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Top 10 Best Bench Seat Covers in 2020 Reviews | Guide

Bench Seat Cover

In recent decades, a bench seat cover has gained unprecedented popularity due to its superior role in protecting your vehicle’s interior surface and keeping it in top-notch state and tidy condition for longer. In all honesty, this car seat covers also pray a great role in safeguarding your bench seats from sweat, debris, pet spills, dirt, and mud. Luckily enough, they feature in an assortment of materials that includes neoprene, leather, microfiber, faux leather, and more. Each of the mentioned materials provides their specific features and their benefits as well. For instance, leather is known for offering a better feel and superior protection, whereas neoprene delivers unsurpassed waterproof protection. In addition, some bench seat covers are designed to fit a specific car models, whereas others feature in a universal size and are likely to fit many types of seats.

However, the bench seat covers with the highest, best-quality, comfortable feature at any budget can be found that easily; therefore, it requires thorough research to come up with better options. Based on aspects like customer rating, quality of materials, and some more considerations. We have come-up with top-rated bench seat covers for you. Have a look!

List of 10 Best Bench Seat Covers in 2020

#10. FH Group FB102010 Bench Seat Covers

FH Group FB102010 Bench Seat Covers

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If your kids or pets are naughty, you need an FH Group bench seat cover for ultimate protection. Its 3D Air Mesh design is what breathes life into your heated and traditional seats. The textured panel offers an attractive feature up alongside its super soft fabric. FH Group’s bench seat covers are precisely designed even to fit any automobile on the road.

Additionally, these bench seat covers are superb for covering up old seats or shielding brand new bench seats. What’s more, it is made of deluxe leatherette and premium fabric, which is air dry cleaned and machine washable.  And more pleasingly, the package incorporates bottom and backrest for covering the rear bench.  It can be easily slipped on, and its straps can be as well be adjusted during installation.

  • Engineered to accommodate heated & traditional seats
  • Package includes bottom seat cover and backrest cover for the rear bench
  • Made of Machine washable 3D Air Mesh
  • Compatible with only detachable headrests
  • It weighs 2.7 pounds

#9. Motorup America Bench Seat Cover

Motorup America Bench Seat Cover

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If your car is very old, this is the right time to revive your aged seats with West Coast Auto bench seat cover. This cover protects your bench seats against stains, spills, fading, tearing, crumbs, dirt, and pet hairs. In addition, its Baja blanket design plays a big role in making your common black seats great with high quality and super soft fabric.

Additionally, the quality of material used in making this bench seat cover provides premium quality finish and breathable comfort. It has adjustable straps and elastic side fabric to ensure this bench seat cover fits all vans, trucks, cars, and SUVs virtually. However, the rear backrest cover, side airbag compatible, and rear bottom bench seat cover come separately.

  • The adjustable covers incorporate hook-and-loop clasps for easy installation
  • Stretchable back fabric, heavy-duty, thick, woven fabric for holding it under intense wear
  • Extra foam support for cushion comfort
  • Weighs 3.09 pounds

#8. ZQ DOG CAR Bench Seat Cover

ZQ DOG CAR Bench Seat Cover

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ZQ focuses on revolutionizing great bench seat cover that let traveler and their pets traveling together. It is an ideal option for protecting your rear vehicle seat from kids & pets. This deluxe bench seat cover is 100% waterproof and nonslip. More importantly, it keeps your SUV tidy from pets’ scratches, muddy paw prints, fur, or kid’s drink & food meanwhile keep nonslip.

What’s more, it comes in a universal size that fits most Minivans, Sedans, SUVs, and Trucks. Also, it is comfy for dogs and compatible with child seats. Lastly, it works incredibly for kids and dogs. In the case, any defect on artistry or materials, ZQ will provide you with 100% customer satisfaction and lifetime warranty.

  • Include instruction manual for easy to install
  • Nonslip and waterproof
  • Easy to clean using vacuum or damp cloth
  • Lifetime warranty accompanies the cover

#7. Bell Automotive 22-1-56259-8 Bench Seat Cover

Bell Automotive 22-1-56259-8 Bench Seat Cover

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Give the inner surface of your SUV a facelift with bell automotive bench seat cover. It features an updated feel and classic look for comfort. It also protects your seats against tear and wear. It’s a better way to preserve it cool with poncho feeling and traditional look. It fits most standard bench seats with adjustable or inbuilt headrests. These accessories are synonymous with style and safety.

What’s more, the cover is characterized by a universal Baja blanket and comes in a standard size. It weighs 4 pounds. Along with that, Bell Automotive 22-1-56259-8 Bench Seat Cover gives you ample time while traveling with a beloved pet.

  • Provide an updated feel and a classic look
  • Comes in one pack
  • It comes in Standard size
  • Weighs 4 pounds
  • Virtually fits all seats with adjustable or built-in headrests

#6. Vailge Dog Car back Bench Seat Cover

Vailge Dog Car back Bench Seat Cover

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Next in this list is bench dog car back seat cover from vailge. This cover is well known for its 100% waterproof, nonslip, heavy-duty, and washable properties. It fits many models of vehicles like SUVs, trucks, standard cars, including baby vehicle seats. And more importantly, its upgrade material alongside hexagnol oxford is scratch resistant, not to mention tough.

Additionally, this bench backseat cover from Vailge is unique quilted and side flaps alongside front flap around it for dogs makes vailge bench seat edge from dirty debris, muddy paws, scratches, and dog hairs. Ultimately, its back seat features an advanced and non-skid backing mesh.

  • 600D oxford with TPU material and water-resistant coating
  • 100% WATERPROOF alongside SIDE FLAPS
  • Its middle armrest has 2 Zippers
  • Easy to clean
  • Its back seat headrest has adjustable straps for easy installation

#5. Seat Covers Unlimited Universal Bench Seat Cover

Seat Covers Unlimited Universal Bench Seat Cover

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Start protecting your vehicle seats, all while articulating your personality. The Seat Covers Unlimited Bench Seat Cover is long-lasting, durable, and woven fabric. Its inbuilt pockets help you stay keep & organized your small belongings stabilized while driving. Woven from sturdy, high-quality fabric, this bench seat cover is built to last. For functionality with seat belt style, holes, and headrest, these seat covers are constructed to last.

Woven for additional strength and tailored from durable materials, this rear and the front seat cover is designed to keep your bench seats clean for decades. Seat Covers Unlimited adopts only the classic materials to build the premium quality seat cover. It is also characterized by seat belt holes & pockets stitched to keep your car and truck protected from wear and clean every day.

  • Weighs 3.03 pounds
  • Heavily woven for additional strength
  • Constructed from durable materials help in keeping your cover clean for decades
  • Tie back straps make installation easy

#4. YESYEES Waterproof Bench Seat Covers

YESYEES Waterproof Bench Seat Covers

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Say goodbye to monotonous neutrals and adopt colorful bench seat covers from YESYEES. With this cover, you can enjoy a comfortable and happy car ride while keeping your vehicle tidy. The material used in its construction is scratch-proof, heavy-duty, and durable. Besides, the bottom material includes premium-grade corner elastic straps, nonslip mesh, & seat anchors at support to inhibit it from slipping around. Luckily, it’s so easy to clean and to install. You can easily spot clean it using a hand-held vacuum, damp cloth, or lint remover.

Designed with long-lasting quilted fabric, this bench cover is easy to maintain, and it also protects your seat against muddy paws, pet’s fur, scratches, and urine. Bench style makes this yesyees waterproof bench seat covers easier to drive goods, kids, or pets. With side flaps, YESYEES pet seat cover is tear-resistant and can even protect your seat’s edges from scratching

  • Two zippers for armrest & middle seat belt
  • Compatible for kid car seat
  • 100% waterproof bottom material
  • Material includes premium-grade corner elastic straps, nonslip mesh, & seat anchors at support to inhibit it from slipping around
  • Velcro openings allow the car seat belts through
  • Side flaps design for protection against dirty
  • Reinforced modifiable headrest straps
  • Two side slits make installation perfect easier for most minivans, cars, trucks, and SUVs

#3. Dickies Bench Seat Cover

Dickies Bench Seat Cover

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The Dickies bench seat cover provides durable & tough protection from pet hair, dirt, gardening gear & other stains. On top of that, it is crafted with water-resistant polyester, which protects your bench seat’s fabric against stains & spills. More increasingly, this cover fits universal overhead rests and back bench seats that measure 69-inches x 57-inches.

Furthermore, Dickies provides extra accessories like floor mats & seat covers for your vehicle. It’s also ideal cover for vans, trucks, sedans, and more other vehicles. In addition, this rear bench seat cover is perfect, especially when it comes to keeping the original car fabric cleaner for years. The cover is also suitable for protection against dirt, food, drink, and pest.

  • Fits universal overhead rests and back bench seats
  • Weighs 1.58 pounds
  • The package includes floor mats and seat covers
  • It is crafted with water-resistant polyester
  • Provides durable & tough protection with its quality fabric

#2. Active Pets Back Bench Seat Cover

Active Pets Back Bench Seat Cover

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Forget about those poorly made seat covers that get tore after a single use and damage your seats by acquiring active pets back bench seat cover. This astonishing cover is equipped with two seat anchors and four sturdy headrest anchors that will ensure your bench seat cover is well secured in its place. The fact behind this is its four different layers that provide an impermeable waterproof dirt barrier.

Moreover, this seat cover from Active Pets is made using super easy-to-clean materials. Also, it is crafted of the top layer of superior 600D Oxford water-resistant cotton while the middle layer of super durable Oxford 210D with water-resistant coating your car bench seats. Along with that, it is characterized by four levels of security protection from Active Pets exclusive.

  • Weighs 2.70 Pounds
  • It is scratch-proof waterproof and nonslip
  • Easy clean construction materials
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Nonslip bottom provides a slide-free surface for your pet

#1. VIEWPETS Waterproof Bench Seat Cover

VIEWPETS Waterproof Bench Seat Cover

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Worry about the paw scratches, pet hair, and dirt on your car bench seat? Let VIEWPETS bench seat cover go with your pets to kick off a comfortable and happy journey! This cover provides a convenient way to protect the back bench seat of your truck, car, or SUV from spills, dirt, fur, and scratches. The quilted waterproof, scratchproof, and heavy-duty material is used on this bench seat cover.

More increasingly, the two adjustable straps alongside buckles, two side openings, two-seat anchors, two corner elastic straps, two-seat belt openings, and antiskid rubber at support will keep your bench cover in its place. This bench seat cover is accompanied by genuine lifetime satisfaction to cover defects on workmanship and materials.

  • Two-seat anchors for tucking in
  • Easy to clean using a vacuum or damp cloth
  • Waterproof & nonslip construction material
  • Wrap two pliable straps all-around seat corners
  • Universal size: 49-inches l × 56-inches
  • Easy to install

How to choose the best bench seat cover

  • Quality of materials: Pick a bench seat cover in durable material, like microfiber, leather, PU, neoprene, or faux leather. In all honesty, you need to make sure the material of your choice is sturdy enough to withstand routine use while still protecting your car bench seat from debris, spills, and dirt. Typically, you can get a clear picture of the value of the fabric material by considering this guide.
  • Waterproofing: If you want unsurpassed protection against sweat, rain shower, or mud, you should opt for a bench seat cover with superb waterproofing. For instance, neoprene bench seat covers deliver approximately 100% waterproofing. Also, they require no procedure to install and are easy-to-maintain as well.
  • Size: Many bench seat covers come in their universally sized, and therefore they can fit all car models virtually and makes. If you opt for cover for a specific car or particularly sized, then you need to check whether it perfectly fits the model of the vehicle you have.
  • Machine washable: If you often travel with pets, then your car’s seats must suffer wear & tear. For this reason, you must pick a car bench seat cover, which is detachable, not to mention machine washable. Removable covers are easy-to-clean.


In brief, bench seat covers can be your only hope if you wish to keep your automobile’s seats looking tidy, new, and fresh for decades. Luckily, there are many options to select from, as you have seen above, and the right selection depends on your car model. Nevertheless, after having gone through the bench seat cover description above, choosing the right cover is much easier.

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