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Top 10 Best Beer Growlers in 2024 Reviews

Beer Growlers

In most cases, beer loses its crisp flavor after it has been opened for the first time. This is quite unfortunate because there is nothing that can be compared to a frosty beer mug that has been freshly brewed. With a beer growler, you can still harness the true taste of beer even after opening it for the first time.

The best beer growler stores beer in an airtight flask which can also be used to store water among other drinks. Additionally, beer growlers can maintain your drinks hot or cold because they feature temperature regulation technology. There are numerous options on the market but here are the top quality beer growlers that you should choose from.

List of 10 Best Beer Growlers in 2024

#10. Yukon Insulated Beer Growler

Yukon Insulated Beer Growler

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This stainless steel beer growler from Yukon will help you keep the beer cold, safe, and carbonated, thanks to its top-of-the-line insulation system (double-walled). With the steel design, it’s always safe and durable, even with the unfriendliest handling. Use the food-grade container for your hot drinks, too, without a hitch.

Yukon meets all government standards, and that’s why you’re free to refill the growler at your favorite brewery. Its leak-proof lid comprises stainless steel and polypropylene, with only the stainless steel coming in contact with your drink. Expect neither leaks nor condensation issues with the expert-endorsed growler. With the manufacturer’s “everything you need or your money back” promise, you’re rest assured of top-notch quality, aren’t you?

  • Capacity: 64 Oz
  • It comes with a sturdy, easy-carry neoprene case
  • It keeps your drink cold and carbonated for 24 hours
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • It’s vacuum-insulated
  • It keeps drinks hot for 12 hours

#9. Manna Ring Growler 

9. Manna Ring Growler 

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This is a highly affordable best beer growler that you will find on the market in 2024. The product comes with a double layer insulated vacuum walls and this facilitates maximum temperature retention. As a result, this product will ensure that your drink is freshly carbonated and icy cold for a maximum of 24 hours. Additionally, it can also function as a thermos and keep your beverage hot for a maximum of 12 hours.

This beer growler is made using stainless steel material of high quality and so you can be sure that it does not leach chemicals in your drink as opposed to other materials. It also features a matte non-slip finish that facilitates a good grip and a great look. One of the best things about this product is that it comes with sweat and leak-proof construction and so you do not have to deal with condensation leaks and unpleasant spills.

  • Double layer insulated vacuum walls
  • Made using stainless steel material
  • Matte non-slip finish
  • Leak and sweat-proof technology
  • Maximum temperature regulation
  • Lead and BPA free

#8. Eegl Stainless Steel Insulated Beer Growler 

8. Eegl Stainless Steel Insulated Beer Growler 

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Have you been searching for a safe and best beer growler that will not affect the quality of your drink? Consider buying this product because it is BPA free and made using premium grade stainless steel material. The product features non-leaching and toxin-free construction and this keeps drink pure and clean. Therefore, with it, you only enjoy the flavor you want.

Additionally, it comes with a large capacity of 64 ounces, which is enough to give you a great hydrated day. With its double-wall vacuum insulation, this product keeps your drinks piping hot or ice-cold for a considerable amount of time. Moreover, it is a user-friendly product where its extra-wide mouth makes it easy for you to clean and fill.

  • Large 64 ounces capacity
  • Super protective carrying pouch
  • State of the art construction making it sweat proof
  • Double-wall vacuum insulation
  • Non-leaching and toxin-free
  • 18/8 stainless steel
  • 5 years guarantee
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#7. Yukon Growlers Premium Insulated Growler

7. Yukon Growlers Premium Insulated Growler

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This is the best beer growler that keeps your beer carbonated and cold for more than a day, making it ideal for a festival or a camping trip. It also features a double-wall design to ensure that it regulates temperatures as required. Additionally, it is highly portable and this is mainly facilitated by a stylish felt carrying case that it comes with.

This is also a user-friendly beer growler that you can easily pour from and this is promoted by the tapered neck and integrated handle that comes with the product. With its swing-top lid, this beer growler keeps beer carbonated and fresh. There is also a lid lock strap to enhance transportation from one place to another.

  • Swing top lid
  • Lid lock strap
  • User-friendly design
  • Stylish felt carrying case
  • Risk-free purchase

#6. Spotted Dog Company Insulated Beer Growler

6. Spotted Dog Company Insulated Beer Growler

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Here is a keg inspired growler design which is ideal for storing beer that is fresh from the tap and one that is ready for consumption during a hike, camp or when chilling outside during a hot day. It comes with keg handles that enhance its portability. Moreover, you will love this product because of the vacuum insulated technology that it comes with to ensure that drinks can remain hot for 12 hours or remain cold for 24 hours.

With this product, your drinks do not need to be refrigerated. You can transport water, coffee or other drinks and later serve them at desired temperatures. It comes with a wide mouth to ensure that you get a smooth time refilling it or pouring drinks from it. Therefore, you do not need surgical precision or funnels to draw drinks from it. Its wide-mouth also makes it easy for you to clean it using kitchen brushes.

  • 30 color options to pick from
  • Stainless steel material
  • Vacuum insulation and tight seals
  • Wide mouth for easy use
  • Keg inspired design
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#5. DrinkTanks Vacuum Insulated Beer Growler

5. DrinkTanks Vacuum Insulated Beer Growler

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This is a high-quality beer growler that comes with food-grade design, which is mainly facilitated by the 18/8 stainless steel material that it is made of. Therefore, you can be sure that this product will not interfere with the quality of your drinks, making it safe for use. Additionally, it features double-wall vacuum insulation to ensure that it regulates the temperatures of the drinks as desired.

Moreover, it features a leak-proof cap and this implies that you can easily transport your drinks in it without worrying about them leaking through the lid. The best thing about this beer growler is that it features a lifetime warranty, saving you a lot of money for replacement in case it gets damaged.

  • 18/8 stainless steel material
  • Double-wall vacuum insulation
  • Leakproof cap
  • Keeps drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours
  • Lifetime warranty

#4. Bottle Band Insulated Beer Growler

4. Bottle Band Insulated Beer Growler

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Here is a highly affordable beer growler that you should buy when heading out for a camping adventure. The best thing about it is that it comes with a neoprene carry case to facilitate its transportation from one place to another. Therefore, with it, you can enjoy cold, carbonated, and crisp beer everywhere you go for more than a day. The product is made using stainless steel material and so you can be sure that it does not corrode or rust.

Additionally, it is a BPA free material that will not interfere with the quality of your beer. Moreover, its stainless steel material does not absorb flavors and so you get to enjoy the pure taste of your drink. It features a reliable design where you can go through thick and thin with it without worrying about the drink leaking because of the 100% leak-proof design that it comes with.

  • Free neoprene carry bag
  • 100% leak-proof design
  • Stainless steel material
  • 64 ounces capacity
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#3. G Francis Pressurized Beer Growler                     

3. G Francis Pressurized Beer Growler 

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This is one of the best beer growlers that you can buy on the market because it comes with a compact design. As a result, you can conveniently store or transport it without requiring a lot of space when doing so. Additionally, even if it is compactly designed, the capacity of the product is not compromised because it comes with 64 ounces volume. Therefore, it is big enough to carry beer that will serve you more than a day.

It is made using stainless steel material which does not absorb flavors and which is BPA free to preserve the quality and taste of your drinks. The product has vacuum insulation and a double wall design to ensure that temperatures are well regulated to match your desire. Its size will easily fit in a refrigerator and so you can keep your drinks cold to drink later.

  • Compact design
  • Portable size for outdoor events and adventures
  • Lightweight stainless steel material for enhanced longevity and strength
  • Easy to use construction
  • Double-wall design
  • Vacuum insulation technology
  • 64 ounces capacity

#2. NutriChef Pressurized Growler Tap System

2. NutriChef Pressurized Growler Tap System

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Are you wondering how you can store your beer for more than one day without your beer going flat? The best solution is to buy this best beer growler from the market and you will have this solved for the long term. It comes with an enhanced adjustable regulator to boost its functionality. To ensure that your beer remains cold, you can add the insulator sleeve. This product features heavy-duty 304 stainless steel materials, which have food-grade quality.

Therefore, it does not interfere with the taste or flavor of your drink. It has a tap faucet handle to help you pour beer from it. Additionally; this product has a pressure release valve to enhance the safe removal of the tap unit. You will love the compactness of this product because, through it, the beer growler can fit in a home fridge. There is also a metal screw on the lid to enhance easy transportation without leaking the beer.

  • Easy storage and transportation
  • Compact design
  • 128 ounces capacity
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Tap faucet handle
  • Pressure release valve
  • Advanced adjustable regulator

#1. GrowlerWerks uKeg Carbonated Growler 

1. GrowlerWerks uKeg Carbonated Growler 

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This is the best beer growler on the market in 2024 because of its heavy-duty construction that boosts its durability. The product features VPR technology which ensures that carbonation remains at desired levels, keeping your drinks from going flat. There is an adjustable cap that features a pressure gauge to ensure that carbonation remains between 0 and 15 psi.

Additionally, there is vacuum insulation that is facilitated by the food-grade 18/8 stainless steel material that it is made from. With this durable material, the product keeps your beer cold all day long. There is also a sight glass on this product that allows you to see how much drink is left inside. This is the best beer growler on the market and so you need to order it today for the best outdoor experience.

  • Double-wall vacuum insulation
  • Durable stainless steel material
  • Pressure gauge
  • Interchangeable tap handle
  • Sight glass
  • Carbonation cap
  • CO2 cartridge

Things to Consider When Choosing a Beer Growler

Size: In case you need a beer growler for an outdoor adventure, get one that features a portable size with handles and with long term temperature control. Moreover, if you need one for a gathering of family and friends, you should buy a product that will offer enough capacity for a lot of people –probably more than 2 liters capacity.

Material: Beer growlers are made using either stainless steel or glass materials in most cases. Glass beer growlers have a great and classy look but they are also very fragile. Additionally, they do not feature the temperature control function but they are highly affordable. Stainless steel beer growlers, on the other hand, ensure that our drinks remain cold and carbonated for at least 24 hours. They are BPA free and highly durable. Nonetheless, they are a little expensive but a great purchase that will serve you for years.


Before buying a beer growler it is important to ensure that it features all the right elements that it needs to serve its purpose. This way, it will heighten your convenience and elevate your experience wherever you go. The above products are some of the best beer growlers that feature food quality and enhanced portability to ensure that you not only enjoy your beer indoors but also outdoors at your convenience.


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