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Top 10 Best Crepe Pans in 2020 | Crepe Maker Machine

Crepe Pans

If you have been roaming along the city street, hypnotized by all crepe vendor you come across. Crepes refer to the French type of pancakes. The crepes are much thinner and larger, not like the fluffy American version. They can be packed with both savory and sweet fillings and are typically rolled or folded. If you’re planning to impress guests with delicious crepes, crepe pans could be an ideal tool to enhance your kitchen tasks.

Although crepe sounds fancy and French, it is a highly sophisticated dessert that is broadly loved worldwide. With the right crepe pan, passion for cooking, and ingredients, you can make your crepe at home. Finding the right crepe pan can be confusing due to multiple varieties out there. But luckily enough, we have outlined the best crepe pans for you.

List of Best Crepe Pans in 2020

10. JYDMIX Nonstick 12’’ Crepe Maker Machine

JYDMIX Nonstick 12’’ Crepe Maker Machine

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Would you like fluffy pancakes or delicious crepes for breakfast? Now JYDMIX has you covered. The manufacturer offers you a nonstick crepes pan that will make your kitchen life easier! In addition, this fantastic crepe maker is the better option for a professional chef as it is convenient and multifunctional. Start making your delicious pancakes, crepes, or blintzes! Whether they are savory or sweet, you will surely amaze everyone and anyone with your crepe-making expertise.

With its unique non-stick pot design, cleaning it has been made easier after use. This portable crepe pan has an intelligent temperature control unit alongside an LED indicator light. It also features wooden crepe tool spreader and spatula, more effective and convenient, and to fry food. JYDMIX provides a limited warranty of a one-year.

  • Exceptional non-stick pot design
  • Convenient Storage
  • LED indicator light included
  • Anti-slip rubber base
  • Batter spreader & spatula
  • Weighs 3.7 pounds
  • Intelligent temperature control unit

9. NutriChef 12-Inch Nonstick Electric Crepe pan

NutriChef 12-Inch Nonstick Electric Crepe pan

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This 12-inches non-stick electric crepe maker from NutriChef features high powered Aluminum Griddle heating element. It is compact enough to make travel and storage simple. Also, it is Safe for any tabletop, countertop, and kitchen top. More inclusively, it has a 2.50-feet power cord. With this crepe maker, preparing breakfast and making a large crepe is possible at once. Similarly, the non-stick aluminum construction makes flipping of food or removal hassle-free and mess-free.

What’s more, this portable crepe pan has an adjustable temperature control for perfect food cooking. It also includes an incredible LED indicator light for allowing you to know when the desired temperature is reached. Along with that, the griddle crepe making maker features batter spreader and a wooden spatula to make breakfast-making simple and easier. These tools assist in making flipping simple and creating uniform texture. Features ultra-quiet operation

  • Compact, & Convenient Cooktop
  • LED indicator light
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Cooking surface: 12 inch
  • Spreader & wooden spatula included
  • Temperature Adjustable Rotary Knob

8. Chefman Electric Crepe Griddle pan Griddle

Chefman Electric Crepe Griddle pan Griddle

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Enjoy reliably easy and tasty breakfast with the use of Crepe pan from Chefman – every banquet lover’s dream. No more over-done or half-baked pancakes or crepes. With multiple functionalities, making bacon, crepes, pancakes, blintzes, eggs, and many more brunch delights! More significantly, this crepe pan’s heating element is powered by1200W that heats up Chefman crepe pan quickly, while adjustable temperature knob help in customization.

When the crepe maker machine is ON, the indicator shows red light, but when the preferred food preparation temperature has been attained, it shows a green light. With an outsized cooking surface area, it is convenient to prepare restaurant-style crepes, blintzes, pancakes – your friends and family and won’t accept it’s homemade.

It includes a wooden spatula and batter spreader for perfect spreading, giving you reliable results every time. The other thing is the non-stick aluminum surface area that cleans easily. It also features advanced safety innovation for long-lasting durability.

  • Precise Temperature control
  • Non-Stick 12-inches surface
  • Multifunctional base
  • Batter spreader & spatula are included
  • Weighs 3.39 pounds

7. Waring WSC160X 16″ Electric Crepe Maker

Waring WSC160X 16" Electric Crepe Maker

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This heavy-duty electric crepe pan features a durable 16-inches stainless steel base alongside heat-resistant carrying handles. The crepe maker contains commercial cast iron cooking part becomes fully nonstick once properly equipped with easy-to-clean and useful features. The adjustable thermostat to 572 Kelvin makes the crepe pan cook any type of batters evenly and quickly.

Additionally, it comes with NSF-approved stainless steel spatula and batter spreader. It is characterized by large cast-iron cooking of 16-inches for even distribution and heat retention. Moreover, it comes with a long-lasting stainless base alongside heat proof-carrying handles. It helps in cooking any batters uniformly and quickly.

  • Sturdy stainless steel base
  • Weighs 44.5 pounds
  • Heat proof-carrying handles
  • Adjustable thermostat

6. G&M Kitchen Essentials Nonstick 12” Crepe Griddle pan

G&M Kitchen Essentials Nonstick 12” Crepe Griddle pan

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Do you want an ideal holiday kitchen gift? If yes, then, the lightweight and compact crepe pan from G&M Kitchen Essentials is your better option. With this crepe pan, preparing blintzes and delicious crepes is easy and quick. The non-stick aluminum part provides easy, nicely cooked pancakes all the time.

Apart from that, it has an inbuilt indicator light that notifies you when the heating element attains the right crepe making temperatures. Besides, the incorporated batter crepe spreader offers a uniform, thin, and even texture. There is also a wooden kitchen spatula that makes flipping and lifting your crepes easy. Ultimately, the small design makes travel-friendly and storage simple.

  • Inbuilt indicator light
  • Weighs 2.6 pounds
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 100 recipe cookbook
  • Precise temperature control
  • Wooden spatula & batter spreader

5. CucinaPro 1447 Cordless Non-Stick Crepe Maker Machine

CucinaPro 1447 Cordless Non-Stick Crepe Maker Machine

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CucinaPro is made to instigate creativity and widen the cookery experience of any chef at-home. CucinaPro crepe pans bring familiar but unique classics to any kitchen, with the aim of innovative awakening ideas and enriching the crepe preparation process. Its electric base features a cord wrapping for easy and neat storage. Moreover, its non-stick surface can be easily cleaned.

What’s more, this 7.5″ non-stick electric crepe pan and griddle makes delicate blintzes and crepes easily and quickly. There are On/off switch with standby light for notifying you when the surface becomes hot for cooking. The package includes batter spreader and dipping plate that help you in creating the thinnest crepes.

  • Has On/Off switch with light indicator
  • Electric base with a cord wrap
  • Batter spreader and dipping plate
  • Recipe booklet included
  • Perfect Paper Thin Blintzes & Crepes in Minutes

4.  CucinaPro Non-Stick 12″ Crepe Maker Machine

CucinaPro Non-Stick 12" Crepe Maker Machine

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Making crepes and blintzes has never been made that faster and convenient. CucinaPro Electric Crepe pan has a surface diameter of 12-inches. Ideally, it is suitable for preparing traditional French crepes. Surprisingly, it features not only five different temperature settings but also batters spreader and non-stick aluminum plate. With distinct temperature settings, you will enjoy precise control while providing better results.

What’s more, the batter spreader is good enough to make super-thin crepes, and the aluminum plate acts as a griddle, making it superb for preparing stacks of bacon, pancakes, and other brunch favorites. It is also accompanied by a recipe for basic fresh mushroom crepes, blueberry blintzes, and crepe batter.

  • Five variable temperature settings
  • The aluminum plate
  • Rubber feet for added stability
  • The batter spreader for making super-thin crepes
  • Has On/Off ready light

3. MICHELANGLEO 13 Inch Crepe Maker Machine

MICHELANGLEO 13 Inch Crepe Maker Machine

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This crepe pan from MICHELANGLEO is an ideal option for any kitchen. The crepe pan is constructed with an ultra-nonstick coating that provides effortless crepe folding & flipping, eventual food release for easy cleanup. Besides, it also has a cooking surface of 13-inches, thus making it suitable for preparing breakfast and making a big crepe. More pleasingly, this crepe pan is made with six variable temperature settings. The precise temperature dial technology guarantees perfect cooking results.

Equally important, the maker has an LED indicator light that intelligent enough to notify you in case the preferable temperature is reached. The 13-inches crepe pan comes with a batter spreader and wooden spatula to make crepe folding or flipping easier.

  • Ergonomic Design Handle
  • Ultimately Nonstick Surface of 13-INCH
  • Six Temperature Settings
  • LED indicator light

2. Morning Star 13 Inch Non-stick Crepe Pan

Morning Star 13 Inch Non-stick Crepe Pan

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Morning Star presents incredible 13-inches non-stick crepe maker for making blintzes and crepes easier and faster. The other desirable thing with this crepe pan is that it not only has rubber feet for security and stability while cooking but also for protecting countertops against scratching. It features precise temperature dial for controlling temperature precisely.

Along with that, the aluminum plate is also suitable for eggs, pancakes, and many more. Batter spreader is also a fantastic feature of this crepe pan for making a thin crepe. Moreover, it not only comes with stylish handles for making cleaning simple but also lightweight and durable material makes the griddle control easy. Also, it can cook omelets, tortillas, sausage, eggs, flatbreads, bacon, and more!

  • Lightweight & durable and material
  • Stylish handles for easy cleaning
  • Rubber feet for
  • Large 13-inches aluminum non-stick plate
  • Elegant brushed metal
  • Batter spreader included
  • Precise temperature dial function

1.Proctor Silex 38400 Crepe Maker Machine

Proctor Silex 38400 Crepe Maker Machine

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The proctor silex 38400 is the best performing crepe maker machine. Despite its large 13-inch griddle, it has a fairly low profile, making it compact for easy storage. With a nonstick cooking surface of 13 inches, you can create perfect crepe for filling with your savory or sweet favorites. It also accompanied by a spreader and batter cup to help you make a thin crepe. Besides, it has a larger spatula that makes folding and flipping your crepe very well.

So too, it has eight heat levels and prepares crepes quicker than any other model. The right heat can also help in making traditional pancakes, cooking homemade flour tortillas, and more. Then again, it is excellent for dinner & dessert and breakfast,

  • The nonstick cooking surface measures 13 inches
  • Eight heat levels characterize it
  • Spreader and batter cup included
  • Has extra-large spatula

Crepe Pans Buying Guide

Induction compatibility: Not all crepe maker machine has cooktops induction compatibility. When purchasing crepe maker machine construction of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, consider whether they feature a steel or copper base if you feature an induction cooker at home.

Size: The size of a crepe maker machine typically ranging between 8-12 inches. The preferable sizes should be 10-inches for real French crepes. When considering crepe maker machine sizes, remember to consider the counterbalance caused by the pan’s edge. For example, a 10-inches crepe maker machine is ideal for cooking a 9-inches crepe.

Heat-proof handles: Making pancakes and crepes requires you to buy something with a better grip on the handlebar of the crepe maker machine. The best handles should have an insulation property to avoid possible burning.


In conclusion, up to this far, you to consider what styles of features and qualities you are searching for in the crepe maker machine and then identify the machine that suits your needs. Irrespective of your expertise in crepe-making, the moment you have selected the right crepe maker machine & start using it, as this machine will help you in crafting delicious crepes for your family.

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