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Top 10 Best Beach Mats in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide


Just about anyone loves spending time at the beach. While this is the case, getting sand or salty water all over your body and belonging can be disappointing. Make each of your beach trips enjoyable and memorable with the best beach mats. The following beach mats are designed to offer you and your family a dry, clean, and comfortable place to lie and sit on. Unlike regular mats, beach mats are crafted from high-end materials that release the sand quickly and dries fast. These materials are also water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about the ground moisture ruining your experience.

Make your friends or family gathering extra special with any of the following beach mats. Our selections also include only oversized mats that will accommodate several individuals as well as their gear. Even better, they are versatile, affordable, and portable, making them ideal for various outdoor activities. Take your time to go through our reviewed products for you to pick the model that serves you right.

List of 10 Best  Beach Mats in 2020

#10. Ahyuan Picnic Mat Beach Blanket

Ahyuan Picnic Mat Beach Blanket

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By: Anyuan

Available in various fun prints and patterns, the Ahyuan beach blanket is designed to meet just about anyone’s taste. This blanket is large enough to accommodate up to seven individuals while its waterproof design keeps you dry from ground moisture. For enhanced convenience, this unit comes with a handy carrying bag that makes it not only easy for storage but also easy to carry.

When it comes to construction, this unit boasts of a 210T ripstop nylon material that is tough but also soft on the skin. The sand shakes off easily, making it a perfect pick for enjoying your time on the beach. Additionally, the material dries fast making it an excellent pick for wet areas.

  • Includes a handy carrying handle
  • Made from polyester materials with foam padding
  • Eco-friend water-repellent backing
  • Sand shakes off it easily
Reasons to buy it:
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • High-quality construction makes it durable
  • The material never deforms or fades
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#9. Mountain Mat Earth-Friendly RV Patio mat

Mountain Mat Earth-Friendly RV Patio mat

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By: Mountain Mat

Thicker, stronger and better overall quality; you will love using this mat for all your beach picnics. Unlike the competition, this mat is crafted from thick polypropylene straws to ensure enhanced durability, versatility, and functionality. The woven polypropylene is twice as thicker as most mat ensuring absolute comfort. For enhanced durability, this unit also features four-sided double stitched edging to guard against unraveling and fraying.

Even better, this is a waterproof, easy to clean mat. Mud, sand, spills, and any other dirt wipes right off the mat. For deep cleaning, simply use the garden hose and allow it to air dry. As expected, this unit dries fast and comes with a carrying bag for easy portability.

  • Features double stitched edging all around
  • Waterproof materials that clean easily
  • Made from 100 percent recycled polypropylene
  • Thicker and versatile materials for enhanced durability
Reasons to buy it:
  • Dries much faster than other materials
  • Cleans easily using only a garden hose
  • Simplistic design makes it easy to use in various applications
  • Spacious design accommodates your entire family

#8. CGear Sandlite Sand-Free Beach Mat

CGear Sandlite Sand-Free Beach Mat

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By: CGear Sand-Free

If you are looking for a mat that comes with patented technology to offer a truly sand free experience then the CGear Sandlite suits your needs. This unit is cleverly crafted from precisely engineered polyester to create some kind of conveyer belt. Better still, the material allows particles of dust, sand and other dirt to fall right through. This makes it not only great for beaches but also for other environments.

And because it is crafted from high-end polyester, you can expect a decent performance that you depend on. The materials are not only lightweight but also folds easily to save you time. Interestingly the mat offers you plenty of room of space for up to five individuals.

  • Superior construction materials ensures Sand-Free Life
  • Patented Two-Layer System for enhanced comfort
  • Precisely engineered using superior polyester layers
  • Perfect all Outdoor picnics
Reasons to buy it:
  • Oversized design suits your needs
  • Folds into a compact design for easy portability
  • Made from ripstop materials
  • Available in fun colors and prints

#7. WolfWise Picnic Outdoor Blanket Beach Mat

WolfWise Picnic Outdoor Blanket Beach Mat

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By: WolfWise

Available in a superior construction, the WolfWise Beach Mat allows you to use it for extended periods. One of the best selling features that come with this unit is that it boasts of waterproof backing that prevents ground moisture from penetrating. Even better, this unit comes with a premium velvet surface that is padded with a composite sponge. This ensures exceptional ventilation and wears resistance.

In the same breath, this unit is generously sized to accommodate up to eight people. This makes it a great pick to accommodate the needs of a large family. The well-padded design also makes it an indispensable choice for a variety of outdoor activities.

  • The waterproof backing ensures ground moisture doesn’t penetrate
  • Features a soft surface for enhanced comfort
  • Oversized design that accommodates up to eight people
  • Superior grade material for improved durability
Reasons to buy it:
  • Folds into a compact size for easy portability
  • Comes with a handy bag for easy transportation and storage
  • Versatile design makes it usable for various outdoor activities
  • Featherweight and dirt resistant design

#6. OCOOPA Oversized Beach Blanket

OCOOPA Oversized Beach Blanket

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Are you looking forward to a beach trip with your friends and family, or you go to camping trips? Well, this oversized mat is your go-to solution especially if you are looking for a multipurpose mat. First, this mat comes in a humanized and intimate design that enables you to enjoys leisure time carefree. Secondly, this unit includes a handy storage bag that enables you to keep your phone, keys, sunscreen, wallet, and sunscreen safe.

Forget carrying several mats, with a 270cm by 300cm size, this mat accommodates up to eight individuals. This is not all. We love the sand-proof design, which releases sand and other dirt easily. Moreover, the construction materials are tear-resistant, quick-drying and waterproof.

  • Crafted from 100 percent Nylon materials
  • Available in fun colors and prints
  • Oversized design accommodates up to eight individuals
  • The construction materials doesn’t warp or stretch
Reasons to buy it:
  • Compact and lightweight weight
  • Durable material ensures a reliable service for years
  • Applicable for all outdoor activities
  • Waterproof and well-padded surface for improved convenience
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#5. Roebury Beach Blanket

Roebury Beach Blanket

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By: Roebury

Great views, soothing breeze and plenty of water to take a deep, everyone loves the beach. Unfortunately, the ubiquitous sand that sticks to not only your body but also other personal belongings is bothersome. Make your beach experience even pleasant with the Roeburry sand proof mat. Notably, this unit comes with a robust and waterproof base that is crafted using high-end materials. It features a sturdy underside lining that releases dirt quite easily.

Better still; the underside is backed with waterproof backing which prevents the ground moisture from seeping up. Additionally, transporting it has never been easier. This picnic mat is not only easy to stow away but also unpack. It comes with a practical bag that enables for easy storage and portability.

  • Oversized 55″ x 70″ accommodates your entire family
  • Durable materials with waterproof backing
  • Generously padded for enhanced comfort
  • Made from safe materials that are free of BPA, phthalates and chemical smell
Reasons to buy it:
  • Easy transportation and storage thanks to the provided bag
  • Comes in an affordable price
  • Versatile design makes it ideal for various outdoor activities
  • Durable and machine washable

#4. CGEAR the Original Camping Mat

CGEAR the Original Camping Mat

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By: CGear Sand-Free

Having been on the market for a couple of decades, the CGEAR brand has continuously provided high-end gear for the outdoor enthusiast. True to its goal, this camping mat is designed to provide superior durability and versatility. It works as an excellent ground mat for backpacking, RVing and camping. This model is also useful as a beach mat that provides sufficient protection from the annoying beach sand that sticks to your body and all your items.

When it comes to construction, this unit boasts of a military-grade construction that ensures quick-drying, ultra durability, and resistance to fading. Even better, the materials are resistant to water so you don’t have to worry about the groundwater seeping. Moreover, the heavy-duty D rings allow for a secure yet easy installation.

  • Military-Grade Construction
  • Versatile materials allows the dirt to fall through pretty easily
  • Ultra-durable and quick-drying materials
  • Includes Heavy-duty D rings
Reasons to buy it:
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Comes in numerous size options
  • Free carrying bag included
  • It does not get too hot in the sun

#3. Wekapo Sand Free Beach Blanket

Wekapo Sand Free Beach Blanket

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By: Wekapo

Measuring 300cmX280cm, this beach mat is 30 percent bigger than most competing beach blankets. The oversized design is large enough to accommodate up to seven individuals and leaves plenty of space for your luggage. Better still, despite the oversized design this mat manages to retain a compact and lightweight design. It also includes anchored design stabilizes it against the strong beach wind.

As expected, this unit is sand proof and water-resistant. With a simple shake, you can get rid of all sand. Additionally, the ripstop nylon is waterproof and breathable. Moreover, thanks to the triple-stitched edges this unit provides maximum durability and strength.

  • 10’X 9′ Extra Large Oversized
  • Lightweight, Durable and quick-drying materials
  • Includes six stakes for easy setup
  • Integrates four corner pockets that are useful for storing your items
Reasons to buy it:
  • Large enough to accommodate up to seven individuals
  • Machine washable
  • The fabric releases sand, dust and other dirt easily
  • Folds into a compact size

#2. WELLAX Sand Free Beach Blanket

WELLAX Sand free Beach Blanket

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Are you looking for the best beach blanket that comes at a budget-friendly price? Well, if this is the case, be sure to check out this beach mat from WELLAX. It comes with a generous sizing of about nine by10 inches, which gives you plenty of space for lying down. It also leaves tons of space for spare, which you can utilize for storing your gear and other luggage. Another exquisite feature that makes this model stand out it the handy carrying bag that makes it easy to store and carry.

In terms of construction, this unit is hard to beat. It is crafted from quick-drying parachute nylon materials. This material is not only durable but also breathable and water repellent. Better still, thanks to the anti-heat design, the mat is ideal for most outdoor activities. Besides, it incorporates pockets that enable you to keep your essential personal items safe.

  • Made from breathable, durable and water repellent parachute nylon
  • Releases dirt, sand, mud, and spills easily
  • Oversized design that folds into a compact design
  • Lightweight design and comes with a free carrying bag
Reasons to buy it:
  • Machine washable fabric
  • Water repellent and anti-heat materials
  • Perfect for all outdoor activities
  • Easy to store and carry around

#1. Camco Handy Mat with Strap

Camco Handy Mat with Strap

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By: Camco

Wherever your love for adventure takes you, the Camco mat will make your experience unforgettable. Bring this lightweight yet oversized camping, beach, or picnic mat along for enhance convenience. With a provided carrying mat and super foldable design, you simply need to unfold it and lay it on any type of ground. The mat is not only large enough to accommodate up to five individuals but also leaves plenty of space for your drinks and snacks.

Once you are done, shake the sand or other dirt off, and secure it in the provided carrying bag. And when construction is concerned, this mat boasts of a durable polypropylene weave that is 100 percent weather resistant and mildew proof. Moreover, the materials are resistant to stains and clean easily with only water and soap.

  • Handy carry bag with built-in handles for easy portability
  • Convenient pockets accommodate your personal items
  • Made of strong, weatherproof and mildew resistant woven
  • Easy to Clean with only soap and water
Reasons to buy it:
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Made from water-resistant materials
  • Budget-friendly making it a great pick for people working with a limited budget
  • Versatile design makes it ideal for all outdoor activities
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The Best Beach Mats | Buyer’s Guide

With the multitudinous beach mats on the market, singling out the best model for your needs isn’t as easy as it seems. These are positive and negatives attributes about every single product. Therefore, you should take your time to figure out the model that suits your needs best. Below are some of the crucial considerations that help you to find a model that suits your needs.

  • Size: The first thing you need to think about is the number of people that will be using the mat. You also need to think about the size of your gear and other luggage you plan carrying. Doing so will give you an idea of the right side of the beach mat that you will need.
  • Material: Next, you will need to think of the construction materials. Just like other products, the construction materials often determine the durability and performance of the mat. The first thing you need to ensure is that the unit has a waterproof backing. Next, ensure that the materials release sand, mud, spills, and any other dirt easily. Additionally, the materials should dry fast and feel gentle on the skin.
  • Design and Portability: In the same breath, you should also consider the design that comes with the mat. Here, the design will refer to some basic convenience features that boost its performance. To start with, ensure that the mat is easy to fold and lightweight. It should also include a carrying bag for easy portability.


Every outdoor enthusiast will benefit from a beach mat. These handy mats make your picnics, camping and beach trips enjoyable. With any of the above models, you will be able to relax and lounge in dryness and comfort as you enjoy the beautiful waves and soothing breeze together with your family or friends.

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