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Top 10 Best Megaphones in 2021 Reviews


While addressing a crowd, you must be generous enough with your voice to reach everyone. That may mean speaking at the top of your voice for the far-seated and those with aural issues. However, we both know that making noise isn’t healthy, especially to your delicate voice box, and body at large. Megaphones are the digital devices made to help you in this field — thanks to technology.

With megaphones, you’ll neither strain nor develop vocal complications in an effort to speak loud, clear, and smart. But, with the Top 10 Best Megaphones in 2021 that are reviewed in this article, you’ll have your audience updated with the highest-quality sound amplification over wide ranges and long distances. I came up with the list after carefully vetting the right qualities that should come with the best megaphones. The buyers’ guide at the bottom of this article is a bonus to help you choose your right fit.

List of 10 Best Megaphones in 2021

#10. Amplivox SB602R Bundled Mity-Meg 25W Megaphone

10. Amplivox SB602R Bundled Mity-Meg 25W Megaphone

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Save huge sums of money while enjoying a comfortable operation of the Amplivox SB602R megaphone. The device needs no battery replacements each time it runs out of power. Its rechargeable lithium Ion battery of a high capacity stores power for a day-long continuous operation. As you use it, your hands won’t get sore due to the ergonomic pistol grip.

You can use the Amplivox for three different functions; talk, whistle, and siren. It produces loud and clear sounds. It’s also lightweight to help you with long-lasting features. The Amplivox can send sounds away as far as more than a mile. However, the most convenient range is one mile. You have a variety of choices to make from Amazon as far as color is concerned.

  • Sends sounds up to a mile away
  • Constructed using a durable ABS plastic
  • Power: 25 Watts
  • The rechargeable battery can be fed from any AC outlets rated 110-240V
  • Battery indicator lights will show you the power level

#9. Knox Megaphone Speaker

9. Knox Megaphone Speaker

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If you need a megaphone that’s highly convenient for traveling, the Knox Megaphone from Knox Gear is your best fit. Plus, it sends sounds as far as more than you desire. We love the way this megaphone combines quality and comfort. Its AA batteries are able to withstand continuous use for up to six hours. The cells are replaceable. Lightweight design means that the megaphone is usable on any occasion.

For versatility, you can use the device in four different modes that include using it as a foghorn, whistle, condenser microphone, and siren. Each of the modes is loud and clear. The handle is also very unique and ergonomic at the same time so that your hands don’t feel sore. The device itself is ready for adventure. You should be prepared, too. Here are more features.

  • Powered by six AA batteries
  • Sound range: 400 feet
  • Weight: 0.6 kilograms
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Power output: 1.8 Watts

#8. CampCo UZI Ultra Mini Megaphone

8. CampCo UZI Ultra Mini Megaphone

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UZI is a famous company for supplying the military with quality products since the 1950s. The MP-204R megaphone with an adjustable volume is one of its latest quality-stamped products. While transporting the megaphone, you can fold its flexible handles and throw it into a backpack, or use the shoulder strap to carry it. I love the megaphone’s beautiful design.

For cost-effectiveness, this is again the best option. It also has a built-in microphone and a sound recording option to further help you ease your tasks. The device uses batteries, and the batteries are powerful. The product is made in China. An always friendly customer service team is there to help you with any issues. Feel free to contact them via Amazon.

  • Power output is 10 Watts
  • Powered by 4 C batteries
  • Item weight: 7 ounces
  • Made of high-quality, light materials
  • A LED light indicator shows the remaining power
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#7. The ThunderPower Megaphone

7. The ThunderPower Megaphone

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For any outdoor events that need high-quality sounds, add this megaphone from ThunderPower your shopping cart. You don’t want to sacrifice your strength while passing quality information to the right audience, do you? If your answer is yes, you have this lightweight megaphone to help you with just that. Apart from being light, it’s also compact in size for a convenient carriage.

Despite being one of the smallest megaphones on my list, it’s also one of the loudest, let alone being the clearest. Apart from amplifying your talks, you can also use this megaphone as a siren and whistle. If you purchase it from Amazon, you can also add a gift wrap to your cart so that you get to surprise your loved ones. This megaphone suits any medium-sized events.

  • Uses 8-AA batteries
  • Comes with a presentation microphone
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 15 Watts of power
  • Beautiful design

#6. Seismic Audio SA-MEGA1 Megaphone

6. Seismic Audio SA-MEGA1 Megaphone

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The professional SA-MEGA1 megaphone is both easy to handle and carry around. It suits both outdoor uses and uses in large rooms. According to the demands of your audience, you can always control the output volume to suit the occasion. You can use it for generally any event, as the sounds produced are ever clear and loud.

Don’t worry about the device’s power input as it uses powerful type C batteries that are replaceable so that you don’t spend much time charging. The manufacturer has offered a full year’s warranty on the product. This means that its quality is high, and the manufacturer can bet on that for a whole twelvemonth. More features are highlighted below.

  • Powered by 8 type C batteries
  • Item weight: 2.8 lbs
  • The maximum power output is 50 Watts
  • Coverage: a half a mile
  • Gas a siren mode
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#5. Technical Pro Megaphone

5. Technical Pro Megaphone

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The 50-Watt Technical Pro megaphone gives you the opportunity to amplify your speech, use it as a siren, and use an MP3 player, among other functions. It boasts a whole five-hour non-stop use and long-range sound amplification. The all-in-one megaphone can play your sounds, play a siren, and record anything for later use. The police, cheerleaders, firefighters, and other people can use this megaphone for both indoor and outdoor activities.

The ergonomic grip is crafted by professionals that know you need it for use in long-lasting events. Also, you can use the included wired microphone. There’s also a jack to connect the megaphone to your smartphone so that you can play music and sounds directly from the smartphone. The amplifier is lightweight to provide ease in transportation and mobile use. Take a look at other features in the next section below.

  • Powered by 8 C-type batteries
  • Has a siren mode
  • Projects sound to arrange of 1200 sq. Yards
  • Weight: 2.9 pounds
  • It has a diameter of 9.5 inches and a length of 13.8 inches

#4. MyMealivos Megaphone with Siren

4. MyMealivos Megaphone with Siren

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Whether you need talk, record, or siren functions, all are now available in just one device; MyMealivos. To be heard by everyone in your audience, you need to acquire such a loud sound amplifier as the MyMealivos. It has an output of 50 Watts, which can send sounds miles away. Despite this loudness, the megaphone also produces clear sounds that can be heard well with someone that’s very far away.

Plus, you don’t have to carry the megaphone as there’s a wired microphone for use. This, however, doesn’t mean that the device is bulky — it’s super light and easy to carry. An ergonomic pistol grip helps you achieve a comfortable carriage. Also, you can talk live to your audience or record sounds to be played later. A USB port for a flash is available, and you can also play music and sounds from your phone.

  • Coverage: 1200 yards
  • Uses 8 type C batteries
  • Record function included
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Only weighs 3.5 lbs
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#3. Pyle Megaphone Speaker

3. Pyle Megaphone Speaker

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Cheerleading fans have their best fit here: the Pyle megaphone speaker. This megaphone makes the speaker audible for up to 1200 feet away, clearly. The bullhorn speaker has a 50 Watt sound output. Its conveying strap makes easy moving it from an occasion to another, and the ergonomic grip explains how easy it is to handle, even for long hours.

You don’t have to purchase a separate siren again, as this megaphone has a built-in siren for you. All sounds are loud and clear, and the device’s connectivity is excellent, with a 3.5mm smartphone jack included. The jack can also be used by other compatible devices. Usable on the roads, in the fields, and indoors. Below is additional information about the megaphone.

  • It weighs 2.2 pounds
  • Has a built-in siren
  • Power source: 8 C batteries
  • Had a wired, detachable handheld microphone
  • Sounds can travel up to 1700 yards away

#2. Groove Portable 30 Watt Megaphone

2. Groove Portable 30 Watt Megaphone

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All events that need amplified sounds should be taken over by the Groove megaphone. The highly affordable, lightweight, and powerful amplifier is fit for cheering your favorite teams, scaring away animals, campaigning, and other indoor and outdoor activities. The sound produced by this megaphone is comfortable, loud, and clear. An easy-to-use control system is built on the device to help you with straightforward navigation.

You no longer have to speak loud or soft to make your sound suit the event. A volume control switch is there to control the loudness of your voice. Not only will this megaphone save your voice, but also strength, as it’s lightweight for easy portability. For compact storage, this megaphone’s handle is foldable. The grip is also comfortable to hold for long hours.

  • Carrying strap included
  • Uses four replaceable D-type batteries
  • There are built-in sounds like the siren and other songs
  • The 30 Watts of sound can be heard loudly and clearly 800 yards away
  • Made in the USA

#1. Kestrel Blue Ocean Megaphone

1. Kestrel Blue Ocean Megaphone

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So the best megaphone in 2021 is the Kestrel Blue Ocean Megaphone. It is made to solve all the problems that couldn’t be solved by other megaphones during coaching, firefighting, patrols, cheering, and many other events. The megaphone is made of a strong, reliable, and weatherproof material that is also lightweight for your convenience. A removable, powerful, and rechargeable battery is used to power this device.

You won’t have to alter your voice to achieve the most suitable volume for the audience again, but simply adjust this megaphone’s volume. The quality of the sounds produced is super high and sufficiently loud. The device’s rechargeable battery is protected by a twist-in lock so that moisture doesn’t find its way in. Here are additional features.

  • Sound can travel to 800 yards away
  • Features a powerful battery with a standby time of 30 hours
  • Made of polycarbonate material
  • The device is slow to cracks
  • Has ergonomic wrap-around handles
  • Weighs only 2.2 pounds

Things to Consider When Choosing Megaphones

Sound Range: You should ask yourself how far you need sound to travel. This will help you sort the megaphones by their sound ranges and select the most appropriate one. I suggest going for the option with a slightly higher range because you can always control the sound intensity to fit your audience.

Portability: You’ll be addressing different events at different times, so movement is guaranteed. You need to have a light megaphone that won’t divert your attention with its heavy weight. Also, carrying the device around shouldn’t be a struggle. For example, one with an ergonomic carrying strap will do. The size also matters in this case, and the preferable size is the smallest one.

Price: The amount of money you are willing to spend on a megaphone matter a lot. Your range of budget will often determine the range of qualities you’ll get away with. But, this doesn’t mean that relatively low budgets won’t win great qualities. In fact, I’ve selected top-notch megaphones with the lowest prices ever, but with the best qualities still.

Weather Resistance: Megaphones are rarely used indoors. That explains why they should be weatherproof and durable at the same time. A megaphone that won’t crack or get too hot to carry in high temperatures is a sub-par type. One that doesn’t get damaged when rained on, pushed by the wind, hit by high temperatures, or affected by other weather conditions is a go-to type.

Comfort: Nobody wants to struggle with soreness in any part of his/her body while using the best megaphone. One that is both friendly to your skin and is easily portable is the most preferable. All the ten items on my list have the ergonomics you’ll love to have.


Whether you want to address a concert, sporting event, or any other functions, this is the ideal list to choose your megaphone from. Long-range coverage, check! Quality sounds, check!, Cost-effective prices, check! Comfort, check!

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