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Top 10 Best Electric Ice Augers in 2020 Reviews

Electric Ice Augers

Once the winter freezes up the water bodies such as lakes, they will bury fish underneath. You will need to go ice fishing with an ice auger in order to bore through the thick ice layers. This way, you will be able to expose water beneath in order to access the fish. For a productive ice fishing session, you will need to invest in a good ice auger which is reliable and very easy to use as well.

In this article, we have made a compilation of the best electric ice augers available in the market today. Since they are electric-powered, you can expect to make the most out of them. With this list, you will save the time that you could have otherwise used to do the research on your own. Read through this review and make your decision later.

List of 10 Best Electric Ice Augers in 2020

#10. jiffy E-6 Electric Ice Auger 10″

jiffy E-6 Electric Ice Augers, 10"

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This electric ice auger is operated by a powerful 6 Amp-hour lithium battery to give the desired results. It is very easy to use since and due to the fact that it is electric, it will not emit any smoke or gas fumes. What this, therefore, tells you is that it will be safe to use on ice as well as inside your shelter. Just like other quality ice augers, this one has the reverse feature reducing the need for ice skimmers.

The design for the Jiffy electric ice auger will include a wide handle to give you a comfortable grip. It also features a serrated blade that will cut through the ice very fast. Apart from that, it comes with a USB port for convenient charging. With its lightweight design, you can expect to use this tool for a long duration of time without fatigue.

  • Wide stance comfortable grip handles
  • Reverse drill operation
  • Powerful 6 Amp-hour battery
  • Comes with a manufacturer’s warranty

#9. Nils master UR600C drill auger

Nils master UR600C drill auger

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This brand prides itself on producing the highest quality fishing products. Their drills actually have a reputation being ranked the best in the market today. In case you are therefore looking for the best ice auger, this product will be good for you. With this tool, you will get the versatility you need since you can use it with the hand handle. Alternatively, it can be easily attached to the cordless drills.

You will appreciate the fact that it is very sharp and will, therefore, cut through the ice with much ease. With only a simple pressure application, you will appreciate how well you use this drill. It will be good for drilling up to 6-inch diameter holes. Since it has a lightweight design, this tool will be very easy to use without compromising its performance.

  • Convertible and versatile design
  • It has a sharp and fast drilling
  • The blades are easily replaceable
  • It is very easy to use
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#8. SuperHandy Electric Ice Augers – Electric Cordless Auger

SuperHandy Electric Ice Augers

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As opposed to the gasoline auger, this one is a battery-powered auger that will not produce any smoke. To add to that convenience, this auger will not make any noise. It has been equipped with the overload protector which prevents the powerhead from getting overheated. Its wide-spaced handles, on the other hand, will improve balance during its operation.

This package comes with a 2 Amp-hour battery and charger. You will also appreciate that a 4 Amp-hour battery is available if you need to purchase. The brushless motor makes the process of digging very smooth and efficient as well. Again, this tool has an overall weight of 22 lbs. meaning that it will be very easy to operate. This auger set comes in three different colors to choose from.

  • Eco-friendly and safe
  • Comes with a battery and charger in the package
  • Higher transmission efficiency
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

#7. StrikeMaster Power Auger, 10-Inch

StrikeMaster Power Auger, 10-Inch

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For serious people willing to fish on ice, they will find this ice auger very convenient to use. Its four-stroke engines are very quiet and also cleaner compared to the two-stroke engines that are used by its competitors. The best part is that you will not have to mix fuel with oil when preparing for your coming ice fishing expedition.

You will also appreciate that the auger engine here has been emission certified not forgetting that it comes with a limited warranty of two years. Most people love its supreme efficiency with the twin serrated laser blades made of stainless steel. Its 10” blade will cut through thick ice to create a big hole in order to target bigger fish species.

  • It has a total weight of 23 lbs.
  • The Honda engine comes with a warranty of 2 years
  • Long filament and high impact handles
  • Steadfast reliability with clean speed

#6. ION Ice Auger X 29250 8-Inch

ION X 29250 5 amp-hour Electric Ice Augers

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This is a new model of the original Ion which bolsters quality, reliability as well as the ease of its predecessor. You will also appreciate that it comes with the recent cutting edge technology. This tool’s battery offers 60% more storage capacity compared to the original battery. It will allow a maximum of 1600 inches of ice on one charge only.

The new cast bottom is made of aluminum resulting in some smoother and even cut when drilling the holes. This tool generally takes the legendary smooth cut belonging to that of ION and makes it more precise. You will also appreciate that it comes with re-designed handlebars that bring these handles closer to the powerhead.

  • 2 LED lights that are positioned under the powerhead
  • It comes with re-designed handlebars for convenience
  • The ice auger features an aluminum cast bottom
  • 5 Amp-hour 40V battery
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#5. Hiltex 10525 Electric Earth Auger with 4-inch Bit

Hiltex 10525 Electric Ice Auger with 4-inch Bit

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Operating at 1200 watts and 11 amps, this tool will give you the convenience that you need. Its quality motor gives up to 90 ft-lb torque with a speed of 200RPM. This tool will be ideal for installing fence posts, decks, planting trees among other lawn applications. Given that it comes from a reputable brand, you need to buy with ultimate confidence.

Another convenient feature about this tool is that it is equipped with a safety lock which will prevent any accidents from happening. You will also appreciate that it comes with a specially-designed handle and an anti-vibration grip that will provide maximum leverage and stability. Again, this is the type of tool that allows for one-man operation.

  • 90 ft-lb torque with 200 RPM speed
  • Comes with a safety lock to prevent any danger
  • Features an ergonomic handle for comfort
  • Ideal for installing the deck and the fence post

#4. XtremepowerUS 1200W Electric Hole Digger

XtremepowerUS 1200W Electric Hole Digger

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The auger drill bit for this ice auger has been made with sturdy manganese steel that will perfectly withstand impacts, extrusions as well as material wear. With this tool also, you will expect it to withstand the bad working conditions. This tool is sprayed with a durable black paint to resist corrosion and rust for a longer life span.

The powerhead is also equipped with some safety lock feature to prevent any triggering accidentally for extra security. It is powered by a 1200 watts motor that delivers high performance and a speed of 200 RPM. It also comes with an ergonomic design and comfortable handles to give it the best stability during its operation.

  • Made in a strong and durable design
  • Comes with a safety lock feature
  • Comfortable handles and an ergonomic design
  • 1200 watts heavy-duty motor

#3. Landworks Electric Ice Auger

Landworks Electric Ice Augers

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This ice auger has been made in an eco-friendly and safe manner which makes it worth buying. As opposed to its gasoline counterparts, this one is battery-powered which means that it will never emit any smoke or fumes. This product also comes with an overload protector which protects its powerhead from getting overheated.

This package comes with one 2 Amp hour battery together with a charger to give you the convenience that you need. You will also get a 4 Amp-hour battery for buying if need be. It has a brushless motor that makes the digging process very smooth and efficient. If you are looking to enjoy a stress-free shopping experience, this is the tool that you actually require.

  • It is eco-friendly and safe
  • Comes with a battery and charger in the package
  • Brushless motor to make the task convenient
  • This item only weighs 22 lbs.

#2. ION Eskimo Standard Series Ice Auger

ION Eskimo Standard Series Ice Auger

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Here is another ice auger from one of the reputable brands around. It has the reverse feature which will eliminate the need for ice skimmers by simply flushing ice down the hole. Again, you will enjoy the convenience of getting smooth cuts all the time with this ice auger. The spot ON centering ring feature allows you to easily re-open the frozen holes.

Another convenient feature with this tool is that it uses no gas or oil and you, therefore, do not expect it to emit any fumes. Its steel construction, on the other hand, will make sure that it stands the test of time. Again, it comes with a large and ergonomically positioned trigger making it easy and convenient to operate.

  • Large and ergonomically-positioned trigger
  • No gas and oil hence no fumes
  • Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry
  • It is very easy to use
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#1. Eskimo Ice Auger 8-10 Inch

Eskimo Quantum Auger Series

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We end up this review with the Eskimo auger which has a diameter of 8 inches. On the other hand, the auger has a length of 42 inches. This tool will be ideal for drilling holes since it comes with a unique center ring. It also comes with a blade protector that will extend the life of its blades. Buying this ice auger, therefore, means getting value for money.

This tool was tested for cold weather and proven to offer the best performance. It is also made in a lightweight design to make sure that it is convenient to use. Its handlebars are well covered with foam in order to absorb vibrations. Apart from that, it comes with a see-through tank to easily detect the fuel levels. On the other hand, the muffle guard will protect you from the hot areas.

  • 8-inch diameter auger
  • It comes with a see-through tank for convenience
  • It is lightweight and powerful
  • Primer button for easy response starting

Electric Ice Augers Buying Guide

Ease of use: A good ice auger must be very simple to start and operate as well. For instance, you need to make sure that the length can be easily adjusted. This will make sure that that it meets your different height needs. Again, you need to ensure that the tool remains as stable as possible on the surface amid its operation. It also needs to have ergonomic handles for easy operation.

Sharpness: Drilling through ice in an effective way will require blades with superior sharpness. Again, you will want to ensure that the blades will easy to replace and sharpen as well. To make sure that the blades remain in the best working condition, you need to sharpen or replace them every 3 years or even more often. This way, you will get the most out of your ice augers.

Weight and portability: Finally, you will want to keep in mind the weight of your ice auger. This will determine whether it will be convenient to carry or not. It is good to go for those electric ice augers which have a lightweight design to make sure you carry them conveniently wherever you want. All the same, you will want to guarantee that the performance is not compromised.


A reliable ice auger will effectively cut through the ice to give you a successful ice fishing experience. This is exactly what an electric ice auger is going to do for you. This article has listed the top 10 best electric augers in the market to help you with the purchase. Given that there are so many brands of electric ice augers, it might be hard to get your ideal pick. With this review, however, it will be very easy to get the best pick. Also, read through the guide above to know what suits you well.

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