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Top 10 Best Countertop Water Dispensers in 2021 Reviews

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Drinking clean water is very essential for any human. The need to drink pure and filtered water is the reason why you will need Countertop Water Dispensers. A dispenser will give a superb way to get your drinking water to the best purity either at home or at the office. The modern water dispensers have bot the cold and hot water spouts. This, therefore, means that you can prepare hot or cold beverages anytime you want.

Choosing the best countertop water dispenser either for home or office use might be a daunting task at times. This is mainly because there are so many brands out there. It, therefore, requires that you carry out research before selecting any countertop water dispensers. This can, however, be time-consuming which propelled us to make this review. It comprises of the top 10 best Countertop Water Dispensers in the market today.

List of 10 Best Countertop Water Dispensers in 2021

#10. Clover Hot and Cold Countertop Water Dispenser

Clover Water Dispenser

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To kick off this review is the countertop water dispenser from Clover which is very economical due to its design. The faucets are very easy to push meaning that it will be easy to use in the long run. It is priced in a relatively affordable manner to make sure that everyone affords it regardless of their budget. What’s more, this dispenser has a compact design to fit any space.

Another great feature that the dispenser prides itself on is the fast filling rate since it will dispense up to 16 oz. in just 8 seconds or less. Its height is 17.2 inches which allows it to easily fit in the standard cabinets. Apart from that, this dispenser features a heavy-duty construction allowing it to withstand the test of time.

  • Heavy-duty hardware with an encased metallic construction
  • It fills up to 16 oz. in less than 8 seconds
  • This water dispenser is very easy to use
  • Bottleless design to fit well under the standard cabinets

#9. Costway Stainless Steel Freestanding Hot and Cold Water

Costway Water Dispensers

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This is a top-loading dispenser which prides itself on a large capacity design. It can conveniently hold 3-5 gallon bottles of water making it ideal for the family and the office. Additionally, it also comes with a child safety lock function to prioritize the safety of your kid. The fact that its price is relatively affordable will give you even more reasons to purchase.

This dispenser has a funnel that has a prong to prevent water spillage while the removable drip tray makes it very easy to clean. Since this dispenser instantly gives hot or cold water, you will save time that could otherwise be used to boil water for instance. It also prides itself on a modern design which will be a perfect addition to your office or home.

  • This top-loading dispenser has a large capacity
  • It is very easy to clean
  • In-built child safety lock
  • Provides instant hot and cold water
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#8. Honeywell Commercial Grade Water Dispenser

Honeywell Water Dispenser

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With this water dispenser, you will enjoy the water at three different temperatures. It features quality stainless steel construction to make sure that it will serve you for a long time. You will also appreciate that this cooler is very safe and easy to use. For instance, it has a child safety lock which makes sure that the kid doesn’t accidentally press the hot water button.

The water dispenser is UL certified and comes with the energy star rating which means that it is safe and saves you energy as well. Additionally, the materials used in its design are safe and will also stand the test of time. You ought to gather enough buying confidence since this product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of one year from the manufacturer.

  • It is easy and safe to use
  • Energy star and UL-certified
  • Quality standards in its construction
  • Backed with a warranty of one year from the manufacturer

#7. Brio Self-Cleaning Hot, Cold & Cool Water

Brio Self-Cleaning Water Dispensers

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The main priority with this water dispenser is safety and this is the reason it has been equipped with a child safety lock. This will, therefore, make sure that your kid does not accidentally press the hot water button. The reservoirs for hot and cold water are made with quality stainless steel material to protect the purity of water and taste for a long time.

The dispense points for this water cooler will allow you to easily refill the water bottles. You will also appreciate that it comes with an empty-bottle indicator telling you when the time for refilling comes. With only a touch of a button, this dispenser will effectively clean itself. Its innovative design will bring an elegant look to your office or home.

  • Equipped with the safety child lock
  • Dispense points will allow for easy refilling
  • Self-cleaning with the touch of a button
  • 100% stainless steel construction for durability

#6. Primo Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Primo Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

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In the sixth position in this review, you will be able to enjoy your water at three different temperatures. It is very easy to use since you will only be required to press a button. What’s more, it comes with a child safety lock function to prevent kids from pressing its hot water button accidentally. Its stainless steel construction, on the other hand, will ensure that it serves you for the longest period possible.

You will appreciate the bottom loading design for this dispenser that eliminates the need to lift it when loading. With this dispenser, the bottles will be concealed in there giving it a very clean look. The fact that this dispenser is UL certified and energy star rated means that this product is completely reliable. What’s more, it comes with a limited warranty of one year from the manufacturer.

  • UL-certified and energy star rated
  • The door panel features stainless steel construction
  • Backed with a limited warranty of one year
  • Equipped with a child safety lock
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#5. Avalon Premium Loading Countertop Cooler Water Dispenser

Avalon Premium Water Dispensers

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Countertop water dispenser is equipped with both hot and cold water spouts allowing you to choose your preferred water temperature. It is therefore ideal for cooling refreshments and toasty beverages. The manufacturer has provided a detailed user manual to make sure that you can do installation and troubleshooting on your own.

This dispenser comes in a top-loading design allowing you to easily spot when the dispenser is about to run out of water. Since this dispenser provides you with instant hot water, you will save your time. Its stylish and slim design will make sure that your room does not look clumsy. If you are having inadequate space, this dispenser will be the ideal pick.

  • Hot and cold water spouts for convenience
  • Innovative and stylish design
  • Equipped with a child safety lock
  • Easy to use and troubleshoot

#4. hOmeLabs Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

hOmeLabs Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

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It has now become very easy to hydrate yourself with this bottom loading water dispenser. With this machine, you will only be needed to load your water bottle in the dispenser door and you will be good to go. The stylish water cooler has a stainless steel door that adds a modern touch in your office or home. It also comes in a compact and stylish design to ensure that it fits any space.

Another convenient feature about this dispenser is that it comes with an LED light so that you hydrate yourself during the night conveniently. You will also appreciate that it comes with an intuitive control panel to make it as user-friendly as possible. Its child safety lock function will protect your kids against accidental pressing of the hot water button. What’s more, it comes with a warranty of 2 years.

  • Bottom loading design for convenience
  • Equipped with the child lock safety lock
  • Backed with 2 years warranty from the manufacturer
  • The intuitive control panel makes it easy to use

#3. NutriChef Water Cooler – Hot & Cold Water

NutriChef Water Dispenser

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This water cooler gives you the convenience of selecting between hot and cold water. If you are therefore looking to cool your refreshments and some toasty beverages, this cooler will be the best pick. The cold temperatures will range between 40 and 45 °F while the hot water temperature will range between 170 and 175 °F.

This is a tabletop water dispenser that operates with automatic plug-in making it very easy to cool the water. You will also enjoy the ultra-quiet operation for this dispenser. The countertop water dispenser can accommodate up to a 5-gallon bottle in order to save you several water bottles annually. Another convenient feature for this water dispenser is that it will work well both at home and office.

  • Hot and cold water sprouts
  • Equipped with the safety lock feature
  • Ideal for office and home use
  • Ultra-quiet operation

#2. Farberware Freestanding Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Farberware Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

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If you are looking for a water dispenser that can dispense both hot and cold water, this will be the ideal pick. It has the ability to hold a 3 or 5-gallon water tank. With this dispenser, you will enjoy the convenience of getting hot and cold water instantly. Another great aspect of this water cooler is that it has an energy-saving design and will not make any noise.

The manufacturer made this water dispenser in two different colors from which buyers choose. With its bottom storage cabinet, you will have extra storage space. The heating power for this dispenser is 550 watts to provide hot water which has a temperature of up to 194F. Additionally, it comes at a very pocket-friendly price across all budgets.

  • The dispenser is ideal for both hot and cold water
  • It uses 550 watts heating power
  • Energy-saving design with low noise
  • Available in two different colors
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#1. Avalon Water dispenser

Avalon Water dispenser

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On the first rank according to this review is the water dispenser from Avalon. Since it has three operating temperatures, you will be able to customize the drinking experience. You will also like it’s stylish and innovative that makes it perfect for your kitchen and office. According to the many positive reviews that this product has gathered online, it is good to say that it is reliable.

This water dispenser also comes with an in-built nightlight which makes the spout easily visible. With the empty-bottle indicator also shows you when the bottle needs to be replaced. This dispenser makes use of the bottom loading design eliminating the strains of lifting and also reduce spillage. You will also be happy upon realizing that it is UL-certified and energy star rated.

  • Three temperature settings
  • UL-certified and energy star rated
  • In-built nightlight for perfect visibility
  • Stylish stainless steel cabinet

Things to Consider When Choosing Countertop Water Dispensers

Capacity: This will dictate the amount of water that your dispenser of choice is going to hold for your team. If you are having a small family, for instance, you need to settle for a medium water dispenser. On the other hand, a large team or family will need a larger capacity. This way, the dispenser will be able to meet the hydration needs of everybody.

Ease of use: The last thing you want is getting a dispenser that will give you a rough time during its operation. For this reason, you ought to select a dispenser that will be very easy to assemble, clean and maintain in general. The dispensers that come with some drip trays and removable parts will be the best picks when it comes to cleaning ease.

Safety: This definitely goes without saying especially among kids. Children at times are very mischievous and can tamper with your water dispenser when you are not watching them. Look for a dispenser that comes with a child safety lock for this purpose. It prevents the kid from accidentally pressing the hot water button which might lead to injuries.


As you can see from these reviews, the list of these accessories is just endless. However, by now, the task of finding the right water dispenser should be very easy. The above guide shows the important factors that you are needed to consider when choosing the best dispenser. Provided that you read through the compilation above, we believe that getting the right dispenser will be very easy. The good thing is that all the products reviewed above come from reputable brands and are going to serve you in the right way.

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