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Top 10 Best Rocker Knives in 2020 Reviews

Rocker Knives

Rocker knives are designed to make cutting, chopping, and slicing seamless, even with one hand. With their sharp, curved blades, these knives are designed to use a rhythmic, rocking motion to fast-pace the cutting process. Also, the knife comes in handy for those who can’t use a fork and knife to eat, as they can perform both functions.

The top 10 best rocker knives in 2020 is a collection of unrivaled rocker knives that you’ll ever come across. They give you maximum comfort, safety, precision cuts, and are time-saving. All the knives on this list will also fit into your budget, despite the current competitive prices. Meaning, these are the most cost-effective solutions. I’ve also included a Buyer’s Guide at the bottom of this review. The guide will help you further spot one or two of the rocker knives that suit your needs. Here’s the list.

List of 10 Best Rocker Knives in 2020

#10. The Sammons Preston Rocker Knife

10. The Sammons Preston Rocker Knife

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This one-of-a-kind t-shaped rocker knife is ideal for everyone with little grip strength. Sammons Preston has designed rocker knives with two types of handles; some made of plastic and others made of wood. Both handles are usable by the disabled, aged, and handicapped due to their little effort needed to cut, chop, or slice. The handles are as well dishwasher safe, with plastic handles rated higher (220°C) than the wooden handles (125°C).

Multiple users have recommended the adaptive living aid products from Sammons Preston for their unbeaten quality, and this rocker knife is not an exception. Its handle keeps away your hands from the blade to avoid both contamination and injury. The stainless steel blade has no hiding points for bacteria and other germs, and this is highly hygienic.

  • The Blade is 3.5″
  • Made of stainless steel blade
  • The knife had a mass of 3.2 pounds
  • Its simple design makes cleaning the knife straightforward
  • The handle is 4.”

#9. The Lamson Ulu Rocker Knife

9. The Lamson Ulu Rocker Knife

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Whether you need a rocker knife for a gift or personal use, the Lamson Ulu fits both purposes. This American-made rocker knife is crafted to perfection by the world’s best cutlery experts, Lamson. The manufacturer has served the United States and beyond since 1987, and that explains the fact that they’re still in business to the moment because of trust.

The knife is made to cut and slice almost all foods, including meat, cheese, and pizza, without the user having to apply much effort or skills. The knife’s rocking motion collaborates with its razor-sharp stainless steel blade to give you effortless cuts. It’s also durable, easy to wash, and dishwasher safe.

  • The knife’s handle is made of walnut
  • It weighs 0.35 lbs
  • The Blade comes already razor-sharp
  • Made of stainless steel blades
  • It’s dishwasher safe

#8. The Checkered Chef Knife (With Cutting Board Set)

8. The Checkered Chef Knife (With Cutting Board Set)

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While it comes with a cutting board, this knife is still more cost-effective than others. And, with the chopping board having a concave shape, the rocking motion is made simpler and the cutting more comfortable and more precise. Likewise, the curved chopping board won’t allow your vegetables, onions, and others to move about during cutting. Those with arthritis and other complications can now use this rocker knife with just one hand.

You don’t have to be a chef or expert to use the Checkered Chef rocker knife — everything is straightforward. The grip handle is highly comfortable so that you don’t feel fatigued even while using the knife for long. This knife is also sharp, so that the effort used for cutting is little. It comes with a protective seal for convenient storage.

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Its cutting board is made of rubberwood
  • The perfectly contoured cutting board keeps the rocking motion
  • The board is easy to clean
  • The sharp blade is sharp and safe

#7. KitchenAid KC173OHERA Classic Rocker Knife

7. KitchenAid KC173OHERA Classic Rocker Knife

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On this list, the KitchenAid rocker knife is the most cost-effective. This, however, doesn’t mean that it has the least number of features. A twelvemonth’s warranty is offered by the rocker knife’s manufacturer to assure you that even the manufacturer trusts the quality of this knife. The warranty has it that you can replace the knife within a year of purchase.

The handle is made of a dishwasher safe, long-lasting plastic material. Featuring a plastic blade cover, this knife’s blade will remain safe, even while stored. The knife is usable both on the countertop or in a bowl.  After mincing and chopping your veggies and other foods, please use your hands to clean it for even more longevity.

  • The Blade is 6 inches
  • Made of stainless steel and dishwasher safe plastic
  • The Blade had a plastic cover for storage
  • It is to be used by a single hand
  • The blade is super sharp

#6. Alaskan Ulu Legendary Rocker Knife

6. Alaskan Ulu Legendary Rocker Knife

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If you want to enjoy — rather than feel sick — for your culinary chores, you need a rocker knife like the Alaskan Ulu. Customers from the Arctic, and beyond, have used and praised this knife over the years. It features on this list for its versatility, durability, beauty, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, among other rocking features. Its broad blade will serve all purposes efficiently.

Both single-handed and ‘weak-handed’ individuals will find it easy to use this versatile rocker knife. The wooden handle is easy to grasp and is large enough to accommodate all hand sizes. This handle is also comfortable enough to hold for long hours. The item weighs 7 ounces and comes in many colors. Here are more features of the knife.

  • Its blade measures 6 inches
  • High-grade wood used to make the handle
  • The blade can be easily sharpened
  • The blade is made of stainless steel
  • The design allows no storage of germs and bacteria

#5. The LunaChop Rocker Knife

5. The LunaChop Rocker Knife

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This mezzaluna knife cuts all your veggies, pizzas, salads, and more — hard and soft. It has one of the sharpest blades ever seen. The blade is, however, safely positioned from your hands so that it doesn’t put them and your food at risk of injury and poison, respectively. LunaChap has two handles, which gives you a better grip to keep you in control.

The LunaChop’s blade is made of a rust-resistant and easy-to-clean stainless steel material. Its whole-body design leaves no hiding spots for germs, and that also means that washing the knife is a walk in the park. Don’t be worried about how comfortable the handles are; they’re usable for the whole day. Below are additional features of the LunaChop knife.

  • Blade: 14 inches
  • Comes with a wooden stand
  • Blade: made of stainless steel
  • Ergonomic wooden handles
  • Sharp blades

#4. The American Metalcraft (PKR20) Rocker Pizza Knife

4. The American Metalcraft (PKR20) Rocker Pizza Knife

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Cutting and chopping should be a cinch with the American Metalcraft rocker knife. The knife has an extra large and sharp blade that, when used with the two handles, makes cutting seamless. It also features a blade made of stainless steel. This means a lot to your work and hygiene. Firstly, cases of breakage and rust won’t ever be a worry. Also, the knife is easy and safe to clean, and it will stay with you forever.

One of the chief factors to be considered during your search for the best rocker knife (or any other product) is the manufacturer’s reputation. The American Metalcraft is a significant player in the foodservice industry. It has been around for decades and counting. Are you worried about what it can cut? Don’t worry again. It can chop, cut, and generally slice any foodstuff.

  • Made of two comfortable POM handles
  • The blade is made of stainless steel material
  • It weighs 1.74 pounds
  • Blade: 20″ broad and 4.5″ high
  • Easily sharpened due to the convenient shape

#3. The New Star Stainless Steel Rocker Knife

3. The New Star Stainless Steel Rocker Knife

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The New Star rocker-style knife makes cutting and chopping a rhythmic, enjoyable process. Plus, it gives you the comfort you need with its soft handles. The handles are as well durable and presentable. New Star’s blade is also large for smooth cuts. Due to its large blade, the knife features two ergonomic handles that increase stability while at work.

Safety is taken care of by the manufacturer, as your hand will come in contact with this knife’s blade at no point. The two (handles and blade) are relatively safely placed so that even in the event that your hands slip, you don’t get cut by the razor-sharp blade. The blade is constructed to last while keeping away rust and other germs. Washing the knife is easier than I can describe.

  • Blade: 20 inches wide
  • Handles: made of polypropylene material
  • Features two handles
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Fast cutting speed

#2. The Bold Bee Rocker Knife

2. The Bold Bee Rocker Knife

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The Bold Bee mezzaluna knife is bold with the way it cuts, chops, and slices your vegetables, fruits, pizzas, and other foods. It is made in a perfect Italian design, with stainless steel for the blade and two ergonomically designed handles that are the most convenient for any task. The long, rounded handles are said to be more comfortable and easy to grip.

Stainless steels are of many types, and the 304 stainless steel used for the blade of this mezzaluna is often only found in five-star kitchens. As you enjoy these features and more, you don’t have to break the bank since this knife won its position after in-depth cost-benefit analysis. From the same analysis, it is also clear that the knife will help you escape replacement and repair costs.

  • It comes with a blade cover
  • The blade is 12 inches long
  • 304 stainless steel for the blade
  • Rounded and longer handles offer better grip
  • Comes with a stainless steel soap

#1. KitchenStar Rocker Pizza Cutter

1. KitchenStar Rocker Pizza Cutter

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The dishwasher safe KitchenStar Rocker Pizza Cutter is the best rocker knife in 2020! The knife tops the list with a food-grade, stainless steel blade that is hygienic, easy to clean, long-lasting, and rustproof. You can now cut all types of pizza, brownies, fruits, vegetables, and other foods precisely and with a lot of ease. The manufacturer assures you of satisfaction with a 100% money-back guarantee.

This knife is usable both on a flat and concave chopping board. It also fits many people’s budgets, as you don’t need to hit the jackpot to purchase it. While in use, there are very few chances that you can cut your hands — the case is the same while cleaning the knife. Take a look at more features below.

  • Comes with a plastic blade protective cover
  • This blade is 16 inches long
  • Made of food-grade stainless steel material
  • The Blade is thick to resist breakage but sharp for easy cuttings
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Weighs 1.15 pounds

Things to Consider When Choosing Rocker Knives

Observe Safety: While rocker knives are designed to keep your hands away from the blade, it can still hurt you, depending on how it’s made. Some rocker knives (not on my list) have their handles made of weak materials that can easily split and puncture your hands. While shopping for one, you must ensure that the handle is both comfortable, smooth, and solid. Also, the blade should also be hygienic to avoid food contamination.

Quality is Mandatory: Stainless steel is the most recommended material for the knife’s blade. The material lasts long, doesn’t easily rust, and is strong enough to resist bends and breaks. Thus, it’ll save you money by eliminating replacement costs. Likewise, it will reduce the chances of food contamination by reducing the cases of rust and broken parts mixing with food.

Choose Knives that Promote Hygiene: There’s no debating that multiple edges and joints on the knife are dwelling spots for germs. And, such spots are also hard to clean. The knife you choose should have the least number of such spots. When germs hide in them, they can easily contaminate your food through contact. Likewise, the knife should be made of food-grade materials alone.

Consider the Blade Length: The blade length of any rock knife determines what you can use it for. Generally, longer blades are usable for more laborious cutting tasks, and vice versa. If you want to deal with softer foods like a few herbs and others, short-bladed rock knives will help. The long-bladed rock knives can be used for cheese, nuts, and all the tasks that the short-bladed ones can complete.

Look out for the Cutting Board Size: Some rocker knives come with cutting boards. For convenience, if the cutting board is concave-shaped, it has to be slightly larger than the knife’s blade size; a smaller one won’t be usable. Also, flat cutting boards are known to cut across all the blade sizes, so they’re an ideal option.

Other Factors: The above constitute the main factors to look into while selecting the best rocker knife to use. However, you may also consider the price, manufacturer, warranty period, consumer feedback, size, and ease of use, among others.


Having the best rocker knife in 2020 is as simple as poring over this review. All the rocker knives featured on my list are cost-effective, ergonomic, user-recommended, easy to use, long-lasting, hygienic, effective, and beautiful. You no longer have to find the best products by first wasting time and money on the wrong ones. Please don’t pass without sharing such a piece with your friends and relatives. Meanwhile, I wish you the best of luck while shopping, pals!

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