9. GVM 80W Softbox Lighting Kit

9. GVM 80W Softbox Lighting Kit

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Get the GVM-P80S, which is the best choice for interviews, live streams, and photography that need light colors with optimum accuracy, precision, and flicker-free output. This product features a strong 80W COB beads for efficient and stable continuous output LED light. FURTHERMORE, it has a high performance with 5600k color temperature which matches the sun. Also, it has a built-in silent fan for cooling and premium heat disputation.

Additionally, it is easy to carry it. It is also substantially compatible with many light accessories. It has a lighting brightness range of 10%-100%. Moreover, it beams at an angle of 120 °. In addition to that, It requires a voltage of DC30V. This softbox and light stand offers a wonderful experience.

  • Beam Angle of120 °
  • Uses 80W of power
  • Voltage of DC30V
  • The color temperature of 5600K
  • Lighting Brightness Range of 10%-100%
  • Light Net Weight of Approx. 0.9 KG
  • Light stand measuring 28-79inch
  • 22inch Soft Umbrella

#8. FOSITAN 2500W Softbox Lighting Kit

8. FOSITAN 2500W Softbox Lighting Kit

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Proceeding with this list, we have the FOSITAN professional softbox lighting kit. As expected, it creates enough soft natural light ideal for live streaming light filling, YouTube video filming, and photoshoots. It boasts of a convenient operation having a powerful 5-in-1 head socket. This makes it possible to control each of the bulbs separately. Besides, it features top-notch aviation aluminum alloy material. For this reason, this lighting kit is both lightweight and long-lasting.

Its light stand is also adjustable (28″-79″) and its boom arm stretchable (29″-55″). Having 11 45W CFL bulbs, it can provide a total output the same to that of 2500W incandescent bulbs. This makes it a must-have to photographer professionals. Finally, it includes a carry bag for convenient storage.

  • Eleven 45W CFL bulbs
  • Two socket heads
  • Three light stands
  • Has cantilever stick
  • Safety fuse box
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#7. Andoer Softbox Light Kit

7. Andoer Softbox Light Kit

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This product provides very powerful lights. It is highly portable and versatile. Uniquely, this kit provides light with different brightness. The super brightness feature allows for maximum illumination. Also, it has a bag, which has a very large capacity with extras like lens and tripod. Furthermore, it is the best kit considering its high light quality and general sturdiness.

In addition, it has a durable stand. This kit also has twelve pcs of 45W professional light bulbs. Moreover, it features a 5500k color temperature for optimal illumination. On the other hand, the premium softbox 20 by 28 inch ensures soft light, diffused light, and removes shadow. Finally, it Weighs 28.3 pounds.

  • Large capacity bag
  • High-quality Bulbs
  • Premium 20×28 inch softbox
  • Has a Durable stand
  • Weighs 28.3 pounds

#6. Fovitec 2500W Fluorescent Softbox Lighting Kit

6. Fovitec 2500W Fluorescent Softbox Lighting Kit

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Create a boundless array of lighting patterns to suit your style with the Fovitec softbox lighting kit. It is a perfect kit for film productions and studio photoshoots, including portraits, fashion, product photography, interviews, etc. Remarkably, it features a boom arm. This enables you to place the light above the object hence creating a hair light or flattering edge. On top of that, this kit includes 11 45W fluorescent lamps. Other than being energy efficient, the bulbs are also able to produce up to 5500K daylight color temperature.

Then again, it comes with a replaceable 5-amp fuse and a 10 ft power cord as well. Last but not least, the other contents of the package include socket heads, light stands, a carry bag.

  • Two socket heads
  • 11 45W lamps
  • Three light sources
  • Has boom stand
  • Includes light stands
  • Has 20″x28″ softboxes
  • Maximum capacity: 85W Bulbs
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#5. StudioFX H9004SB2 2400 Softbox Lighting Kit

5. StudioFX H9004SB2 2400 Softbox Lighting Kit

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StudioFX is a lighting system that offers constant light. It is accompanied by two softboxes and one overhead boom softbox. And to add to this, it is easy to set up and use it. The light perfectly works with DSLR cameras. Apparently, it is suitable for all photographers of all levels. It is primarily the best for video and photo lighting.

This boom overhead light offers unobtrusive lighting for the studio set up. In order to get the best angle, rotate your boom arm easily. Furthermore, it has the sandbag and counterweight included facilitating the balancing of the stand. Additionally, it features ON/OFF switches to give you total control over Brightness/Lumen. To sum up, this system is considered good for product shots, portraits, and videos.

  • Three 16″ by 24″ Softbox
  • Weighs 22.4 pounds
  • 3 x Light head to hold four bulbs each
  • Twelve 45watt photo and video fluorescent bulbs
  • Single premium Carrying Case
  • Two Top Quality seven-foot Light Stands

#4. MOUNTDOG 1350W Softbox Lighting Kit

4. MOUNTDOG 1350W Softbox Lighting Kit

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The MOUNTDOG Softbox lighting kit features four 135E CFL bulbs. The output supplied by these bulbs is equal to that of a 1350W incandescent bulb. However, these bulbs save up to 80% energy. With their great color accuracy, they make objects more stunning and moving. Another key feature of this lighting kit is its 54″ long boom arm. Together with the sandbag and holder arm grip, you have a wide range of positions. Therefore, you can find a seamless lighting spot.

The softbox lighting angle is adjustable up to 210° to enable you to achieve the ideal lighting effect at various angles. Further, its sturdy aluminum alloy stand is not only durable but lightweight to boot. It is also adjustable and can extend from 27.5″ to 80″. In conclusion, it features a 1-year warranty.

  • Comes with four 135W bulbs
  • Has three light stands
  • Boom arm stand
  • Sturdy aluminum alloy stand construction
  • Includes carry bag
  • 210° Rotatable Head
  • Adjustable Light Stand
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#3. HPUSN 85W Softbox Lighting Kit

3. HPUSN 85W Softbox Lighting Kit

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Make attractive photos with this high-quality softbox lighting. The PET material makes it up. Again, it maintains better reflective performance under the long-term heating of the bulb. Also, when the bulb lights continuously, the softbox does not emit unpleasant odors. Further, it has energy-efficient bulbs with two by 85W CFL and standard E27 socket.

Again, it features an adjustable stand and a 210° rotatable head. They are also accompanied by independent locking knobs. Moreover, this softbox lighting is suitable for distinct photography. It can function well in studios, whether fashion photo shoots, still life shots, children’s photoshoots, among others. Finally, it features a 24-month Guarantee

  • Independent locking knob,
  • Rotates 210° for different angles adjustments
  • Standardized Screw Thread of 1/4-inch
  • Three-section column design
  • Has an adjustable stand

#2. ESDDI 800W Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit

2. ESDDI 800W Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit

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Lastly, on this list is the ESDDI softbox lighting kit. It ultimately removes shadows by softening the light stream for ideal shooting. It features an E27 socket, which allows you to connect the light bulbs directly. In addition, it includes two 85W bulbs with an output equivalent to that of an 800W incandescent bulb. Moreover, the bulbs achieve a low operating temperature and can save up to 80% energy.

Furthermore, the softbox lighting angle is adjustable up to 210°. As a result, you can acquire the most suitable light from multiple angles. Setting up this kit is stress-free and quick as well. Its aluminum lighting stands are sturdy and lightweight. Their height can also be adjusted between 27″ and 80″. In summary, the kit includes a nylon bag for storage purposes.

  • Weighs 9.45 pounds
  • Two 85W bulbs
  • Nylon carry bag
  • Aluminum alloy stands
  • E27 bulb socket
  • Adjustable lamp holder
  • Material: high-quality Nylon

#1. LimoStudio LMS103 Day Light Umbrella Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit

1. LimoStudio LMS103 Day Light Umbrella Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit

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This product features solid safety in three legs stages. Also, it is light in weight hence easy to transport. This kit also has a carry case for photo equipment. On top of that, it features a 33-inch diameter umbrella reflector. Its material is nylon, and it best works with any lighting fixture or flash. Additionally, it can save up to 80% of energy.

For both professionals and beginners, the LimoStudio offers a high-quality studio set. It’s easier to cope with this frustration-free, simple, and quickly installable photo gadget. As you use lighting umbrellas for light diffusion, the camera captures a full-color spectrum with soft, supple light and neutral skin tones.

  • 33-inch diameter umbrella reflector
  • It is lightweight
  • Solid safety three legs stages
  • Saves up to 80% of energy
  • Premium Quality Nylon type of material
  • Carry case for photo equipment

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Softbox Lighting Kits

Diffusion: All softboxes feature two diffusion layers, which are made to illuminate over the full range of the softbox. Similarly, the diffusers assist in converting the tough point light origin of the flash, onto a larger, softer light-source that produces a diffused and uniform quality of light, which is more satisfying for your subject. Also, the diffusion minimizes deep shadows and specular highlights. Softboxes are commonly applied in commercial and portraiture photography.

Size: When shopping for a softbox lighting kit, the larger one should be your ideal option. The bigger one produces a softer light. Size, nevertheless, is a comparative term. A softbox of medium size positioned very adjacent to a model tend to appear large, & resultantly illuminate a soft light. However, even a softbox of large size placed adequately far away will yield hard light.

Honeycomb Grid: If you want to restrict light from spreading and spilling when you shoot a low-key image, then the product of your choice should have Honeycomb Grids. The grids are measured in centimeters. The smaller grid restricts more light from spreading. With honeycomb grids, the loss of light is very low compared to the softbox that lacks a honeycomb grid. Honeycomb grids play a useful role in reducing the instances of experiencing lens flare whenever you are rim-lighting or backlighting your subject.


In brief, photographers require a soft lighting box to achieve softer lighting. The above review has shown that the softbox lighting kits of choice should be of good quality interior alongside silver coating for ensuring maximum reflection. In all honesty, almost all the softbox lighting kits outlined above are comfortable, portable, and convenient for easy dismantling and installation. Choose the right softbox lighting kits for your needs.



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