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Top 8 Best Cordless Grease Guns in 2024 Reviews

Cordless Grease Gun

Greasing machines is an obligatory maintenance practice for anyone who needs optimal performance from them. However, only proper greasing has a valuable significance. And, this proper greasing — according to experts — is only achievable by the use of the best greasing guns. While there are multiple types of grease guns, there’s no better than the cordless grease guns; experts add.

Despite having known that the best grease guns are the cordless ones, finding the perfect one will still be an uphill battle because of their overwhelming population. Luckily, our Top 8 Best Cordless Grease Guns in 2024 review will simplify and narrow down your choices to just a few. The review also includes a buying guide that you’ll find useful in helping you select the best of these machines that suits your needs.

List of 8 Best Cordless Grease Guns in 2024

#8. National-Spencer Cordless Grease Gun

8. National-Spencer Cordless Grease Gun

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This is a battery-operated grease gun which helps you to lubricate your machine’s hard-to-reach areas. The gun operates at an ideal pressure that can be used for both commercial and at-home machine lubrication requirements. It features a reliable, flexible, and long enough hose that helps you reach the areas that you can’t use your hand or other methods to grease. When it comes to comfort, everything is made to be convenient for you. The handle is made of rubber, which is both non-slippery and soft.

This grease gun from National Spencer comes with two rechargeable batteries, both of which are powerful and long-lasting. Charging each of the batteries to full capacity takes a matter of 60 minutes, while each can last for more than 24 hours under continuous use. After using the gun, make sure that you keep it safe in its storage bag. To load the gun with grease, you have suction, cartridge, and bulb loading options. The grease gun operates under 19 volts. Below is additional information about it.

  • It has a grease capacity of 14.5 Oz
  • Maximum PSI: 1800 PSI
  • Operated by 2-1500 mAh rechargeable batteries
  • Comes with a robust, plastic storage bag
  • Comes with a 30″ whip hose

#7. Milwaukee 2646-22CT M18 Cordless Grease Gun

7. Milwaukee 2646-22CT M18 Cordless Grease Gun

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Milwaukee Tool is a long-been-trusted US-based tool company whose products have dominated most engineers’ arsenal. Two products from the company passed my quality tests, and this is the second one (the first one is at #4). The 2646-22CT M18 is a versatile 2-speed grease gun with amazing features. It pumps grease at high pressures, and the air bleeder valve on it helps to release trapped air to enhance the pressure. With this pressure and the gun’s long hose, you can reach the farthest ends of machines that need lubrication.

The 2646-22CT also has a lock on/off valve that makes using it even more convenient and straightforward. When you purchase it, this gun comes with a multi-voltage fast charger that you can also use for other devices. Please mark that because the gun is rechargeable, and it has a carrier bag, you can easily move about with it. The included shoulder strap adds to the convenience of using the machine. Don’t pass without catching a glimpse of the features below, too.

  • It can operate at a record-breaking maximum pressure of 10,000 PSI
  • Powered by a redlithium compact battery
  • Comes with a convenient carrying case
  • It can make grease to flow at a rate of 10 Oz per minute
  • It has a 48″ flexible hose
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#6. Ryobi P3410 Cordless Grease Gun

6. Ryobi P3410 Cordless Grease Gun

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Ryobi offers a low-budget solution to excellent lubrication that’ll work to get the most out of your machine. And with this option, you are even free to do your lubrication in darkness. It features an LED light that brightens your workspace in a dark environment to give you sight convenience. The long, flexible hose will penetrate the tightest of spaces within the machine, to ensure that no moving part isn’t lubricated. Ryobi works at high pressures, too, to further help to reach the hard-to-find points.

You’ll no longer use the trial-and-error method of estimating how much grease is left within your gun with Ryobi. It’s got plunger rod markings that give accurate readings. To further ensure that Ryobi works at the recommended pressure, air bleeder valves have been designed on it to alleviate the occurrence of air pockets. This gun’s design is out of the world, and the variety of colors it comes in, are myriads. Additionally, the gun isn’t heavy, so you won’t struggle much to operate it for long hours, especially for a large scale.

  • The grease tube is made of steel that lasts longer
  • The gun pumps 19 cartridges of grease per charge
  • The maximum pressure of 10,000 PSI can power 7.5 Oz per minute
  • The gun hose is flexible and is 30″ long
  • The gun is rated 18V — that’s currently the most powerful

#5. The Lumax LX-1175 Cordless Grease Gun

5. The Lumax LX-1175 Cordless Grease Gun

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Lumax is yet another manufacturer that tailors its products according to customers’ needs. The LX-1175 (handyluber) beats all the other cordless guns manufactured by the same company, with regard to my buyers’ guide. The 12V cordless grease gun uses a powerful, rechargeable battery to perform its actions. Its barrel is secured by a Chrome plate to protect against corrosion. This is one of the rarest features among grease guns.

Using a cordless grease gun isn’t often a big deal, but with the Lumax LX-1175, a user’s manual is again included. The manual also incorporates the most basic fixes to common damages, and this is yet another fortune. An ultra-flex hose is what the LX-1175 uses to reach narrow spots. This hose is also long enough (30″) to get to the farthest points. A soft and non-slippery handle will make you feel even more comfortable while using the gun. Take a look at the following extra features.

  • Delivery: 5 cartridges of grease in a single full charge
  • Flow rate: 3.5 Oz per 60 seconds
  • Powered by a 1500mAh Ni-Cd Battery
  • The gun is lightweight and compact to provide a long-lasting use comfort
  • Comes with a compact carrying case

#4. The Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 Cordless Grease Gun

4. The Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 Cordless Grease Gun

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The M18 is the best grease gun from Milwaukee that passed all the quality standard tests on my list. It’s a great solution to precise greasing with the pre-set grease counter feature that’s still patent-pending. The M18 has a two-speed design that allows users to choose between the maximum pressure and maximum flow. Its plunger rod is calibrated so that the user can know exactly how much grease remains in the gun for use. Likewise, M18 has a LED light to shed light on dark spaces. That’s more convenient.

Forget about operating with fatigue with this grease gun’s user-friendly features. A soft, durable, and non-slippery handle will keep your hands comfortable and reduce your struggles. The tool’s stand-up design, as well as a shoulder strap, makes your operation even more straightforward. The freedom of traveling with a grease gun is with the M18 due to its lightweight and compactness. You must be yearning for more features.

  • A powerful REDLITHIUM battery is behind its operations
  • Its hose is 4 feet long
  • Voltage: 18 volts
  • Maximum operating pressure: 10,000 PSI
  • An air bleeder valve is available for priming
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#3. Legacy Workforce MEGA POWER Cordless Grease Gun

3. Legacy Workforce MEGA POWER Cordless Grease Gun

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Hard-to-reach grease fittings are no longer a problem if you have this grease gun. It features a super flexible 30-inch long hose to penetrate both narrow and far-seated grease fittings. Loading the gun with grease won’t be a problem again, too, as the cartridge bulk loading method is used. The grease gun is powered by a rechargeable 12V battery, which is included.

With this gun, you can use two convenient methods, both of which are fast and reliable. This is possible due to the gun’s Dual Feed Feature that allows you to add grease from cartridges or 5-gallon pails. Further, the battery used for powering this gun is rechargeable in only an hour but lasts longer than expected. Remember that the batteries are also replaceable.

  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 6,000 pounds per square inch
  • Features a shoulder strap for portability
  • Has a barrel made of a durable steel
  • The gun comes with a rugged carriage case
  • The heavy-duty head construction ensures the use of durability

#2. Lincoln Industrial 1844 Cordless Grease Gun

2. Lincoln Industrial 1844 Cordless Grease Gun

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If you’re ready to spend a little bit more cash on a cordless grease gun with extra features, the Lincoln 1844 is your ideal choice. Its power is a little bit more than the others, as it is powered by an 18-Volt battery that has 30 percent more life as compared to other 18V-rated gr are guns. Despite lasting more time, the batteries also give this gun a greasing potential of up to 10 Oz per minute at medium pressure.

The Lincoln 1844 is said to give you the ability to lubricate anything, anywhere, at any time. Thankfully, it’s not only said, but also done. With the 7500 PSI maximum working pressure, every lubricate point is reachable. A long, flexible hose helps this pressure to penetrate even deeper moving machine parts. This gun’s comfortable grip will let you use it for as long as the lubrication lasts.

  • Operates on a high voltage (18 volts) to deliver high-pressure greasing
  • Air bleeder valves for added pressure are on the machine
  • The high-torque motor delivers invaluable performance
  • It features a two-speed transmission system
  • A full charge can deliver up to 10 grease cartridges
  • It can provide 10 Oz per minute at maximum pressure

#1. DEWALT DCGG571M1 Cordless Grease Gun

1. DEWALT DCGG571M1 Cordless Grease Gun

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 At the crescendo of the best cordless greasing guns in 2024, the DeWalt DCGG571M1 sits. It offers better than the best performance, looks pleasant to the eye, and has extra features, but at a very budget-friendly price. The 20V cordless grease gun has the most potent power source on this list. Its rechargeable battery (4 mAh) lasts the longest. Per charge, this grease gun can pump up to 16 cartridges, which is also the best among all the cordless grease guns on this list.

An LED light is incorporated into the machine. The light helps the user to uncover hard-to-notice grease fittings in dark environments. There’s a pump filter screen, too, which ensures that all the grease that enters your machine isn’t in any way contaminated. I liked the no-mar foot design of the gun; it makes it possible to stand on its own while in use, and that’s stylish.

  • The gun’s flexible hose is 42 inches long
  • Powered by a 4.0 Ah lithium-Ion battery
  • It comes with both a kit box and shoulder strap
  • Available in a very wide variety of colors
  • The gun can pump and variable speeds
  • Pump priming is done by the air bleeder valve

Things to Consider When Choosing Cordless Grease Guns

The Amount Of Grease Produced: When buying grease guns, it’s important to know how much pressure it operates under. The pressure can dictate the conditions under the gun is suitable for use. Large scale grease gun users, especially those who use it for commercial purposes, will prefer guns that use more pressure to produce more grease. On the other hand, small scale users (including at-home users) will go for low-pressure guns.

Battery Capacity: We’re looking at cordless guns, so we have to be keen on how long their batteries will last while in use. The more they’ll last, the better. For large-scale users, guns with even more battery capacity are the best. You should also be keen on the time it takes for the battery to charge (if it’s a rechargeable one). If they’re replaceable batteries, check on their availability.

Size: The size of a cordless grease gun has many significances. One, it determines the amount of grease that it can hold. Larger sizes will keep more grease; thus, less frequency of loading more grease onto it, and vice versa. However, size also determines portability. If you need a grease gun to use on a journey, you’ll need a small-sized one.

Price: Price and purpose go hand in hand. A grease gun with additional features will cost more. It’s upon you to decide what you need the gun for. It won’t help to purchase a large, high-capacity, high-pressure grease gun at a high cost, yet you only need a small and portable one for your bicycle. So, know your purpose and budget appropriately.

Comfort: Already, these are cordless guns, so the amount of work you’ll be doing to operate them is little. However, there are additional features that can determine how comfortable to use they are. For example, the handle grip should be both soft and non-skid. Rubber handles are preferable for these two features.

Other Factors: You may also want to consider additional features that may include the gun’s color, warranty information, and more. Most of the grease guns on my list come in a variety of colors to give you multiple choices to choose from. Most have also been warrantied to mean that their manufacturers have invested a lot of trust in them. Be sure to check all these factors, too.


Using the appropriate grease gun will help you achieve top-notch lubrication requirements of your machines, hence optimal performance. The best cordless grease guns lead the way to excellent lubrication, especially given that they’re straightforward to use for reaching your machine’s “hidden spots.” Your greasing activities aren’t going to be messy again — not when you have one of the Top 8 Best Cordless Grease Guns on this list.  Find one that suits your needs, now.

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