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Top 10 Best Motorcycle Locks in 2024 Reviews

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Motorbike theft is no longer too odd to guarantee even the pettiest bit of laziness. It’s on the rise, and this means nothing good to motorbike owners. If you want to make life quite complicated for the thief, there’s no better trick than finding the best motorcycle lock. However, all locks won’t guarantee the excellent level of security that scares away thieves. Only a few will and these few are all on my list. Indeed, you’re lucky to meet this piece today. Read on.

I have put together a list of the Top 10 Best Motorcycle Locks in 2024 in this article. By best, I mean the sturdiest, most beautiful, and most cost-effective, among others. Likewise, I’ve included a Buyer’s Guide at the end. The guide will take you through the key factors to take care of while choosing your ideal motorcycle lock. So make sure that you read through the whole article and the benefits that await you are uncountable. Let’s go.

List of 10 Best Motorcycle Locks in 2024

#10. FOBOZONE Heavy Duty Motorcycle Lock

10. FOBOZONE Heavy Duty Motorcycle Lock

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The FOBOZONE chain lock is made of thick, reinforced manganese steel that’s resistant to both cutting and drilling. It has a perfect design with a length of 120cm and a waterproof lock cylinder. FOBOZONE has a unique key that can’t be copied. A safe nylon belt covers this lock. The belt is non-toxic and quite soft — to mean that it won’t scratch the parts of your motorcycle that it will be in touch with.

You aren’t limited to using this lock on a motorcycle alone; you can also use it on other machines like glass door, hand cart, lawnmower, et cetera. The company (FOBOZONE) places a bet on the quality of its product, thereby assuring users of a 24-month satisfaction warranty. Here are more features, pals.

  • The lock weighs 4.15 kilograms
  • Has a U-lock with a diameter of 12mm
  • The chain is 120cm in length
  • Every lock is accompanied by a storage bag
  • The chain is made of manganese steel

#9. Catalpa U Fingerprint Disc Brake Lock

9. Catalpa U Fingerprint Disc Brake Lock

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Catalpa U is the manufacturer of this lock, and it’s a highly trustworthy company, with several years of experience and praise. This lock eliminates carrying and losing keys. The key is your finger! This is interesting. And, despite being sophisticated this way, the brake lock is super strong! It’s made of an aluminum alloy that doesn’t rust, crack, or scratch.

The sensitivity of the fingerprint sensor is another advantage. Lemme describe it as excellently sensitive. Using your fingerprint as the key doesn’t mean that you are the only one that can unlock it, NO! You can add various other users, who you can also remove at your own time. The battery that works with the fingerprint sensor is highly powerful.

  • Powered by a 200mAh rechargeable battery
  • The fingerprint reader recognizes the owner’s fingerprint within 0.5 seconds
  • The lock meets IP65 waterproof standards
  • Has an “E-Lock” app that allows for remote unlocking (using Bluetooth)
  • You can add up to 10 users apart from yourself

#8. Acekit Veison Motorcycle Brake Disc Lock

8. Acekit Veison Motorcycle Brake Disc Lock

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A one-hand lock is enough to tell the thief to try elsewhere. That’s possible with the Alcekit Veison brake disc lock. It can be used for motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles. The anti-sawing and the rust-resistant lock is simple but strong, and easy to lock or unlock Alcekit Veison has confidence in its products. So, they’ve offered a full year’s money-back guarantee on this lock!

The best lock should also be conspicuous in color, and Alcekit obeys that. Further, the lock has a key that’s impossible to copy, even by the most knowledgeable and experienced locksmith. No master keys have a chance here. The company has also made the product affordable to most people. Security doesn’t have to be expensive. Read about more features below.

  • It weighs only 400g
  • The keys aren’t duplicable by anyone
  • Its core is made of stainless steel
  • It comes with a storage bag already
  • Has unique keys that can’t be copied
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#7. BigPantha Upgraded Motorcycle Lock

7. BigPantha Upgraded Motorcycle Lock

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BigPantha is a front brake lock that’s simple to install but hard to incorrectly unlock. It works by immobilizing the motorcycle’s clutch, making it impossible to steal. And, the lock is quite cost-effective, way lower in price than most. It saves your wallet a great deal. The process of locking your motorcycle takes only 5 seconds, so you can’t forget to lock it even while in a hurry. Plus, it’s compact and lightweight for the most comfortable portability. It can fit your pocket!

While it is built to last, the lock is weatherproof to prevent occurrences of rusting, heating to crack, and others. BigPantha has a universal lock operation, to means that it fits a wide range of motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, and others. The brand of your vehicle doesn’t matter. Please make sure that you only purchase the original one on Amazon. The ASIN code is a unique code.

  • Weighs 1.15 pounds
  • Grips up to 1.5 inches in terms of diameter
  • Locks in 5 seconds
  • Works with a wide range of vehicles
  • The key isn’t duplicable

#6. Grip-Lock GLRed Motorcycle And Scooter Lock

6. Grip-Lock GLRed Motorcycle And Scooter Lock

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If you want to alleviate worries about the theft of your motorbike, the Grip-Lock will lend a hand. Grip-Lock is an innovative motorcycle lock that works by immobilizing both your bike’s brake lever and throttle grip. The interior of this lock is made of steel. That explains how much the mission of breaking it is impossible.

While testing this lock, I realized that you don’t have to bend or squat to use it like is the case with others. You simply apply it on the handlebar in 5 seconds, and you’re done. It can be mounted on both handlebars — left or right. It comes in 10 highly visible colors that scare away the thief.

  • Only weighs 330 grams
  • Available in 10 different colors
  • Very compact: 15cm × 5cm × 5cm
  • Easy to store due to the lightweight and compactness
  • The core (interior of the lock) is made of steel
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#5. AKM Security Bike Chain Heavy Duty Lock

5. AKM Security Bike Chain Heavy Duty Lock

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You can now confidently park your motorcycle by the side of the road when you have the AKM Security lock. It comes in a pair of chains and U-lock. That means double protection. No smash, cut, or drill can affect the AKM; it’s stronger than you imagined. The thick steel chain is long enough for a secured lock. It’s also non-corrosive, and a soft nylon cover is used to cover it so that the sturdy steel doesn’t scratch your bike’s parts.

AKM Security lock is usable in many other vehicles apart from motorcycles alone. Cars, bicycles, and scooters are on the list. The security measures put in place are ideal for even the maximum crime areas. Plus, the lock is visible to lower the confidence of the thief. Take a look at other essential features below.

  • Made of rustproof steel
  • Has both a U-lock and chain lock
  • The chain has a steel thickness of 10mm
  • Total weight is 6.24 pounds
  • The lock is visible

#4. Tchipie 110db Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

4. Tchipie 110db Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

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Don’t be part of the news by having your motorcycle stolen. Buy the Tchipie Lock to protect your bike. The water-resistant lock is made of a waterproof body, to prevent rusting and avoid entry of water into the delicate interior parts. The lock’s alarm works by detecting vibrations. It beeps with a loud sound that scares the thief while alerting you (the motorcycle owner). You set the alarm on by only pushing a button.

Tchipie locks your motorcycle’s wheel tightly so that no one can move it an inch. The lock is hard to break and impossible to open with a fake key. The alarm often beeps for 10 seconds, but you can turn it off before that by unlocking the lock. Otherwise, you wait for 10 seconds for an automated switch-off.

  • It fits rotors with a thickness of up to 7mm
  • 110db alarm included
  • Body made of an aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Uses replaceable batteries for the alarm
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#3. XENA Intelligent Security XX14 Motorcycle Disc Lock

3. XENA Intelligent Security XX14 Motorcycle Disc Lock

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XENA opens up the top three list. This disc lock is one of the best security devices to invest your money upon with confidence. It’s made of one of the most potent versions of stainless steel. The steel metal is further mixed with other materials to prevent rusting. With such properties, the lock is usable in any environment and weather.

An alarm is included with this lock. When the lock detects a movement, it activates the 120db alarm to produce alerting sounds. 120db is loud enough to scare away the motorcycle thieves while alerting you. This alarm is powered by a powerful and long-lasting CR2 lithium battery. More properties of the lock are below.

  • Powered by a lithium battery
  • A 120db alarm is noisy enough for an alert
  • The lock weighs 7 ounces
  • The body is made of a 204 stainless steel
  • The lock has unbeaten weatherproof properties

#2. Oxford OF8 Motorcycle Disc Lock

2. Oxford OF8 Motorcycle Disc Lock

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Oxford OF8 has been tested for theft. The result was impressive. For a thief with the most powerful weapons, it will take a whole five minutes of continuous struggle to remove the lock successfully. During this time, the alarm is producing a constant sound alert, and the entire experience has been determined to send away 95% of thieves away. The lock is also colorful to increase its visibility. Visibility is the first thief’s confidence alleviator.

In my buying guide, you should choose a lock that’s easy to lock, easy to unlock, but hardest to open forcefully. This is one of such locks. Locking and unlocking it takes only five seconds while unlocking it takes five minutes + the alarm noise + the highest level of risk. Below are more features.

  • The chain is triple-heat hardened
  • Made of a hardened, rustproof steel
  • The lock meets security standards of Independent Thatcham
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport
  • Highly visible to alert the thief of security

#1. Kryptonite Motorcycle Chain Lock

1. Kryptonite Motorcycle Chain Lock

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Finally, the Kryptonite Motorcycle lock has taken the day. The 100% rated lock is the perfect option for your motorcycle. Kryptonite’s security scale has rated this lock with 10/10. The six-sided chain link, made of sturdy manganese steel, is both rust and corrosion-resistant. It neither corrodes the parts of your motorcycle that it gets in touch with. The chain is such long that it can be used to lock multiple bikes together.

The lock’s cylinder protection system is engineered using a unique key. The key has more than a million variations, which tells how hard copying it will be. This cylinder is further dustproof to reduce damages. A bare chain can destroy your bike’s parts; thus, Kryptonite’s chain is protected using a nylon cover that goes easy on your bike. More features are below.

  • The chain is made of 6-sided, 14mm, 3t manganese steel material
  • Non-corrosive nylon cover for more safety
  • Comes with three stainless steel keys
  • You can register for the key safe program
  • The item weighs 15 pounds
  • 15mm steel shackle

Things to Consider When Choosing Motorcycle Locks

Material: The primary consideration here is the material from which a lock is made. More resilient materials mean stronger locks and vice versa. Materials like steel, diamond, and aluminum are the best. Motorcycle thieves know these materials at a glance. If they realize that it’s a weaker one, they’ll easily break it and flee away with one of your treasures — of course, your motorcycle!

Ease of Use: Locking your bike doesn’t have to seem like you’re fighting. It should be a simple, painless process. Unlocking it with a key/password/fingerprint should also be as straightforward as locking it. You don’t have to look like the thief while unlocking your motorbike. Breaking the lock, however, should be a mission impossible.

Portability: You’ll be moving around with your bike, and wherever you stop, you need to lock it securely, because thieves are everywhere. For this reason, you’ll need a compact lock that’s easy to move around with. Bulky locks are meant for at-home security, and in this case, you’ll need one that will allow you to move around with.

Alarm: Some locks are attached to an alarm that can produce thunderous sounds when they’re touched. This is an added advantage when it comes to scaring away the thief. The alarm doesn’t only alert you, but anyone else around about the theft attempt.

Visibility: Your aim here is to make life hard for the thief right from the time s/he first takes a glimpse at your bike. The lock has to be visible enough to reduce the thief’s confidence, which may make him/her make a U-turn immediately. A less visible lock lets the thief get closer to your motorcycle, and s/he may apply “magic” to break it. Don’t let this happen.


Securing your motorcycle is mandatory, but using the right lock is basic. You just went through ten of the world’s best motorcycle locks. With them, you’ll have a reason to sleep, shop, and wander without worries about your motorcycle being taken away. The included buying guide will help you make the apt selection among the ten or more. Be sure to share this good news with others. Meanwhile, you have the best of luck during your shopping.

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