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Top 10 Best Rebar Tie Guns in 2021 Reviews

Rebar Tie Gun

If you are working in wire production industries, then the rebar tie guns are common machines for your daily activities. They are very essential equipment for companies. It is easy to use them since they are battery-powered. Also, they are durably constructed. Furthermore, they feature multifunctional designs for convenience. They are also versatile. To save time, they work pretty fast.

In addition to that, they are lightweight and portable. Nevertheless, there exist so many brands of the rebar tie gun, but to find the best one may not be easy. But here are various factors that will guide you as you make your best decision. Choose the one that best meets all your needs from the list below.

List of 10 Best Cordless Rebar Tie Guns in 2021

#10. Mophorn Automatic Rebar Tying Machine

Mophorn Automatic Rebar Tying Machine

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This rebar tie gun from Mophon is automatic rebar tying machine with a handheld rebar tier. Firstly, its carbon steel wire measures 0.8mm in diameter while its wire length measures 110m/roll, making it compact and lightweight. Also, the machine has two lithium batteries. In all honesty, each battery takes 1.5 hours to get fully charged. Its 1300mah battery capacity provides 4-6 working hours. Secondly, it has 30-60mm/1.2-2.3inch steel strapping for better applicable scope. This handheld tying machine will help packing rebars quickly and save the workforce by 3-5 times.

In addition to that, it has a highly efficient, simple, and convenient operation. By pressing the wire switch and power switch, you can control the wire-out process and as well as working conditions. Last but not least, the max rebar tying machine is mostly used in setting up tunnels, bridges, reinforced concrete structures, and more reinforcement work making it ideal for heating floor mesh, floor pipe, steel bar, etc.

  • Light and compact
  • 30-60 mm steel strapping
  • Convenient, simple, and highly efficient.
  • The battery capacity of 13200mah
  • Contains two rolls of tying
  • Run-on two lithium-ion batteries.
  • Batteries charging time: 1.5hours

#9. NEWTRY MF-870 Automatic Rebar Tie Gun

NEWTRY MF-870 Automatic Rebar Tie Gun

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Next on this compilation is an automatic rebar tie gun from NEWTRY. It has potent lithium batteries that work longer. Besides that, it is characterized by a powerful copper motor which delivers strong power for extended tying operation. The operation of a NEWTRY rebar tying gun is convenient, effective, and easy. On top of that, this rebar tying gun takes approximately .8 seconds to complete a single knot. Furthermore, 3000knots can be completed by one filled battery.

What’s more, this gun uses high-quality steel sharp forging knife-edge, making cutting iron wire easier and faster—with its tightening regulation & line length regulation, controlling the length of filament and cost-saving I possible. Finally, this product can regulate tightness, making it great for different environments. It can fix the steel bar firmly and quickly.

  • Large lithium batteries
  • Support convenient and easy operation
  • Non-slip handle
  • Stronger power and prolonged time.
  • Saves cost and control length of filament
  • Adjustable tightness and suitable
  • Ten customizable tightness functions
  • Characterized by pure-copper motor
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#8. KOHAM Cordless Electric Tying Gun

KOHAM Cordless Electric Tying Gun

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Presented to you by Koham is a rebar tie gun, which is electric-powered, ties vines faster than manually. It gives better performance and high efficiency, also reducing labor cost and damage to plants. Furthermore, it is very flexible to operate in different conditions due to its portable design. Moreover, its anti-slip handhold design and lightweight can assist users in working efficiently and longer. The machine favors people with arthritic hands.

Additionally, it has double lithium batteries, which are rechargeable having along with life battery with a perfect charger that can charge two batteries each at a time. Also, it has adjustable six different levels that appear on the screen. Giving details on low battery power reaches 20%. Last but not least, the tying machine wire would naturally disappear after a quarter, making it effort-saving and eco-friendly. Also, the tying machine is used in different farms, orchards, large pastures, gardens, tape tool, and other vine plants.

  • Easy to renew tying wire.
  • Six adjustable tightness level
  • Two rechargeable lithium batteries.
  • Improved charger for charging two batteries at a time
  • Lightweight and ergonomic anti-slip handhold design
  • Ties 8000 times when charged fully

#7. MAX USA Corp. RB398 Rebar Tier

MAX USA Corp. RB398 Rebar Tier

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Max USA Corp. provides optimum power to tie any rebar at a terrific rate. The 1 second per tie is its actual tying speed. Besides, it runs on 14.4 V Li-Ion battery, which makes rebar binding and tying faster. It also characterized by 3.0Ah battery capacity, which takes 1.5 hours to get fully charged. Every charge makes about 2000 ties. Apart from that, this rebar tie gun from MAX USA also One-Hand Operation due to its compact and lightweight design, which makes it useful and convenient to use.

Additionally, the rebar tie gun can be grabbed easily during operation in the workplace. It is a versatile gun used in constructed bridges and subways. Also, it features an adjustable 8-34mm strapping.

  • Batteries capacity: 3.0Ah
  • Adjustable strapping 8-34mm
  • Batteries Voltage: 14.4V
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact, & light design
  • Batteries charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Tool Weight 5.2 pounds
  • Characterized by 120 ties/ coil and three wraps/tie
  • The gun makes 2000 ties/charge

#6. MABELSTAR RT-395 Rebar Tie Gun

MABELSTAR RT-395 Rebar Tie Gun

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MABELSTAR RT-395 is an automatic rebar tie gun with intellectualized construction power. Unlike traditional tools, this rebar tier gun ties rebar automatically. Similarly, the high rate of this rebar tying machine saves time 3-4 times as opposed to the manual workforce. Moreover, it has a highly advanced and simple structure design that delivers unsurpassed convenience and efficiency when working.

Additionally, MABELSTAR is a multipurpose rebar tier gun that can be used in various construction industries like a bridge construction site, subway, and buildings. Also, it has 8-34mm adjustable strapping that supports its operation in various environments.

  • CE Approved for convenience
  • 8-34mm adjustable strapping
  • Automatic tier gun
  • Highly versatile machine
  • Weighs 16.5 pounds
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#5. BN Products BNT-40X Cordless Tiger Rebar Tier Gun

BN Products BNT-40X Cordless Tiger Rebar Tier Gun

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The BNT-40X is an advanced rebar tier gun. It is compact with the lightweight design making it easy to grip. The gun has a well-balanced pull trigger that allows for faster tying of rebar. In addition to that, BN Products BNT-40X is well integrated with a one-piece CNC solid nose piece. Its long-life battery, when fully charged, can produce about 5000 ties.

The standard zinc-plated wire is hinder corrosion and rust. The 18V battery drives the tier gun’s brushless motors. This gun is also money and time-saving. The package has two batteries, four spools wire, and a charger in a hard molded plastic portable case ready to operate. Lastly, it’s accompanying warranty of one year.

  • Package includes the battery charger, rebar tier gun, four spools of wire and two batteries
  • Long-life CNC solid nose piece
  • Packed in a solid molded carrying case
  • Has glove-friendly grip with its compacted and lightweight design
  • 18V lithium-ion battery with high performance
  • Extruded aluminum, plastic

#4. PEX GUN PG101 Complete Rebar Tie Gun

PEX GUN PG101 Complete Rebar Tie Gun

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PEX GUN PG101 is a battery-operated rebar tie gun. The rebar tying tool features 14.4v lithium-ion batteries with 1.5 hours charge time. Furthermore, the batteries generating over 2000 ties when the battery is fully charged. Also, this tier gun comes complete with premium-quality wire coils that protect its gears protecting wires from clogging. It operates easily and can even one-hand-operation.

The gun is a high-speed and economical tool that saves a lot of your resources and time. Besides, the PEX GUN PG101 is also budget-friendly, supporting the simple operation. It also characterized by durable polymer material. Apart from that, it super portable, thus efficient and convenient at any workplace. It also features a tool kit, which protects the gun from any damage.

  • 14.4-v Lithium-ion batteries
  • Over 2,000 wire ties /battery charge
  • Weighs 15 pounds
  • One-hand operation
  • Features polymer material
  • Premium-quality wire coils

#3. Makita XRT01ZK Rebar Tying Tool

Makita XRT01ZK Rebar Tying Tool

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The Makita rebar tie gun features a cordless design. Moreover, it features a tying capacity of up to about 5,300 ties. It uses a 5.0Ah battery and can tie many bars in less than one second. Then again, it is able to tie up to 4 x 4 diameter bars and 2×5 diameter bars. In addition to that, it has two operation modes. These include continuous and single modes. The BL brushless motor runs the cooler efficiently for a longer duration compared to the standard motors. Amazingly, it adjusts the tying strength digitally to meet different tension strength needs. Uniquely, it has an easy-load wire reel make and an auto-locking mechanism built into its protective cover.

On top of that, its handle features ergonomic rubber construction to increase comfort. The extreme protection technology ensures improved resistance to water and dust. So you can use it even if the conditions are harsh. Finally, it weighs 11.69 pounds.

  • It weighs 11.69 pounds.
  • Tying capacity of up to about 5,300 ties
  • A 5.0Ah battery
  • Two operation modes including continuous and single modes
  • BL brushless motor with longer operating time
  • Easy-load wire reel make and an auto-locking mechanism
  • Rubber handle for comfort
  • The extreme protection technology offers resistance to water and dust

#2. Max Usa Corp. RB441T TwinTier Rebar Tier Gun

Max Usa Corp. RB441T TwinTier Rebar Tier Gun

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Coming second on this compilation, we have the RB441T rebar tie gun. To begin with, it has three new innovative mechanisms for efficiency. Uniquely, it has double the normal speed. The double wire feeding mechanism helps to increase productivity. On the other hand, it reduces wire usage to reduce costs.

When you have fully charged the battery, it can tie about 4000 ties. It ties 3 by 3 to 7 by 7. Since it ties tighter, it uses less wire in one tie. Remarkably, this rebar tie gun ties two times faster than RB398. To conclude, it weighs 16 pounds only.

  • It weighs 16 pounds
  • Three new innovative mechanisms for efficiency
  • Uses less wire to reduce cost
  • It makes 4000 ties when the battery is full
  • Ties two times faster than RB398
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#1. MAX RB655 Rebar Tie Gun

MAX RB655 Rebar Tie Gun

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This rebar tie gun comes with a 9.6-volt battery. This NiMH battery has a capacity of 3.3Ah. In addition to that, it has a wire size of 16ga. Also, it has a rebar size of up to about 8 by 9. One wrap features one tie. On the other hand, one coil features 120-230 Ties. When you fully charge the battery, it will make 420 ties.

Another advantage of this rebar tie gun is that you can operate with a single hand. Not to mention, it features a tying speed of 0.8-1.1 sec./Tie. It is compact and lightweight for convenient carriage. More specifically, it has a height of 13-3/8 Inches, a width of 4 inches, and length of 13-3/8 In. This tool has a weight of 7.2 lb.

  • NiMH battery with a capacity of 3.3Ah
  • It weighs 7.2 lb.
  • Height of 13-3/8 Inches, a width of 4 inches and length of 13-3/8 In
  • Wire size of 16ga
  • 420 ties per full charge
  • One-hand operation allowed
  • A tying speed of 0.8-1.1 sec./Tie
  • Compact and lightweight for convenient carriage

Things to Consider When Choosing Rebar Tie Guns

Multifunctional: When in need of a rebar tie gun, make sure that it serves all purposes. It should fill pipes well and also work in the building industry. It should be safe and simple to operate. The machine needs to be affordable and able to serve various functions.

Durability: The best rebar tie guns should be durable. Before buying one, ensure that it lasts longer. This means that it should be made from durable materials like steel plastic. Also, it should be easy to maintain.

Versatility: The best rebar tie guns need to be versatile; they should be easy to operate and ready to use. Also, they should be operated using one hand to reduce fatigue. It requires being resistant to dust and water.

Design: Before you buy a rebar tie gun, you need to ensure that it has an exclusive design so that it matches all your requirements. Also, check and ensure that it has a battery with high capacity, charges faster and lasts longer. Additionally, it should be lightweight and compact for easy usage. Finally, it has to be portable.


In brief, it is easier to operate rebar tying guns. This is because they use high capacity batteries. These batteries take a short duration to charge, but they have a longer runtime. Besides, they are often found in most construction industries. The constructors use it to build bridges, subways, and filling pipes. Moreover, they are convenient and portable. Then again, they are affordable, economical, and simple to use. Pick one today and make the tying job easy.

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