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Top 5 Best Core Trainers in 2021 Reviews

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There are so many ways to train your core muscles including doing the sit-ups and crunches. However, most of these exercises will not always offer the results that you desire. Apart from that, these exercises are in most cases very boring and tiresome at the end of the day. This is where the core trainers come in handy. Core training will never be the same and boring again after you invest in the core trainers. They are special boards that are equipped with a unique design of 360 degrees rotary motion to target the important muscle groups. What makes the boards unique is that they are integrated with mobile gaming to make the training as interactive as possible. They are also portable which means that you will be able to train from the privacy of your home.

If you came here looking for the best core trainer, we must first mention that this is the right place for you. As opposed to spending too much time researching the internet, this post will direct you to the best core trainers very easily. People are always overwhelmed by the fact that the market is oversaturated with options. This, therefore, instills fear in them on buying the items they did not intend to. With that in mind, we compiled the review below of the top 5 best core trainers available today. It is our hope that by the end of this review, it will be very easy to make an informed decision.

List of 10 Best Core Trainers in 2021

#5. STEALTH Core Trainer for Building Muscles and Losing Body Fat (Yellow)

STEALTH Core Trainer for Building Muscles and Losing Body Fat (Yellow)

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This core trainer is among the recent abdominal exercise machines that have gained so much popularity in the market. It has generally been created with the sole intention of making the core training very interesting. What it does is taking the planking which despite being simple is the most challenging core movement. To raise the bar, this board will create instability in order to target the abdominal part.

This is a portable fitness product that will basically push you to the top level of your core training in the comfort of your home. You will appreciate that it comes with the Stealth fitness app which is absolutely free including 2 games. Another amazing feature about the core trainer is that it tracks the daily progress. What’s more, it will include a real-time leaderboard worldwide. This, therefore, means that it will be possible to compete with family and friends.

With this core trainer also, you will play games as you train in the 360 degrees motion. The plankster will use the core strength in controlling your phone screen’s action. This, therefore, makes the static exercises such as the plank, even more, engaging for the brain and muscles as well. You will also be happy to learn that this core trainer accommodates any size of the smartphone for a fun and engaging workout. Even better, the free app will work with both iOS and Android.

  • A portable fitness product for core training
  • Comes with the Stealth fitness app which includes 2 games
  • Offers a multi-directional and dynamic exercise experience
  • It can fit any smartphone size
  • Its unstable and dynamic board will engage the core muscles
  • The app will allow for competition between players
  • Its gameplay will make the exercise very interesting
  • No Bluetooth or WiFi is needed
  • The package only includes 2 games
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#4. Plankpad Balance Board and Bodyweight Fitness Trainer

Plankpad Balance Board and Bodyweight Fitness Trainer

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The plank workout proves to be among the best and effective exercises. You should appreciate that the core training actually benefits most muscle groups, the abs, and the back as well. With this core trainer, therefore, it will be possible to build muscle, burn fat, prevent back pain, and get fit at the end of the day. Provided that you exercise daily for a short period of time, the end result will be perfect fitness.

This fitness trainer is actually more than that. It has a synchronized app that helps to combine the workout with games. In this regard, the body will become the controller of the game movements. This way, the exercise becomes more dynamic, and more muscles get addressed. With this complete body trainer, you will be targeting the crucial muscle groups, shoulders, glutes, legs, back, the abs, and other parts at the same time.

Another feature that you will appreciate about this core trainer is that it also serves well as a balance board. This, therefore, means that it should not always be the plank exercise. In this regard, you will playfully strengthen the posture, responsiveness, your deep muscles, motor coordination, and also lose weight. This package comes with accessories such as an anti-slip mat, a user manual, and a workout poster. What’s more, the plank pad app will be compatible with Android and iOS phones.

  • Complete body training with some fun
  • You get fit within a few minutes daily
  • Play games and train all the muscles
  • It also acts as a balance board
  • It has a special foam for comfortable standing and planking
  • Comes with perfect edges and walnut finishing
  • Features a grip foam that keeps the mobile device steady and safe
  • Features a comfortable carrying handle
  • It has a relatively smaller size

#3. STEALTH Core Trainer – Patented 360 Degree Motion (Orange)

STEALTH Core Trainer – Patented 360 Degree Motion (Orange)

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If you are tired of doing boring planks, crunches, and sit-ups, this core trainer is the best choice for you. This is an interactive trainer that makes the core planking fun and exciting now that it integrates mobile gaming. This core trainer features a unique design with a 360-degree complete range motion for dynamic and superior planking. It is essentially a health club and a quality fitness product that allows you to train from the convenience of your home.

You will appreciate that the board allows you to play mobile games that are basically controlled by your abs. The 2 games are available for both iOS and Android smartphones. You should not be worried about the availability of 2 games only. This is because the core trainer is planning to launch extra games for an even better experience. The good thing about this core trainer is that it has a relatively portable size.

Another unique feature for this core trainer is that it has the ability to track daily progress. Additionally, it comes with a real-time leaderboard worldwide that brings the spirit of competition between friends and family. Training for just three minutes a day, you are going to get a strong core and a healthy back as a result. Being the number one interactive core trainer all over the world, you can be sure to have fun with this board.

  • Allows you to rain your cores from the privacy of your home
  • The board comes with 2 free gaming applications
  • You will get a healthy back and strong core after training 3 minutes daily
  • The core trainer makes the exercise more enjoyable
  • There is no assembly needed
  • Short but very fun workouts
  • The board is portable and very easy to store
  • The core trainer is very comfortable to use
  • Only restricted to smartphone users

#2. Perform Better Reebok Core Trainer Board

Perform Better Reebok Core Board

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One of the features that you will appreciate about this core trainer is that it features a non-slip surface. Its bobbled texture will also enhance the grip for better performance and a safer footing as well. The other key aspect to appreciate about this core trainer is that it comes with 2 levels of adjustability. This core board, therefore, allows you to easily boost any exercise for the demanding workouts.

The Reebok core board has been designed to develop total core strength. It will be the instability of the board that will stress the abs as well as the obliques during its tilting. This board also prides itself on its 8 band attachment points that will broaden the exercise. For that reason, you are going to enjoy a dynamic, effective as well as varied training all the time.

What makes this core trainer unique is the fact that it tilts, rocks, and also swivels in any direction. You will also appreciate that it has a unique recoil design that will respond dynamically to your movements. You will therefore be able to move from one side to the other since the recoil action will be pushing you back in the opposite direction. Even better, this package comes with the exercise instructions for convenience.

  • It tilts, rocks, and also swivels in every direction
  • Comes with a unique recoil design
  • The package comes with the exercise instructions
  • A large platform with 8 attachment sites
  • Comes with a non-slip and bobbled surface
  • The board has 2 stability levels
  • Features 8 band attachment points
  • Designed to develop your core strength
  • It is nor wobbly enough
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#1. Stealth Core Trainer for Core and Complete Body Workout (Green)

Stealth Core Trainer for Core and Complete Body Workout (Green)

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This core trainer has been proudly made in the United States of America meaning that it is something that you can totally depend on. What this plankster does is allowing you to play your smartphone games using your abs. The good thing is that the board comes with a free fitness app that actually includes 2 games. These games are “Galaxy Adventure” and “Stealth Speed Gliding” that are available both on Android and iOS phones.

With this board also, it will be possible to track the daily progress now that it comes with a worldwide leaderboard. With that functionality, you will conveniently create a challenge with family and friends as well. To enjoy that service, you will be happy to learn that no subscription will be needed whatsoever. Another amazing thing about this core trainer is that t is actually the first interactive core trainer all over the world.

This board takes the very basic training exercise that is the plank and basically turns it into a complete and fun gaming experience. After using this core trainer 3 minutes every day, you will have a very strong core as well as a healthy back. There will be no more crunches or sit-ups with this interactive core trainer. That, therefore, means that the core training will be comfortable especially due to the integration of mobile gaming.

  • Play games on the smartphone with your abs
  • This is among the best core interactive trainers in the world
  • The product has been proudly made in the USA
  • Features 360 degrees full-range motions
  • Fits any size of a smartphone
  • Backed with a limited warranty of 1 year
  • It comes with 2 free gaming apps
  • Features bifoam support pads
  • You might get used to the motion

Things to Consider When Choosing Core Trainers

Ease of use: This is among the main features that you will want to consider in the core trainers. To some extent, this will have something to do with the construction quality of the board. Make sure that it has a comfortable and non-slip surface to ensure that you can work out for a long period of time. The core trainer should also work well on different surface types without compromising your safety.

Smartphone compatibility: As you are aware, these core trainers are integrated with mobile games that make them very interactive. They, therefore, come with free phone apps that allow you to game as you train. All the same, it is wise to check whether the board can accommodate your phone size first. Apart from that, you should make sure that the app is compatible with your phone.

Storage and portability: Before buying a core trainer, you should of these two aspects. With these, it will trigger you to check at the size of the core trainer. Make sure that the product that you buy remains very easy to carry around if need be. Luckily, some core trainers accompany a carrying handle for that purpose. You should however be very careful not to compromise its functionality.


This now brings us to the end of this review where we believe that you have become knowledgeable about the core trainers and how they work. From this review, you can tell that core training will be fun and enjoyable provided that you have the best core trainer. Above are the best products that you would want to buy if you are looking to burn fat, lose weight, and generally get fit without straining a lot. Given that these core trainers come with interactive mobile games, you will find exercise very fun. Training with these boards for a short period of time daily will bring you the results that you have ever wished for. Other than reviewing the best market picks, we went ahead and listed key features that you ought to consider in these core trainers. The ball is now in your court where you should make the comparison and order right away.

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