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Top 10 Best Protective Padded Shorts in 2020 Reviews

Protection EVA-Padded Short Pants

Sports like skateboarding, snowboarding and skiing are very enjoyable and come with so much fun. All the same, all these activities are likely to end up in misery or happiness based on how you protect yourself. For example, snowboarding and skiing enthusiasts are required to wear protective padded shorts in order to prevent serious injuries or bruises. These shorts are always integrated with some blocks in order to protect and cover your thighs, hip, and even the groin area.

Protective padded shorts always come in different designs and styles. Buying the highly-priced shorts is not a guarantee for safety and the best protection. To make things easy for you when selecting the best protective shorts, we made the compilation below. It has the best-padded shorts that you can wear when involving yourself in these outdoor games. Read through the review and compare the different products. We hope that by the end of this review you will get the best protective padded short to buy.

List of 10 Best Protective Padded Shorts in 2020

#10. BEROY 3D Protective Padded Shorts for Women and Men

BEROY 3D Protective Padded Shorts for Women and Men

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If you would like to have a breathable and lightweight foam-padded pant, this will be a good pick. It helps to guarantee safety and comfort to whoever will be wearing it. What’s more, the manufacturers have made it in different size options from which buyers choose.

You will also like its flexible and durable design to make sure you enjoy outdoor sports with ultimate convenience. Among the sports that you can use these pants include snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, and many others. This is a risk-free purchase and you are allowed to take the pants back if you are not satisfied.

  • Lightweight and breathable design
  • Guaranteed durability and flexibility
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

#9. Youper Protective Shorts for Skiing, Snowboarding, and Skating

Youper Protective Shorts for Skiing, Snowboarding, and Skating

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These pants have been made with stretchable and comfortable fabrics to give you the convenience that you have always yearned for. What’s more, the pants have a moisture-wicking ability that helps to eliminate sweat. Given that the fabrics used are skin-friendly, you ought to buy with confidence. Apart from that, the pants come at a relatively affordable price to match your tight budget.

Another reason you will want to invest in these pants is the fact that they have different size variations. This, therefore, means that you will definitely get the right size. What’s more, the pants have a very lightweight which helps to make sure that you remain comfortable outdoors.

  • Stretchable and comfortable fabric
  • Made with skin-friendly materials
  • Good impact protection
  • It comes in several size options

#8. BenKen 3D Padded Short for Snowboard, Skiing, and Skating

BenKen 3D Padded Short for Snowboard, Skiing, and Skating

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These ski armor pants come with thick EVA-padding in order to protect various parts of your body from injuries. The elastic designed band will allow for easy adjustment as well as swift wearing and taking off. Another thing that you will like about these pants is that they have been well-ventilated in order to keep the body cool and comfortable throughout.

These pants feature a zippered and Velcro adjustment which allows them to accommodate different waist sizes. Being made with breathable materials, it means that these pants will always keep you comfortable during your outdoor activities. You also need to buy confidently since there is a guaranteed refund of money if you are not satisfied.

  • High-quality and breathable design
  • Zippered and Velcro dual adjustment
  • Premium protection shorts
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

#7. RIDBIKER Protective Armour Pants

RIDBIKER Protective Armour Pants

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These pants are made of wear-resistant and high-density nylon and PP material. They will, therefore, provide you with a safe and comfortable experience when you will be riding. Among the applications that these shorts find include skiing, riding and even skating. The fabric used is not only durable but also stretches to keep you comfortable as you cycle.

Given that has it has an elastic waist design, it, therefore, means that it will fit most waist sizes. With these pants, you can expect to have better protection on your hips, thigh sides, and even the groin area. The price for these pants is relatively pocket-friendly which means that everyone will afford them.

  • Durable and stretchable fabric
  • Elastic waist to suit most people
  • Ideal for different sporting activities
  • High-quality impact resistance

#6. S.K.L 3D Protective Padded Shorts

S.K.L 3D Protective Padded Shorts

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The SKL buttocks have been filled with several EVA pads that have been designed to fit the contours of your body perfectly. These shorts are therefore going to provide excellent protection from impact and contact on your skin surface. This material is environmentally-friendly and has excellent heat insulation. What’s more, it is very durable and will not deform after some time.

These are versatile shorts that will be fit for different outdoor sporting activities among them skiing and skating. The manufacturers have produced these shorts in 4 different sizes from which a buyer will choose from. You will also like the breathable and lightweight design for these shorts that make them very comfortable to wear.

  • Upgraded flexibility
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Breathable and lightweight design
  • Great cushioning to resist impacts

#5. OHMOTOR 3D Padded Shorts, Heavy-Duty Gear Guard

OHMOTOR 3D Padded Shorts, Heavy-Duty Gear Guard

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These are thick and EVA-padded shorts that have been made in a strong and in an impact-resistant design. The fact that these shorts have been made in a durable design means that you will not be wasting your money by investing in these shorts. You will also like the ease with which you adjust the waist for these shorts in order to get a customized fit.

Another great thing about the shorts is that they will be very easy to wear both for kids and the old men as well. The soft and breathable design, on the other hand, makes them very comfortable to wear all day. What’s more, you will have the freedom to choose your preferred color and size based on your needs. Since these shorts come at an affordable price, you will have all the reasons to buy.

  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • Several sizes and colors available
  • All-round padding for the best protection
  • Recommended for any type of sport

#4. KOYOU 3D Padded Shorts for Skiing, Skating, and Snowboarding

KOYOU 3D Padded Shorts for Skiing, Skating, and Snowboarding

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These padded snowboard shorts have been made from a highly breathable fabric that is going to you warm without overheating. If you are looking to a long usage time for these shorts, hand-washing is recommended. You will also appreciate the fact that the fabrics that have been used to make these shorts are skin-friendly. This, therefore, guarantees your ultimate comfort whenever you wear them on.

These shorts come with a full elastic waist with a drawstring to bring you the comfort that you deserve. With several size options available, you will have the privilege to select your ideal size. Another thing you will like about these shorts is the fact that they come in a lightweight and breathable design. This, therefore, means that the shorts will ever be comfortable whenever you wear them.

  • Comes in a lightweight and breathable design
  • Waist with Velcro and an elastic design
  • High-grade impact resistance
  • Made with skin-friendly fabric

#3. Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts for Hip and Butt Protection

Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts for Hip and Butt Protection

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These are some other shorts that have been equipped with shock-absorbing foam cushion to guarantee the best protection and comfort as well. You will be privileged to pick your right size from the many available sizes based on your body size. The shorts will be ideal for different sports activities among them cycling, snowboarding, and skateboarding just to name a few.

Provided that you are wearing these shorts during the outdoor sporting activities, you do not have to worry about scratches and bumps. Another feature that you will like about these shorts is their resistance to heat and collisions now that they are made with high-quality fabrics. The fabric also takes a very short time to dry after washing not forgetting that it is skin-friendly.

  • Advanced heat & collision resistance
  • Durable and flexible design
  • It has been made with skin-friendly materials
  • Several size options available

#2. Triple Eight Men’s Padded Shorts – Skateboarding & Snowboarding

Triple Eight Men's Padded Shorts - Skateboarding & Snowboarding

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These are heavy-duty and impact-resistant shorts that are ideal for biking or cycling. The convenience you get from these shorts is that they perfectly fit under your clothes in an unnoticeable design. These breathable and padded shorts have been ergonomically designed for flexibility and mobility purposes in extreme conditions. There are five size options for these shorts from which you pick from.

These shorts have been equipped with 10mm EVA foam padding especially on the thighs to give the best protection when riding. You will also appreciate the fact that the pads are easily removable whenever you want to wash your shorts. The soft and breathable design for these shorts will make sure that there is a free flow of air to prevent sweating. With a limited warranty of 180 days on these shorts, you need to buy confidently.

  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Comes with a limited warranty of 180 days
  • Heavy-duty impact resistance shorts
  • Removable pods for easy washing

#1. Soared 3D Protection EVA-Padded Short Pants, Black

Soared 3D Protection EVA-Padded Short Pants, Black

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These shorts come in an EVA-padding that enables them to give overall protection to the butt, lumbar, the thigh as well as the crotch. The shorts will, therefore, help to protect the hip and tailbone of our kids as well as old men against shattering in case they fall down. You will appreciate the fact that the material used is lightweight and breathable and at the same time very soft to wear.

The adjustable waist that has a cushion padding on the inside makes it easy to adjust to meet different size demands. These shorts will, therefore, give a good fit to kids as they grow up. The fact that a packing bag has been included in this package means that you will have a simple time storing these shorts when not in use. You use these shorts in different indoor and outdoor sports conveniently.

  • Elastic fabric & adjustable waist
  • Made with a breathable material
  • Impact-resistant padding
  • Easy storage in the packing bag

Buying Guide

  • Material: Most of these outdoor fun activities will put so much strain around the groin area especially cycling. The best material will, however, be tolerant of any wear and tear and also offer the best aeration and comfort. You, therefore, need to make sure that the padded shorts you pick employ high-quality materials. Other than offering protection, the best materials will stand the test of time.
  • Size: You definitely have to select the right size of shorts when shopping. This, therefore, means having your size in mind when selecting these shorts. The good thing about these padded shorts is that they have been produced in different size options. It, therefore, means that you will get your ideal size. When you select the right size for your shorts comfort and protection come automatically.
  • Impact-resistance: To be sure that your shorts will be offering the best protection, it must be able to absorb impacts so perfectly. This is where the padding of your shorts come into play. You must check to guarantee that your shorts give the best resistance to impacts by employing quality padding materials. In case of accidental falls, the best shorts will leave you unhurt.


Anyone who is involved in outdoor activities such as cycling, skiing, or snowboarding is supposed to wear protective gear. Among the gear to be worn will include the protective padded shorts that allow you to have fun without worrying about your safety. After wearing these shorts, cases of lack of comfort, skin chaffing and pain in the groin area will be a thing of the past. Selecting the best shorts, however, will not be easy not unless you have the right information at hand. Other than spending your time researching for the best shorts, simply go through the compilation above and see what suits you best. In case you do not know how to shop for the best products, begin by looking at the buying guide section. Enjoy your shopping

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