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Top 10 Best Electric Food Slicers in 2024 Reviews

Electric Food Slicer

In recent decades, electric food slicers have been taking your food slicing process and food prep experience to advance level without sacrificing much effort. A food slicer is a functional device to make your food slicing job comfortable and easy. Basically, it is constructed of stainless steel that has a power button, a sharp blade, some safety guards, etc. Also, it features a food tray alongside an adjustable thickness knob. These slicers can even slice food faster and with precision. They are also efficient and convenient, thus reducing the time lost while slicing foods.

This article helps in meeting the different preferences and needs of different individuals, as there are slicers with different features. For that reason, there are various models of food slicing devices for you to select from the list below. But, identifying the right one has become so challenging and daunting. Looking at what this review has to offer, we listed amazing models and brands.

List of 10 Best Electric Food Slicers in 2024

 #10. Waring Pro FS155AMZ Electric Food Slicer

10. Waring Pro FS155AMZ Electric Food Slicer

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This food slicer features a professional quality 7.5-inch cutting blade that is built with stainless steel. The steel construction makes it durable and strong. And to boost durability, this food Slicer features premium coated steel, anti-rusting steel carriage surface, and die-cast aluminum housing materials, which also make it strong. It also has a slice control knob that helps in adjusting the thickness of the slices.

For safety assurance, it incorporates non-slip feet that keep safe from possible injury. This makes it stable and sturdy on the countertop. These features guarantee the functionality and thus making this slicer suitable for cutting bread, meat, or firm cheeses.

  • Removable 7.5″ undulated steel cutting blade
  • Premium coated steel
  • Slice thickness control knob
  • Has die-cast aluminum housing
  • Non-slip feet for sturdy & safe operation
  • Stainless-steel carriage surface

#9. BestEquip 240W Commercial Electric Food Slicer

9. BestEquip 240W Commercial Electric Food Slicer

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Bestequip commercial 240w electric food slicer features a transparent plastic plate and 10-inch premium-grade Stainless Steel Blade. This commercial meat slicer is also characterized by a rotary speed of 530 RPM, 110V voltage, and 240W input rating. This Food Slicer features a fixed ring protector, which prevents accidental contact with the sharp blade.

More increasingly, there is also an inbuilt dual whetstone that sharpens the blade conveniently and safely, on-off switch alongside waterproof cover. You can also use a fixed device handle to push the fixed food to slice. The food slicer can slice boneless meat, including venison, mutton, and beef and as well as ham, vegetables, etc.

  • Built-in Dual Whetstones
  • Blade size: 10-inches
  • Stainless-steel Baffle Plate
  • Low noise operation
  • Waterproof ON-OFF Switch

#8. Chefman Electric Food/Deli Slicer

8. Chefman Electric Food/Deli Slicer

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Chefman electric die-cast food slicer is a small, compact, and sleek deli slicer for most countertops and cabinets. Its serrated steel blade and powerful motor are suitable for slicing vegetables, meats, fruits, bread, and cheeses. In addition to that, this slicer has an adjustable thickness dial that makes it perfect for customizing how thick or thin you need to slice it.

Apart from that, die-cast aluminum housing 7.5-inches serrated blade is retractable and removable for easy cleaning. Furthermore, it also features blade safety guard, food pusher sturdy and non-slip feet that provide a firm grip to the foot slicing machine in its place. Also, it includes an ON/OFF switch that offers added safety.

  • Non-Slip Feet
  • One year warranty document
  • Adjustable Thickness Dial
  • Detachable 7.5-inches Serrated Steel Blade
  • Blade food pusher and safety guard to protect your fingers from a sharp blade
  • Made of die-cast aluminum housing
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#7. CukAid 180W Electric Food Slicer

7. CukAid 180W Electric Food Slicer

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CukAid electric food slicer is a commercial food slicing machine with food pusher, food carriage, and removable blade. Luckily enough, it’s designed for safety with its recessed switch. This switch helps in avoiding unintentional touch. The other worth mentioning aspect is that this food slicer also features 0.87-inches adjustable thickness dial.

Along with all that, there is an upgraded 7.5″ 420 Cutting Blade, which is made of stainless steel. The upgraded blade with its sharp quality will help in cutting food evenly and in the best way without food being held inside the slicer. It is also dishwasher safe.

  • Has removable blade, food pusher & food carriage
  • Patented and advanced bearing alongside belt transmission structure
  • Upgraded 7.5″ stain-free steel 420 cutting blade
  • Adjustable thickness: 7/8 (0.87) inch
  • Strong silicone skid-free sucking pads

#6. OSTBA 150W Electric Deli Food Slicing machine

6. OSTBA 150W Electric Deli Food Slicing machine

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The OSTRA food slicing machine has been constructed for professional use. It is manufactured using premium-quality anodized aluminum and thus adequately protected against rust. And it is incredibly hygienic and easy-to-clean. Besides that, there is an adjustable thickness dial that ranges between 0 to 15mm.

The slicer is also characterized by anti-slip rubber feet that give reliable stability to the aluminum body. Similarly, it also features a semi-automatic model that helps in saving you energy, time, and more power to slice food faster, quieter, and smoother. Also, the stainless and detachable steel blade is more sharp, durable, and efficient.

  • Detachable blade for easy cleaning
  • Blade diameter: 7.5-Inches
  • Semi-automatic food slicer model
  • Anti-slip rubber feet makes aluminum body stable
  • Blade material: sharp stainless steel
  • Engine power: 150W
  • Child Lock Protection
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#5. Weston 61-0901-W Heavy-duty Food Slicer

5. Weston 61-0901-W Heavy-duty Food Slicer

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Weston 61-0901-W Food Slicing machine is a heavy-duty food slicer.  The Weston food Slicer features a detachable blade for cleanup with ease and anti-rusting steel material. Similarly, the stainless steel blade ran a 150W belt-driven motor that cuts through all vegetables and meats easily & quickly. The thickness dial also facilitates the slicing of steaks to deli meats. And more increasingly, the slicer features easy cleanup large capacity, smooth gliding, food tray tilts-out.

Also, this slicer features suction cup feet and a sturdy base that help in keeping it sturdy and wobble-free while slicing. And ultimately, the compact design will also make it easy-to-transport and store.

  • Suction cup feet and sturdy base for safe and stable operation
  • Stainless steel 8 ⅝” rotary blade
  • Quiet motor power: 150 watt
  • Tilt-out food tray and removable steel blade for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable thickness control ranging between deli thin to 0.5″ thick
  • Compact design for convenient transport and secure storage
  • Food pusher alongside teeth for organized slicing
  • Belt-driven, noiseless running motor

#4. Cuisinart FS-75 professional-grade Kitchen Pro Gray Food Slicer

4. Cuisinart FS-75 professional-grade Kitchen Pro Gray Food Slicer

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Cuisinart presents the Kitchen Pro Food Slicing machine for domestic applications. This food slicer slices vegetables, firm cheeses, bread, and fresh meat right on your kitchen counter. And to elaborate more, it makes food slicing faster, convenient, and secure. It is constructed of die-cast aluminum & premium-coated steel housing. Then again, it features a detachable food guide, stainless steel carriage, and blade for easy cleanup.

This professional-grade slicer has an adjustable thickness dial that ranges between 1/32-inches to 1/2-inches to slice all pieces from pieces of roast beef down to paper-thin prosciutto.  Imagine how convenient it is to have Kitchen Pro in your home for apple slicing! In all honesty, it’s detachable parts, convenient and straightforward to operate, make it functional and easy-to-clean. Moreover, this premium slicing machine is an ideal addition to any kitchenette and a great companion to any chef.

  • Non-slip feet for steady operation
  • Heavy-duty 130-watt motor
  • Detachable 7.5-inch serrated cutting blade for superb performance
  • Slice control knob
  • Die-cast aluminum and premium coated steel housing
  • Cord length:38-inches
  • Stainless steel detachable carriage
  • Limited 5-year motor warranty
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#3. NESCO FS-250 Food Slicer, Silver

3. NESCO FS-250 Food Slicer, Silver

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Nesco fs-250 food slicing machine is manufactured using die-cast aluminum and rugged housing alongside a distinctive tilted slicing platform to make the food slicing convenient and more manageable. And more importantly, this quality slicer has combined a powerful performance and elegant design to make it slice, cheese, meat, bread, fruit, and vegetable quickly and easily.

What’s more, it includes not only precision depth control and powerful 180W gear motor but also a dual safety feature. Also, it has an adjustable thickness dial ranging from between 9/16-inches. The large, versatile 8.7-inch serrated steel blade handles many food shapes and sizes. If you’re expecting to slice cheese, then 130 watts motor or more is recommended for you.

  • Recessed Power Switch
  • Thickness Control Dial
  • Heavy-duty Slicing Guard
  • Non-Slip Feet for safer slicing
  • Durable 8.7″ Serrated stainless-steel Blade
  • Removable Food Carriage using the quick-release tab

#2. Maxi-Matic Elite Platinum EMT-625B Electric Deli Food Slicer

2. Maxi-Matic Elite Platinum EMT-625B Electric Deli Food Slicer

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Maxi-Matic Elite Platinum electric food slicing device is specifically designed with effort, time, and money-saving in mind! Unlike all those poorly-made food slicing machines, this electric food slicer by Maxi-Matic is made out of industrial-grade die-cast aluminum that is not only easy-to-clean, and rustproof but also super-durable.

With this reliable and multipurpose meat slicer, you can cut your favorite hard cheeses, cold cuts, fruit, bread, or vegetables like never before. Surprise your relative with Maxi-Matic professional-grade electric food precision slicer now! The non-slip, sturdy construction can make meat slicing a breeze!

  • Nonskid rubber feet for optimum safety and stability
  • Weighs 11.3 pounds
  • Adjustable Thickness dial
  • Ultra-sharp 7.5-inch detachable rustproof steel blade
  • Unparalleled Versatility

#1. Chef’sChoice 615A000 Food Slicer

1. Chef'sChoice 615A000 Food Slicer

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The handsomely engineered and styled for efficiency, power, & smooth operation, this food slicer is the great companion for home and experienced chefs seeking advanced alternatives for preparing meals, controlling portions, enjoying freshly cut foods and entertaining cost-effectively.

Rugged, yet highly styled and sophisticated, the electric slicing device’s major components are manufactured using stainless steel and cast aluminum. It boasts a dependable high torque motor alongside smooth gear-drive for constant slicing operation. Luckily enough, the 615A food slicing device is easy-to-clean due to its removable thickness control plate, blade, food carriage, & food pusher. Moreover, the sleek construction incorporates a slanted food carriage that guarantees efficient and fast slicing.

  • Detachable steel blade
  • Comfortable grip, non-slip food pusher design
  • Metallic food pusher
  • Cantilever design
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • high torque motor alongside gear drive
  • Premium capacity carriage: 7-inches
  • Made with stainless steel & cast aluminum

Things to Consider When Choosing Electric Food Slicer

Engine diffusion system: When you select an electrically powered food slicing device, you should think about the engine diffusion system. Else, after a sometimes, the slicer will useless. You should purchase a new one, but that isn’t a good idea. The engine diffusion system is of two different types, namely Belt-driven and Gear-driven. Gear-driven is expensive, noisy when operated, and not replaceable at all. On the other hand, belt-driven is replaceable, quieter, and less costly. So, the right decision must be after considering your affordability.

Blade: The blade should be of high-quality. With blunt blades or without the blade, a food slicing device is useless. Therefore, the blade size & types are a very significant point to slice the vegetables or foods as you need. The blades are of two types, each for cutting different food. Smooth edge blades for cutting vegetables and meat and serrated edge blades for cutting beef and thicker bread.

Safety: Electric devices aren’t that safe for you. Therefore, they are likely to harm you. When you handle such devices, you need to be careful. It’s advisable to get trained on how to handle it or read the manual attentively before you start working with them. Therefore, the safety feature should not be overlooked. During cleanup, the sharp blade should be handled carefully to avoid getting cut. For your safety, always wear hand gloves.

Power of engine: For a slicer to perform effectively, its engine should be powerful enough to cater for that. If the power of your electric slicing machine is low, slicing your favorite foods becomes a severe problem. The ideal engine power must be 120W, and it is risk-free for your fingers. If the engine power is perfect, it can deliver excellent service.


Hopefully, you’ve got what you’ve been looking for after comparing the above products! By so doing, we believe that you’ve made the right decision. Getting a food slicing appliance home would be a brilliant idea as many food items need slicing. Compare the slicers mentioned-above and place your order now!





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