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Top 10 Best Bathtub Pillows in 2020 Reviews

Bathtub Pillows

Among the best and most convenient ways to get perfect relaxation will be through the home spas. Adding the necessary bath accessories such as the bath pillows is definitely going to make the experience very thrilling. The good thing about these pillows is that they are perfect for spas, Jacuzzi and the bathtub as well. As opposed to the conventional pillows this one is adapted to the water environment.

Having an ideal bathtub pillow is mainly going to be linked with your preferences. Most of these pillows come in different styles and designs as well. You might, therefore, get yourself confused about what to take home for use. To help you make the right choice, we came up with the compilation below. It has the best picks as far as bathtub pillows are concerned. Read through to see what is going to match your preferences.

List of 10 Best Bathtub Pillows in 2020

#10. Sur-Soul Bath Pillow with Soft PVC and Suction Cups

Sur-Soul Bath Pillow with Soft PVC and Suction Cups

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This is a complete body bath pillow that is designed to bring comfort to the head, shoulders, hips and the back as well. You will also appreciate that it comes with a 3D mesh fabric construction making sure that there are dryness and breathability. For that reason also, there will be no chances of sweating at any water temperature.

The pillow comes with a thickness of 1.5 inches in order to make sure that you get the comfort that you deserve. It is also made with soft PVC material that is waterproof and also very easy to maintain. For convenience, you will be able to fold down this pillow when not in use making it easy to store. Since it comes with suction cups, it will remain firm and in place after installing it.

  • It offers unparalleled comfort
  • No slipping or floating with this pillow
  • Safe and very fast drying
  • The pillow will relax the entire body

#9. IndulgeMe Whole Body Bath Pillow for Tub Neck & Back Support

IndulgeMe Whole Body Bath Pillow for Tub Neck & Back Support

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Bring your body to complete cushioning and also enjoy a luxurious and spa-like experience in the bath. The combination makes sure that the body enjoys maximum cushioning and support as well. Through getting rid of the hard tub floors, this pillow is going to offer the body with a good way to relax and recover.

Maintaining and cleaning the bath pillow will be very easy. The reason for that is because its outer shell features a mesh construction that makes it also to dry quickly. Also, because of its construction, it is going to provide you with a soothing feeling. The anti-bacterial design for this mat eliminates the development of molds as well as mildews.

  • 100% risk-free purchase
  • Super grip suction cups
  • Comes with a bonus konjac sponge
  • The bath pillow takes a short time to dry

#8. Samplife Bathtub Cushion Head

Samplife Bathtub Cushion Head

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This bath pillow from Samplife is a premium pillow that brings comfort to the head, the back, and the neck as well. In short, the pillow is going to bring you a very comfortable bath experience. It also comes with four extra suction cups to keep the pillow in place in the bathtub. Another convenient feature about the bathtub pillow is that fits any tub perfectly.

This bathtub pillow features an orthopedic 2-panel design and has been contoured in great shape for comfort. Apart from that, cleaning the pillow will be very easy now that it has been made using polyester materials allowing water and air to pass through easily for fast drying. Its ideal breathable 3D mesh design will also relax your entire body.

  • It is going to fit any tub conveniently
  • Made with quality materials that dry quickly
  • Luxurious and comfortable design
  • Remains firmly in place without slipping

#7. Idle Hippo Whole Body Bathtub Pillows, Non-Slip Design

Idle Hippo Whole Body Bathtub Pillows, Non-Slip Design

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This is yet another bathtub pillow that is going to bring along a very comfortable experience in the bathtub. You will like the aspects of this bathtub pillow in terms of features and price as well. As for the material for this bathtub pillow, it uses 3D air mesh that makes it ideal for all water temperatures. In short, there will be no sweating when you use this pillow.

It also comes in a very soft design making in order to give you a spa-like experience at the comfort of your house. If you are concerned about mildew and mold, this product is different as it is resistant to these conditions. This is generally a product with great features that makes it a thoughtful gift to loved ones.

  • Washable and quick-drying functionality
  • Comes with 13 upgraded suction cups
  • Made in a super comfortable design
  • It is available in different size options

#6. KANDOONA Luxury Bath Pillow – Non Slip and Machine Washable Design

KANDOONA Luxury Bath Pillow - Non Slip and Machine Washable Design

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For those people who want a perfect way to unwind after a stressful day, this is one of those ways. With this bathtub pillow, you are going to get relief on the neck, the head and shoulders as well. In short, you are going to get a spa-like tension relief and therefore bid farewell to headaches and stiff necks.

Since this bath pillow has in-built air conditioning via its 3D ventilation and air mesh technology, there will be no more sweating. What’s more, this bathtub pillow comes with six suction cups that will prevent it from slippage. Having a high positive rating online and a very affordable price, you will want to end up with this bathtub pillow.

  • It prevents slipping and sliding
  • 3D ventilation to prevent sweating
  • Spa-like tension relief
  • Ideal for unwinding from a stressful day

#5. COMFYSURE Bath Cushion with Super Thick and Breathable 3D Mesh Layers

COMFYSURE Bath Cushion with Super Thick and Breathable 3D Mesh Layers

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This is yet another bathtub pillow that has promised to give the best to its users. When it comes to size, you will appreciate that it suits any size of a bathtub. Apart from that, it is designed with so many suction cups. You, therefore, do not have to worry about the pillow sliding after installation. Its soft design, on the other hand, will allow you to comfortably rest your head.

Since all the layers for this bath cushion are made with quality 3D mesh, there will be no sweating. With this pillow, you are definitely going to have a superb feeling each and every time you get into the hot tub. Another reason why you will fall for this pillow is the fact that it is mildew-resistant and has a machine-washable design.

  • Mildew-resistant and machine-washable design
  • It has a large size that fits all
  • Non-slip and quick-drying hook
  • It guarantees a spa-like experience

#4. Viventive Luxurious Bath Pillow for an Ultimate Relaxation Experience

Viventive Luxurious Bath Pillow for an Ultimate Relaxation Experience

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This bathtub pillow also gets a place in this review now that it has qualities that everyone would want. One of its greatest features is that it gives support to the head, the neck, the back, and even the shoulders. This is the reason why it is stated in the product’s description that it offers perfect relaxation and comfort.

Apart from that, the size, as well as the shape for this bathtub pillow, will perfectly fit any type of bathtub. Additionally, the pillow comes with very strong suction cups. It is for that reason why it remains firmly in place without slippage. You do not have to worry about caring and maintaining this bathtub pillow and its durability as well.

  • Perfect comfort and relaxation
  • The bathtub pillow is easy to care for and lasts long
  • It is going to fit and stick to any bathtub
  • Arrives in three different sizes

#3. Soothing Company Bath Pillow

Soothing Company Bath Pillow

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This bathtub cushion is going to give support to the head, your back, the neck, and shoulders as well. It comes with a total of six suction cups that are responsible for keeping the bathtub pillow secure and in place. You will also appreciate that it uses air mesh technology and for that reason, it takes a short time to dry.

According to the product’s description, this bathtub pillow is made in an extra-durable design. This, therefore, means that you are going to enjoy years of service from this pillow. Using this bathtub pillow will give the user spa-like luxury and will also be a great way to relieve stress. Since it comes at a very affordable price, you will have all the reasons to purchase.

  • The bathtub pillow is going to be extra durable
  • Quick-drying design due to its 3D mesh material
  • It comes with 6 suction cups to keep it in place
  • Wave-pattern stitches

#2. BodyHealt Bath Pillow with Non-slip Suction Cups

BodyHealt Bath Pillow with Non-slip Suction Cups

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In case you are looking to upgrade your spa, this bathtub pillow by BodyHealt is going to be the perfect solution. As opposed to many conventional pads, this one comes with great quilting and materials. Its professional crafting is going to make sure that it contours to your body for complete and comfortable resting. Apart from that, the premium padding will also offer orthopedic cushioning.

Whenever you think of comfort, padding is not the only vital factor. Instead, the overall size for your bathtub pillow will come into play as well. With its proper cushioning, this pillow is going to be very comfortable due to its large size. Despite its large dimension, this bathtub pillow will be ideal to use in the standard bathtubs, hot tubs and Jacuzzi as well.

  • It comes in a very durable construction
  • The bathtub pillow is very easy to clean
  • Made in a universal design
  • The bathtub pillow has a luxurious and comfortable design

#1. GORILLA GRIP Bath Pillow with Powerful Gripping Technology

GORILLA GRIP Bath Pillow with Powerful Gripping Technology

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In case you are looking to make your home feel and even look like a spa, this premium bathtub pillow from Gorilla Grip is going to be the best. It is basically a perfected pad that has 2 panels allowing your body to get ideal cushioning. As opposed to other bathtub cushions, this one has double panels for head and shoulder cushioning.

The orthopedic design for this bathtub pillow is going to offer exceptional support for ideal relief. For this reason, even individuals with back complications will use the pillow without triggering any pain. The design of this pillow also employs quality materials for durability. What’s more, these materials are airtight and will dry as quickly as possible.

  • It comes with more suction cups to prevent slippage
  • Fits any size of spa, Jacuzzi, and tub
  • 100% refund guarantee
  • This is an ultimate gift for relaxation

Best Bathtub Pillows Buying Guide

  • Cover material: Ideally, bathtub pillows arrive in different types of materials as far as the cover is concerned. The commonly used materials are fabrics, PVC and Vinyl. When selecting a certain material, go for the options that will serve you for a long time. It should also be enhanced with waterproof mesh to allow for quick drying.
  • Suction cups: You need to go for bathtub pillows that come with suction cups. This will make sure that the pillow supports your heavy weight without slipping. You also need to keep in mind that once the pillows absorb water, they can be easily detached. For that reason, choose those models with heavy-duty suction cups.
  • Mildew resistance: The fact that your pillow is waterproof does not necessarily mean that it will be resistant to mold and mildew. In most cases, when pillows are submerged in water, they are likely to develop mold and mildew. This will definitely be a health hazard that can lead to health complications. To be on the safe side, therefore, consider getting models that are resistant to these conditions.


This marks the end of this review and we believe that you have learned a lot about these pillows. All the above pillows are going to keep you very comfortable and relaxed in the bathtub. If you are therefore looking to make your home spa fun at all times, you will want to invest in any of the above picks. To help you even narrow down and spend the least time possible for shopping, consider reading the guide above. This way, you will know the features to look for to ascertain that a particular pillow is the best pick. All the best!

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