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Top Best Electric Rebar Benders | Cutters in 2024 Reviews

Electric Rebar Bender

If you are a mason, then you understand how difficult it is to cut or bend rebar. So, you need to get a powerful electric rebar cutter to make the job easier. These cutters are durable since they are made of strong materials like steel. Furthermore, they are lightweight for portability in the worksite. Also, their blades are very sharp and do not produce sparks when cutting. In addition to that, they have powerful motors to cut faster. The motors produce less noise.

However, there exist different brands of the electric rebar cutters but finding the best bender is never simple. So, several factors have been outlined below to guide you as decide on the best bender. Choose the electric rebar cutter, bender that meets all your demands from this list below.

List of Best Electric Rebar Benders and Cutters in 2024

#8. BestEquip RA-25 Electric Rebar Cutter

BestEquip RA-25 Electric Rebar Cutter

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The BestEquip rubber render features a top angle screw for adjusting the size of the rebar. The rebar has a diameter of 6 to 25mm. Furthermore, it has hard and sharp blades for cutting the rebar quickly and accurately. Also, the copper coil motor offers strong motivation while producing less noise. It cuts at a speed of five seconds.

Additionally, it features an oil hole that is detachable for simple maintenance. Next, it is lightweight and compact for easy storage. The handle is comfortable for smooth operation using one hand. Remarkably, it uses 110 volts and it produces 1500 watts of power. Finally, it features a stable performance.

  • Strong Cutting Ability
  • Convenient Adjustable Bolt
  • Oil Hole Design for easy maintenance
  • Easy To store and operate
  • Rebar diameter of 6 to 25mm
  • It uses 110 volts

#7. California Concrete Tool RC-196C Electric Rebar Cutter

California Concrete Tool RC-196C Electric Rebar Cutter

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The California electric rebar cutter is able to cut about 6¾ inches rebar in three seconds. This means that it is quick. This tool has an electric motor that drives a hydraulic pump. So, it draws 8 amps at 110 volts. Remarkably, the cutter has a net weight of 29lbs. Since it is lightweight, the tool is portable. Further, it has a steel carrying case and a tool kit.

Most importantly, this cutter is an important asset for concrete contractors and masonry. Equally important, it saves energy. To be precise, it uses 110V AC and produces 1250W. Last but not least, it has a user manual for simple operation. Lastly, it weighs 39.7 pounds.

  • Weighs 39.7 pounds.
  • Steel carry case for portability
  • Net weight of 29lbs
  • It cuts about 6¾ inches rebar in three seconds
  • A steel carrying case
  • It uses 110V AC
  • A powerful electric motor included
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#6. California Concrete Tool RB-165A Electric Rebar Bender

California Concrete Tool RB-165A Electric Rebar Bender

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This electric rebar cutter is very popular. This is because it can bend about 5/8 inches grade 60 round bar or rebar. Amazingly, it does the job in 5 seconds only. Moreover, it is powered using an electric motor. This motor drives the hydraulic pump. Uniquely, it draws 7 amps at 110 volts.

Remarkably, it weighs 33lbs only. It is easy to use this bender and carry while doing the job or after the job. Besides, it features 0-130 degrees bending in 5 seconds. So, you can finish your work pretty fast. It features an optional larger radius collar set and bending shoe set for minimizing rebar breakage.

  • A powerful motor for driving the hydraulic pump
  • Cuts or bends within 5 seconds
  • Easy to use
  • It weighs 33lbs
  • Lightweight and portable design

#5. Huanyu Electric Rebar Bender

Huanyu Electric Rebar Bender

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The Huanyu rebar cutter features powerful performance because it has a motor. Furthermore, it is more solid, has a bold design, and does not break easily. Next, you can carry it by hand or you can place it on a platform. After bending the steel bar, you can pull its pressure relief valve, and then the piston will return to its position. Its motor is quiet to create a comfortable environment for work.

On top of that, this cutter has 2 standard control switches for the feet pedal. This ensures hands-free bending. Further, it features a 0-130 degrees bending angle. Then again, it features a wider application. It works well in construction engineering. It weighs 35.9 pounds. Finally, it saves energy.

  • Weighs 35.9 pounds
  • An Energy-saving design
  • A powerful and quiet motor
  • Easy to carry
  • A wider usage
  • Hands-free mode for convenience

#4. Klutch Electric Rebar Cutter

Klutch Electric Rebar Cutter

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Coming fourth is this electric rebar cutter from the Klutch Store. To begin with, it is compact and easily portable within the job site. In addition to that, after you are done with the job you can carry it anywhere for storage. This is because it saves space in the room. Also, it relies on the 2.5 HP, 110Volts electric motor for power.

The motor is powerful enough to cut in 5 seconds. Moreover, it can cut a maximum of 1-inch thick steel rod. Amazingly, you can use its blade on four sides. As a result, it makes the operation very economical.

  • Quick cutting within 5 seconds
  • The blade cuts from all sides
  • Compact and portable
  • It uses 110Volts
  • Easy to store
  • A 2.5 HP motor

#3. BN Products DC-20WH Electric Rebar Cutter

BN Products DC-20WH Electric Rebar Cutter

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The BN Products electric rebar cutter is powerful and quick. This is because it uses electricity to power the motor. It can cut 6¾ inches of rebar diameter. Also, it has a cold-cutting shear for cutting the rebar within 3-5 seconds. Surprisingly, it does not produce flames or sparks. Apart from being fast, this machine is safe.

To save energy, it uses 115 volts. Remarkably, the dimensions measure 16 by 4 3/10 by 8 1/5 (L x W x H). Most importantly, operating this rebar cutter is easy. The hydraulic oil ensures easy maintenance. Then again, the carrying case makes it portable. To finish, it weighs 0.01 ounces.

  • Weighs 0.01 ounces
  • It cuts 6¾ inches rebar diameter
  • Size of 16 by 4 3/10 by 8 1/5 (L x W x H)
  • Carrying case for portability
  • Easy to maintain
  • Powerful and quick motor
  • 3-5 seconds quick cutting

#2. Metabo HPT VB16Y Electric Rebar Bender and Cutter

Metabo HPT VB16Y Electric Rebar Bender and Cutter

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This electric rebar bender, cutter by Metabo has a motor. Also, it features a trigger for safe locking. This ensures precision and easy control over the speed of cutting or bending. Additionally, it can bend number 5 (3/8inches, 1/2inch, 5/8inch). Uniquely, it features a bending angle of 180 degrees.

On top of that, it takes 3.1 seconds to cut and 5.1 seconds to bend the rebar. Having a preset dial, it is simple to bend using various angles. Remarkably, the dimensions measure 18.4″ L by 8.5″ H by 9.1″ W. With this compact design, the machine is very stable. The pre-drilled base also offers stability.

  • A trigger for safe locking
  • Pre-drilled base for stability
  • Bending angle of 180 degrees
  • Size of 18.4″ L by 8.5″ H by 9.1″ W
  • A compact design
  • 1 second of cutting and 5.1 seconds of bending
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#1. Makita XCS01T1 Cordless Rebar Cutter

Makita XCS01T1 Cordless Rebar Cutter

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The Makita rebar cutter features a 1/8″- 3/4″ cutting capacity range. In addition to that, it has a four-way cutting blade that is rotatable. Therefore, it can make 4000 cuts of three 3/8 rebar before replacement is done. Uniquely, the cutting head spins at a 360-degree angle to offer different cutting positions. Moreover, its adjustable stopper can hold the rebar at any ninety-degrees to the blade. Also, it helps in making a smooth cutting.

Next, it features a pistol grip handle having rubber soft grip. This offers increased comfort while doing the job. Most importantly, it uses an 18Volts 5.0Ah LXT Lithium-Ion battery. The battery takes 45 minutes to charge fully. Finally, it does not produce sparks when cutting.

  • Spark free cutting
  • 18Volts 5.0Ah LXT Lithium-Ion battery
  • 1/8″- 3/4″ cutting capacity range
  • 45 minutes of charging time
  • 360-degree angle cutting head rotation
  • A pistol grip handle

The Things When Choosing Electric Rebar Cutters and Benders

Quality construction: When buying the electric rebar cutter, you need to consider the construction. But you need to ensure that the material is heavy-duty. More specifically, choose steel material. For safety, you should not choose plastic.

Rebar Bending Angles: When buying the electric rebar bender, you should consider the angles you need. Furthermore, you can choose a bender that produces a maximum of 180 degrees bending. However, most of them feature 0-130 degrees bending angles. Most importantly, make sure that the angles for bending are above 90 degrees.

Power features: The rebar cutter model is determined by the power specification. You should choose a high-quality rebar cutter that offers a minimum cutting power of 1000 watts. Nevertheless, those that produce less than 1000 watts are not good for heavy-duty jobs.

Weight and Dimensions: If your job is mobile, you should choose a lightweight electric rebar cutter so that you don’t strain to carry it. Furthermore, large-sized rebar cutters are not portable. So you need to consider a compact one for flexibility.

Maximum Rebar Width: Different electric rebar cutters have different widths and sizes. The width determines the rebar cutter’s capacity. However, the length does not matter a lot. You should make sure that the model supports a width of ¾ inches.


There exist different types of electric rebar cutters. More specifically, they come in different sets. Above is a buying guide including the buying parameters that will help you to compare these cutters and then choose one. Make sure that at the end of it all, you pick one for your rebar cutting and bending job.

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