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Top 10 Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands in 2021

The best bookshelf speaker stands hold your speakers in a secure position, for ultimate sound quality. These speaker stands will improve the surround sound; fill your room with smooth bass, and treble. The right stand will also provide you with good support that ensures that your speakers are out of the way. In so doing, you don’t have to place them on bulky furniture pieces such as your desk, table, or bench.

These speakers also give your home entertainment system an instant upgrade. They go along with most televisions as they are conveniently positioned to deliver a superb audio experience. Instead of purchasing an expensive home theater, equipping your existing audio system will also give it a modern and attractive look.

Furthermore, these stands come with adjustable height that enables you to customize the speaker position. This will also go a long way in not only saving space but also reducing obstacles. Sorting through numerous models on the market can be daunting. To save you from this trouble, we have rounded up the best bookshelf speaker stands that serve you diligently for years. Without much ado, let get to it.

List of Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands in 2021

#10. Monolith 24” Speaker Stand

Monolith 24” Speaker Stand

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By: Monolith

Supporting your bookshelf and surround speakers will not be an issue with this speaker from Monolith. We love the unique design that elevates your speakers at the same time enhancing your audio experience. It features a sturdy construction with four steel columns. The columns have a black powder coat that not only gives it an attractive look but also ensures durability. Besides, the rectangular columns have excellent vibration dampening to ensure a smooth bass.

Notably, the stand also features adjustable spikes that piece through the carpet to ensure stability. Other great features that you will love include the integrated wire management and sleek, glossy look that blends well with your interior.

  • The sturdy columns provides incredible rigidity
  • Rectangular columns offer impressive vibration dampening
  • Each stand has adjustable spikes
  • The stand features a black coat finish that is scratch resistance
Reason to buy
  • Designed to offer optimal service fort years
  • It is available at a fair price
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Offers you a safe and stylish way to display your speakers
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#9. Harmony Audio HA-BKSPKS Speaker Stand

Harmony Audio HA-BKSPKS Speaker Stand

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By: Harmony Audio

To keep your bookshelf speakers safe, stable, and attractive, this Harmony speaker stand makes an excellent choice. With an exceptional design, this unit fits both your studio as well as your living room. It comes with a decent height adjustment from 26.5 to 43.25 inches allowing you to set the speakers to your desired height. Next, this model has a solid base that not only ensures stability but also absorbs vibrations to ensure exceptionally smooth base and clear tremble.

Unlike other models, this set includes a set of two stands where each one is capable of supporting speakers weighing up to 40lbs. Equally; the stand is made from heavy-duty steel materials that suit you for a prolonged duration with no issues whatsoever.

  • It has a decent adjustable height from 26.5 to 43.25inches
  • Comes with a maximum load weight of 99lbs
  • Features a heavy-duty steel construction
  • Includes four EVA foam anti-slip pads
Reason to buy
  • Takes minimal time to assemble
  • Features a sleek and modern design
  • Works perfectly for most bookshelf speakers
  • Designed to last for a long period

#8. OmniMount GEMINI 2B Speaker Stand

OmniMount GEMINI 2B Speaker Stand

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By: OmniMount

The OmniMount GEMINI2B speaker stand is compatible with most of your speakers. Better still, it has a low profile design that is not only easy to assemble but also adds a stylish look in your room. this model is super functional and comes with a standard height that elevates the speaker to a perfect position for enhanced audio quality.

With advanced features, this exclusive set offers you great versatility. Besides having a solid base, the base inserts are interchangeable and are available in four different color options. Additionally, this model comes with oversized top plates with a universal mount. This enables it to accept most speakers weighing up to 20lbs each.

  • It has a decent 24-34 inches height adjustment
  • Comes with interchangeable bases that are available in four attractive hues
  • Features an efficient cable management system
  • Include steel isolation spikes to reduce vibration
Reason to buy
  • It has a large non-slip plate
  • The wide base ensures increased stability
  • Easy to assemble and simple adjustments
  • Sturdy enough to support speakers weighing up to 40 pounds

#7. VIVO Premium Floor Speaker Stands

VIVO Premium Floor Speaker Stands

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The messy, dangling cables make your space unsightly. Howbeit with the VIVO premium speaker stand, you can take advantage of the integrated cable management to conceal and organize the cables. Also, these stands come with a stylish design that makes your entertainment area more inviting. With a universal mount design, this model is not only ideal for bookshelf speakers but also the satellite speakers.

Forget the mediocre products; this unit features a tubular aluminum stand with a tempered glass top plate. Besides making your space attractive, these stands will also enhance the audio experience. What’s more, each stand supports a weight of up to 22lbs each.

  • Premium aluminum and glass speaker stands
  • Comes in a sleek glossy black look
  • Has an efficient cable management
  • Sturdy enough to accommodate speakers weighing up to 22 lbs each
Reason to buy
  • Boasts of a creative and ergonomic design
  • Universal design makes it compatible with most speakers
  • Comes in a stylish yet sturdy design
  • Each set includes two stands

#6. Mount-It! Speaker Stands

Mount-It! Speaker Stands

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By: Mount-It!

Most Premium speaker stands come at exorbitant prices. howbeit, the Mount-It bookshelf speaker will surprise you with its superb quality and competitive price. This model is one of the best budget sets that come with advanced, sleek, and sturdy design. it also has a decent height adjustment and universal mount system that fits satellite, bookshelf, and surround sound speakers.

As you might expect, these speakers come lightweight yet solid aluminum columns and a stylish tempered glass shelf. The premium features don’t end here; you will also love the contemporary design with an attractive silky black coat. Moreover, it also includes a concealed cable management.

  • Premium speaker stands that are compatible with most bookshelf and surround speakers
  • Black powder-coated aluminum with tempered glass shelves
  • Each stand has a weight capacity of up to 22lbs
  • Sets up pretty easily without needing any tools
Reason to buy
  • It has a non-slip base to ensure stability
  • The top shelves are oversized to allow it to accommodate large speakers
  • Features an ergonomic design that keeps your speakers stable and secure
  • Keeps the unsightly wires hidden
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#5. Bose 31089 FS-1 Stand for Book Shelf Speakers

Bose 31089 FS-1 Stand for Book Shelf Speakers

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By: Bose

the Bose 31089 FS-1 Bookshelf speaker stand is diligently designed to elevate your speakers to ensure optimal audio performance. at the same time, these stands keep the speakers organized and secure. This set consists of two strands that are made from steel materials to ensure optimal performance for years. better still the premium and clean construction features a cable management that conceals the cable, giving your space a neat and attractive look.

Equally, this unit comes with a sturdy base with rubber pads and spikes to ensure easy hard floor and carpet mounting. Thanks to the sturdy design, each stand has a decent load capacity while the universal mounting on the top plate allows it to accommodate most bookshelf and satellite, speakers.

  • Wide compatibility thanks to the universal mounting system
  • Superior tubular stainless steel construction
  • They come with a decent 24 inches length
  • Oversized top plates enable it to accommodate large speakers
Reason to buy
  • Has an effective inbuilt wire management system
  • The adjustable spikes at the base ensures stability even on uneven floors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Attractive look thanks to the high gloss finish

#4. Atlantic2-Pack Adjustable Speaker Stands

Atlantic2-Pack Adjustable Speaker Stands

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By: Atlantic

With a universal mounting system, the Atlantic adjustable speaker stand accepts bookshelf speakers; surround sound speakers, satellite, as well as other compact speakers. Similar to other models from the same brand, this unit comes in an elegant design and sturdy stainless steel construction. It also features a solid base that absorbs the vibration to ensure a clear and crisp audio experience.

Besides the stable and sturdy look, the glossy black finish makes these stands stand out. They blend well with most interior décor making them a great pick for studios or home entertainment areas. Besides, the stand has an adjustable height and a wire management system that keeps the wires concealed and neat.

  • Comes in a set of two stands with adjustable mount for easy speaker positioning
  • Crafted from premium steel for enhanced durability
  • They can be assembled in minutes
  • It has with four spike studs
Reason to buy
  • Features solid base for enhanced stability
  • It has an in-post wire management
  • Stylish design that adapts to your home décor
  • Have non-marring feet

#3. SANUS BF31-B1 31″ Speaker Stands

SANUS BF31-B1 31" Speaker Stands

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By: Sanus

The SANUS brand uses creativity to come with ergonomically designed speaker stands that display your speakers cleverly at the same time preventing them from being damaged. Different from other models from the market, this unit boasts of a solid, vibration absorbing MDF pillar that ensures premium acoustic quality. This is not all; this model has ABS carpet spikes that enhance the overall stability.

Similarly, this unit comes with an inbuilt concealed wire path that organizes the cables for a neat appearance. Better still, this unit features premium isolation pads that ensure a clear audio experience. Thanks to the sturdy construction, each stand has an impressive weight capacity, allowing it to accommodate a speaker weighing up to 20 pounds

  • Solid, energy-absorbing MDF pillar to ensure optimal support
  • All the assembly hardware included
  • Have solid ABS carpet spikes
  • Comes with a concealed wire path
Reason to buy
  • Perfect pick for small bookshelf speakers weighing up to 20Lbs each
  • Premium construction and stylish design
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Comes at a reasonable price especially considering that it is a pair

#2. VideoSecu 2 bookshelf Speaker Stands

VideoSecu 2 bookshelf Speaker Stands

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By: VideoSecu

Easy to mount, stable and includes all the necessary set up accessories, the VideoSecu 2 speaker stand is a must-have for anyone looking for enhanced performance. it boasts of multiple mounting positions that secure different speaker types that require different configurations. Speaking of multiple configurations, this unit comes with a side clamping and adjustable top plate. Different from other models you can tilt the place at 180 degrees and tilt it at an angle. This offers you full control of customization for a unique presentation.

Besides the impressive looks, the stand is made from rugged materials to ensure optimal performance and durability. Both the columns and the base are made from powder-coated steel. Some of the other premium features we love in this model include a wire management system, glossy black finish, and adjustable height.

  • Black finishes steel support weight up to 30 lbs
  • 26.5 inch to 47-inch adjustable height
  • The top plate adjust to 180 degrees
  • Also includes adjustable screw-in rubber feet
Reason to buy
  • Universal compatibility
  • Comes with a hidden wire management
  • Heavy-duty construction enables it to accommodate heavier speakers
  • Stylish, modern design looks great in your living room

#1. Atlantic Height Adjustable Speaker Stands

Atlantic Height Adjustable Speaker Stands

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By: Atlantic

As usual, we saved the best product for the last. If you are looking for perfect surround sound in your studio or living room, you can trust these stands from the Atlantic brand. As the name indicates, these height-adjustable speaker stands are made from sturdy cast iron materials. with a height that adjusts fro 27 inches to 48 inches, you can give your home theater a sleeker look.

At the same time, this model comes with a convenient cable management hole that enables you to conceal the wire inside the base and pole. Whether you are creating a masterpiece gaming space or updating the look of your living room, this model will not disappoint. What’s more, this model boasts of a sturdy base that absorbs the vibration to ensure balanced bass and treble. The non-marring feet also work perfectly in hardwood and carpeted floors.

  • It features two adjustable speakers
  • Universal mount accepts most bookshelf speaker
  • Has a decent height adjustment from 27 to 48 inches
  • Made from sturdy cast iron materials
Reason to buy
  • It has non-marring feet
  • Sturdy, three-sided base for enhanced stability
  • The integrated cable management conceals the unsightly wires
  • Easy assembly and saves your space
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The Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands| Buyer’s Guide

Finding an appropriate speaker stands for your bookshelf speakers might be confusing especially when considering the number of products currently on the market. therefore, it is crucial to understand some of the crucial aspects that you should look for before narrowing down your choice. These aspects include;

  • Weight capacity: Generally, these stands are made from sturdy materials such as aluminum, cast iron, and steel. This means you can depend on the support that you can get from these stands. Howbeit, it is crucial to check the rated weight capacity. Remember purchasing a stand that can’t support your speakers would mean throwing your money to the drain. On the other hand, sturdier models are expensive. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense getting a model with a 100lbs weight capacity while your speakers weigh only 10 pounds.
  • Check the Construction materials: As mentioned, this stand comes with aluminum, steel or cast iron column and bases. While this would ensure optimal performance for years, you shouldn’t forget to check the other attachments. For instance, a model with a plastic top plate or cheaply made adjustment knob may be damaged quickly despite having a steel base. Therefore, take your time to ensure that the stand has a great overall build.
  • Height Adjustability: In the same breath, you should look for a stand that has adjustable height. The standard height of these stands is about 24 inches. This ensures a great sound output that fills the room. however, if you would want to customize the height, go for a model with a decent height adjustment range. Moreover, ensure that the adjustment mechanism is easy.


Are you looking to improve our sound experience? you don’t need to purchase an expensive home theater. Simply upgrade the one you have with any of the above-reviewed bookshelf speakers. These stands will minimize the vibration that leads to sound distortion. Moreover, these stand helps you conceal the cables and present your speakers in a neat, attractive manner. Happy Buying!

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