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Top 5 Best Dog Waste Stations in 2020 Reviews

Dog Waste Stations

Dogs are man’s best friends but they can be a nuisance at times especially when it comes to cleaning their mess. Despite a pet owner’s efforts, they can easily forget to pack poop bags for their dogs. This will be the case during the busy days when one is late for work. Having your canine with you at such an instant will be the most stressful moment in your life. The dog waste stations are however the best way to make sure that any pet owner has the tools they need for cleaning up the dog’s mess. With these dog accessories, you will not be worried to come with your dog in a shared outdoor area. They have all the tools that you need to clean up the mess in the most hygienic way possible.

When searching the market for the best dog waste station, do not be surprised after realizing that the market has so much to offer. This will put any buyer in a very compromising situation since they will not know what product will be good for their pets. Every brand out there claims to offer the best products but most of these claims do not hold. For that reason, one will be required to do their research in order to make an informed decision. Since that will be a time-consuming task, we found it wise to compile the top 5 best dog waste stations in 2020. The later parts of this post have a brief guide on factors to consider before making the final decision.

List of 5 Best Dog Waste Stations in 2020

#5. BarkPark Dog Waste Stations with a Locking Bag Dispenser

BarkPark Dog Waste Stations with a Locking Bag Dispenser

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Opening up this review is the BarkPark pet waste station that has been recommended for neighborhoods, businesses and even parks. It, therefore, encourages people to look after their pets when sharing an outdoor space. Since this station arrives in a natural beige color scheme, you can be sure that this station will be very easy to identify from a distance. If you are planning to travel to some fun places along with your pet, this station will be good for you. It allows you to socialize with friends and family without worries.

Among the accessories included in this station include a waste receptacle, a locking bag dispenser as well as a reflective pet sign. Given that this dog waste station has been made in rugged steel construction, you can rely on it to serve you for a very long time. Another convenient aspect of the station is that it has a weight of 45 pounds meaning that it can be carried along conveniently.

  • Available in the natural green color scheme
  • It is ideal for parks, businesses, and neighborhoods
  • Includes a locking bag dispenser
  • Comes with a reflective pet sign
  • All components are made from rugged steel

Reasons to buy this:

This is a well-constructed dog waste station that proves to stand any type of climate. It comes in a natural green color as well which makes it very easy to identify. The station provides a convenient way to dispose of the pet’s waste in a single station.

#4. Bow Wow Dog Waste Stations – Roll Bag Dispenser

Bow Wow Dog Waste Stations – Roll Bag Dispenser

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This is another dog waste station that prides itself on professional-grade and high-strength aluminum. You will have the convenience of using this waste station for commercial and residential settings. The good thing about this station is that it comes with everything you require for handling waste in the yard or your park. With its aluminum construction, it means that it will resist rusting and withstand the test of time giving you value for money.

Among the accessories that come with this station include the waste can that has a lid, the sign, a locking dispenser as well as a post. It will, therefore, be a great station when you are likely to get exposed to the elements. Apart from that, this dog waste station comes with 400 dog waste bags. Even though this station comes from a relatively new brand, it promises to give your community the best in terms of dog waste handling.

  • It features a durable design
  • 400 free dog’s waste bags
  • Made with high-strength aluminum
  • Ideal for commercial and residential use
  • Comes with a sign, a locking dispenser, and a post

Reasons to buy this:

This is a well-constructed station for dog waste that gives the assurance of withstanding any type of climate. Everything that you need to effectively handle the waste has been included like the sign, post, and a locking dispenser. This product will be ideal for commercial and residential uses.

#3. DOGIPOT 1003-L Pet Station, Forest Green

DOGIPOT 1003-L Pet Station, Forest Green

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This is yet another pet station that stands out from its competitors due to its unique design. One thing about this station is that it will give you a very simple time when it comes to assembly. The reason for that is that the instructions for installation are very clear. What’s more, the station comes with the hardware you need for flawless assembly. Again, it comes from a reputable brand so you should buy with confidence.

This station comes with 400 Dogipot pickup bags and 50 heavy-duty liner trash bags. Apart from that, you will appreciate that this station comes with everything you need to get started. With its forest green color, you can be sure that this pet waste station will be easily identifiable. Made with quality steel material, you can expect that this station is going to last for a relatively long time.

  • Mounting instructions and hardware provided
  • Comes with a front locking lid with 2 keys
  • Includes 400 litter bags
  • 50 heavy-duty bags for trash
  • It has a capacity of 10 gallons

Reasons to buy this:

Since this station features all that you need to get started, you can rest assured to get the best from this station. Assembling this station will be relatively easy now that the instructions, as well as the hardware needed for installation, have been provided.

#2. Pet Waste Station, 400 Bags Free

Pet Waste Station, 400 Bags Free

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On the second rank according to our team of experts is the dog waste station that comes from the PetWasteCo brand. This is a commercial-grade pest waste station that is mounted on some steel post. The good thing about this station is that it has the ability to hold up to six hundred bags at a go. It, therefore, means that with this station, maintenance and upkeep will be very minimal. Additionally, all the supplies that you need have been included in this package.

The design of this product is a typical pet waste station. What’s more, this station is not complicated to use or understand. This station by itself is very durable and will, therefore, be resistant from fading, cracking or even rusting. To get you started, you will appreciate that it comes with 400 bags free of charge. Even though this product, comes at a bit higher price, you will still find the worth of your money.

  • It will dispense 600 bags at once
  • Commercial-grade aluminum construction
  • A classic look and durable design
  • It is very easy to identify
  • Everything you need has been included

Reasons to buy this:

This is a commercial-grade aluminum dog waste station that features everything that you need to get started. One great aspect of the station is that it has the ability to dispense up to 600 bags at a go. You will also appreciate that it comes in a classic and durable look that is also very easy to identify.

#1. Zero Waste USA Dog Waste Stations

Zero Waste USA Dog Waste Stations

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Lastly on this review is this pet waste station that comes from a reputable American brand. First things first, the station prides itself on high-strength aluminum construction which is a professional grade. It will, therefore, be ideal for residential and commercial use as well. You will appreciate the fact that this station comes with all that you need to get started. Some of the accessories include a locking dispenser, a sign as well as a waste can which has a lid.

Another great feature that makes this station unique from the rest is the fact that it accompanies 50 can liners and 400 dog waste bags all that come free of charge. What’s more, it comes with installation instructions that are nothing but easy to follow. Other than the durable nature of this station, you will also realize its ease of identification. What’s more, it has the ability to dispense 600 bags at a time making it different from its competitors.

  • Professional-grade aluminum construction
  • 400 free dog waste bags
  • Everything you need is included
  • Ideal for commercial and residential use
  • It is very easy to install

Reasons to buy this:

This station prides itself on an aluminum construction which makes it ideal for all types of weather. It comes with everything that you need to get started with a capacity of 10 gallons. You will also like the fact that this station is from a reputable brand.

Dog Waste Stations Buying Guide

  • Construction: There are three common materials that pet waste stations can deploy namely aluminum, plastic, and steel. The stations will, therefore, come in a lightweight design or a heavy-duty design based on the materials used. However, most people prefer aluminum dog waste stations now that it can resist rusting. It is a fact that lightweight containers will rust or even fall apart faster compared to the heavy-duty models. This, therefore, means that they will require regular maintenance. You must, therefore, make your decisions based on these lines of thinking to avoid regretting later.
  • Design and water tightness: Pet waste stations are required to have very tight covers. This will be the only way to guarantee that the waste remains inside while the water is kept outside. You can imagine the condition that would arise after the dog’s mess mixes with water. Emptying such stations will be very hectic at first. Most plastic versions come with a large hole on the side for dispensing the soiled waste bags. You need to note that these openings will allow water to enter the receptacle. The best models have a very small chute that is just large enough for the waste bags. That will help to keep water, vermin, as well as insects out and tightly, seal the odors inside.
  • Aesthetics: Pet waste stations arrive in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Popular stations will stand 6 to 7 feet in height and commonly feature green, black or brown colors. The aim is to have these stations blending with their background and also remain convenient and visible. Some of these stations have extra features to increase the aesthetic appeal for that station. When choosing these stations, you should remember that your community will not necessarily commit to a single style. The important thing is to ensure that the stations are in a very good condition to be used and meets the requirements of that particular location.


Cleaning a pet’s waste is not only tedious but also time-consuming as well. However, it is very important to clean your dogs’ waste to make sure that you and the people around you are safe and hygienic. The easiest way to guarantee that is by getting a dog waste station for your pet. Most of these accessories will be ideal for neighborhoods, businesses and even parks. Knowing what to purchase is however still a puzzle among most buyers due to the flooded market.

The buyers are therefore at risk of purchasing the wrong items if no information is provided on the subject. This post has reviewed the top 5 best dog waste stations that you will find in the market in 2020. For those people who will be doing the purchase for the first time, a guide has been provided too. It enlists key considerations to make when doing the purchase of these products. We, therefore, believe that with this kind of information, you have all that you need. Enjoy your shopping!

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