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Top 10 Best Wall Calendars in 2024 Reviews

2021 Wall Calendar

We’re just starting a new year, a time to update your home or office wall decor with the best wall calendar. As you know, we never let you down each time, and today, we have the top 10 best 2021 wall calendar recommendations for you. To us, no other calendars are too chic and functional to outsmart the traditional wall calendars. While they keep you up-to-date with upcoming events, wall calendars can also educate and inspire you.

Just in case you didn’t know, choosing an appropriate wall calendar is easier said than done. The process can be quite foggy with a ton of considerations to keep in mind. We break down the purchase process and shed light on the best wall calendar models to purchase in 2024 in a bid to help you save time and money. Trust us; you’ll find it hard to choose just one calendar among our high-quality recommendations.

List of 10 Best Wall Calendars in 2024

#10. RED EMBER Wall Calendar

RED EMBER Wall Calendar

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Made of thick quality paper, the Red Ember 12-month wall calendar gives you back the value for your money. The calendar features 12 awesome images with detailed, educational descriptions for each. You have enough daily space to put down all your plans for the day. And, when you write, you don’t need to get worried about the ink bleeding. The thick paper won’t allow this.

The calendar indicates all US holidays plus moon phases while still preserving you some space to write your plans. It won’t easily curl up, rip, or decolourize. Use it the whole year, and it’ll maintain its looks. Flip over a new page each month for a new picture and a caption that explains it.

  • Size: 12″ × 24″
  • It comes with a bonus 12 by 24 inches poster
  • Uses thick-quality, FSC-certified paper
  • It’s a perfect gift idea
  • The calendar includes a frame and hanger for convenience

#9. Original Sloths Wall Calendar 2021

Original Sloths Wall Calendar 2021

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If you’re a sloth freak that loves to plan, you can’t wait to get a sloth calendar shipped to you! Despite giving you a reason to take a look after another at the wall, the calendars update you on important holidays, including the international sloth day, of course.

Original sloth calendars for 2021 are unrivalled gift ideas. Spend less and get more for yourself, friends, and family. Flip over a new page on a new month and get to view a fresh, colourful sloth picture while learning a new fact. Here are other features of the calendars.

  • Printed on FSC-approved paper
  • Size: 12 by 24 inches when fully open
  • Written in English
  • The paper won’t allow ink to bleed through it
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces

#8. Llewellyn’s Witches’ Calendar 2021

Llewellyn's Witches' Calendar 2021

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If you don’t mind hearing the word “witch” and related stuff quite often, this is your thing. If you do, kindly scroll down to the next calendar. Nevertheless, most people swear by this calendar for Jennifer Hewitson’s fantastic artwork that never ceases to thrill each day, each month.

Made from top-quality paper, the calendar guarantees durability without fading, folding, tearing, or scratching. The calendar has updates for each Witch’s holiday, esoteric wisdom, astrological information, and myriads other facts. You can’t go wrong with one hanging on your wall.

  • It comes with plenty of daily writing space
  • You get to learn a new thing on each page (each month)
  • Made from top-quality paper
  • Each image is colourful
  • It weighs 10.5 ounces
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#7. Frasukis 2021 Monthly Wall Calendar

Frasukis 2021 Monthly Wall Calendar

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A perfect way to roll 2021’s wheel while keeping focused is to purchase a piece of Frasukis wall calendar for your home or office walls. Use this calendar to plan meetings, appointments, and other events. Besides offering large daily blocks with more-than-enough space to record your plans, you have extra space for your monthly notes and to-do lists on the calendar.

Stay up-to-date with essential holiday updates from the floral Frasukis calendar. While putting down your writings on the paper, do it without worries of the ink bleeding through it to destroy the next page. The paper won’t allow it. It won’t also allow damage from air and light. Easily turn the pages for a new month with the help of a twin-wire binding.

  • Size: 15 × 11.5 inches
  • Each block measures 1.77 by 1.75 inches
  • Made from archival-quality paper
  • It comes with a frame that doubles up as a hanging loop at the top
  • The calendar adopts a design that gives you reference for the previous and coming months

#6. Thomas Kinkade Disney Dreams 2021 Wall Calendar

Thomas Kinkade Disney Dreams 2021 Wall Calendar

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Never struggle to master holidays and essential appointments. Use a Kinkade calendar to note down your appointments while getting printed updates for popular holidays. If you’re a Disney fan, you have all reasons to get this Disney-inspired calendar. With it, you get a generous writing space, beautiful pictorials, important holiday updates, and more that we can’t list here.

If you already have one, it doesn’t harm to shop for another one to gift your friends and relatives — because a Disney calendar is quite a big surprise. The calendar promises to thrill you with amazing pictures, a claim that users have attested to be true. With all these offers, it retails at the lowest price that you can easily afford.

  • It comes with generous grids
  • Size: 12 by 24 inches
  • Written in English
  • It weighs 9.2 ounces
  • Made from high-quality, ink-proof paper
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#5. SwiftGlimpse 2021 Wall Calendar

SwiftGlimpse 2021 Wall Calendar

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SwiftGlimpse is a laminated calendar made in the USA. It accepts both wet and dry erase markers, a feature that sets it apart from most of the calendars that you’ll bump into in the market. The two-sided calendar-cum-planner quickly hangs either vertically or horizontally. Use the included metal grommets to seamlessly hang the calendar on your wall.

The calendars come in various sizes. Each day has an extra writing space for your notes on the calendar. The calendar is double-sided, which means you have multiple hanging options for it. Buy it at an affordable price on Amazon using the link we’ve provided for even better offers.

  • It uses thick, quality-approved paper
  • It’s double-sided
  • Size: 24 by 36 inches (but there are larger and smaller options)
  • Vertical daily blocks measure 1.5 by 1.25 inches
  • Horizontal daily blocks measure 1.25 by 1.25 inches

#4. Lemome (Floral) 2021 Monthly Wall Calendar

Lemome (Floral) 2021 Monthly Wall Calendar

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Let your days, weeks, and months count by organizing each event using this innovative calendar from Lemome. Each month of the calendar has a unique floral design. Easily flip on a new page for a new month with the help of the calendar’s sturdy wire bindings. The built-in hook helps you hang it flexibly.

Say goodbye to bleeding with Lemome’s thick papers that allow for erasing of frays. The 12-month calendar enjoys quality and colourful printing. Unruled daily blocks will give you more space for your writings. Use it as your goal reminder, meeting planner, idea recorder, budget tracker, and more.

  • Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • The daily blocks have a size of 1.63″ by 1.88″ each
  • It has federal holidays written in colour
  • Past and future monthly reference design
  • Size: 12 by 17 inches
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#3. The ZICOTO Greenery Wall Calendar

The ZICOTO Greenery Wall Calendar

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This one fits to use as a wall or desk calendar. It’s unique in its coverage, as it runs from November 2020 to April 2022. The greenery calendar presents beauty and functionality. At a glance, you can easily view your upcoming plans, appointments, and other vital dates. So, ensure that it helps you boost your productivity.

The calendar comes with all US holidays (including the lovely Valentine’s day). Its twin-wire binding design at the top makes flipping over the pages seamless. Use the included hook at the top to hang it on your wall, and if not, it remains a decorative extension at the calendar’s top on your desk.

  • It’s made of thick premium paper
  • Size: 14.5″ x 11.5″
  • It includes 18 calendars and one bonus sheet
  • It has extra daily space for your important notes
  • The three green designs repeat throughout the calendar

#2. AT-A-GLANCE 2021 Wall Calendar

AT-A-GLANCE 2021 Wall Calendar

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Achieve organizational excellent with yet another erasable and reversible calendar on the list. AT-A-GLANCE is made with the fact that plans can change in mind. You can write on it and erase the writings as soon as your plans change. The 12-month dated calendar features two sides, each with an erasable 2021 calendar.

The calendar’s first and second sides adopt vertical and horizontal orientations, respectively. Each orientation comes with a different size of daily blocks (explained in “Features” below). The background is bright white, and the print is bold. That’s why it’s easy to view the calendar’s writings.

  • Daily blocks measure 0.625×0.625 inches (vertical) and 1.25×1.875 inches (horizontal)
  • Calendar size: 48″ by 32.”
  • It gives you a full-year view at a glance
  • Uses laminated paper
  • It comes with a hanging loop at the top

#1. The Lemome (Green) 2021 Monthly Wall Calendar

The Lemome (Green) 2021 Monthly Wall Calendar

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Another one from Lemome, this calendar is just unsurpassed in everything from the design, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and other traits; you can’t go wrong with one. It gives you a full view of one month per page, with sufficient (and extra) space in the daily blocks for writing each day’s plans. The premium printing featured on the calendar’s bright white background increases visibility.

The calendar shows all Julian dates as well as holidays. Inside each block is lined for easy and organized note-taking. Twin-wire binding at the top of each page enhances the ease of flipping through the pages. Its thick papers won’t allow ink to bleed through them to the other side while lasting longer than expected.

  • Daily block size: 2 by 1.7 inches
  • It features a sturdy, twin-wire binding for easy hanging and flipping of pages
  • Made of thick, anti-bleed-through paper
  • Calendar size: 15″ x 11.5.”
  • The calendar includes all holidays
  • Ample writing space on daily blocks

Things to Consider When Choosing 2021 Wall Calendars

Size: Wall calendars come in a vast assortment of sizes from which you need to choose one that suits the space you kept in reserve. To bring in the appropriate size, measure your space and compare it with the calendar size that pleases your eye. That’s basic. Please note that larger sizes come with better visibility, more conspicuous aesthetics, and more space to note down your plans. Nevertheless, you may have unique reasons for preferring smaller ones.

Pictures and Writings: Buyers welcome calendar pictorials differently. It’s important to choose only what fulfils your goals and makes you happy so that you don’t miss out on the value of your purchase. For example, you can show your love for something by purchasing a calendar with beautiful pictures of the same. Those who’d love to get some motivational quotes along the way can also have their share by choosing written calendars. Combining the two does not harm an avid fashioner.

Material: Most calendars are made of papers, but it’s also easy to find others made of fabrics, plastics, and other worthwhile materials. While they’re only meant to “hang” on your walls, it’s vital to watch out for low-quality materials and only settle for the most durable, easy to use, and beautiful choices. Check out our top-grade material calendars on the list and make your choices while the getting is good.

Writing Space: You’ll always do small writings (or marks) on the calendar to remind you about an upcoming event, task, or any other plan. If you don’t have enough space to clearly take down the notes, the calendar could be useless to your needs. Therefore, choose one that provides enough room to outline clearly your plans. All the ones on the list above provide this space. You’re good to go with one of them.

Holidays: The best wall calendar should remind you about the upcoming holidays by having them marked appropriately. Manufacturers know that holidays differ with countries, something that they keep in mind while distributing their products. All you have to do is check the calendar for national and international holidays before deeming it a valuable addition to your walls.


Inspire a more organized you with our top recommendations of the best 2021 wall calendars to purchase above. You can’t go wrong with any one of them on the list. The good news is that the calendars save your wallet while this review saves you time. Meanwhile, we wish you happy shopping for your new wall addition.

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