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Top 10 Best Boat Compasses in 2020 Reviews

Boat compass

Traveling on water has got so many challenges because no landmarks to show you which direction to take. That’s why a boat compass comes in handy to show you the directions. However, getting a less-effective or defective boat compass can bring serious consequences. Therefore, how do you classify the right models? Well, it is a very daunting task.

Nevertheless, we did the compilation for you by outlining the top 10 boat compasses available out there. The picked options will ensure dependable and effective services. Check the boat compass product reviews thoroughly to help you arrive at the best possible buying decision.

List of 10 Best Boat Compasses in 2020

#10. VGEBY Boat Navigation Compass

10. VGEBY Boat Navigation Compass

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Coming in first is the boat navigation Compass from Vgeby. The boat compass has an adjustable mounting bracket that allows you to read directions easily. Luckily enough, it is made of high-quality material that prevents corrosion and is eco-friendly.

What’s more, the magnetic steel can be adjusted even in the opposite direction. For this reason, drivers can adjust to a position they are comfortable with. Eventually, it features 180 days guarantee if it does not meet your demands.

  • Made of premium-grade ABS plastic material
  • Adjustable mounting bracket with visible lubber line for easy reading
  • Magnetic steel
  • Pivoting compass for wide application

#9. Sun Company seaturtl Full-Size Boat Compass

9. Sun Company seaturtl Full-Size Boat Compass

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Next on this review is seaturtl boat compass from Sun Company. This full-size boat compass fixed in rubber casing with adjustable hood. This feature not only prevents glare when in use, but also the compass is protected when not in use. Secondly, the elastic cords enable snug to fit on kayaks. A liquid-filled compass characterizes it.

Thirdly, it’s big enough allowing you to read on the kayak deck easily. Besides, there is a foam pad beneath that protects the hull. You will come across the UV proof nylon clips and adjustable elastic cords that hold tight it weighs 8.8 ounces.

  • Weighs 8.8 ounces
  • V-shape housing fits straight or curved hulls
  • Adjustable elastic cords
  • Full-size marine compass
  • UV resilient nylon clips hold tight
  • Adjustable elastic cords
  • Adjustable hood

#8. DETUCK TM Dash Mount Boat Compass

8. DETUCK TM Dash Mount Boat Compass

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Proceeding with this list, we come at the DETUCK boat compass. It features two holes for adjusting its magnetic declination. That is, both the North-South and East-West directions. This function helps you improve the compass’s accuracy. Besides, it also features a red indicator with a scale to indicate your forward direction. It’s essential to adjust it from a horizontal level and ensure it can rotate freely.

In case you have to use it at night, connect it to an external 12V power source. This will switch on a red light for better visibility. However, keep this boat compass from other magnetic items that may disrupt its function.

  • Red indicator line for the forward direction
  • Red light for visibility
  • Two holes for magnetic declination
  • Packaged with screws and double-sided tape for easy mounting
  • External power supply for lighting red light is 12V

#7. Ritchie Navigation X-10M 2-Inch Dial Sport Gray Boat Compass

7. Ritchie Navigation X-10M 2-Inch Dial Sport Gray Boat Compass

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Check out this boat compass by Ritchie Navigation. First of all, this boat compass features a reversible bracket. Through its vertical and angled mounts, this bracket provides up to over 300° mounting range from overhead. Then again, this boat compass also features a 2-inch direct reading dial. It’s easily visible even at night courtesy of the internal green light.

Additionally, it comes with a built-in compensator. To clarify, these are non-interactive magnets that are well spaced and balanced for accurate correction. As a bonus, the package includes the correction instructions as well. Also, this compass has a triple cup sapphire jewel movement and a steel pivot. They are carefully matched to provide fast lock-on and smooth dial operation. This reason makes this compass perfect for severe conditions.

  • 2″ direct-reading dial
  • Built-in compensator for correction
  • Hardened steel pivot
  • Has a reversible bracket
  • Internal green night lighting
  • High-temp composite construction

#6. Turnonsport Dash Mount Flush Boat Compass

6. Turnonsport Dash Mount Flush Boat Compass

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This boat compass by turnonsport is an ideal companion for people who love being at sea. Firstly, it’s magnetic and comes with two power cords, which you can connect to a 12V power supply on a sea ship or a dashboard vehicle. Secondly, it features an incandescent light. This ensures visibility during night trips. Thirdly, it includes two screws and an EVA foam sticker. You can use either to mount it on any flat surface.

Also, it’s made from corrosion-resistant and waterproof ABS plastic material. Its cover shields one side and can be moved to provide shade when the sun is too bright. Lastly, it’s black, lightweight with a direction the same as that of the ship.

  • Included two screws or EVA foam sticker for surface mounting
  • Black in color
  • Shielding cover to provide shade
  • Two power cords
  • Incandescent light for night trips
  • Made of corrosion-resistant & waterproof ABS plastic

#5. Seattle Sports Boat Rover Deck Compass

5. Seattle Sports Boat Rover Deck Compass

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Coming at position 5 is Rover Deck Compass from Seattle Sports for Paddle and Kayaks Boards. It uniquely features read marks that enable you to see clearly your direction. Besides, this compass has easy ON/OFF quick Base Plate attachment for easy fastening to deck bags and deck rigging. And to clarify this, it is easy to deck bags and deck rigging.

Most importantly, it is highly advanced for tough marine use. Lastly, it is easy to lash it securely. With an elegant yet simple base, the attachment of sea Rover to deck lines ensuring that it sits on deck bag.

  • Quick-release buckles
  • Base Plate for fastening
  • Easy-to-read markings
  • Weighs 12 ounces
  • Built for harsh marine use

#4. Shoreline Marine Illuminated Boat Compass

4. Shoreline Marine Illuminated Boat Compass

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Next is the Shoreline Marine Boat compass. Other than being gorgeous, it’s also one of the best boat’s compasses in the market. Further, this boat compass boasts of easy installation. In fact, setting it up doesn’t require various tools. So, a few minutes is all you need to mount it on the console. Another thing, this compass is 12V lighted. Not only does it ensure visibility at night, but also it consumes very less energy.

And, most importantly, it comes with an Ultraviolet shield. Equally important, it also features a jeweled pivot assembly and has zero spins to boot. In conclusion, its large size makes it easy for the user to record readings.

  • 12V lighted for night usage
  • UV shield protection
  • Jeweled pivot assembly
  • Black in color and large in size
  • Weighs 12 ounces
  • Lighted dial included

#3. Ritchie Navigation Surface Mount 2.75-inches Dial Boat Compass

3. Ritchie Navigation Surface Mount 2.75-inches Dial Boat Compass

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Have an amazing boat compass from Ritchie Navigation. This boar compass gives you convenience while working at night due to its internal green night lighting. In all honesty, this compass uses a Triple Cup-sapphire Jewel-movement. & hardened Steel Pivot. They are meticulously matched to deliver fast lock-on and smooth dial operation under harsh conditions. Uniquely, these compasses are characterized by 12 Volt Greenish Power light for safe for night excursions. The special Gauss Magnets is also a great feature of this boat compass.

The high gauss magnet is field match matched and balanced to every compass size, model, and dial style. Next, it features Gauss magnets that are designed underside the dial to ensure they lock on to the north always. The magnetic north seeking property provides rapid, smooth response and superior accuracy. On top of that, it has inbuilt compensators that solve the deviation problems and give accurate correction. In summary, it includes compensation instructions.

  • Directive Force Magnets
  • Internal Green Night Lighting
  • Triple Cup-sapphire Jewel-movement
  • Built-in Compensators
  • Weighs 11.2 ounces
  • Hardened Steel Pivot
  • Has 12 Volt Greenish Power light

#2. Brunton Dash Mount Boat Compass

2. Brunton Dash Mount Boat Compass

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Coming second is the Brunton Dash Mount compass. It does not just offer superb performance but also has a reasonable price tag. Furthermore, this boat compass is easy to directly affix on the dash with screws into the special fittings. In fact, it mounts on boat recesses to give a perfect default like appearance.

On top of that, this compass comes with a bulkhead mount, which greatly facilitates easy disc reading. With reciprocal bearing, this boat compass can deliver precise readings on its 3-inch dial. Similarly, it includes a 5-degree graduation. As a result, this improves accuracy while ensuring visibility on poor lighting conditions or in misty weather.

  • 5-degree graduations for accuracy
  • Weight: 8.3 oz
  • 3-inch reading dial
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime
  • Reciprocal bearing for reliable reading
  • Flush-mount on boat bulkheads
  • Direct reading disc

#1. Ritchie Navigation Flush Mount, 3.75-inches Combi Compass, Black

1. Ritchie Navigation Flush Mount, 3.75-inches Combi Compass, Black

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Last on this list is the Ritchie Navigation boat compass. This flush mount boat compass has in-built compensators. These compensators help boats with deviation problems. Furthermore, it features a unique triple cup sapphire and hardened steel pivot that enhances smooth operations even in harsh conditions. They are meticulously matched to deliver fast lock-on and smooth dial operation under the harshest conditions. There are no plastic pivots or jewels in Ritchie Compasses. Also, its dials are highly advanced to provide easy readability, ultimate sturdiness, and smooth performance.

Additionally, it features a lightweight baffle that hinders the dial from jumping and spinning during the harsh condition and at high speeds. Last but not least, it’s made of High Gauss magnets that are more accurate, and offers a quick response. Lastly, it includes all compensation instructions.

  • Lightweight baffle to eradicates dial jumping and spinning
  • Powerdamp system
  • Hardened Steel Pivot
  • Directive Force Magnets
  • Triple Cup Sapphire Jewel Motion
  • Built-in Compensators
  • Includes compensation instructions

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Boat Compass

Corrector Magnets: A premium-quality boat compass will also feature an additional set of magnets known as the corrector magnets. And to elaborate more, these help in correcting the deviation that tends to occur from interference brought about by other magnetic sources or your boat’s electronics. The correctors are attached to brass rods mounted in the lower part of the compass casing, enabling you to swing or compensate your compass card for deviation adjustment.

Magnetic North: Typically, a boat compass is integrated with magnets set that require balancing to look for magnetic north. Though magnetic north and true north are different — as in the real North Pole — Earth’s north polarization location near Greenland. There is variation between magnetic north & true north for navigation, as shown on nautical compass charts.

The Mount: If you are mounting a navigation compass on a boat, then you need to determine how and where to fit it. Flush-mounted boat compasses are horizontally installed on the helm, occupies limited space, and are usually the most stable. You can also opt for other options like bracket-, binnacle- and surface-mounted compasses, which do not require space beneath to mounts. Regardless of how you mount your comes, the boat compass’s lubber line must be parallel with the capsize along the integrated centerline to take an accurate reading.


In sum, the above information has covered what it takes for you to go home with the right models for your needs. With the above description, you will never go wrong at all because they give accurate reading all the time. Choose the best one from the list above and start enjoying the difference.


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