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Top 10 Best Fingerprint Door Locks in 2024 Reviews

Fingerprint Door Lock

There’s constant innovation in the security industry, and one of the nonpareil security systems around is the fingerprint door locks. We both know that fingerprints are matchless, and if turned into passwords, limited access is guaranteed. So imagine having your print as the password to the sturdy door of your home or office — no more lost keys, duplicate keys, or journeys to the locksmith. Isn’t that a fortune? I won’t take no for an answer.

In your pursuit of the best fingerprint lock in 2024, you’re likely to hit multiple snags before landing the ideal one, given the wide variety of models. However, a look at our Top 10 Best Fingerprint Door Locks in 2024 review will come to your rescue today. So, congratulations on doing your research before going to the shops! Meanwhile, my review includes the top-rated Fingerprint Door Locks, according to customers and the buying guide I’ve included below. The buying guide is also going to help you find the apt lock that meets your unique needs. Here we go.

List of 10 Best Fingerprint Door Locks in 2024

#10. Dowerme Smart Fingerprint Door Lock

10. Dowerme Smart Fingerprint Door Lock

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If you’re the type of people who’re not often lucky to keep keys, why don’t you try the Dowerme Smart Fingerprint Door Lock? Dowerme is an award-winning lock with maximum security features. Its fingerprint function is super sensitive, with a low response time that brings convenient closer to you. It has met the verification standards of the AES, and that explains the value of its quality standards.

The lock is encrypted using 128-bit encryption, which means that no hacking can give a through access. Installation is a DIY type, and the instructions are included with this package. Dowerme also has weatherproof properties, and it’s strong enough to resist brute forces.

  • Alternative access; App, Inducted Access Card, and Bluetooth
  • Allows the owner to create virtual keys
  • Uses 2-AAA batteries
  • The AES 128-bit encryption is hack-proof
  • Beautiful design

#9. WeJupit Smart Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock

9. WeJupit Smart Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock

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Get into the smart home life by adding the WeJupit fingerprint door lock to your house. There’s a special feature in this lock; it can sense fake fingerprints and deny unauthorized, fake access! That’s an extra security feature. The fingerprint access cores are supported by a quality TI chip made in the United States (highest quality).

I admire the fact that WeJupit’s sensor is almost twice as sensitive as the common types, and is also compatible with children’s fingers. The lock also works under all weather conditions, no matter how harsh they may be. There’s also backup if the fingerprint scanner fails (in rare cases). You can use passwords and keyed access. WeJupit also has a temporary password provision that can be deleted later.

  • Can store up to 200 fingerprints
  • Made of premium quality brass
  • It has stainless steel, waterproof, rustproof, and anti-corrosion finish
  • Has a visitors’ temporary password
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

#8. AIGURD Biometric Smart Fingerprint Door Lock

8. AIGURD Biometric Smart Fingerprint Door Lock

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With the anti-duplicated fingerprint function that’s able to detect fake prints, your property will remain safe until you request access by yourself. That’s only possible with AIGURD. The semiconductor fingerprint sensor has a response time of only a half a second. It records unlocking times, which you can set to track office reporting hours. The AIGURD is perfect for ages between 4 to 80 years.

This fingerprint lock accepts 200 fingerprints, with ten administrators and 190 guests. A Combination Mode Unlocking function is another stunning feature that only allows access after a set of two fingerprints, passwords, or a combination of one password and one fingerprint.

  • It has an anti-peep password entry feature
  • Detects fake fingerprints
  • Features the long-time-open buttons
  • The manufacturer offers a whole year’s warranty
  • You can also use a keyless code and mechanical keys as alternative access
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#7. CyberPark Fingerprint Door Lock- Smart Door Lock

7. CyberPark Fingerprint Door Lock- Smart Door Lock

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If you need a fingerprint door lock that’s both cost-effective and easy to operate, CyberPark has your back. CyberPark is built with a zinc alloy that resists most weather. This makes it possible to use the lock on exposed doors. Likewise, the semiconductor biometric technology avoids duplicate fingerprint cases, which assures you of more security.

You’ll find that the installation process is very straightforward (with neither wiring nor drilling) and that the door lock is compatible with most standard US doors. DIY installation is what everyone is looking for to save on costs, and this is one of the locks that need no special installation skills.

  • Powered by a rechargeable, built-in Li-Ion battery
  • Automatically locks again within 3 seconds after unlocking
  • Allows up to 100 users, including three administrators
  • Response within 1 second
  • The zinc alloy finish helps with weather and rust resistance

#6. SAMSUNG SHS-H700 Fingerprint Door Lock-Digital Door Lock

6. SAMSUNG SHS-H700 Fingerprint Door Lock-Digital Door Lock

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We probably all know the quality of Samsung products. Here’s yet another product from the reputable company — the SHS-H700 fingerprint lock. The hypersensitive fingerprint reader on the lock is made of fiberglass and plastic. The combination prevents damage from easy breakage and multiple weather conditions.

There’s no need for worrying about installation costs, as the SHS-H700 is installed without special skills. In case there’s a problem with fingerprint access, you can set a password or use the included mechanical keys for access. While you enter the password, it’s invisible to whoever’s near you, as* represents the password figures. Here are even more of its features.

  • 4-1.5V alkaline batteries are needed to power the digital lock
  • Easy installation with guide
  • Allows up to 100 users
  • Fast sensor (only 1 second)
  • Fits into doors with 38-55 mm thickness
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#5. ARDWOLF A10 Fingerprint Door Lock- Smart Biometric Keyless

5. ARDWOLF A10 Fingerprint Door Lock- Smart Biometric Keyless

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ARDWOLF A10 takes your door’s security to the next level. It has a heavy-duty construction that’s hard to break. We loved ARDWOLF’s sensitivity, which is stimulated by a single touch of the properly placed fingerprint sensor. You can use your fingerprints, a key, or a password for access. All are secure.

ARDWOLF also features a double verification mode. The mode demands that two fingerprints/passwords must be entered, one after another — for the door to unlock. The administrative user can delete or add any member, including himself/herself. This lock has ports for a 9V emergency battery when the others are depleted.

  • Power source: 4-AA alkaline batteries
  • The lock shell is made of a zinc alloy
  • You can see the battery level
  • Double verification mode
  • A full year’s warranty

#4. HARFO HL1 Fingerprint Keyless Smart Door Lock

4. HARFO HL1 Fingerprint Keyless Smart Door Lock

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Protect any room, regardless of its contents, using the HARFO HL1 fingerprint lock. One reason to trust it is its sensitivity. Within a second, the lock has sensed, processed, and let the door open. It’s a fortune that you won’t need to contact a specialist to install the lock; its installation is a DIY. Plus, it’s compatible with all the standard single-cylinder doors. It fits both left and right positions on the inside and outside of a door.

You can easily add and subtract users to and from the lock in a matter of seconds. A maximum of a hundred users are able to store their login details on the lock for access. A weatherproof zinc alloy protects the lock from the outside while also offering sturdiness. The fingerprint lock uses a rechargeable battery that has a year-long life, but charges within a half an hour.

  • Compatible with doors whose thickness range is 35-55 mm
  • Powered by a rechargeable, built-in Li-Ion battery
  • The semiconductor biometric fingerprint technology adds more privacy
  • Accepts up to 100 users
  • Exceptionally beautiful design
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#3. PIN Genie (PGD 728F) Smart Fingerprint Door Lock- Bluetooth Door Lock

3. PIN Genie (PGD 728F) Smart Fingerprint Door Lock- Bluetooth Door Lock

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One of the most sophisticated fingerprint locks on this list is the PIN Genie (PGD 728F). It features a modern super sensitive 3D scanner that unlocks the door in less than 0.5 seconds. Installation of the lock is straightforward and involves no special tools or skills. This cuts down on extra costs. The sensor is patented, and this means that the security is more unique beyond your fingerprint’s uniqueness.

Both the iOS and Android phones can be used to control this lock using the Lockly Secure Plus mobile App and Bluetooth connectivity. With the app, you can monitor every entry and exit to your home or office without worry.

  • The connection between the phone and lock is via an AES 256 Bluetooth
  • Works in any environment
  • Allows for both keyed and passcode entry
  • Uses 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • Compatible with most standards of doors

#2. Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth Enabled Smart Fingerprint Door Lock- Touchscreen Smart Lock

2. Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth Enabled Smart Fingerprint Door Lock- Touchscreen Smart Lock

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If you want a fingerprint door lock that’s going to secure your property while matching your home/office premises aesthetics, look no further than the Ultraloq (UL 3) fingerprint lock. Ultraloq uses an advanced fingerprint technology that makes it dustproof, weatherproof, and waterproof. The lock features five access methods that include a smartphone a cess, a keyless passcode, the fingerprint access, knock-to-open access, and mechanical key access.

While installing the lock, you’ll notice that it fits both the left and right-handed doors. It also works with most, if not all, the standard doors. There’s a mobile app (the U-tec App), which allows you to unlock the door using your smartphone. For iOS users, you only need to knock the screen four times, and the door opens. Android users are required to shake to open their doors.

  • Identifies prints in 0.5 seconds
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries, and there’s a battery alert on the OLED display
  • 5-in-1 access modes
  • Registration of a maximum of 95 prints
  • Premium metal construction
  • Fits most standard doors

#1. ZKTeco Smart Fingerprint Door Lock- Face Recognition Keyless Door Lock

1. ZKTeco Smart Fingerprint Door Lock- Face Recognition Keyless Door Lock

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Finally, the ZKTeco fingerprint door lock wins! It’s a biometric fingerprint-cum-facial recognition door lock. For faces, it uses the StoneLock technology to identify a face by scanning over 2000 areas of the face in less than a second! The silkID fingerprint sensor is unparalleled. It doesn’t give access to any fake prints. Despite having a rechargeable lithium battery as a power source, there are external terminals for drawing power from a 9V emergency battery power source.

ZKTeco has a 5A hard-to-break crystal glass panel to protect against access to the delicate internal contents mechanically. Apart from face unlock and fingerprint access modes, you can also use mechanical keys, passwords, and Mifare cards. So there’s no need to worry if fingerprints fail. The rechargeable batteries are environmentally friendly because no dumping is involved.

  • 3D face scan
  • High recognition speed
  • Features a smart alarm device for alert against access attempts and low battery
  • Uses a rechargeable lithium-Ion battery
  • Five alternative unlock methods
  • Used for the right-handed doors

Things to Consider When Choosing Fingerprint Door Locks

Flexibility: Nothing is perfect, and that’s why there are often alternatives, especially in technology. The best Fingerprint Door Lock should have alternative access shall the sensor fail or get damaged. Such alternatives may include a password, face recognition, blah blah blah.

Mechanical Strength and User Friendliness: Fingerprints limit access, which is good, but if the lock itself is weak, someone can easily kick down the door and gain the access you’re trying to limit. The lock must, therefore, be strong. Make sure that you go through the customer feedback to identify the strongest of all. My list has the top 10 strongest ones.

The user-friendliness I’m referring to here is the sensor system and its responsiveness. While some will take as low as 0.5 seconds to respond, some may take more time, and this isn’t desirable. I’m happy to inform you that all the ones on my list are the fastest in response.

Affordability: The best fingerprint Door Lock mustn’t be expensive, but you must be ready to dig deeper into your pockets if your choice is one with a few extra features. I’ve compiled a list of the most cost-effective Fingerprint Door Locks. I guess you’ll want to buy one that fits your budget.

The Manufacturer: Some manufacturers are known for ever-best products, some low-quality, and some have unknown fates. Be sure to go with reputable companies, according to customer reviews and this review.

Warranty: When manufacturers are confident about their products’ quality, they offer a warranty. This means you can use the product for some time, only to assess its quality, after which, if it fails, you can return it to the manufacturer. Such products with warranties are the ideal ones. They’re on my gem list, too.


Picking the best fingerprint door lock should no more be a hitch. You’ve just gone through an unequaled list of the chosen ten and gem tips to choose from the ten, and beyond. If you make use of this piece, you’ll live to admire your choices, including the choice of doing your research prior to going to the shops — best of luck, pals!

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