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Top 10 Best Label Applicator Machines in 2020 Reviews

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While working on a small or a large production sector, labeling of your products is one of the ways of marketing yourself and creating your brand. A good label will sell you better than a poorly done one since it will show your commitment. You, therefore, require to have yourself a perfect label applicator machine to achieve flawless labeling.

The many different types of label applicator machines in the market might confuse you as a buyer and end up settling for a low-quality one. We understand the challenge that you might go through in your search, and that is why we bring you the top 10 best label applicator machines in 2020 in this article to help you come up with the best choice. The buying guide will lead you through the factors you should consider for your purchase.

The Top 10 Best Label Applicator Machines

#10. ZL5 Label Applicator Machine

ZL5 Label Applicator Machine

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The label applicator machine has a versatile design since you can use it in labeling different types of items, including bags, flats, boxes, and bottles. For the bottles, the shape does not matter as it can be round, oval, square, and hex, among others. It uses the laser indexing module that enables it to do exact label replacement and thus improving its efficiency.

With the ZL5 Label Applicator Machine, you can comfortably roll the labels to a maximum width of five inches and a diameter of eight inches. It is durable and sturdy to serve you for an extended period being made in the USA.

  • Handles five inches maximum width
  • Eight inches maximum diameter labeling
  • Has a versatile design
  • It is not selective to any shape of bottles
  • Suitable for a small business

#9. Primera AP550 Label Applicator (74391)

Primera AP550 Label Applicator (74391)

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Are you looking for a label applicator machine? The Primera AP550 works perfectly well with flat or the tempered bottles, boxes, lids, bags, tins, among others. It ensures that you get your labels without any wrinkles as it applies them straight and in a consistent position.

The label applicator machine comes with a LED display, which makes it easy to operate, which also has a counter making it more efficient. It is easy to set up and start the operation within no time. Its operation is smooth and effortless for the perfect results.

  • Wide range of label application surfaces
  • Straight and consistent label application
  • A LED display with a counter
  • Smooth to operate
  • It is quick to set up

#8. Tach-It KL150 Label Dispenser

Tach-It KL150 Label Dispenser

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It is easy and effortless to use this label applicator machine as it comes with a semi-automatic design. It works conveniently with both the die/cut and butt -cut labels making it very efficient. It relies on a photo sensor for its operation. The printer handles all types of labeling, including opaque rolled, fan-folded, or even the printed ones.

The label applicator machine conveniently labels up to four inches wide to meet all your labeling needs. It comes with a high-speed motor that labels 280 inches per minute, making it very efficient to use in the industries as it saves time. Setting it up is easy to start working within no time.

  • It is semi-automatic
  • Ideal for both die-cut and butt-cut labels
  • A speed of 280 inches per minute
  • Suitable for labels up to four inches wide
  • Relies on a photo sensor
  • Works with opaque rolled, fan-folded or printed labels

#7. Take-a-Label TAL-2100ER Label Applicator (21000)

Take-a-Label TAL-2100ER Label Applicator (21000)

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The label applicator is very efficient as it labels bottles with a diameter of one to five inches. It goes to a width of five inches, enhancing its efficiency. It is easy to set up and the labels on the bottles accurately. It also comes with a photo eye that detects when there is a gap between the labels and stops the motor to enhance accuracy.

It is reliable to use this label applicator machines since it has a high speed where it can label between 15 to 20 bottles per minute. It is, therefore, quick and perfect to use in an industry as it will save on time. It has an open carriage design that enables you to see the movement.

  • An electronic photo-eye
  • Easy to use and versatile
  • An open cartridge design
  • Labels 15-20 bottles per minute
  • Ideal for containers with a diameter of 1-5 inches
  • Five inches maximum label width
  • Ensures an accurate label application

#6. Mophorn LT-50D Label Applicator Machine

Mophorn LT-50D Label Applicator Machine

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The label applicator machine comes with a powerful motor with a high speed that enables it to label between 20 and 40 pieces of bottles per minute. It has a high label accuracy of ±0.5mm, where it prints three lines, each being 15 characters. With automatic labeling, it is efficiently and fast handling large amounts of load within a short time.

You can use the label applicator for either coding or labeling, where it works perfectly well with all types of round bottles. It has a high-quality construction with a copper motor, an alumina frame, and stainless steel screws so that it serves you for long. It also comes with rubber wheels, which are of high quality to prevent it from falling and thus messing up with your labeling work.

  • Labels 20-40 pieces per minute
  • ±0.5mm labeling accuracy
  • Prints three lines each 15 characters
  • Acts as a coder and a labeler
  • Has a durable construction
  • It dispenses and labels automatically
  • A stable photosensitive property
  • It is easy to operate

#5. KUNHEWUHUA Semi-Automatic Bottle Labeler

KUNHEWUHUA Semi-Automatic Bottle Labeler

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The label applicator machine uses 100W power, which gives it a high labeling speed of 20-40 pieces per minute, making it useful. It has an accuracy level of which makes it reliable. The machine labels a maximum size of W150 x L180 mm and a minimum of W26 x L25 mm.

With this label applicator machine, you can comfortably label the round bottles regardless of their size where their position is adjustable. You can use it for the plastic, glass, PET, and metal bottles and is thus useful for the food and beverage companies.

  • 20-40 pcs/min labeling speed
  • Uses the power of 100W
  • An accuracy of ±0.5mm
  • Suitable for all-round bottles
  • Adjustable bottle positions
  • W150 x L180 mm maximum size

#4. Hanchen Plane Labeling Machine

Hanchen Plane Labeling Machine

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While looking for an efficient and easy to operate label applicator machine, the Hanchen is a perfect choice. It works perfectly on a flat surface, plane labeling. The high-quality roller enhances its efficiency making it reliable. It comes with an adjustable paper feed tray and an elastic screw making it simple to use and convenient.

The label applicator machine comes with a high-speed motor, which ensures a higher production within a short time. Its performance is also stable, which enhances a longer lifespan. With the optical fiber amplifier which you can manually adjust, you can improve a flexible operation as well as enhance a precise positioning.

  • Suitable for a flat surface
  • An adjustable paper feed tray
  • Has an adjustable elastic screw
  • Comes with a high-speed motor
  • A flexible optical fiber amplifier
  • Comes with a fiber optic detector

#3. Primera AP362 Label Applicator

Primera AP362 Label Applicator

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Setting up the label applicator machine is easy and effortless and is also easy to use, which makes it very efficient and reliable. It is semiautomatic, which eases the operation and ensures that it covers a considerable workload within a short time. It has a very high speed to apply labels to up to 1200 containers in an hour.

The label applicator machine works perfectly well with the cylindrical containers, which include bottles, cans, tubes, and jars. Depending on your needs, it applies the labels on the front and the back of the container, which includes up to two labels accurately. For perfect results, ensure you use labels from Primera LX-series label printers.

  • It is easy to set up
  • Smooth and effortless to use
  • It is semi-automatic
  • Labels up to 1200 containers hourly
  • Suitable for the cylindrical containers
  • Applies one or two labels

#2. TAL-1100MR Manual Label Applicator

TAL-1100MR Manual Label Applicator

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The label applicator works perfectly with the round bottles with the use of a simple turn of a handle. Whether you want to use it for the full or partial wraps, it helps you achieve it conveniently. It can work well with bottles with up to five inches wide. With the solid stainless steel frame and fasteners, you are sure of using the machine for an extended time.

It is effortless and straightforward to use this label applicator machine, and once you set it, it is ready to start working. It has an open cartridge design that allows you to monitor the labeling process for the best results.

  • Has an open cartridge design
  • Stainless steel frame and fasteners
  • An easy to turn the handle
  • Suitable for partial and full wraps
  • Handles bottles of up to five inches wide

#1. Primera AP360 Label Applicator 74291

Primera AP360 Label Applicator 74291

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The Primera AP360 Label Applicator 74291 is so easy to set up to start using immediately, which saves you time and money looking for an expert to do it for you. It is also easy to operate so that you can produce reliable results within no time. You can comfortably label up to 1200 containers per hour.

The label applicator machine is perfect is applying one label to your bottle, where it works well with the cylindrical shaped ones. It is accurate as it avoids wrinkles while enhancing an upright position of the labels. You can also use the machine for other tapered containers, which include boxes, cans, jars, tubes, and others.

  • Labels up to 1200 containers per hour
  • Suitable for cylindrical and tapered containers
  • It is easy to set up
  • Smooth and effortless to use
  • Accurately puts one label

Buying Guide

  • Motor Speed: The amount of your workload determines the speed you want in a label applicator machine when the load is higher, a machine that will label many bottles at a time to ensure its efficiency.
  • Durability: A high-quality material determines how long the label applicator will serve you before it breaks down. You should, therefore, be keen on the material to avoid inconveniences or the need to do a replacement after a short time.
  • Price: The reason why we bring you the top ten best label applicator machines in this article is to give you the chance to compare them and settle for the most affordable. They will provide you with insight and enable you to come up with a budget and eventually pay for a quality item.
  • Convenience and reliability: As much as a speedy motor will enable you to achieve a lot of work within a short time, it is essential to determine the effectiveness of the work done. The labels should be straight, with no wrinkles for a perfect result. Some of the machines are automatic, which makes it easy to operate.
  • Labeling shape: While many of the label applicator machines handle all types of containers, some are specific to a specific shape that can be round cylindrical or even tapered. Ensure that the machine meets your production needs to avoid any inconveniences.


In any production company, labeling the products is part of the production. You deserve a perfect label applicator machine that will serve you perfectly. The above article has the top 10 best label applicator machines to help you through the purchase process.

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