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Top 10 Best Panel Carriers in 2024 – Drywall Carriers

Panel Carriers

When you need to transport heavy materials like drywall panels and sheets, you should have the right equipment. The panel carriers are made from strong materials like ABS and steel. Moreover, they have very comfortable handles to prevent the hands from straining. Also, they are used for many applications. Moreover, they have higher load-bearing capacities to hold more weight. In addition to that, they are convenient to allow you to carry them using one hand.

Nevertheless, different panel carrier brands exist, but settling on the best carrier is not simple. Therefore, highlighted are several factors that you need to consider before choosing the panel carrier. Make sure that you pick the panel carrier that satisfies all your demands from this list below.

The 10 Best Panel Drywall Carriers in 2024

#10. ENPOINT EnPoint Sheetrock Drywall Carrier Plywood Panel Carrier

ENPOINT EnPoint Sheetrock Drywall Carrier Plywood Panel Carrier

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The ENPOINT panel carrier has a multi-frame and thickened base plate. Also, it features a load-bearing capacity of 80kg. Apart from being lightweight, this panel carrier has a compact design. Therefore, you can carry it in the tool pouch or in the pocket. Then again, it has a non-slip carry handle. Having a humanized design, it is comfortable for the hands. In addition to that, its pad has a lock for limiting the plates. Also, it prevents the goods from falling off and ensures safe operation. This panel carrier features increases control and balance during transportation.

The body is made from ABS plastic while the handle is made of TPR and ABS plastic. Remarkably, the dimensions measure 370 by 165mm. The plate has a maximum thickness of 35mm. Finally, it is red in color.

  • Size of 370 by 165mm
  • Multi-frame and thickened base plate
  • Red in color
  • ABS plastic body material
  • The handle is made of TPR and ABS plastic
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Non-slip carry handle
  • Plate thickness of 35mm

#9. LUBAN Drywall Panel Carrier

LUBAN Drywall Panel Carrier

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This Luban panel carrier is ideal for 0-1” panel thickness. It holds a compact load of up to 100lbs. Moreover, it allows one person to carry the panels due to its ergonomic design and the one-hand lifting system. It has a special, high-quality rubber-griping pad that is fitted on the plates. This protects the surface of the materials from being damaged.

Further, it does not bend on picking. Therefore, it reduces the risk of hands, shoulder, back, arms and neck injuries. It features a self-adjustment gripper. Its handle is made of impact-resistance ABS polymer. Uniquely, it has a soft handle, which is equipped to reduce hand pressure. This panel carrier weighs about 0.83 kilograms.

  • Weighs 1.83 pounds
  • Made of high-grade iron
  • Maximum load capacity: 100 pounds
  • Gripper panel thickness of 0-1 inch
  • Automatically adjustable gripper
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#8. PanelHook Adjustable Length Drywall Panel Carrier

PanelHook Adjustable Length Drywall Panel Carrier

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This panel carrier is ideal for transporting drywall panels with ease. Besides drywall panels, it can also transport other materials. Having an adjustable length, it offers the best visibility and center of gravity to ensure control and stability. Additionally, it has a large comfortable handle and a flexible strap.

Its compact design allows for easy transport and storage. You can keep it in a large pocket or a tool bag. Furthermore, it rests flat to allow you to place the panels easily. Its counter balancing platform pivots to grip the panel comfortably. Not to forget, it weighs 11.2 ounces. The extra-large padded foam handle ensures comfort when carrying the panel carrier.

  • It weighs 11.2 ounces
  • Extra-large padded foam handles
  • Adjustable length to improve control and stability
  • Compact design for easy transport and storage
  • A flexible Strap included

#7. FUYUAN Plywood Sheetrock Drywall Panel Carrier

FUYUAN Plywood Sheetrock Drywall Panel Carrier

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This panel carrier by Fuyuan is effort-saving and durable. It is made of a top-quality aerospace aluminum metal. Also, its clever design makes it easier to carry the board for long without fatigue. It features a plywood thickness of about 0-025 millimeters. Moreover, this panel is safe from external injuries. This is because it has an internal frosted design, which increases friction. This panel carrier is light hence easy to carry.

On top of that, the handle arm and the clamp are strong, giving you service. It is suitable for heavy sheet goods such as melamine, glass panels, plywood etc. Another important feature of this panel carrier is that it has a multi-flame base for stability. Lastly, it weighs 2.36lbs.

  • Weighs 2.36lbs
  • Durable and strong
  • The handle is made of premium quality metal
  • Clever design which is effort-saving
  • Automatic adjustable clamps
  • Plywood thickness of 0-0.25milimeter
  • Ergonomic design

#6. FivePears Sheetrock and Plywood Drywall Panel Carrier

FivePears Sheetrock and Plywood Drywall Panel Carrier

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The FivePears panel carrier has an ergonomic design. One person can carry it using one hand. Furthermore, it features a wider usage. It can carry drywall and plywood, panels, stabs, and sheets. Its self-adjusting gripper can accommodate 0-1 inch panel thickness. Additionally, the grip handle allows for one-hand carrying. Also, it is resistant to impact. Since the clamp can hold two panels or sheets once, it lifts loads weighing 200 pounds maximum.

Most importantly, it does the job faster. The handle and clamp are constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum. On the other hand, the joint features solid steel material. This panel carrier is ideal for carrying plywood, drywall, and sheet. It holds the materials tightly.

  • An ergonomic design
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • A wider usage
  • It holds two panels or sheets once
  • 0-1inch panel thickness
  • 200 pounds load capacity
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum and steel material construction
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#5. Gator Lift Plywood Panel Carrier

Gator Lift Plywood Panel Carrier

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The Gator Lift panel carrier is suitable for carrying plywood, tabletops, metal sheet and drywall. It has a strong clamp that holds a load of up-to 200lbs. Furthermore, this panel carrier features premium quality ABS impact-resistance handle. Also, its handle arm, together with the clamp, is designed with heavy-duty aerospace-grade aluminum. This ensures it can hold items for lifetime service. Further, its joints are made of a strong solid steel bar.

Additionally, it is very easy on the users back. The automatic adjustment clamp tightly holds the materials when lifting. Uniquely, the clamp can hold up-to two panels or metal sheets simultaneously. This panel carrier weighs 1.94lbs. In conclusion, its self- adjustment gripper holds panels with a thickness of 0- 1.3”.

  • Weighs 1.94lbs
  • Clamp holds two sheets or panels at a go
  • Weight limit of up to 200lbs
  • Ergonomic and durable
  • Handle made from high-grade ABS polymer
  • Handle arm and clamp are aerospace aluminum grade
  • Heavy-duty gripper

#4. IMT Drywall Panel Carrier

IMT Drywall Panel Carrier

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The IMT panel carrier makes your job safer and easier. One person can do the job easily. Further, it has an ergonomic design. Therefore, you will not twist the body or bend. It reduces strain on the neck, back, arms and shoulders. Most importantly, it is fit for different kinds of sheet materials. These include plywood, drywall, melamine, metal sheets, glass panels, large signs, and other materials. With the rubber grip pads, the materials’ surfaces are safe.

Equally important, it has an adjustable clamp to ensure easy usage. Its self-adjusting gripper accommodates 0-11/8″ panel thickness. On top of that, the handle features impact resistant and durable ABS polymer. Notwithstanding, it can hold 200 pounds of weight. Besides, it is PAHS, RoHS, SGS, and CE certified. Finally, it weighs 2.64 pounds.

  • It weighs 2.64 pounds
  • Handle made of ABS polymer
  • An ergonomic design
  • It accommodates 0-11/8″ panel thickness
  • 200pounds maximum load capacity
  • A wider usage
  • Silver in color

#3. ZUOS Lift Sheetrock and Plywood Panel Carrier

ZUOS Lift Sheetrock and Plywood Panel Carrier

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The Zuos panel carrier features a self-adjustment gripper. It has gripper certification through the SGS, CE and PAHS. The handle arm and clamp are made from aerospace-grade aluminum. In like manner, its joints are machined from solid steel bar. Its handle is made of strong ABS polymer that is impact-resistance.

Most importantly, its automatic adjustment gripper can hold a panel thickness of 0-1.5 inches. Also, this panel carrier is made with a heavy-duty solid material. This high-grade construction gives a guarantee for lifetime use. In the same way, its clamp can hold panels or sheets at a go. Then again, it has a maximum load capacity of up to 200lbs. It has a guaranteed 100 percent 1-year warranty.

  • Weighs 2.3 pound
  • Handle arm made of aerospace-grade aluminum
  • Holds load up to 200 lbs
  • Strong and durable
  • Self-adjustment gripper
  • Handle made of high-grade ABS polymer plastic

#2. Gorilla Gripper 44010 Drywall Panel Carrier

Gorilla Gripper 44010 Drywall Panel Carrier

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The Gorilla Gripper panel carrier is uniquely constructed. So, one individual can carry heavy sheets using it. To be precise, it is ideal for carrying drywall, plywood, melamine, particleboard, granite, and tempered glass. This tool helps to reduce strain on the neck, back, arms, and shoulders. This is because there is no need to bend. Furthermore, it is made of aluminum for durability. Amazingly, it has a self-adjusting design from 3/8” to 1-1/8”.

In addition to that, it has gripping rubber pads on both plates. This protects the materials’ surfaces from damage. This panel carrier ensures personal safety during use. Next, it has a great carrying capacity. In conclusion, it weighs 2.2 pounds.

  • It weighs 2.2 pounds.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum material
  • A self-adjusting design from 3/8” to 1-1/8”
  • Rubber gripping pads on both plates
  • Safe to use
  • Increased carrying capability
  • A wider usage
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#1. Bessey KFP Drywall Panel Carrier

Bessey KFP Drywall Panel Carrier

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This panel carrier by Bessey has a unique design. Its jaw is made of non-slip rubber. Further, this gives the user a comfortable grip when carrying it. The jaw measures 2-1.5”.Moreover, it is lightweight. Hence, it is easy to carry your items without fatigue. Additionally, it is made with strong die-cast aluminum material. This makes it strong and durable for a lifetime.

Remarkably, this panel carrier features a modern self-driven tension adjustment system. This makes it easier to clamp and hold tightly. Next, it can carry materials that measure 2- 1.5” wide. It has a maximum carrying capacity of about 100 lbs. Also, it has an ergonomic design. This makes it easier and comfortable to lift and carry your panel items. It reduces the risk of back and shoulder injuries due to its inner cover lining. Lastly, it weighs only 0.16 pounds.

  • Non-slip inner cover lining
  • Made of strong die-cast aluminum
  • The maximum load capacity of 100 lbs
  • Features an automatic adjustment system
  • Jaw width measures 2-1.5 inches
  • Lightweight and synthetic
  • Strong and durable

How To Use & Choose Panel Carriers

Handles: When buying a panel carrier, you need to ensure that you check the handle. Ensure that it has a rubber material. This is because rubber is non-slip and soft. As a result, it has a comfortable grip.

Application: The best panel carrier should be ideal for a wide range of applications. It should be suitable for carrying plywood or drywall. Furthermore, it should also carry sheets, panels, sheet goods, and sheep metal.

Materials: When choosing a panel carrier, you should check the material used to make the handle and joint. The best carriers have aerospace-grade aluminum handle arms while the joints feature solid steel material. The handle itself should be made of ABS polymer for durability.

Load capacity: The best panel carrier should be able to carry more than one panel or sheet. This ensures that your project is done efficiently and more quickly. In addition to that, it should have a higher load capacity so that you carry more weight once.

Easy to carry: Since carrying plywood, sheet, and drywall on the back is difficult; this tool should be able to take off the strain on your back. Further, it should allow you to carry those materials using a single hand. Then again, it should hold materials tight when carrying them.


When you want to carry heavy loads like panels and sheets, the panel carrier will free you from straining. Buy one today and save your back, arm, and shoulders. Nevertheless, when choosing a panel carrier, ensure it is durable. In addition to that, it should have comfortable and non-slip handles. Finally, it should be ideal for many applications.

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