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Top 10 Best Electric Fillet Knife in 2020 Reviews

You need to spend less time doing cleaning and more time fishing. Provided that you have the best electric fillet knife, the process of prepping fillets and cleaning will be nothing but easy. Immediately you start using the electric fillet knives, the difference will emerge automatically. This is because it will only take a very short time to separate the skin from the meat as well as cutting the rib. However, with the traditional fillet knives, it will not take anywhere less than an hour.

In this post, we are going to have a look at the electric fillet knives and the way in which they are going to make your job pretty easy. Shopping for an electric fillet knife has however never been an easy task. This is so because there are so many options that buyers are required to pick from. However, after reading through this post, the shopping experience will be very easy. We have compiled a detailed list of the best of these knives. Later in the post also is a buyers’ guide on how to get your ideal pick.

List of 10 Best Electric Fillet Knife in 2020

#10. Proctor Silex Electric Fillet Knife, Lightweight w/ Contoured Grip, White

10. Proctor Silex Electric Fillet Knife, Lightweight w/ Contoured Grip, White

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Beginning these reviews is the Proctor Silex fillet knife that is available in white color. This electric knife will basically carve through anything and it is not restricted to meat. It will, therefore, be ideal for your DIY projects at home. This knife comes with some reciprocated and serrated blades to give you control as well as precision. What this means is that it will produce even slices.

The ergonomic handles for this electric knife will fit comfortably to give you accurate precision and control. You will also appreciate that this knife comes with a simple trigger that allows you to safely activate the electric knife. Additionally, it has a lightweight design that makes it very easy to hold during operation. Again, it comes at a very affordable price across all budgets.

  • Simple touch button control
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort
  • Features stainless steel blades
  • Ideal for meat and bread as well

#9. Mister Twister 120V Electric Fillet Knife (Green/Yellow)

9. Mister Twister 120V Electric Fillet Knife (Green/Yellow)

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This is a very powerful fillet knife that comes from a very reputable brand available today. Its sturdy construction allows it to easily cut through the big fishes easily. Due to the fact that it has been backed with a very powerful motor, it will be possible to clean so many fishes, turkey, and even ham. To get ready to use it, you will need 120 volts power outlet and you can use extension cords.

Another great feature about this knife is that it comes with an ergonomic handle meaning that it will offer you a very comfortable grip. To add to that convenience, it comes in a very light weight. Basically, if you are looking to have long filleting hours, this one will be the right pick. Its convenient blade-release mechanism also will be a great feature on this knife.

  • Comes with a safety lock
  • Convenient blade release
  • Features 120V AC
  • Legendary mister twister action

#8. Berkley Fillet Knife with Folding Board, Red/Gray

8. Berkley Fillet Knife with Folding Board, Red/Gray

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If you are looking to fillet your fish with ease, you definitely need to go for this electric knife. The reason we say so is that it has been ergonomically designed to give you the comfort that you deserve. It also comes with precision-ground blades to provide for that convenience. Apart from that, it comes in an advanced motor design that delivers high speeds and torque.

The lightweight design for this electric fillet knife will ensure that you get unmatched performance. This electric fillet knife is powered by a rechargeable and long-lasting Li-ion battery. This package comes with a charger for the knife. Additionally, you will get the convenience of carrying the knife and charger with the storage case provided.

  • Powered by a powerful Li-ion battery
  • Stainless blades to resist corrosion
  • Comes with a charger and carrying case
  • Advanced motor design for high speed

#7. Mister Twister MT-1208 Piranha Knife

7. Mister Twister MT-1208 Piranha Knife

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Whether you will be fishing in freshwater or salty water, this fillet knife will be your right pick. It features 25% extra torque and 15% more speed compared to other electric fillet knives. This knife will easily cut through the tough scales as well as the thick skin of your catch. You will no longer be needed to use a spoon to eliminate scales on your fish which proved to be time-consuming.

This fillet knife is among the sharpest and one that has the strongest blade for the saltwater fish. The good thing about the blade for this knife is that it is resistant to corrosions. You will appreciate that it has been tested and also approved by renowned fishing guides. Another great feature is that it has an expandable cord for simple maneuverability.

  • Engineered for the tough scales
  • Offers 25% more torque
  • So many serrations to cut anything
  • Comes from a reputable brand

#6. American Angler Electric Fillet Knife with 5 Stainless Steel Blades

6. American Angler Electric Fillet Knife with 5 Stainless Steel Blades

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In case you are in search of a knife that provides consistent filleting, this one will be the right pick. It has actually been engineered to run and last longer. This electric knife has been proven to give a better performance compared to its competitors. Another great feature of this electric knife is that it operates on a 110V motor to gives 2X torque.

One popular feature of the knife is the blade. It is very powerful and will easily clean even the toughest fish species. Despite being tough, you will also appreciate that this blade is flexible as well. Apart from that, it prides itself on its universal compatibility meaning that it can be used on all American Angler fillet knives.

  • It boasts 2 times more torque
  • Superior drive train components
  • Backed by a 2 years limited warranty
  • It has 4 times more lifespan than others

#5. Hamilton Beach Electric Fillet Knife – Storage Case and Serving Fork Included (74250R)

5. Hamilton Beach Electric Fillet Knife - Storage Case and Serving Fork Included (74250R)

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This is yet another ideal pick for cutting not only meat but breads as well. This electric knife has reciprocating and serrated blades which can create very even slices. Additionally, it comes with a fork which is handy both for serving and carving as well. The good thing about this knife is that it comes from a reputable brand. This is evident from the number of positive reviews the product has on Amazon.

You will appreciate the ergonomic design for this fillet knife. It is actually designed to fit so well in your hand. For that reason, therefore, you will have better control regardless of what you will be cutting. Apart from that, this knife comes with a storage case which is space-saving as well. You will, therefore, keep the blade and the fork well-protected from a convenient place.

  • Ergonomic handle for comfort
  • It is perfect for meats and bread as well
  • Stainless steel blades & fork
  • A space-saving storage case has been included

#4. BLACK+DECKER Electric Carving Knife, EK500B

4. BLACK+DECKER Electric Carving Knife, EK500B

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BLACK+DECKER has continued being a household name for a very long time now. It is not only known for kitchen tools only but also power tools as well as lawn care. The positive reviews this product has on Amazon actually tell you that this one is a reliable product. This electric fillet knife is ideal for cutting virtually through anything due to its quality design.

To help you carry out the task with ease, this knife boasts an ergonomic design. For instance, it has a non-slip handle that is going to prevent drops amid slicing. Apart from that, this product has some removable blades that are dishwasher safe. That, therefore, means that it will be very easy to clean the knife. What’s more, it comes with a safety lock button which will prevent any accidental turning on.

  • 9” stainless steel blades
  • Comes with a comfortable grip handle
  • Features a safety lock button
  • Removable parts and dishwasher safe design

#3. Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Fillet Knife

3. Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Fillet Knife

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Speaking technically, this one is not really a fillet knife. All the same, it offers meat carving solutions operating on electricity. The good thing about this knife is that it comes from a top brand so you should buy with confidence. It features 2 blades one for carving and cutting meat and the other one for slicing bread. What that means is that it is going to give you value for your money.

The fact that these blades have been made of stainless steel means that the knife will be durable. What’s more, it is corrosion-resistant and can be easily cleaned due to its dishwasher-safe design. One convenient feature of this knife is that it features a woodblock for easy storage. You ought to buy with confidence since it comes with a limited warranty of 3 years.

  • Backed with a limited warranty of three years
  • Ergonomically-designed handle for comfort
  • 2 high-quality steel blades
  • It comes from a reputable brand

#2. Rapala Cordless Fillet Knife

2. Rapala Cordless Fillet Knife

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The second position according to this review is the Rapala cordless fillet knife. It has been made in a design that will match up to any filleting job. It prides itself on the Lithium-ion design that allows it to produce up to 80 minutes of runtime without power loss. The fact that it comes from a reputable brand will give you enough confidence to purchase.

Another good thing about the Lithium-ion batteries is that they provide consistent torque and speed. It will, therefore, operate from fillet to fillet without slowing down. What’s more, this electric fillet knife takes a very short time to charge for convenience.

  • Lithium-Ion batteries for a consistent speed
  • It has a fast charge time
  • The knife boasts a longer battery life
  • Advanced airflow design

#1. Bubba Cordless Electric Fillet Knife – Non-Slip Grip Handles

1. Bubba Cordless Electric Fillet Knife - Non-Slip Grip Handles

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Finally, this review is the Bubba blade electric fillet knife that has a handle length of 8.5 inches and only weighs 1.11 lbs. This product prides itself on a non-slip handle for unique grip security. For that reason, therefore, you will have ultimate knife control for extra security. This, therefore, means that this knife will be very easy to use.

Its dual-rivet blade design has been coated in stainless steel and comes with an ergonomic trigger. You will also appreciate that the blades can be easily removable making cleaning an easy task. Storage will also be convenient since this product comes with a zippered storage case. It also features an LED indicator allowing you to know the status of your battery.

  • Non-slip grip for ease of use
  • Blades are easily removable for simple cleaning
  • Comes with an EVA case for easy storage
  • Made with quality materials for durability

Things to Consider When Choosing Electric Fillet Knife

Size: This will be among the important factors to keep in mind when shopping for these knives. It is obvious that a large fish will definitely require a larger knife and vice versa is true. The general rule is that you should not buy a knife which is 2 inches shorter or longer compared to the type of fish you catch. One knife that will work for most fish types will be the 7-inch fillet knife.

Blade material: The kind of material used on the blade of your knife is going to bring the whole difference in its performance. Steel is the common material used but then there are different types of steel. What you need to look at when shopping will be the ease of sharpening, flexibility, edge retention as well as the estimated life of your knife.

Durability: There are so many factors that affect the fillet knife’s durability. The common factor will be how well one takes care of their knife. Apart from that, the kind of steel used for the knife is also going to affect its durability. For instance, the soft steel will not retain the edge meaning that it will need frequent sharpening. Again, hard steel might not be flexible enough that exposes it to breakages.


This is it as far as the best electric fillet knives are concerned as per our research. One thing that has been emergent in this post is that you need to get a fillet knife that executes its purpose effectively. It is the lack of the necessary information that makes one buy the wrong items. Above, we have presented the facts you need to know about fillet knives. The compilation above was made after researching what users of these products had to say. You can, therefore, shop for any of the above items confidently knowing that you will get value for your money. Refer to the guide above in case you feel doubtful about what to buy.

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