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Top 10 Best Brad Nailers in 2020 Reviews

Brad Nailer

To create a fine finish in your carpentry projects or DIY home projects, it requires excellent nailing. Most woodworkers experience challenges when dealing with small nails, and this is where Brad Nailers comes in handy. They are compact and lightweight tools that help you create accurate finishing and trimming in different woodworking projects. They usually hold small nails, thus promoting efficiency and saving time.

The market avails different brands of brad nailers, making it difficult to know which one is the best to purchase. However, in this article, we present the top 10 best Brad Nailers in 2020 to help you make the right decision.

List of 10 Best Brad Nailers in 2020

#10. SENCO FinishPro 18-Gauge 18MG Brad Nailer

SENCO FinishPro 18-Gauge 18MG Brad Nailer

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The SENCO FinishPro Brad Nailer comes with numerous enticing features that make it a vibrant accessory for any woodworking project. It is easy to use and features ultra-light construction; thus, you can use it for a long time without getting fatigued. This device has a maintenance-free motor that ensures that you do not stain your working surface. Other than that, its rear exhaust function ensures that this tool does not contaminate the working surface.

This tool has an adjustable depth of drive that allows you to use different sizes of nails. Other than that, it is integrated with a rubber grip that will enable you to have a comfortable grip. It is also packed with a carrying case for easy carry from one place to another.

  • The product is highly durable
  • Easy to use
  • Ultra-light and durable
  • Adjustable depth-of-drive
  • Selective trigger
  • Oil-free design

#9. Hitachi Gas 18-Gauge Powered Straight Brad Nailer

Hitachi Gas 18-Gauge Powered Straight Brad Nailer

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If you are looking for an impressive Brad Nailer for DIY projects or heavy-duty professional tasks. Hitachi Gas Brad Nailer is the right tool to purchase. It is a compact and lightweight tool for less user fatigue, ease of maneuverability, and optimal balance. Additionally, this tool features a Quick, clear nose that allows tool-less jam release. You can use this tool in a variety of applications, including picture frame assembly, door casing, window & chair rail assembly, and decorative trim.

This device nails from 5/8” to 2” in length and one great thing about this tool is that it can be powered by Lithium-Ion battery or gas fuel rod. Ideally, this nailer can fire up to 2000 nails per single charge, making it convenient to use. With its elastomer grip, you will handle this comfortably thus, you can use it for a long time without fatigue.

  • Tool-less depth adjustment
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Includes 3.6-volt lithium-ion batteries
  • Fire up to 2,000 fasteners per charge
  • 1-year limited warranty

#8. DEWALT DWFP12231 18GA Brad Nailer Kit

DEWALT DWFP12231 18GA Brad Nailer Kit

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For ultimate versatility and durability, you cannot go wrong with DEWALT DWFP12231 Brad Nailer Kit. It is designed to be strong enough for jobs such as trimming tasks, furniture building, and other kinds of finish jobs. Ideally, this nailer kit comes with a maintenance-free motor that does not strain the work surface. This tool drives 18 gauge nails that have 5/8 inches to 2 inches length. The Rear exhaust usually keeps the contaminates away from work, and it has an operating pressure that ranges from 70 psi to 120 psi.

The unit has Tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment and features detents that allow the proper setting of the nails head. In case the nails jam into the nailer, this tool has a jam release mechanism that is tool-free for easy nail removal. Above all, it has an integrated rubber grip handle for improved comfort.

  • Sequential style trigger
  • Tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment
  • Long-life maintenance-free motor
  • Integrated rubber grip for comfort
  • A tool-free jam release mechanism

#7. Makita AF505N 2-Inch Brad Nailer

Makita AF505N 2-Inch Brad Nailer

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If you want a cordless, lightweight, and highly functional Brad Nailer, Makita AF505N is an ideal choice. This tool has a narrow nose design, which allows easy nailing access in confined areas. What’s more, it has a quick-release tool-free cam-lock, which opens the nail guide assembly enabling you to clear the jammed nails easily. Using this tool is very simple, and it is perfect to use in a wide variety of finish applications.

The bumpers and non-marring rubber nose usually protect the surface of the wood from being damaged or scratched. Other than that, the tool hook can be rotated 180 degrees so that it can remain close by. The machine nosepiece and Cast permit precise contact.

  • Tool hook can be rotated 180°
  • Easy to use depth adjustment dial
  • Efficient design minimizes downtime
  • Non marring rubber nose
  • Rubberized soft grip

#6. Ryobi ZRP320 Cordless 18V Lithium-Ion Battery 2 in. Brad Nailer

Ryobi ZRP320 Cordless 18V Lithium-Ion Battery 2 in. Brad Nailer

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This product comes in a compact and cordless design, allowing you to easily and conveniently transport it from one place to another. It is pretty easy to use and features an ergonomic grip that prevents slippage while adding more handling comfort. In addition to that, 18V Lithium-Ion Battery powers this unit and stays for long before recharging it.

This nailer delivers not only consistent driving depth but also accurate and precise results. With its tool-free jam release mechanism, you will be able to clear the stack nails in the case when the nailer jams. Besides that, this highly-rated brad nailer has depth adjustment to allow precise nailing. You can buy this decent product with much confidence.

  • Selectable drive shift
  • Low-nail indicator to know the time to reload
  • Dry-fire lockout extends tool life
  • Equipped with 18v lithium-ion battery
  • Easy to use

#5. Metabo HPT KNT50AB Air Compressor Brad Nailer Combo Kit

Metabo HPT KNT50AB Air Compressor Brad Nailer Combo Kit

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If you are on a tight budget, but you cannot compromise on power, Metabo HPT KNT50AB is a great pick that will not wreak on your wallet. It is a convenient combo kit that is super lightweight and well balanced to ensure easy maneuverability. Ideally, this Brad Nailer has 25′ X 1/4 inches hybrid air hose with industrial fittings, and it is spiral reinforced for durability. Other than that, this unit has heavy-duty bend restrictors that remain flexible even on extreme cold temperatures.

With this Brad Nailer, it will keep debris, dust, and oil off the finished project. The kit contains 6-Gallon Oil-Free Compressor that offers rugged and reliable performance and can operate multiple mailers. The kit also includes pneumatic tool lubricant and safety glasses.

  • Visual nail reload indicator
  • Includes pneumatic tool lubricant and safety glasses
  • Lightweight and well-balanced
  • Has heavy-duty bend restrictors
  • Tool-less and easy-to-clear nose

#4. Milwaukee M18 2746-20 18 Gauge Brad Nailer (Tool Only)

Milwaukee M18 2746-20 18 Gauge Brad Nailer (Tool Only)

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Milwaukee2746-20 Brad Nailer provides a remarkable driving power and can be used in soft or heavy materials. The tool provides users with unmatched nailing performance without the need for a hose or a compressor. It is petty simple to use, and its handle is ergonomically designed for easy and anti-slipping handling.

With its lightweight construction, this Brad Nailer allows you to use it for a long time without getting fatigued. Other than that, its brushless motor usually works together with intelligence drivers to offer you with exceptional fire rate. Also, the product premium-quality construction ensures that you will get long-term service.

  • Provides unmatched nailing performance
  • Sink nails in both hard and softwoods
  • Easy jam clearing
  • Has a lightweight construction
  • Rubber-grip handle

#3. BOSTITCH N66C Coil Siding Nailer

BOSTITCH N66C Coil Siding Nailer

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Are you looking for a robust brad nail that requires less or no maintenance and is easy to use? BOSTITCH N66C Siding Nailer has 300 magazine capacity, and its motor is durable and maintenance-free. The tool is made of lightweight aluminum materials for added durability, and it has a Fastener Diameter of 0.092 inches. Furthermore, it drives plastic inserted coil nails and wire weld nails onto hard or softwood.

This tool has a soft rubber foot that usually prevents softer wood damage. Other than that, it has an adjustable exhaust that directs the exhaust away for a clean finish. Finally, this brad nailer offers maximum efficiency when working, and you will compete for your task in a short time.

  • Lightweight aluminum design
  • Has a magazine capacity of 300
  • Tool-free adjustable exhaust
  • Adjustable depth guide
  • Soft rubber foot to prevent damaging softwoods

#2. Makita XNB01Z Cordless 18V Lithium-Ion 2 inches Brad Nailer

Makita XNB01Z Cordless 18V Lithium-Ion 2 inches Brad Nailer

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This is another exceptional Brad Nailer you can consider purchasing, it is extremely durable, and it can last you many years to come. It drives a range of 18 gauge brad nails that ranges from 5/8 inches to 2 inches, and it has 110 nails magazine capacity. This tool has a two-mode selector where you can choose between contact and sequential nailing operation. This product is lightweight and only weighs 7.7 pounds.

This brad nailer has Easy to use depth adjustment that is a tool-less for a wide variety of applications. Other than that, the Anti-dry drive mechanism is made to prevent damage to the work surface and driving blanks. This unit has a Battery gauge that shows the battery charger level.

The Built-in L.E.D. light will illuminate your work area; thus, you can use it even in a low-lit area. Finally, this device drives around 1,660 nails per as single charge.

  • Drives up to 1,660 finish nails per single charge
  • Built-in L.E.D. light that illuminates the work area
  • Battery gauge to show battery charge level
  • Rubber bumpers to protect surface damage
  • Has a magazine capacity of 110 nails

#1. PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA 20V 18GA Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA 20V 18GA Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

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If you want a multi-functional tool for home tasks and other DIY carpentry tasks, you can consider buying this Cordless Brad Nailer Kit by PORTER-CABLE. The tool has a depth adjustment wheel that enables you to countersink nails consistently correctly. In addition to that, this Brad Nailer is powered by 20Volt 1.5 Ah MAX Lithium-ion battery that allows you to sink hundreds of nails per single charge.

This well-balanced and lightweight nailer is very easy to use and works well with 18 gauge nails. It is a battery operated Brad Nailer, thus eliminating the need for expensive gas cartridges, hose or compressor. In case of any faulty workmanship or materials, the manufacturer offers 3 years of warranty from the purchase date.

  • No compressor needed
  • Has consistent driving depth
  • Tool-free release lever
  • Has 20volt lithium-ion battery
  • 3 year limited warranty

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Brad Nailers

Nail Size and Length: Brad nailers are offered in different brad nails. Some larger Brad nails are ideal for larger projects, such as attaching the trim or attaching pieces of wood. There are also smaller Brad nails that are perfect for delicate and small projects. Therefore, it is important to choose a Brad nailer that will suit your needs and does the nailing job perfectly.

Adjustability: Adjustable brad nailer features depth and power source settings adjustability. Durability and functionality of the brad nailer are directly geared by adjustability.

Power Source: The next thing you need to put into consideration is the power source. If you own a compressor, you can opt for brad nails that are powered by the compressor. However, electric or cordless one is the best as they are portable and affordable.

Grip: It is important to look for a Brad Nailer with a good grip so that you can easily use it without hands fatigue. Besides, Brad Nailer, with a comfortable grip ensures that the tool does not fall, and you can use it for a long time.

Safety: Ensure that you buy a brad nailer that has the best conditions to ensure your safety when working with the machine. Some Brad Nailers are offered with googles and other safety tools so that you can remain safe all the time.


Brad nailers are an essential tool for every carpenter as they make construction work easier. They are designed to allow quick and efficient hammering without sacrificing too much effort. The product listed above come with excellent features and are very easy to use. If you want to simplify your projects, buy any of this model and will never fail you.


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