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Top 10 Best Bocce Ball Sets in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Best Bocce Ball Sets in 2020

Bocce is one of the oldest bowling games played by our ancestors. It’s a fun game that brings people, especially family and friends together. With the best bocce set, you can spark the fun part of your life during a picnic, backyard party, or even during a BBQ.

However, you got to ensure you buy the best for you to enjoy the fun of this game. That’s why you’re here. Right? Well, we welcome you. In this article, we have some of the best bocce balls sets you can buy in 2020 and a buying guide. The two categories will help you decide which game set is the best for you and your needs.

List of 10 Best Bocce Ball Sets in 2020

#10. Verus Sports Recreational Bocce Set

Verus Sports Recreational Bocce Set

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By: Verus Sports

Recreational 90mm Bocce Set from Verus Sports is here to bring the fun to life and a chance to test your skill. It comes with 90mm molded balls of the perfect size for all skill levels. These balls are made from high quality, hardened plastic to ensure they do not break easily while you through. Best of all, they are lightweight, yet weighty enough not to be blown away by the wind. Another thing, you can play on a variety of terrains. Additionally, the balls come in different, easy-to-see for an enjoyable multi-player fun.

And you know what, for better and easy measuring, there is a measuring tape that is included to be used in measuring the closest ball to the Pallino. What’s more, the set also comes with a heavy-duty storage bag featuring a carry handle which makes it easy to play anywhere or take on the road. The ball set is perfect for your next game, or you can play it in your next picnic, BBQ, or backyard.

  • Carry bag w/retractable carry handle
  • Durable, water-resistant balls
  • Lasting composite material
  • Highly visible target
  • Easy-to-hold size
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#9. EastPoint Sports Resin Bocce Ball Set

EastPoint Sports Resin Bocce Ball Set

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By: EastPoint Sports

If you’re looking to make your family day out a blast, you should try making this next product, the EastPoint Sports Bocce Ball Set, your companion. It’s a competitive bocce set that brings you great fun for all, friends, and family. The game set comes with 90mm bocce balls and an easy-to-see 50mm Palino target. The balls are waterproof, hardened, and easy to hold. The construction allows you to have the perfect playtime.

Another thing, these balls can be played on almost all terrains thanks to their hard, solid chip-resistant construction that gives them the ideal durability. The sizing is also perfect as it allows the balls to be used for competition. The portable deluxe carry caddy has a compact size and provides ideal storage. If you want a fun-filled backyard or family out a picnic, then you got to get this ball set.

  • High performance, lasting quality design
  • Chip-resistant tournament size
  • Portable deluxe carry caddy
  • Strength resin material
  • Official bocce ball size

#8. Play Platoon Bocce Ball Set Game w/Case

Play Platoon Bocce Ball Set Game w/Case

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By: Play Platoon

Play Platoon is another brand that has considered the fun you can get from quality Bocce Ball play. They bring you premium and durable bocce balls, made from premium resin, which is damage and crack resistant. According to customer feedback, the balls are waterproof and stay looking new for years. And that is not all! The ball set has multi-color balls and an easy-to-see Pallino, making it a perfect team game set.

The ball set does include a free carry bag, which makes it super easy to carry the balls around and also provides secure storage. There is also a measuring rope providing a more natural and better way to measure the winning distance. The bocce ball set is ideal for groups, both small and large. It does provide hours of outdoor fun for all ages and locations. You can play it with your family or friends during parties, BBQs, tailgates, get-togethers, family reunions, weddings, and more.

  • Perfect for all ages and locations
  • Crack and damage resistance
  • Premium, durable resin balls
  • Convenient measuring rope
  • Free lifetime warranty
  • Free carrying case

#7. Baden Champions Bocce Ball Set w/Carry Case

Baden Champions Bocce Ball Set w/Carry Case

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By: Baden

Baden Champions Set is another product we can confidently recommend. The set features a high-quality ball set that includes a 2-color set of balls, a white Pallino, measuring tape, and a carry case. Baden Champions Set is here is make to give you a perfect fun day. The balls are made from long-lasting poly-resin material that makes them crack and chip resistant. With this bocce ball set, you have a smooth, setup-free outdoor fun. It’s ideal for all ages and levels.

It’s a perfect backyard game to break out at a family reunion, backyard party, or a cookout. Best of all, the ball set comes in a regulation size and does meet the international standards. The availability of the durable and compact, water-resistant grab-and-go carry case allows you to have smooth, trouble-free transportation. Another feature worth mentioning is, the Pallino comes in an easy-to-see size making the game funnier and also prevents it from getting lost.

  • High-quality grab-and-go carrying bag
  • Premium poly-resin construction
  • Regulation bocce ball size
  • Multiple scoring patterns
  • High Visibility

#6. Triumph Competition Resin Bocce Ball Set w/Carrying Bag

Triumph Competition Resin Bocce Ball Set w/Carrying Bag

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By: Triumph Sports

Another fun-packed Bocce Ball Set is from Triumph Competition, the 100mm Resin Ball Set. It’s a perfect easy-to-learn outdoor game ideal for all ages and levels. The reviews show that this set features high-quality, waterproof, and chip/crack resistant balls. And you know what, you can play the set balls in almost all types of terrains; it’s super fun. The best part is, the balls are of an easy-to-hold size and lightweight yet heavy enough to be blown away by the wind.

Furthermore, the jack ball or the Palino is large enough to be easily be seen from a distance. Cleaning the balls is super easy. Thanks to the use of high-quality resin material, all you need is wipe with a wet cloth and you good to go. With this bocce ball set in your home, you can be sure that your cookout, family reunion, BBQ will be full of game fun. What’s more, with the convenient carry bag, you can take the ball set with you next time you’re going for a family picnic or an outdoor recreational out.

  • Easy-to-learn game collection
  • Easy to clean Game pieces
  • Standard-sized resin balls
  • Convenient carrying bag
  • Easy-to-see Palino/jack
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#5. GoSports Premium Bocce Set

GoSports Premium Bocce Set

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By: GoSports

Bring everyone, friends, and family, together with the GoSports Bocce Set that comes with eight balls, a Pallino, a case and a measuring rope. It’s a fun-packed ball set that you can be played by all ages and at any place. Its simplicity makes a super enjoyable game that you can use to spark some fun next time you have a family reunion, Christmas, Wedding, and more. Another thing, the different coloring allows you to create teams of two-eight people for better fun.

When it comes to its construction, everything in this bocce set is all top quality to ensure you enjoy it all. The balls feature premium-quality poly-resin construction that gives them the high durability, waterproof, and crack resistance body. The Pallino is also high-quality and painted white for better spotting. The ball set also has a well-built, durable carry bag designed for more effortless transportability and secure storage.

  • Official rules, the measuring device included
  • High-quality canvas carrying case
  • Premium regulation quality
  • Classic color combination
  • High-quality poly-resin
  • Timeless Bocce Style
  • High gloss finish

#4. Water Sports Outdoor Bocce Ball Set

Water Sports Outdoor Bocce Ball Set

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By: Water Sports

If you’re yet to find the best bocce ball set that wins your heart, here is another model that you can buy, the Water Sports Outdoor Bocce Ball Set. The ball set comes with uniquely designed bocce balls. The multi-color balls are waterproof, easy to clean, and also durable. Best of all, they are made from crack and chip resistant semi-translucent polymer giving the high durability factor. Unlike the other plain bocce balls, the balls in this set come with high-powered LED fitted with a long-life battery.

When playing, the LED is activated, and the entire ball glow in the dark. That allows you to enjoy the game all night long. It’s a game set that brings you hours of fun. And you know what, for better battery durability, the balls come with a convenient on/off switch allowing you to preserve the battery when not in use. When you want to move the ball to your new playing spot, you don’t have to struggle to carry them with hands. The ball set has a convenient, high-quality carry bag for easy portability.

  • Semi-translucent polymer construction
  • Illuminated balls and marker ball
  • Easy-to-use measuring tape
  • High-quality carry case
  • On/Off Ball Switch

#3. Playaboule Patented V3 Bocce Ball Set

Playaboule Patented V3 Bocce Ball Set

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By: Playaboule

Playaboule Patented V3; a DLX lighted Set is the next product ideal for purchase. The ball set is the second one in the list with illuminated balls, this time using exclusive V4 pugs for the illumination. It comes with a set of batteries preinstalled for easy and straightforward setup. As an easy-to-play game, this bocce ball game is made even funnier with this ball set. Thanks to the illumination, now you can enjoy the fun all day night.

The set is ideal for beach, camping, and backyard plays. The balls in this set are high-quality and made from water, sand, and grit resistant material giving it the necessary durability. The use of an external recessed push button allows easy on and off for day and night use without having to remove the batteries. Another thing, the flashing is optional.

  • Exclusive patented Design
  • Solid light or flashing modes
  • Preinstalled set of batteries
  • US Bocce Federation size
  • Simple on/off switch
  • Easy-grip ball Texture

#2. AmazonBasics Bocce Set w/Soft Carry Case

AmazonBasics Bocce Set w/Soft Carry Case

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By: AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics Set is the next model in the list. It’s here to give you some quintessential summer-time fun. Now, with their set, you get to enjoy one of the oldest lawn bowling, relaxing, and strategic games with your friends, family, and neighbors. The collection is designed for all ages and skill levels, here to bring people together. The bocce set comes with four green and four red balls and a white target Pallino.

Each ball provides two different scoring patterns. They are made from high-quality poly-resin composite material, giving them long-lasting strength and durability. That allows you to enjoy reliable outdoor entertainment without worrying or any cracking or chipping. The ball set is ideal for playing almost anywhere. There is a convenient travel bag that features high-quality construction and a carrying handle for more effortless transportability and safe storage.

  • Durable carrying case included
  • Long-lasting balls’ strength
  • Poly-resin composite
  • Full-size bocce balls

#1. Hey! Play! Bocce Ball Set

Hey! Play! Bocce Ball Set

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By: Hey! Play!

In the first place, we have the Hey! Play! Bocce Ball Set, bringing you the fun of playing and enjoying outdoor family bocce game in your backyard, beach, lawn, and more. Like the other models, this too comes with four red and four green balls for a set of a player to enjoy the game. There is also a large while target Pallino designed for easy spotting. When it comes to transportation of this game set, you have a carrying bag included making super easy.

When it comes to construction, every item in this bocce set is high-quality and standardized. The balls are made from water, crack, and chipping resistant poly-resin material and features a standardized competition size. Additionally, the carrying bag construction is like no other. It features a soft construction and secure zipper system, not forgetting the two long carrying straps. It’s a versatile bag that you can use for other purposes.

  • Go-to complete classic Bocce Set
  • High-quality poly-resin material
  • Classic carrier bag w/handles
  • Crack and damage resistant
  • Different scoring patterns
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Best Bocce Ball Sets Buying Guide

Before we get into the real products you can buy, you have to know things to consider while selecting your best bocce ball set. The following are some of the considerations you have to keep in mind to keep the process smooth and more comfortable and also make sure at long last you buy the right bocce balls set for your needs.

  • Construction: Understand the making of the balls before you can buy them. You need high-quality balls that provide you with long-lasting fun. For that, you need to ensure the balls are made from high-quality material that won’t crack or chip. The balls also need to be waterproof for better summer fun. The coloring is also necessary, something visible and differentiable.
  • Ball Size and quantity: Bocce is a game to be enjoyed in a team. And there is an ideal size for easy ball holding. For better fun, you need to buy a standard-sized ball set—something between 90mm and 110mm. Also, the balls should be eight, four of the same color, and the other of a different color. There must be a Pallino or jack, smaller than the balls, and of a different color. The size needs to be easily visible.
  • Transportability and storage: Last but not least, check for the storage and transport equipment. Mostly the set will come with a storage bag, but there can be other better forms. Make sure there is a way to carry and store the balls safely.


And there you have it; everything you need to buy the best bocce ball set for igniting the family and friend come together with fun. The guide will help you select the best model for a list of top-performance models in the market today. Use your needs to identify which bocce ball set is the best for you. Good Luck!

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