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Top 7 Best Cold Therapy Machines in 2020 Reviews

Cold Therapy Machines

Most of you have seen the effectiveness of ice packs in alleviating pain and swelling. This is a similar principle being used across so many fields to date. From health centers to homes, ice-cold therapy is a common practice. All the same, dealing with ice packs can be a bit of a hassle which has led to the innovation of cold therapy machines. These machines basically pass cold water steams fast without warming as the ice packs. They, therefore, bring you the relief that you yearn for.

After consulting industry experts, we compiled a list of the best cold therapy machines available in the market currently. Due to their increased popularity, you will realize that they have flooded the market. It, therefore, becomes hard for buyers who do not know where to start. Read through the post to have an understanding of everything you need about these machines.

Best Cold Therapy Machines in 2020

#7. Aircast Cold Therapy Machine, Universal Fit

Aircast Cold Therapy Machine, Universal Fit

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This cold therapy machine combines cold & focal compression which is given via its non-motorized system. It basically presents chilled water into the cryo or cuff. The anatomically-designed cuff will give ultimate cryotherapy in order to eliminate any chances of damaging the tissues. You will also appreciate that the gravity cooler is compatible with any cryo/cuff type as well as the arctic flow pads. Another great aspect of this cold therapy machine is that it comes in very light weight which makes it easy to carry around. Judging from the buyers’ response, it is clear that this item will be worth buying.

This machine offers a steady and non-stop therapy for a period of about 6 to 8 hours. It has been approved to minimize hemarthrosis, post-operative recovery, swelling, sports injuries, rehabilitation, and even trauma. Another great thing about the machine is the universal fit allowing you to wear the cryo/cuff on the left or right foot. The gravity cooler comprises a tube assembly, an insulation disk, and some plastic fittings. All these are the features that make this therapy machine different from the others.

  • Ideal for managing pain
  • One size fits most
  • Offers cryotherapy for up to 8 hours
  • Lightweight and portable design

#6. Ossur Cold Rush Therapy Pad (Shoulder Large)

Ossur Cold Rush Therapy Pad (Shoulder Large)

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Cold rush pads have been designed to give non-stop cold therapy on the ankles, hips, shoulders, knees and the hands. This therapy pad comes with a unique and an unbroken loop cover which allows for use with no foam wraps. What you basically need to secure the cold rush in place will be the elastic straps. The patients can use this pad under the post-operative recovery systems. The good thing about these pads is that you get to choose from different options that will contour to certain parts of the body. Owing to the reputation of the brand, you need to purchase with no fears.

Despite having been made in different styles and sizes, the machine is very quiet. It will, therefore, circulate water at very cold temperatures the same way you would get it from the pump unit. What’s more, the design for these systems will make sure that connections become very easy to make. You should not panic about your limited budget when looking to get this cold therapy machine. This is because its price is very pocket-friendly.

  • Made in a comfortable design
  • Available in different sizes
  • The therapy pad comes at an affordable price
  • Features elastic straps to secure it in place

#5. Polar Products Inc. Cold Therapy System with Digital Timer, 9 Quart Cooler

Polar Products Inc. Cold Therapy System with Digital Timer, 9 Quart Cooler

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This is a high-quality cold therapy machine that has been designed to offer post-surgery relief from pain. It is basically proven to be very effective in managing pain, inflammation as well as other forms of pain. The machine has a few settings as well as controls that make it very straightforward and easy to use by people of all skill levels. If you are the kind of people who dislike noisy environments, this product will be the right pick for you since it does not make noise during use. As far as the price is concerned, you will realize that it comes at a very fair price for any budget.

The 9-quart tank is so large which helps to make sure that your therapy will last for a very long time. Apart from that, the machine accompanies a brushless pump and a timer for efficient operation. What’s more, it comes with an on/off switch which will work without necessarily plugging it in. If you are looking for an effective post-surgery cold therapy machine, you can count on this machine. Buy this machine and you will never regret afterward.

  • It is designed specifically for post-surgeries
  • Features a brushless pump that is very quiet
  • Easy to use all the time
  • Features an electric digital timer and a switch

#4. Pain Management Technologies Cold Water Therapy Machine

Pain Management Technologies Cold Water Therapy Machine

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The first thing to notice about this unit is that it comes with a sleek tank and cooling system that is very effective. For this reason, this cold therapy machine is among the best that you will ever have. It will be used continuously for 5 hours that makes it perfect for people who are handling different pain reliefs as well as injury therapies. The good thing about these machines is that they aren’t that pricey but at the same time they remain very effective. Another great thing about the machine is that it has been proven to be very easy to operate.

The general principle about the working of this cold therapy machine is that it passes cold water in order to circulate the injury area. It has also been made with a very versatile pad in order to allow you to wrap it on the knees, shoulders, elbows and other parts of your body. If you are looking for a high-quality cold therapy machine but you are on a budget, this is definitely going to be a very good pick. You should have enough confidence to buy now that it comes from one of the best brands around.

  • This is an ice-cold therapy unit
  • Ideal for injuries, swelling, soreness, and pain
  • The unit will help you manage chronic pain
  • Comes with a 90-day limited warranty

#3. Ossur Cold Rush Therapy Machine System with Small Shoulder Pad

Ossur Cold Rush Therapy Machine System with Small Shoulder Pad

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This is yet another cold therapy machine that has been made to lower the localized pain as well as swelling due to surgical processes and trauma. Giving ice-cold relief especially for the post-operation discomfort, this machine will be a good pick for patients. You will also appreciate that it improves joint functions as well as the quality of life. The ergonomic pads basically mimic your body’s contour in order to provide a localized treatment. Purchase with confidence since this product comes with a 6-month warranty from the manufacturer in case of any issue.

The machine has the highest ratio of ice-to-water currently in the industry. Its design will produce less heat transfer to guarantee a cold therapy relief from pain. The cold rush makes use of a brushless motor which produces whisper-quiet operation to make sure that the patient’s rest time is not compromised. What’s more the system comes with a small shoulder pad that makes it easy to use. Basically, it is designed to elevate that cold therapy experience to a whole new standard.

  • Convenient, quiet and compact
  • Strong, silent and lightweight design
  • Comes with a warranty of 6 months
  • Ergonomically-engineered for comfort

#2. Vive Cold Therapy Machine – Adjustable Wrap Pad

Vive Cold Therapy Machine - Adjustable Wrap Pad

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Second, this review is the cold therapy machine from Vive which has unique aspects as well. It is made to operate quietly which makes it a good option for patients looking to have a relaxed rest time. What’s more, it is made in a compact and lightweight design to make sure that it becomes ideal for any traveler. Another great feature for the machine is the adjustable wrap pad which is versatile making the machine usable on various parts of the body. It is the versatile wrap together with the secure straps that will make sure that the injured part gets effective therapy as you would want.

You will similarly appreciate that the machine comes with the pumping system which operates quietly such that you won’t even notice its presence. The long tubing insulation, on the other hand, will make sure that the passing water remains very cold for an extended period of time. What’s more, the transparent base will allow for simple filling with the marked guides for water and ice. Backed with an unconditional guarantee for one year, you ought to buy with no fears.

  • This is a large flexible therapy pad
  • Quiet, compact and portable design
  • Extra-long insulated tubing
  • 1-year guarantee from the manufacturer

#1. Polar Products Inc. Active Ice Cold Therapy System, 15 Quart Cooler

Polar Products Inc. Active Ice Cold Therapy System, 15 Quart Cooler

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To close this review is the Active Ice 3.0 system that has been made from one of the best brands around. One of the things you will like about this cold therapy machine is that it has a whisper-quiet operation. It, therefore, gives the patient a very good time to relax without making unnecessary noise. The high-efficiency pump will provide steady and effective cooling therapy. This machine is specifically designed for post-surgery uses and drug-free pain relief. The capacity of the reservoir gives you the assurance that it will offer therapy for a considerable length of time.

Another unique aspect of this cold therapy system is the electronic digital timer which is easily set in 30-minute increments according to the doctor’s prescription. What’s more, it has been integrated with an on/off switch that makes it even easier to operate. The complete system comprises a 15-quart reservoir, a digital timer and a bladder that has some compression belts.

  • Specifically made for post-surgery
  • Features an electronic digital timer
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Easy to use time and again

Cold Therapy Machines Buying Guide

  • Size: You will definitely want to have a look at the size of your Cryotherapy before you can purchase. This is going to determine how easy or difficult it is going to be carrying the machine. If you are a frequent traveler, you will definitely want a machine that can easily fit in the bag. The good thing is that there are brands that have known this fact and gone ahead to make small machines. You should, however, get a larger size if the surface requiring the therapy is a bit large.
  • Ease of use: The next thing you will want to look at is how easy it will be to operate the cold therapy machine. Its use should be gauged right from the setup point to practical usage. Picking machines with controls will be a good thing since the whole experience is going to be very easy. Other than the ease of use, you will want to make sure that the cold therapy machine is durable as well. Look at the overall construction of the machine to assess that.
  • Run time: Most motorized therapy machines have multiple settings that allow you to select the run time. After a certain period of time, these machines will automatically stop. There are those machines that will run for up to eight hours before shutting off. That will be a good option if you are planning to leave the machine running as you sleep to enjoy a relaxing cold therapy. Before making any decision, therefore, check to see whether there is such a functionality.


Cold therapy is not something new since it is an exercise that has been used over the past years. The reason why it has gained so much trust by doctors and patients is that it proves to be the best in dealing with swellings and pain. To have a better way to enjoy cold therapy, you will definitely need to invest in cold therapy machines. Above are our best picks as far as ice therapy machines are concerned. All of them come in a superior design to make sure that you get relief just according to your expectations. If you are new to these machines, we have made a brief buyers’ guide above to give you the tips to look for when choosing these machines. Make sure to read the entire post to have time to compare every product on the list. That way, shopping will become very easy.

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