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Top 10 Best Power Meter Pedals in 2022 Reviews

Power Meter Pedals

The power meter pedals are designed to aid in measuring the cycling power. They have been equipped with built-in sensors, which aid in measuring the power for and delivers accurate results. Apart from this, they are also built from quality material plus widely compatible for use on different bikes. Additionally, the power meter pedals are comfy to use due to the larger cleat area that offers better contact and ensures maximum power transfer. That said, they are elementary and quick to install in minutes.

Finding the right power meter starts by looking out for key things like battery life, construction, sensors, design, and cost just to name a few.

List of 10 Best Power Meter Pedals in 2022

#10. Time Xpro 15 Pedals

Time Xpro 15 Pedals


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Being one of the three main contact points on your bike, pedal selection remains a personal thing. People have different preferences in the bar tape. There are those who prefer more road feel while other people like a thicker tape that absorbs vibrations. The Time Xpro 5 pedals are meant for the connoisseur demanding from the best that comes from their equipment. Even though it is expensive, it has different adjustments and has also been made with premium and lightweight materials.

You will realize that the product features hollow titanium axle and a very lightweight carbon body. Additionally, it comes with ceramic bearings to make sure that you have the smoothest pedaling experience. For even a better spin, the 13.5mm stack height will lower rocking torque and also place the foot close to the spindle of the pedal to guarantee more efficiency.

  • Lightweight since it only weighs 174.6 grams
  • Features an easy clip system
  • Ultimate expression of the pedal technology
  • Comes with a carbon body with ceramic bearings

#9. LOOK KEO Max Meter Power Pedal

LOOK KEO Max Meter Power Pedal

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This is a high-quality and comfy pedal that you will find great for your bike. With the stainless steel cleat areas, it is a very comfy pedal that will prevent slipping of the feet. Besides this, the pedal has an oversized axle that has double seals thus a highly durable unit that will serve you better. More interestingly, the unit has been built with two miniature ball bearings so that it serves longer just as expected. The good news is that each pedal has a weight of 130gs, which makes it very reliable and lightweight.

Also, the pedal has a maximum graphite that brings about increased comfy and efficiency. It is recommended for use on LOOK bike and with the varying color options, you can always get the perfect color that will suit your bike. Despite the top-notch features, it is a cost-effective pedal that you will find great.

  • 260 weight per pair
  • Two miniature ball bearings
  • KEO max graphite
  • Stainless steel cleat contact area
  • Oversized axle with double seals
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#8. SHIMANO Ultegra Power Carbon Road Pedals

SHIMANO Ultegra Power Pedals

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You need to check out for a highly durable pedal that will serve you longer and efficiently. This is a perfect pick that has been made from the best quality of carbon composite material, which means that it will serve you longer. In addition to this, the pedal has a Chromoly steel spindle, which increases the lifespan. To add, it is an oversized pedal that will provide better comfort and large contact area thus prevents slipping off the of the feet. With the release tension and adjustable entry, you can easily customize the settings to provide a casual in-and-out system. The large body of the unit brings about efficient power plus aids in distributing pressure better for maximum performances.

The pedal also features stainless steel plates that aid in lowering the flex as it provides a smooth surface for the cleats. The pedal also offers a more uniform and stable distribution of laid thanks to the wide bearing placement. This will, in turn, deliver a smoother roll and extends the lifespan of the bearings.

  • Low profile design
  • Adjustable entry and tension release
  • Wide bearing placement
  • Carbon composite built
  • Chromoly steel spindle

#7. SHIMANO Trail Pedals

SHIMANO Trail Pedals

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Here is a quality SPD pedal that has been built from the best quality of the material to take the beating and function better. Due to the rugged built, the pedal will deliver a flawless operation irrespective of the condition. Second, to this, the pedal has been fitted with cartridge spindle bearings so that it serves longer. This will keep off both moisture and dirt from getting in thus reduces the maintenance cost and guarantees a longer life.

Additionally, the pedal has a large table-platform for better shoe contact. With this, it provides the perfect control and better power transfer for great speed. Again, it has a superior mud-shedding design that will easily allow debris and mud to fall off when you step on to the pedal.

  • Adjustable entry and release
  • Superior mud-shedding design
  • Reliable rugged construction
  • Table pedaling platform
  • Cartridge spindle bearings

#6. Look Cycle Keo Dual Mode Power Meter Pedals

Look Cycle Keo Dual Mode Power Meter Pedals

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Fitted with a transmitter pod system, this is an efficient meter pedal that will precisely measure power output for every leg. It is a very accurate unit with an error of +/-2% thus a unit that you can rely on for top-notch performance. The pedals are highly durable since they have been made from quality injected carbon and stainless steel to bring about extended use. Also, they are elementary to install in minutes.

The pedals have a larger contact area, which will keep the feet intact on the unit and enhances better power transfer. The protective stainless steel body makes them safe and convenient for all users. Lastly, they also provide better consistency and improved balance between the left and right foot.

  • Injected carbon body
  • Stainless steel axle
  • Wide non-slip platform
  • Transmitter pod
  • Protective stainless steel plate
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#5. Power Tap P2 Power Meter Pedals

Power Tap P2 Power Meter Pedals

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Power Tap P2 Power Meter Pedals is a great unit of power pedals that will easily swap between bikes for better compatibility. They are dual-sided pedals that provide the right power, left power plus an improved pedal metric; hence the ultimate selections that you need to try out. They are relatively lightweight pedals that have a total of 400g; hence ideal for your bike. In addition to this, they will transmit to any ANT+ or any flexible head unit.

That said, they are highly durable units with a silver body to offer a longer life. They also have a lower claw height that offers increased compatibility of the cleat to shoe for a comfy ride and prevents the feet from slipping off. The plug and play pedals are easy and quick to install.

  • Dual-sided nature
  • 400g weight
  • Lower law height
  • Pair of two pedals
  • Silver body built

#4. Wearable4U Favero Cycling Meter Power Pedal

Wearable4U Favero Meter Power Pedal

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Are you looking for the perfect power meter pedals that will suit your bike? This is a pair that you will find very convenient thanks to the true left power sensor. This will easily measure the power of the left leg. Besides this, the sensor is placed at the point where the feet will stay on so that it delivers a more accurate observation plus improved right and left foot balance.

The meter pedals have been equipped with a high-capacity battery that will offer up to 50-hours of runtime. The pedals are elementary to install plus available in varying colors to choose from, making them great picks for all users. Lastly, they have been crafted from the best quality of material for extended use.

  • True left power data
  • Rechargeable built-in battery
  • Built-in power sensor
  • Durable rugged built
  • Pedaling analytics

#3. PlayBetter Garmin Vector Clipless Power Meter Pedals

PlayBetter Garmin Vector Clipless Power Meter Pedals

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PlayBetter Garmin Vector Clipless Power Meter Pedals is a pack of two quality pedals that you will find suitable for your bike. The pedals have built-in sensors on the left pedal. This brings about better performance and accuracy of data. Apart from this, the pedals are highly durable since they have been constructed from quality material. With the large surface area, they provide better cleat to feet contact that delivers excellent power transfer. More interestingly, they have been designed in a wide range of colors to choose from.

Moreover, these pedals have protective cleat covers. This ensures that the road cleats are protected for longer life. The process of installing the pedals is a breeze and takes the least time possible.

  • Housed sensors on the left pedal
  • Protective cleat covers
  • Quality durable built
  • Pack of two pedals
  • Multi-colors
  • High-capacity rechargeable battery

#2. Garmin Vector 3 Power Meter Pedals

Garmin Vector 3 Power Meter Pedals

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When you need to get accurate measurements of your power as you cycle is now easier by getting this great meter power pedal. The pedals are designed to serve longer and with the pod-less sleek design, they are elementary to install plus brings about better cornering clearance. Besides this, they have built-in power sensors that will easily track and accurately measure your cycling power. The good news is that the pedals utilize the latest Bluetooth connectivity plus ANT+ wireless system for easy control with phone devices. The pedals will, therefore, connect seamlessly to any device for better control.

What is more, they are very efficient and accurate since they measure power specifically at the exact point that force is applied. They have built-in rechargeable batteries that will serve up to 120-hours thus very efficient. They are lightweight pedals that weigh at 316g per pair; hence a great selection you need to try out.

  • Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless systems
  • 316g weight per pair
  • Pod-less sleek designs
  • Built-in sensors
  • 120-hours battery life
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#1. FAVERO Assioma Power Meter Pedals

FAVERO Assioma Power Meter Pedals

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The battery life is a vital consideration you need to check for when making the purchase. This is a pair of meter pedals that you will find excellent for your needs since they come with a high-capacity rechargeable battery that provides up to 50-hours runtime. Second, to this, the pedals are available on dual or single packs to choose from. They are built from the highest quality of materials, which bring about extended use and better performances. With the large cleat area, they provide better feet to cleat compatibility, which also improves the power transfer.

The pedals connect seamlessly to IOS, Android, and bike computers through ANT+ and Bluetooth system, which allows for easy control. They are elementary and easy to install in minutes.

  • Cutting edge cycling technology
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ systems
  • 50-hours battery life
  • Rugged durable built
  • Pair of 2 pedals

Things to Consider When Choosing Power Meter Pedals

Sensors: For a power meter pedal to accurately measure the cycling power, it must have built-in sensors that will track the power intensity. Some pedals have the sensors embedded on the left pedals alone while some have the sensors built on both sides. For more reliable results, consider a unit that has sensors built on both sides. Again, the sensor should be located at the specific point that the pressure is applied.

Battery Life: Secondly, you also need to check for a unit that has a long-lasting battery. With a high-capacity battery, you are guaranteed longer runtime. For instance, some pedals have a 50-hours battery life whereas some have up to 120-hours battery life. Get a pedal pair that will serve you better and longer.

Built: You need a perfect power meter pedal that will serve you longer. For such a pedal, check a unit that has been crafted using the best quality of injected carbon and stainless steel. The pedal also needs to have a larger and non-slip surface for better foot contact.


The above reviews provide you with some of the best-sellers and top-rated power meter pedals that you will find favorite for your bike. They are widely compatible pedals that you can use with most bikes; hence perfect picks to try out. Again, they are elementary to install and with the large contact areas, they offer better stability and increased power transfer. Some of these units connect wirelessly via Bluetooth and ant+ for easy control; hence the ideal selection you don’t want to miss.

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