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Top 10 Best Mini Dirt Bikes in 2021 Reviews | Kid Motorcycle

Mini Dirt Bike 

Many teenagers and kids enjoy cycling a lot on rough roads or dirt, particularly mini dirt bikes. Mini dirt bikes can deliver not only practical and affordable riding solutions but also are fun and safe to ride. With the ideal mini dirt bike, your day-to-day cycle can bring enjoyment and a great sense of fun to your life. In all honesty, it is a prevalent sport for kids. There no other better performing bike than a mini dirt bike. Due to their mini construction and lightweight, mini dirt bikes are best suited for kids.

Unlike motorbikes, mini dirt bikes are easy to control, maintain, and handle, making them perfect for beginners. They are long-lasting and affordable. Nonetheless, there is a collection of options out there, which vary in performance, design, price, and speed. Let’s have a look at the outlined mini dirt bikes reviews. Pick your favorite model, and have fun!

Top 10 Best Mini Dirt Bikes in 2021 Reviews

#10. Coolster QG-210 70cc Dirt Bike

Coolster QG-210 70cc Dirt Bike

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This dirt bike is the most suitable for beginners and small children. This is because it features a small engine for steady and smooth acceleration. Therefore, it will not be fast for your small kid to handle. Most importantly, it has low noise. Furthermore, you do not need to mix oil and gas. Unlike 2-stroke engines, its 4-stroke engine is more durable and reliable.

In addition to that, you need to do the assembly. This includes wheels, fender, number plate, brakes, and Handlebar Brackets. Also, it features a maximum speed of 34 miles per hour. Further, its tank has a capacity of 1 gal. Then again, it features a maximum load weight of 80 lbs, Gross Weight of 110 lbs, and a net weight of 88 lbs. On the other hand, its Seat Height is 21”

  • Small engine for steady and smooth acceleration
  • Has low noise
  • Do not mix oil and gas
  • Durable and reliable 4-stroke engine
  • A maximum speed of 34 miles per hour
  • Tank capacity of 1 gal
  • Seat Height is 21”
  • Gross Weight of 110 lbs
  • Net weight of 88 lbs
  • A pull start mode
  • Features a chain transmission

#9. Razor MX650 Electric-Powered Mini Dirt Bike

Razor MX650 Electric-Powered Mini Dirt Bike

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The MotoTec Dirt bike is the best gift for kids. Furthermore, it is perfect for the backyard and driveway fun. You can easily remove the battery and charge it separately from your bike for a long time fun. Moreover, this electric dirt bike can speed up to 5 to17 miles per hour without pedaling. Also, it weighs 150 pounds.

This dirt bike has a fast-charging feature. Therefore it takes about 12 hours, and you’re good to go. It has a twist grip kind of throttle control. Furthermore, you need to assemble it. Again, it has a wheelbase of 14 inches, a seat height of 23 inches. In summary, it features aluminum rims and a key start.

  • It features aluminum rims
  • Speed up to 5 to 17 miles per hour without pedaling
  • Perfect for the backyard and driveway fun
  • Fast-charging for 12 hours
  • Assembly is needed
  • The wheelbase of 14 inches
  • The seat height of 23 inches
  • It has a key start.
  • Has 650 w batteries

#8. Razor Dirt Rocket Electric Motorcross

Razor Dirt Rocket Electric Motorcross

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Do you have a child who is at least 13 years of age and looking for the best gift to offer them on their birthday? Here is a ride that will mean the world to them and it can support anyone who weighs at most 140 pounds. Furthermore, Razor SX350 McGrath gives you uncompromised quality and it is designed for young riders.

If you are looking for the best iconic bike that you can use for off-road riding, consider buying this model because it features pneumatic knobby tires. With these tires, the bike can maneuver through any terrain during any season. Therefore, if you need a product that will give you maximum performance and support, this is the product that you need to invest in. To ensure that young riders have ultimate control, the bike features a hand-operated rear brake, giving you sturdy and reliable rides.

  • Pneumatic knobby tires
  • MX-frame geometry
  • Hand-operated rear brake
  • MX-frame geometry
  • 140 pounds weight capacity
  • Riser-style handlebars
  • Retractable kickstand
  • Spoked wheels
  • For riders above 13 years old

#7. Razor MX400 Mini Dirt Bike

Razor MX400 Mini Dirt Bike

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If your kid does not fear dirt, then get the Razor Dirt Rocket. It is suitable for teens with 13 years and above and kids. This dirt bike has a high performance since you can power it with electricity. Again, it has a long-range battery. The battery is rechargeable, with 24 volts, and it takes twelve hours to charge it fully.

Equally important is the extra features such as soft rubber grips, rear-brake that you operate using hand, double crown fork, the retractable kickstand, and the shatter-resistant plastic fairings. Other than its long-lasting nature, it is very durable because of the all-steel frame. Finally, this bike is comfortable and safe to use.

  • Long-range rechargeable battery
  • Comfortable and safe to use
  • Two 12 volts batteries
  • It takes 12 hours to recharge the battery
  • All-steel frame construction
  • large tires which are twelve-inch pneumatic knobby
  • It is electric-powered

#6. X-PRO Zephyr 40cc Kids Dirt Bike

X-PRO Zephyr 40cc Kids Dirt Bike

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This dirt bike has a size of 44” Long by 13” Wide by 24” High. Other than that, the engine features a 40cc cylinder. Furthermore, it has a seat height of 25.92″. On the other hand, its weight is 46 Lbs. Also, it is very fast with a top speed of 15 to 22 mph though this depends on the weight of the rider.

You only need to put on shock bolt, front-wheel and then tighten the handlebars for assembly. Moreover, it is accompanied by 365-day customer service support. Remarkably, it is suitable for young riders who are lighter, but also adults can enjoy using them.

  • The engine size of 44” Long by 13” Wide by 24” High
  • The seat height of 25.92″
  • The engine features a 40cc cylinder
  • Weighs 46 Lbs
  • Top speed of 15 to 22 mph
  • Suitable for young and light riders
  • maximum rider weight of 100 Lbs
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#5. Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike 70cc

Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike 70cc 

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If you are in pursuit of a reliable and powerful mini dirt off-road bike to conquer all outdoor activities, then you have no other better option than the Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike model. This model is designed with fully automatic transmission, characterized by a real 4-stroke engine motor and fully automatic transmission for powerful performance. The bike delivers 4-stroke power for tougher terrain and longer trails.

Moreover, this Holeshot Pit Bike is a warranty covered against defects in artistry. The other thing it boasts about is improved speed limiter that limits speed from 15mph to 30+mph. Besides that, this bike is also characterized by powerful rear & front disk brakes that ensure safety and maximum speed control.

  • Fuel tank capacity: 1gal
  • Real 4-stroke engine
  • Max Speed: 30+ mph
  • Improved speed limiter
  • Maximum weight capacity: 130 pounds
  • Has a unique design
  • Dry Weight: 88 pounds

#4. X-PRO Mini Gas Dirt Bike

X-PRO Mini Gas Dirt Bike

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Are you looking for the best dirt bike that will give you amazing value for your money? How about you invest in this X-PRO model that can accommodate a maximum weight of 250 pounds? Well, it will give you maximum comfort while on the ride and ensures that you have the support that you need. One of the things that you will love about it is that it is equipped with both rear and front chain brakes.

Therefore, you can be certain that the product gives the rider ultimate control in case of an emergency or whenever required. Additionally, it gives you premium quality, and to ensure that any manufacturing defects are covered, this product comes with a 30 days warranty. The tires of this product can maneuver any terrain during any weather.

  • 250 pounds weight capacity
  • 110CC single cylinder
  • Air-cooled engine
  • Reliable rear and front brake system
  • 30 days warranty  

#3. Fit Right DB001 49CC 2-Strock Mini Dirt Bike

Fit Right DB001 49CC 2-Strock Mini Dirt Bike

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Conquer the off-road with this mini bike from Fit Right. This 2-stroke gas motor model is noticeably bigger and beefier, characterized by a powerful motor with constantly variable transmission to provide a powerful performance. Fit Right DB001 49cc mini dirt bike delivers a lot of torque and power for tougher terrain and longer trails. Just like other bikes, it is durable and easy to assemble its parts.

What’s more, its steel frame has heavy-coated finish construction. It has a 2-stroke 49cc single-cylinder engine type equipped with an air-cooled system that prevents overheating. The other worth mentioning feature is its Speed limit of 50km for safety and better control. The bike can only support a maximum weight of 128 pounds.

  • Has 49cc single-cylinder engine type
  • Weight:48 pounds
  • Expansion Chamber Exhaust
  • Speed: 50km
  • Heavy coated steel frame finish
  • Load Capacity:128 pounds
  • Seat Height 65cm
  • Fully Automatic Transmission

#2. Tao Tao 110cc Mini Dirt Bike

Tao Tao 100cc Mini Dirt Bike

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The bolt 110cc kid’s mini dirt bike from Tao Tao is a power off-road, reliable, and affordable mini bike. This bike has a potent 110cc, high torque 4-stroke air-cooled engine for overheating prevention. Amazingly, it comes in a beautiful and stylish color design that enhances the independence and coordination of kids in play. This elegant color catches the attention of many rider and neighbors who see your kid riding a beautiful bike.

Fortunately, the handlebar on the right is integrated with the speed control system or speed governor with safety concerns. It can move at a maximum speed of 40 miles/h based on road condition and rider’s weight. This speed is safe and perfect for fun riding experience.

  • Anti-Drop Packaging
  • Pull Start System and automatic Chain Transmission for easier control
  • Engine: 110cc, 4-Stroke
  • Mechanical Disc Brake
  • Cooling System: Air-cooled
  • Fuel Capacity: 1L
  • Net Weight 125 Lbs

#1. X-PRO 110CC Dirt Bike

X-PRO 110CC Dirt Bike

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Do you want to upgrade your ride and get the best dirt bike on the market today? This X-PRO 110CC is the real deal and will offer you great value and quality. One of the things that you will love about it is that you get some accessories in the package that saves you money. Some of these bonus accessories included in the package are gloves, goggles, and handgrip.

Ideally, this product is disassembled during delivery. This means that you will need to assemble it before using it. The assembly process requires a lot of keenness as it determines how safe you will be when on the road. Therefore, you can consider hiring a professional in case you cannot trust your DIY skills. It is a strong product that is designed to accommodate at most 200 pounds.

  • 200 pounds weight capacity
  • Reliable brake system
  • Bonus accessories
  • Assembly required

How to choose the best mini dirt bikes

  • Weight limit: Not every mini dirt bike can support an adult’s weight and size, so it’s significant always to consider what manufacturer recommends for what age, weight limit, height, and a mini dirt bike is fit for. Most mini dirt bikes are engineered for teenagers and kids, but there are still some that are right for adults.
  • Power: This factor has a big influence on power and torque. When selecting a mini dirt bike, check whether it runs on electric or gasoline. While electric mini dirt bikes are affordable than gasoline-powered models, but they deliver less power and have less range compared to a gasoline-powered mini dirt bike. It’s also wise to note that refueling gasoline-powered mini dirt bikes is much easier than charging the battery of electric model of mini dirt bikes. Lastly, a gasoline-powered mini dirt bike demands more maintenance than an electric model.
  • Street legal: Mini dirt bikes do not come highway-legal; therefore, ride on bike paths, public parks, or isolated Acreage off-road. You’ll need to put some modifications in place before registering your dirt bike at a legal local vehicle agency. Always consider the specific rules and guidelines that apply to your region because there are variations in rules and regulations from one state to another.


In general, you have seen that there are very many models & makes of mini dirt bikes out there. That’s why we’ve outlined some models for you to consider before arriving at your final decision. All bikes above feature metal frame construction with a modern design. Therefore, it’s upon you to pick your favorite choice and start enjoying your time.


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