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Top 10 Best Queen Bunk Beds in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide


Saving space is often a big challenge, especially for people who live in apartments or condominiums. Luckily, there exist some ingenious ways that help you save space while still adding a charming modern look. One of these inventive ways is getting a queen bunk bed, which takes minimal space at the same time offering plenty of space to rest.

The best Queen bunk beds are time tested to not only assist you to save space in your kid’s or guestroom but also makes a great addition for any growing family. Even better, these beds are economical and practical addition for any room. In our post, we have enlisted the top best queen beds that bring you unmatched versatility, durability at the same time remaining on a budget-friendly price. Take your time to check them out and pick a model that meets your needs.

List of 10 Best Queen Bunk Beds in 2020

#10. Harper & Bright Designs Twin Bunk Bed

Harper & Bright Designs Twin Bunk Bed

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By: Harper & Bright Designs

Harper & Bright Designs Twin Bunk Bed is not only a fun addition to your kid’s bedroom but also make a practical solution for guestrooms, dorm rooms as well as other shared sleeping spaces. Different from other models, this model comes in a versatile design that accommodates up to three persons. It includes a twin size bed, a full-sized lower bed, and a pull out bed underneath. This makes it simply an excellent solution for any situation where you need to save the space.

Homes that have many family members or several kids, this twin bunk bed will suffice. It saves space, leaving plenty of playrooms while still providing sufficient sleeping space for up to three individuals. This is not all; the functional design doesn’t compromise the styling. In fact, this unit boasts of a timeless stylish that adds a charming look to your space. Moreover, it is made of high-end materials to ensure a reliable service for years.

  • Sleeps three individuals comfortably
  • High-quality pine structure
  • Features timeless styling that blends well with your interior
  • Sturdy slats offer plenty of mattress support
Reasons to buy it:
  • Includes four storage shelves
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Simple assembly that doesn’t require any expertise
  • Accommodate dense mattresses that are up to six-inched thick
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#9. Dorel Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk Bed,

Dorel Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk Bed,

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By: Dorel

Your kids will be excited about sharing their bedroom once you install this fun bunk bed from Dorel. Besides being one of the best space savers twin bed, this bed is practical and safe for the kids. It also meets the needs of a growing family. Instead of baby cribs that run small after a few years, this bed accommodates the need of growing kids. Another great feature we love in this model is the fact that it made of sturdy metal for enhanced durability and stability.

The bottom bunk bed is large enough to accommodate a twin mattress. Better still, your kid’s safety is never compromised thanks to the all-round guardrails. Additionally, the bed has a dual ladder on both sides of the bed that allows for a safe and convenient way for your kid to climb to the top bunk.

  • Sturdy metal construction with sleek metal finish
  • Includes a well-secured metal ladder
  • Impressive weight capacity for both lower and upper beds
  • Includes safety rails on top bunk
Reasons to buy it:
  • Great space saver
  • Oversized lower bunk is large enough to accommodate two kids
  • Stylish yet sturdy construction
  • Simple assembly as it comes with detailed instructions and all assembly tools

#8. Your Zone Metal Frame Bed

Your Zone Metal Frame Bed

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By: Your Zone Bed

If you are looking for a high-end bunk that doesn’t cost an arm and leg, then Your Zone metal bed is an excellent pick. It features a sturdy steel frame that ensures superior stability at the same time remaining an affordable option. While it doesn’t come with too many bells and whistles, this beautifully crafted is by far the most financially perceptive choice. The minimalist design also makes it easy to assemble, saving you both time and effort.

Unlike other models in a similar price range, this unit comes with a safety ladder and slants for safe climbing. Still, on safety, this unit also includes rail guides that enable your kid to sleep soundly. Even better, this unit doesn’t require Bunkie boards and installs easily. You can also choose from the various colors and pick the one that goes well with your kid’s room décor.

  • Industrial style platform bed frame
  • Works alone or under loft bed
  • Detailed assembly instructions included
  • Does not require any box spring
Reasons to buy it:
  • Stylish looking design blends well with your décor
  • Includes all round guard rails for enhanced safety
  • Minimalist platform construction
  • Helps you save your space

#7. Costzon Loft Twin Bed, Single Bunk Bed

Costzon Loft Twin Bed, Single Bunk Bed

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By: Costzon

Doubling as a handy workstation, the Costzon loft bed isn’t only for kids. Made from solid metal, this full-sized bunk bed is also perfect for teenagers as well as a college student looking for a space-efficient bed that transforms their bedroom into a well-organized workstation. The bed features a metal frame that is powder-coated to ensure stability and enhanced durability.

The exquisite finish gives your space a modern look while the tubular steel frame enables support weight of up to 330lbs. users agree that assembly is straightforward. Additionally, besides the space-saving design, it includes full-length guardrails and two ladders for easy accessibility.

  • Heavy-duty Steel Frame that supports 330 lbs
  • Full-length guardrails
  • Includes two ladders for enhanced convenience
  • Enhanced durability thanks to the powder-coated finish
Reasons to buy it:
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Suitable for Most Rooms
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Ideal for space-saving needs

#6. Discovery World Furniture Mission Twin bed

Discovery World Furniture Mission Twin bed

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By: Discovery World Furniture

Designed with convenience and safety in mind, this twin bed brings you all the necessary features that you need in trendy and functional bunk beds. It integrates an all-round guardrails and dual ladders for enhanced performance. The space-saving design also makes it a great pick for your kid’s room, dorm rooms; studio apartment, etc. in terms of construction, this bed is crafted using solid pinewood.

Organizing your room has never been easier. This unit comes with three inbuilt drawers that let you organize clothing, toys, and other items. Another feature that makes this unit stand out is the fact that it includes metal slats. This eliminates the need for use of Bunkie boards as well as improving the overall supported weight.

  • Included metal slats for enhanced durability
  • Come with4 built-in drawers
  • Solid pine wood construction
  • Accommodates Eight Inch Mattress
Reasons to buy it:
  • Features Exquisite Merlot Lacquer Finish
  • Meets All ASTM and CPSC requirements
  • It has all-round guardrails for enhanced safety
  • Easy to Assemble
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#5. Stephan Full over Full Bunk Bed Gunmetal

Stephan Full over Full Bunk Bed Gunmetal

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By: Coaster Home Furnishings

If traditional bunk beds are not your cup of tea, then this modern bed will surely come in handy. It boasts of a sleek, modern design that imparts an amusement style in your kid’s room. Similar to other bunk beds, it has an inbuilt ladder that makes it easy to access the top bed. What sets it apart from the traditional models is the fact that it comes with ladders on either side. Although it conveys a youthfulness and fun design, this model ensures superior stability.

Another main selling point is that the bed doesn’t require box spring. The lower bed accommodates an 8-inch thick mattress while the top accepts a 6-inch mattress. Overall, the attractive design combined with a gorgeous finish blends well with your home interior décor.

  • Doesn’t require box spring
  • It includes all-round guardrails
  • Superior, all sturdy metal construction
  • Impressive weight capacity for both beds
Reasons to buy it:
  • Exquisite dark gunmetal finish
  • Firm design for ultimate support
  • Easy to unpack and assemble
  • Dual ladder for enhanced accessibility

#4. DONCO KIDS Mission Bunk Bed

DONCO KIDS Mission Bunk Bed

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Coming in a dark Cappuccino finish, this amazing bunk bed comes in an alluring design that you will love. As expected, it is crafted from high-end materials to ensure enhanced stability and stability. Besides, thanks to the exquisite design, this bed adds to your kid’s style quotient making the room even cuter. Better still, besides the sturdy construction, this bed has been rigorously tested to meet the ASTM and CPSC safety standards.

It includes all-round guardrails and fully sanded wood that has a smooth coating to prevent splinters. For enhanced safety, the unit also boasts of child-safe and lead-free finishes. For enhanced versatility, the bed can also be separated into two full-sized beds.

  • Solid wood construction for enhanced stability and durability
  • It doesn’t need any Bunkie boards
  • Includes a Roll-Out Trundle
  • Meets both ASTM and CSPC safety standards
Reasons to buy it:
  • Easy to set up and perfect to relax
  • Firm design for ideal support
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Sleeps 3 individuals comfortably

#3. Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin Low Bunk Bed

Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin Low Bunk Bed

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By: Max & Lily

When you are transitioning from the kid’s nursery into a bed that will accommodate the needs of a growing family, this model will not let you down. The Max & Lily low bunk bed combines quality, style, and affordability. It stands at fifty inches high making it one of the best low bunk beds. For enhanced convenience and added fun for the kid, the bed also features a slide that adds ultimate fun for your little one.

Equally, this bed sits only two inches from the floor, so that your kid doesn’t struggle getting on and down from the bed. This is not all; this unit also comes with all-round guardrails and an angled ladder that allows for easy climbing. Additionally, we love the long-lasting VOC finish that gives the room a clean look.

  • Ladder or staircase entry option
  • Solid pine wood construction
  • No Bunkie board needed
  • Impressive 400lbs weight capacity
Reasons to buy it:
  • Meets federal safety standards for kid’s beds
  • Includes an angled ladder with rounded edges
  • Durable, sturdy and strong
  • Includes a slide for extra fun

#2. Storkcraft Caribou Bunk Bed

Storkcraft Caribou Bunk Bed

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By: Stork Craft

Having been constructed using solid rubberwood and heavy-duty composite, the Storkcraft Caribou bed is a perfect pick for just any home looking to save space. This cleverly designed bed combines a timeless design and seamless quality that befits not only your kid’s bedroom but also your guest room, dorm room as well as other spots with limited space.

For ultimate versatility, this unit can be configured into two separate twin beds. This makes it a versatile option for people looking to remodel their house but the current space can only accommodate one bed. Besides the solid construction, this unit is compliant with all the CPSC and ASTM standards. Even better, it features a beautiful finish that adds a charming feel to just any space.

  • Configures into 2 Twin-Sized Beds
  • Full-Length Safety Guardrails
  • Doesn’t need box spring
  • High-Quality Guard Rails
Reasons to buy it:
  • Safe and Easy-to-climb technology
  • Boast of a better creative layout
  • High-quality construction and simple assembly
  • Choose from multiple colors

#1. DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed

DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed

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The DHP Twin- Bed is the definitive bunk bed that fits every lifestyle. Whether you are a busy professional looking for a space-efficient bed for your condominium or you have a growing kid that is too big for a crib, this bed has you covered. First, this bed utilizes the vertical space, which most often remains unutilized. This saves you the much-needed floor space. Secondly, this bed is crafted from high-end alloy frame that is not only stable but also durable.

Equally important, this unit accommodates two full-sized beds. And, unlike the competitors, both beds can accommodate mattresses that are up to six inches thick. What’s more, this bed has an impressive weight capacity of up to 450lbs making it a great choice for not only the kids but adults too!

  • Two integrated side ladders for enhanced versatility
  • Impressive 450lbs weight capacity
  • Has an inbuilt Support System
  • Crafted from metallic alloy frame
Reasons to buy it:
  • The ultimate space-saving solution
  • Amazingly simple to assemble
  • Multi-Functional Use
  • Highly Attractive and durable
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The Best Queen Bunk Beds | Buyer’s Guide

A queen bunk bed is a bed that stacks one or more beds. Traditionally these beds were often found cottages, military bases, and hostels. But, thanks to their space-saving design, these beds are great for kid’s bedroom, guestrooms, as well as other shared sleeping spaces. While they have a similar design, we are going to list some of the few features that you should consider before settling on the best model that meets your needs.

  • Size: The size is one of the most critical aspects that you should consider before you purchase a bunk bed. As mentioned, these beds have a similar design. However, some models will accommodate more space than others will. For this reason, ensure that you measure the available space and pick a model that fits the space and leaves space for easy maneuverability.
  • Weight capacity: Next, consider the weight capacity. This is crucial for teenagers and small kids. Generally, kids and teenagers love bouncing on the bed. Therefore, you should ensure that you pick a sturdy bed that withstands the pressure. We recommend going for a model that has at least 500lbs combined weight capacity.
  • Safety: Safety should always remain a priority, especially if you are purchasing something that your kids are going to use. We strongly recommend going for bunk beds that are made from sturdy materials. You should also look at the included safety measures. First, ensure that the top bed has all-round safety guard rails. Next, look at the ladder and ensure that it is sturdy enough to ensure easy and safe accessibility.


As you may have noted, there are many great queen bunk beds to choose from our guide. Understandably, there is no size fit all beds; however, we have ensured that our guide brings you the best models available on the market. We have also included an additional buyer’s guide to assist you to gets your hand on the best model that meets your needs. Happy shopping and remember getting any of these beds will not save your space but make your home stylish.

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